Customer Reviews: The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses
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on November 7, 2012
The new Generation of rap fans need to buy this, download this, steal this somehow get a copy of this. Kick back press play and BEHOLD!!!! REAL HIP HOP! This is a rapper who has something to talk about. He does not just get on a mic talking about how much sex he has or how much money he has. GREAT GREAT GREAT ALBUM!!!!! I strongly recommend this album for anyone out there who loves rap, hip hop and just good art!
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on November 7, 2012
Last year Sai released his long awaited debut, "The Greatest Story Never Told". If you haven't heard it, it was one of the highest rated albums last year in any genre, not just hip hop. I highly suggest that album.

Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses virtually picks up right where part 1 left off. It's a lot of the same from Saigon & his production team. Live, fresh beats, introspective lyricism, personal insight, etc. All of the things that make a hip hop album great. Saigon doesn't promote his music too much, but he and his fans know it's not all about promotion. He always stays true to his roots and what he does best. Dope beats, rhymes, and concepts. Highly recommend this album to all hip hop fans. 4.5/5.
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on December 16, 2012
Disclaimer: I'm reviewing this while listening to the album for the fist time. Saigon is and has always been real, even if a bit detached. If you're already familiar with him, you already know this--he was once considered sort of a prodigy in the rap game. However, he is not and has never been close to the greatest rapper out in recent memory, something just hasn't really materialized. The reason I'm giving this three stars here is that this album just comes off kind of corny. Some of the beats, r&b hooks, voice overs, etc. just feel out-dated and unpolished. Greatest Story Part 1 suffered similar shortcomings, maybe it's just partly his style. I understand and respect that what he brings is genuine, but the fact remains: There's polished, professionally produced albums that I'll replay for years, there's classics, and then there's non-classics that can still sound decent but just lack something special. Bread & Circuses isn't really any of those. It's real, it sounds good at times, but a lot of it won't even stick with you for long.

It is what it is, which is pretty surface-level. Despite those criticisms I still say buy it because everybody needs to support real hip hop and real artists, especially when it's conscious and with a positive message. But there's other artists out there doing it bigger and better who deserve 4- and 5-star reviews. Just know what to expect when you buy.
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on November 9, 2012
...honestly I'm undecided as to whether Bread & Circuses or Life Is Good is the year's best - it's THAT close. But being in the same caliber as Nas doesn't happen everyday. Saigon has emerged as top 5 dead or alive when GSNT1 dropped. He already had more classics on the mixtape circuit than most emcees before he even dropped an actual album. Warning Shots 3 played more like an album than a mixtape, and it was released for FREE! This album further solidifies Saigon as a legend. A lot of my Breddren were skeptical as to whether he could find a way to match his first. Long story short - he did. This album is everything Hip-Hop stands for. It addresses political, social, economic, introspective and religious matters. It speaks for the have-nots, speaks out against the so-called rap polluting the airwaves in these days & times and the content is extremely diverse. A classic album has something that everyone can vibe with. It transcends musical genres - as this LP accomplishes. The lyricism is fierce and inspiring - the man is still hungry! The production is AMAZING, start to finish and there's not one track you want to skip past or find your mind wandering in halfway through. Whoever mastered the album deserves acclaim as well. The lyrics and beats are blended together in perfect harmony - so much so that not even some emcees on major labels get it as right. What more can I say? If you prefer most of the BS on the radio nowadays, this one isn't for you. If you truly understand the culture of Hip-Hop, you already bought this album before you even read this review. If you can't feel this 1, you gotta get the f#%@ outta my car! THE REAL LIVES ON
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on December 6, 2012
Since there is absolutely no promotion within the media regarding Saigon's new album, I had no idea that the album was dropping. With that said - I'm so glad that it did! I was in need of some great hip-hop to listen to. As of late, I have become ill-hearted towards the state of hip-hop. 'The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses' is a breath of fresh air and an excellent piece of work. Chapter 1 is still in rotation and I will be adding Chapter in the mix as well. I definitely recommend this album to anyone who loves real hip-hop or great music in general with a deep and meaning message.

Real Recognize Real.

DZA tha Dangerous!
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on December 17, 2012
Saigon is back with his second album The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses, now I been rocking with Sai's music since 04 when I seen him in XXL's magazines "Show N Prove" section not to mention he had cosigns from Nas, Q-Tip and other Hip-Hop legends. He was also signed to Superproducer Just Blazes "Fort Knox" label. Its good to see him releasing music consistently, in 2011 he released his debut which received positive feedback from critics.

"I hope you got what you paid for", he says on the opening track "Plant the Seed (What U Paid For)" produced by Shuko & Just Blaze, he also raps about the current state of mainstream Hip-Hop (Everybody balling, huh?/ E'rybody winning/ Ain't nobody poor no more, EverReady's spending/ Nah, we just caught in a world that we call pretending/ where pretend to be n***as been pretending from the beginning"). On "Rap vs. Real" Sai Giddy fires off at rappers who claim to be real but don't understand what real means ("You make it rain, you be throwing them stacks (that's rap)/ And when your daughter choose to work in that field (that's real)/ N***as gassing you to ride with your strap (that's rap)/ You should listen to whose telling you chill (that's real)"), Marsha Ambrosius brings her beautiful voice to "The Game Changer" where Saigon gives everybody the run on his journey to changing the state of rap, he talks about he his former record label (Atlantic Records) tried to make him go commercial when all he wanted to make songs that have substance in them.

"Blown Away" is about all the people who tried to help African Americans prosper ended up getting killed, he mentions everyone from Martin Luther King to Huey Newton and other Black Leaders to John F Kennedy and he even gives props to Abraham Lincoln for freeing slaves, its a deep song. Other songs to check for are "When Will U Love Me" (featuring Andreena Mill), "Best Thing That I Found" (featuring Lecrae & Corbett) where they talk about God and faith,"Keep Pushing" (featuring Chamillionaire) and "Intervention (Let It Go)" (featuring G Martin).

Some issues I did have with the album is that Sai can get a little boring at times, not to mention the constant complaining of the state of Hip-Hop and he constantly reminds us that his music has a message, ok we appreciate the substance but how many times do you have to remind us? I do understand his frustration though, you put out good music and feel as though you don't get enough props. The production was cheap sounding this time around, its so obvious that the lack of Just Blaze beats bring the album down, the production can be really bland."Relafriendship" (featuring G Martin) is a positive song about being friends wit a female and not taking advantage of her, but the song was executed badly with a cheesy hook, and "Yeah Yeah" he ends up being hypocritical, talking about stabbing people after he called other rappers out for doing the same thing . With that being said I feel as though Sai delivered a very good album and I would recommend, but here's a warning if you don't like the gritty underground sound then this album is not for you. I thinks its one of 2012s best hip-Hop albums.
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on January 31, 2013
Saigon returns with the second chapter to Greatest Story Never Told, and it is significantly weaker and less interesting but still very meaningful. Saigon without Just Blaze production is just not the same and the first one will never be duplicated. The focal point is Saigon and his lyrics as he delivers a strong performance, touching on his past experiences and struggles, kind of preaching to the masses. The preaching becomes a little annoying and the female oriented tracks feel out of place. And why get so specific on the shootings you committed, we get it. The production is adequate and moves the album forward as it starts off nicely but slowly becomes less interesting as the beats are average and content becomes repetitive. It does pick up at the end though. Solid, meaningful album but I feel like this story has been told already.
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on November 14, 2012
Should you buy this album?
YES, especially if you want that Realness in Hip-Hop. Plus it's a steal at $7.99.
The album is amazing, and the truth in these lyrics is why I'm a fan of Saigon in the first place. He tells stories, mentions situations in life, and more that you can relate to.
Compared to the first Greatest Story Never Told it may fall short of expectations, however it's still a great piece of work from an underrated artist that needs to get more recognition for constantly releasing quality music.

Personally I prefer The Greatest Story Never Told and consider it a true classic from start to finish.
I'm not sure what it is about The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses, but it's just lacking that impact that the first had on me.
Nonetheless it's still a great album that deserves it's props and is better than most the trash that other rappers have been putting out.
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on January 16, 2013
Most under rated rapper! He is to real for all the fake artist out there! Record companies don't want real rappers like Saigon around anymore! that's why there flooding the radio with trinidad james, chief keef, 2 chainz garbo!
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on November 20, 2012
Saigon was one of those rappers who had a promising career. He showed what he had to offer when he made his debut almost a decade ago on Mark Ronson's first album "Here Comes The Fuzz". His appearances on the first single "Ooh Wee" as well as the hardcore rapper mocking "Diduntidunt" garnered him immediate praise as well as a recording contract with Atlantic Records. As soon as he started work on his album, he immediately ran into conflict with the label. He wanted to interject his music with a message while Atlantic wanted him to be another run of the mill gangsta rapper. Things came to a head in 2008 when they clashed over the release of his debut album "The Greatest Story Never Told". The clash was so devastating that the album ended up being shelved, which led to Saigon wanting to retire before even releasing an album. After the fallout with Atlantic, he bided his time by making appearances on albums by The Roots and Rhymefest and acting in the television series "Entourage". He got a sigh of relief in 2010, when he was granted a release from Atlantic Records and was given his masters as well. He then signed with Suburban Noize Records where he released his long-awaited debut in February 2011. The album was hailed an instant classic by most music critics and was praised for its content and delivery.

In the fall of 2012, Saigon released the sophomore effort- "The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses". He continues down the road where his debut started off. While Just Blaze produced most of his debut, this time around he's all but absent- making his lone contribution with "Rap Vs. Real", a song that shows the difference between fantasy and real life in the music world. Taking over for Just Blaze are the newcomers Shuko, Canei Finch, Clev Trev and DJ Corbett. He desires wanting freedom on "Let Me Run" and works with The Lox member Styles P on the first single "Not Like Them". He laments the lives of young children losing their lives to senseless violence on "Brownsville Girl" and goes into detail about his battles with Atlantic on "The Game Changer". On the song "Blown Away", he lends examples to the theory of Civil Rights activists and political leaders who died young for championing their causes. Saigon explores the issue of love and death on "When Will U Love Me" collaborates with Christian rapper Lecrae on the spiritual themed "Best Thing That I Found". He explores being friendzoned on "Relafriendship" and desires to leave his vices behind on "Intervention (Let It Go)". Overall, Saigon's "The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses" is an impressive follow-up to his debut. After delivering two solid albums, it makes one anticipate what he's going to do next time around.
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