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The music on this CD is very good music if you like Journey's pop music. However, this CD is more of a sampler even when you consider only Journey's pop music. Journey released a total of about 49 singles, 25 of which went into the top 100. 18 of those songs made it into the top 40. This CD has 16 songs, and the songs included were not all of the highest charting singles. Then there are progressive rock and jazz songs from Journey that are basically unrepresented on this CD. It would take at least three CD's to have a good cross section of the best of Journey's music. This collection gets 4 stars because it falls short with respect to Journey's pop music and has no representation of Journey's first three albums.

The 1978 album "Infinity" provides two songs for this collection. "Wheel in the Sky" reached #57 on U.S. charts. This song receives a lot of airplay and I keep thinking it went higher in the charts than it did. This song about being on the road retains flavors of early Journey. The beautiful song "Lights" is an awesome ballad that also seems like it underperformed, reaching #68 in the U.S.

Journey released "Evolution" in the following year, and "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" vaulted the group into the top 20, reaching #16. This song mournfully laments a relationship gone bad. Journey released yet another album in the following year, "Departure," and three singles came from that album. Only "Any Way You Want It," which reached #23, is in this collection. This song has a catchy beat, but it sounds like a template for later 80's music.

Journey's popularity peaked in 1981 with the release of "Escape." There were four singles released from this album, three of which are in this collection. The highest charting single was the tender song "Open Arms," which reached #2 in the U.S. Journey did well with love songs and breakup songs, as the #4 song "Who's Cryin" Now" proved. The third single from this album was "Don't Stop Believin," which reached #9. The lyrics to this song verge on fantasy. The music is complex, cleverly arranged and fast-paced.

After a two year gap Journey released "Frontiers," which yielded five singles, three of which are in this collection. "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" had a heavy bass line and a fast beat. This song about love lost has excellent vocals. On the flip side is a song about deeply missing the one that you love. "Faithfully" is a beautiful love song that reached #12. Back in the other direction is another song about a lost love, "Send Her My Love," which reached #23.

Journey has created a number of songs for soundtracks. Two of those songs appear in this collection. From the "Two of a Kind" soundtrack is "Ask the Lonely." From the "Vision Quest" soundtrack is "Only the Young," a fast ballad that peaked at #9.

There was another gap before the 1986 album "Raised on Radio" was released. This album did quite well and three of the five singles released from this album are in this collection. "Be Good to Yourself" is not truly a love song, but it is a fun song. This song reached #9. Another beautiful ballad about an unrequited love is "Girl Can't Help It," which reached #17. Another sad song about a broken relationship is the #14 song "I'll Be Alright without You."

The 1996 album "Trial by Fire" generated four singles, with the love song "When You Love a Woman" reaching #12 in the U.S., proving that Journey could still chart eighteen years after their first chart success. This song was nominated for a Grammy Award.

This album is a lot of fun. The music is some of Journey's best pop music. There are other collections available, but the collection that best captured Journey, though only to 1992, was "Time3." However, many people only like Journey's pop music and "Time3" has songs from Journey's progressive/jazz fusion era. Perhaps the best collection of pop hits (that I know about) is the two disk "Essential" collection, which collects music up to 1996.

Journey's popularity has waned. Steve Perry left the group and came back and then left again. Other members have come and gone as well, leaving only two of the original members, Neal Schon and Ross Valery. But we will always have the marvelous ballads the group created when they were at the peak of popularity, and some of the best of those are in this collection.
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VINE VOICEon February 24, 2000
It's funny, I didn't like Journey when I was a pre-adolescent kid and they were having hit after hit on the radio. As I got older I needed Journey to remind me of my childhood, and the music brought back (and still brings up) fond memories. Now it seems there are many Journey-bashers and in retrospect there were many back in their hey-days. But, years after all the 80's bands have been silenced, this band, along with Styx, REO Speedwagon, Def Leppard, Toto and a few others, still sounds great. No one sounded like or sounds like Journey. Their hits collection makes it hard to buy any individual cd, but after you have their hits, I think most fans would agree that Escape and Frontiers would be the next to buy. Their 1996 cd Trial By Fire was good but not as great as Escape or Frontiers. Steve Perry's two solo cds can be summed up with HIS greatest hits cd. So, that leaves us with Journey's Greatest Hits--15 solid tracks and the fastest 65 minutes you'll listen to. Although the critics scorned Steve Perry's vocals, and non-fans scorn him too, I feel that he is truly an amazing singer--no one sounds like him. In a world where most pop singers sound alike, this is a strong asset. I never get tired of listening to Journey and maybe, in a few more years, they will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For now, their Greatest Hits is a must buy for any true music fan, it's well worth the money.
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HALL OF FAMEon April 16, 2003
One of the biggest rock groups synonymous with the late 1970's and mid-1980's was Journey, led by Steve Perry and Neal Schon. The band broke up following Steve Perry's bout with cancer and Neal Schon forming Bad English. But they did leave behind songs that were mostly yearning love songs that pepper many a classic rock station today. As they played a significant part in my musical education in the 1980's, they do merit a gander. Most of the songs here are instant classics. Key: [original studio album]
The rocker "Only The Young" sets the standard for Steve Perry's soaring vocals, a wistful chorus, a strong backbeat of drums, and a crash of guitars. This song, about a hopeful generation at a new dawn, is romantically optimistic: "Only the young can say/They're free to fly away/Sharing the same desires/Burnin' like wildfire."
"Don't Stop Believing" [Escape] is a mid-paced rocker with a strong keyboard chords punctuating the rhythm. There's a sad but true moral here: "Some will win, some will lose/Some were born to sing the blues/Oh, the movie never ends/It goes on and on and on and on." However, there is a note of hope in the coda: "Don't stop believin'/Hold on to the feelin'."
"Wheel In The Sky" [Infinity] may be a followup to the male protagonist of the previous song who took that midnight train and has found life too hard going enough to want to go back home.
"Faithfully," [Frontiers] about a rocker on the road and vows to remain faithful to the dear one he has left behind because "the road ain't no place to start a family." Perry's vocal reaches the heights in the finale. The slow ballad "Lights" and heartfelt "Send Her My Love" [Frontiers] also have the same theme.
"I'll Be Alright Without You," [Raised On Radio], avers that "love's an empty face...oh I've got to replace."
The rowdy party rocker "Any Way You Want It," [Departure] the song Rodney Dangerfield and crew jams to on the green in Caddyshack is enough to chase out any blue funk.
The rocking "Ask The Lonely" tells those who've gotten the wrong end of the love stick and despairing to do the title act. The operatic backing vocals from the band really enhance the song.
I remember trying to find the yearning "One Love" on Journey's albums before I was put wise-it was called "Who's Crying Now." [Escape] One of my favourites.
The piercing opening synthesizers and chugging guitars make "Separate Ways" [Frontiers] one of the hardest songs they've ever done. Another big favourite. Memorable chorus: "Someday love will find you/Break those chains that bind you/One night will remind you/How we touched/And went our separate ways"
"Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'"[Evolution] incorporates a bluesy sound. Then comes a heartmelting power ballad and another favourite-"Open Arms" [Escape] about a reunited love after a long separation. Mariah Carey covers this on her Daydream album, BTW.
"The Girl Can't Help It"-no, not the Little Richard song or movie-is another Raised On Radio hit. The chorus sets the basic idea: "The girl can't help it, she needs more/He hasn't found what he's lookin' for/They're still standing in the rain/He can't help it, and she's just that way." Its fellow single, "Be Good To Yourself" rivals "Any Way You Want It" in sheer rockability. Which brings me to this-be good to yourself and get this collection!
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2007
Once Steve Perry joined Journey for the "Infinity" album, the band's course was inevitably reset. They changed direction from being a progressive rock band to an arena rock juggernaut. Perry's main contribution was a strong melodic sense coupled to his more soulful vocals. The hits started almost immediately, as "Lights" and "Wheel In The Sky" became FM Rock Radio staples.

That is what this greatest hits focuses on, the songs that became the standards by which the public remembers the band. If you were interested in the albums BEFORE "Infinity," I suggest "Time 3," which adds material from the years when Neal Schon was still aping his jazz-Rock tenure with Santana and Gregg Rollie was doing standard rock keyboard boogie. Personally, I liked them better when Perry got on board. The sound focused and the songwriting tightened. Songs like "Separate Ways/Worlds Apart" and "Any Way You Want It" could add a jolt of adrenaline to a day of radio. When Jonathan Cain replaced Gregg Rollie on "Escape," Journey took on a romantic bent from Cain's songwriting. "Open Arms" came first, then "Faithfully" (on "Frontiers") solidified it. These were pop radio songs without peer, and they make Journey's "Greatest Hits" an essential document of 70's and 80's radio rock. (The updated version includes the best song from the 90's reunion "Trial by Fire," "When You Love A Woman.")

The other reason you might be looking at this is not because of Steve Perry's voice or Neal Schon's guitar heroics, but because of Tony and Carmella. It was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" that echoed out of the final minutes of "The Sopranos" closing episode. It was funny that Tony passed over Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra for Journey and inspire a million parodies in the process. (Including Hilary Clinton...where the best moment is when she and President Bill Clinton are flipping through songs and Bill says "My money's on Smash Mouth...") Talk about cementing your place in pop culture...who could have asked for better?

This best of offers a pair of soundtrack rarities in "Only The Young" (from "Vision Quest") and "Ask The Lonely" (from "Two of a Kind"). Missing are a few crucial singles like "Suzanne," "Stone In Love" and "Walks Like A Lady." If you really want them, go for the box sets or individual CD's.
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on April 27, 2005
While I am not the biggest fan of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I do believe that the band Journey is a Hall of Fame band. One thing that the Hall of Fame seems to like in bands is stability among the composition of the band. This is something that has always been a problem for Journey. Journey was originally a spin-off band from Santana formed by Keyboardist/Vocalist Gregg Rolie and guitarist Neal Schon. They started out as a Progressive Rock band, but eventually would transform themselves into a mainstream band. This was due in part to two key additions - lead vocalist Steve Perry and keyboardist Jonathan Cain. Perry would join Journey in 1978 and become the lead vocalist on "Infinity". The band would continue to go through changes.. By 1981, the band would put together what would be its strongest lineup when Jonathan Cain would replace longtime keyboardist Gregg Rolie. Journey now had its strongest lineup in Perry, Cain, Schon, Bassist Ross Valory, and Drummer Steve Smith. By 1986, Valory and Smith would be gone and replaced by Randy Jackson and Larrie Londin respectively. Even after 1986, the band would continue to go through changes (Londin and Jackson wouldn't last, Perry would depart, and Valory would return). "Journey Greatest Hits" is a collection of 15 songs from the Steve Perry era of Journey from 1977 through 1986. While not the deepest collection, it does provide a good sampling of Journey's music. However it is worth noting that this is a dated collection and more recent ones have been released.

The additions of Perry and Cain are important because they were not just hired hands - they would become the main songwriting nucleus for Journey along with Neal Schon. It is this trio that were largely responsible for Journey's sound between 1977 and 1986. I always found this intriguing since for all practical purposes Neal Schon was the founder of Journey - yet he did yield plenty of creative power to Perry and Cain.

When considering a compilation of Journey songs, it is worth noting that there are two other collections available:

"The Essential Journey": This is a 2-CD collection containing 32 Journey songs. Like "Greatest Hits", the focus is on the Steve Perry period. All 15 songs from "Greatest Hits" are included on this collection. This collection also includes a song from "Trial By Fire" which was a studio album that was released following "Greatest Hits".

"Time 3": This is Journey's Boxed-set collection. It is their most comprehensive collection. This is the only Journey compilation that also covers the Progressive Rock material from the pre-Steve Perry era. This also includes all 15 songs from "Greatest Hits" (except for "I'll Be Alright Without You" is a live cut).

One thing I prefer in a Greatest Hits compilation are for the tracks to be arranged in chronological order. This allows me to see how an artist has progressed over time. It is disappointing that Journey chose to mix-up the order of things for this compilation. While I do think the songs flow very nicely in the order they selected, I still feel it would have been much better if they kept things in chronological order. This would have allowed us to see how Journey transformed from a Progressive Rock Band to a Pop/Arena Rock Band to eventually a Pop Band.

There are 13 songs from six albums represented on this collection. The remaining two songs come from soundtrack albums. There is a definite slant toward the latter works in the 1977 to 1986 period represented. The six albums are: "Infinity" ("Wheel in the Sky", "Lights"); "Evolution" ("Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'); "Departure" ("Any Way You Want It"); "Escape" ("Don't Stop Believin", "Open Arms", "Who's Cryin Now"); "Frontiers ("Faithfully", "Separate Ways (World's Apart)", "Send Her My Love"); and "Raised on Radio" ("I'll Be Alright Without You", "Girl Can't Help It", "Be Good To Yourself").

The two soundtrack songs are "Ask the Lonely" and "Only the Young". The two soundtrack songs often get forgotten about. "Ask the Lonely" is from "the other" John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John movie called "Two of a Kind". This movie was a bomb and so was the soundtrack. However the soundtrack did feature some big name artists (Olivia Newton-John, Boz Scaggs, Chicago, and David Foster). "Ask the Lonely" is actually one of the better songs on this soundtrack. As for "Only the Young" - this song was from a more popular movie "Vision Quest" that had a pretty good selling soundtrack. However, "Only the Young" often gets overlooked by Madonna's two hits ("Gambler", "Crazy for You").that were on the soundtrack. While this song shows Journey moving into a Pop direction - this happens to be one of my favorite tracks. Steve Perry has terrific vocals and Cain and Schon really provide a good sound to the music. It is also worth noting that these soundtrack songs were the last songs the "core lineup" Journey did with Ross Valory and Steve Smith.

The liner notes are pretty good. Usually greatest hits collections do not provide the lyrics. I was pleased that the lyrics were included to all 15 tracks. In addition, the songwriting credits are listed for each song. The liner notes are in the "foldout" fashion. In the center of the foldout, there are black and white pictures of the six studio albums from which the tracks come from. There is a nice chart that shows you the lineup of the band for each album - this allows you to see how the band progresses over time. While this is a nice collection, unfortunately its time has passed. The newer "The Essential" and "Time 3" collections are more comprehensive collections and go much deeper. This might be a good collection as an entry point for listening to Journey. However, I'd still recommend getting one of these other collections if you are looking to get a better sense for the band.
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This past year, many records have been re-relased from their artwork, and the feeling of the music. That has also been the case when it comes to greatest hits records. This year, there have been greatest hits records that've been reissued from performers such as the Bee Gees, Luther Vandross, and Aerosmith. That has also been the case with Journey. Throughout their career, with and without Steve Perry, the group has still remained a guilty pleasure throughout the years. Although many people would rather hear acts like Beyonce', and other, the rock and feel still remains great, as it relevant with their greatest hits.

Journey's re-release of Journey's 1988 Greatest Hits is still a well-received and well reflected of the Corporate Rock band at their best. This is ironically the second time this record has been re-released, the first was back in 1996. The songs here still sound great and include pop gems like the rock ballad Open Arms, Only The Young, and Faithfully. The album also includes Be Good To Yourself, and their first mainstream hit with Steve as the lead Wheel In The Sky. The album also includes the add-on track When You Love A Woman, which was featured from their final record with Steve Perry, 1996's Trial By Fire.

All in all, if you've purchased an earlier version of Journey's Greatest Hits, it isn't worth purchasing this record again. But. if you haven't any of Journey's great pop gems, than this is the record for you. I still love these songs, as if they were first released years ago, and that remains a great deal of open arms to hold.

Album Cover: B

Songs: A-

Price: B+

Remastering: A-

Overall: B 1/2+
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2006
I brought this CD out of its case for the first time in years on a recent road trip from Atlanta to Indianapolis. I have this to say about that experience, "The road trip has not been invented that is not made better by the Journey Greatest Hits CD." And that is no lie.

I nearly lost my voice with Don't Stop Believin'. I found myself hitting 90 on the freeway right around the time the CD got to Ask the Lonely. And we won't even talk about the gestures I was making with Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'. I'm sure the drivers around me thought I was crazy.

Suffice to say, this CD never goes out of style. If you haven't listened to Journey in awhile do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Nothing can touch the Steve Perry Journey years. Nothing.
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on November 21, 2001
This album does a great job of covering all the big songs from Journey's albums Infinity, Evolution, Departure, Escape, Frontiers, and Raised on Radio, plus a couple of excellent soundtrack cuts that have never previously been released on a Journey album. Each song features the one-of-a-kind voice of Steve Perry (the new guy is good, but not as good as Steve Perry) along with the instantly recognizable guitar of Neal Schon. Both of these guys are rock masters who belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame someday.
Journey was one of the bands whose sound defined 1980s pop music. They were able to craft beautiful love songs such as Faithfully and Open Arms, along with hard-rocking tracks such as Seperate Ways and Any Way You Want It, plus power ballads like Don't Stop Belivin' and Only The Young. The best songs are the ones from the Escape, Frontiers, and Raised on Radio albums, where Steve and Neal teamed up with Journey's best keyboardist, Jonathan Cain (sorry, Rolie fans). Jonathan not only contruibuted wonderful keyboarding, he is a talented songwriter, being responsible for Faithfully, which is one of the best love songs I've ever heard.
This CD is 15 tracks of Rock Gold. For most bands, 15 tracks is enough to cover their best work. But, not Journey. As great and as essential as this CD is, you also need to get their studio albums from this period to hear all their best work. Some of my personal favorites don't make it on here, especially After The Fall and Rubicon. So, once you hear the awesome sounds on this CD, I suggest you pick up their studio albums if you really want to get "the rest of the story" (sorry, Mr, Harvey).
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 23, 2013
The 1 star is for my utter dissapointment with this remaster/release! Journey itself is a great band, and deserves 5 stars. As an audio and music enthusiast in my 5th decade, I know my sound. This recording is utterly flat, tinny, shrill, and devoid of dynamic range! If you Google 'the loudness wars', you can read all about how recording companies have RAPED many commercial recordings! In fact, there are some great YouTube videos on 'the loudness wars' out there. Call your record companies and complain about this! I have many times. Incidentally, my high-end system consists of tubed preamplification, McIntosh CDP and amp, and Magnepan 1.7 speakers. So not only can I hear some great detail and accurate timbre, I can hear how bad a remaster or recording is almost immediately after hitting 'play' on my CDP. I have many many other CD's that ARE recorded and/or mastered with great care, sound, dynamic range, etc. Lastly, there is a huge, glaring omission of one of Journey's best songs here, mainly 'Anytime/Feeling That Way'! SHAME on the record companies for releasing great music in a truly compromised, sonically inferior fashion!
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on August 2, 2001
This is the ultimate hits album by what I consider the greatest band in the universe. Now if you are a true Journey fan you should also have the original albums. "Escape" and "Frontiers" are two of the best rock albums in history; "Infinity", "Evolution", and "Departure" are all fantastic classic rock albums; and even "Raised On Radio", which marked the beginning of Journey and particularly Steve Perry not rocking as hard, has some great tracks. All of these albums are represented on this collection. The big hit rockers and ballads are all here. In addition, you have the excellent inclusion of two movie soundtrack songs that were not previously on Journey releases: the top 10 "Only The Young" and the equally fantastic "Ask The Lonely". That alone makes this a must-purchase whether you have all their other albums or not. Just a fantastic summary of the premier years of one of the most enjoyable bands in rock and roll history. Sorry borish music critics: nothing "faceless" about this band--especially compared to most of the grunge and then boy bands of the '90's. This is as good as it gets--in any era.
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