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on October 20, 2011
This popcorn is awesome. It pops perfectly with very few kernels left unpoped. Add butter flavored salt, and it taste just like movie theater popcorn and is so addicting that I eat it almost every night. There is so much in the bag that it will take me a while to get through it, but that means I wont have to worry about running out anytime soon.

When doing this on the stove in a covered pot (cover slightly tilted to let steam out), the secret is to heat the oil (3 Tbls) with just a few kernels, and I also sprinkle the butter flavored salt on the oil (about a cap full) before the oil gets hot. When those kernels start to pop telling you the oil is hot enough, turn off the heat and add the rest of the kernels (1/4 cup), cover and count to 30. Letting them sit for 30 seconds in the hot oil with the heat off will pre-heat them to pop more consistently. After the 30, turn the heat back on and once they start to pop, shake the pop occationally to keep the unpoped kernels on the bottom until you hear very few pops, and its done. You'll love it. Only add salt to the hot oil and not other flavored seasoning. Most will burn in the oil so it best to add those to the popcorn after.
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on August 16, 2012
I love this popcorn! It was important to my family that we went to air popped popcorn to be more healthy and we wanted a non GMO corn to use. This was a great price, tastes great, and is everything we were looking for! Thanks!
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on December 6, 2013
First off, I have to say that I'm writing because I'm a huge fan of this popcorn. A friend got a large popper for me as a gift and it came with your pre-made packets which I tore through in no time. Back in August I bought this bag on Amazon through Discount Tommy. It was so good that I ordered another bag in November (once again, I'm a big fan!) but this time it was VERY different. As far as I can remember there were no holes in the bag or anything but I can't be sure because I dump all the kernels in air tight containers the second I open the bag. I made a batch and all I can really liken it to is eating something that tastes the way dirt smells. I tried another batch and it was still so bad that I literally had to spit it out.

I read the reviews for this bag on Amazon and while most are very good, the worst ones seem to be fairly recent and many of them are on purchases through Discount Tommy. I figure there was either a bad batch or Discount Tommy is selling old or otherwise ruined popcorn. Either way, it's a shame to be leaving a negative review for a product I know to be outstanding.

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on January 4, 2012
I too experienced a little hiccup with my first batch of Great Northern Premium popped corn, however, it turned out to be me "undercooking" it that made it taste chewy an unappetizing. I started my first 1/3 cup batch at 2.30 minutes, trying not to burn it, however, with my second and all subsequent batches, I am using a Nordic Ware popping bowl (Nordic Ware 60120 Microwaver Popcorn Popper 12 Cup also bought here on in our 1000W microwave at 3.05 minutes and it has come out consistently crisp, light and full of flavor each and every time with no burning. Furthermore, I have almost NO kernels left in the bottom of the bowl. The Nordic Ware bowl allows you to cook without the need for oils of any kind, a plus for the health-conscience. To top it off, a little I Can't Believe it's Not Butter 0 calorie spray a few times on top with a light sprinkle of sea salt, a brisk shake to stir it in and you will have the most flavorful, guilt-free movie-time treat, period! I love this stuff - we are eating two bowls a night, so the size of the bag does not scare us. I would recommend moving the kernels to an airtight container however, to keep them fresh. Great Northern, if you are reading this, a resealable bag would be a nice touch to keep the large bag sealed... Other than that, keep making flawless popcorn kernels, thanks!
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on December 17, 2012
This is great-tasting popcorn and goes well with everything I put on it (read my review on using it with Bob's Red Mill T6635 Large Flake Yeast), and almost all the kernels pop every batch I make--leaving only a few duds in our air popper.

A word of warning: I did not understand how much popcorn 12.5 pounds of kernels makes (a lot...), I'm afraid that it might go bad before we're able to use the entire bag. I'm going to purchase a smaller quantity next time around.

If you are big popcorn eaters (we are not), then this should suit you well, if not, look for something quite a bit smaller.
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on November 7, 2011
This is a really good popcorn. All but a very few kernels pop per batch in my handy dandy Presto air popper. I recommend this brand to anyone except my grandmother who has false teeth. It is a lot to mull over.
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on November 16, 2011
My wife and I always loved popcorn, but we are officially popcorn junkies now, thanks to the Whirley-Pop and good, cheap kernels bought in bulk (like Great Northern Premium Yellow Gourmet Popcorn 12.5 Pounds). We make popcorn about 2-3 times per week (when watching Castle: The Complete First Season or Psych: The Complete First Season), and we've found the best way to make it like movie theater popcorn without spending a fortune on coconut oil (like Paragon Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil (Gallon)).

For 1/2 cup of unpopped kernels, use 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 Tblsp of corn oil and 2 or 3 Tblsp of margarine, cut into ~1/2 Tblsp chunks for quicker melting (we prefer Imperial margarine - to us, it tastes the most like real butter). Put the oil and margarine in at the same time, but leave the top open while you crank the handle (this is to let most of the water from the margarine evaporate and escape, and avoids condensation dripping back down and cooling off the oil/margarine mix once the popcorn is added). Once the margarine is melted and a fair amount of water vapor has escaped (about 30 seconds after the margarine has completely melted), dump the popcorn and salt into the Whirley-Pop and close the top. Pop as usual. (Note: 1 whole tsp of salt may seem excessive, but about half will remain on the bottom and sides of the popper when finished.)

Just make sure you keep these kernals sealed up tight (with maybe a drop of water, to keep it from drying out) to keep them fresh.

I hope you find this method helpful.
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on October 7, 2013
I was very disappointing with the quality of 2/3 bags. I make popcorn daily. It's a good, low fat snack... If it tastes good. When I first purchased Great Northern Popcorn, I was impressed with the price and quality. Plus, an attractive price for prime shipping left me feeling like I could not go wrong. However, my next two orders were horrible, seriously. The last 2 bags that I made the mistake of ordering were terrible. One bag had several holes, and the popcorn leaked all over the box. It also smelled bad, like mold or dirt.

Despite the problem with the previous order, I made an attempt to purchase again because the price was right. The latest package from "discount tommy" (a seller that recently changed names to something else), smelled really bad and musty. Despite this, I decided to make a batch anyway; bad mistake, it tasted as bad as it smelled. I couldn't eat popcorn for a month because of how badly it tasted.

I would not recommend this popcorn to anyone, and will not be buying it again. It's a shame, because it is priced right, but I would never gamble again with what to expect from this company; 2/3 chances of getting bad popcorn is not good odds. I have seen more recent reviews with the same complaint, so it is obviously a quality issue of the seller or manufacturer.
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on November 29, 2012
I am not sure how you mess up popcorn, but this is good quality popcorn. Only a few kernels here and there fail to pop. My only regret is that they don't provide a thicker bag that is resealable. I accidentally punctured the bag and had to plug it up with duct tape before I had a significant leakage of kernels on my floor. I suggest transferring the kernels to an airtight jar or canister of some sort rather than keeping them in this bag.
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on September 19, 2014
The yellow version of this popcorn brand produces large kernels exceeds the taste and size of the white kernal. I bought a small version of Great Northern's popcorn machines a few days ago. I first used white kernels along with colored coconut oil and the yellow tinted salt which produced great tasting popcorn, just like move theaters. BUT ... when I changed to the yellow kernel the results were astounding. I couldn't stop eating the popcorn. I ended up making and eating 3 batches of popcorn before I stopped. Hands down.... this IS the best tasting popcorn I have ever had. I am now tempteed to buy a larger machine to make larger quantities with less work. For popcorn fanatics, this popcorn technology and brand selection is a no brainer.
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