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on July 17, 2011
This series follows the events of "Justice League: Cry for Justice", "Justice League: Rise and Fall", and is a tie in, but stand alone series, to the Brightest Day event. Having said all that I really like the previous mentioned series and what goes on in Ollie's own crazy series, in his devastated town, trying to make sense of his life. The White Lantern entity (maybe) created a forest in the middle of the wreckage of Star City. Ollie has taken refuge in there, while still battling the corrupt system that is doing little to help the poor citizens and battling his own personal demons. Also, a ruthless Russian businesswoman has taken over Queen industries giving herself the name The Queen.

Again, this is a really good Oliver Queen/Green Arrow story. Amidst all the craziness going on, he is trying to justify to himself why he does what he does the way he does it and is it worth it? The pain of the all the lives lost of Star City, Black Canary ditching him, his identity exposed and his failure to be any kind of support to his "ward" Roy Harper. The forest manifests itself in ways to challenge his already damaged psyche. The big problem I had, costing this collection a star, was the guilt of the death of the parents which is running amok on all the major DC superheroes the past decade. Come on. Do they all have to have, "I wish I could have saved mommy and daddy" issues? That's Supes and Bats territory, with Martian in regards to his wife and daughter. The only good aspect of this mommy and daddy baggage is that Oliver hates his father and unfortunately has some of his traits, especially regarding the ladies. That ties into the main villain, The Queen, which makes for a good dynamic. Also, Oliver's mother is played up to be the best influence he had. It's just the whole tragic death before the kids eyes is getting really old.

All in all a very good read with great artwork and stunning covers! A great read for Green Arrow fans!

P. S. There is also a couple cameos by some green friends!
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on April 16, 2013
"Into the Woods" is an excellent Green Arrow story, and one of the best Green Arrow stories in my opinion. This is not a nostalgia-based story, as so many mainstream comic book arcs are these days -- stories which contain a lot of reminiscing, sentimentally dwelling on the iconography of the characters and old stories, but giving the characters little new ground on which to tread. Instead, "Into the Woods" refreshingly builds the character of Oliver Queen through significant events to ponder and investigate -- there are things Oliver has to actually do in his day-to-day work as well as things he has to learn -- with a backdrop that deftly evokes his current place in Star City, and truly does so all from Oliver's signature eyes. Sentimentality is there, but it's not a main convention of the narrative.

Sources from all over the spectrum literally try to move Oliver toward new territory, and the art frequently underscores the themes created by the characters and settings in a visually pleasing style. Events from previous storylines in Oliver's heavy and substantial character history affect Oliver's motivations and decisions and move the story forward with fun, creative dialogue and narration. References to DC trivia (and maybe even some outside references that may be too good to be true!) are relevant and skillfully handled, enriching the story rather than weighing it down with a lack of ideas. The past and future are always there, because all tenses are important to this story, but not at the expense of a solid present -- for the most part, the creators really trust the abilities of their readers, new and old alike. When the past does return and the future is considered, they challenge Oliver to overcome what he is going through in the present, organically bringing him toward what HAPPENS next. The story is not perfect, nor is it wholly unpredictable or original, but there is tremendous effort here, and the core (trunk?) of this story, along with its various elements (.......branches?), hold up as a whole.

I'm a big fan of the Green Arrow and I enjoy stories that can continue to build their characters in a world where creativity is becoming increasingly more difficult to both achieve and publish.

So I definitely recommend "Into the Woods." It's the most definitive Green Arrow story I've read since the "Green Lantern/Green Arrow" series.

I definitely want to check out the conclusion of the forest arc in "Salvation" when I can afford it! I think it should have been included in this paperback. That is one big downside to this particular collection. This seems to be another more frequent trend with comics in trade paperbacks.

So this review is really for the first section in a wider arc.

It's a real shame the arc with Rochev couldn't be explored as well as it could have been due to the emergence of the New 52. I also wonder whether or not the forest arc was rushed due to the then-upcoming New 52 as well.
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on August 31, 2011
Firstly, I picked this book as I was trying to collect all the "Brightest Day" tie-ins. And also I saw pretty good amazon-ratings for this book. I'm not a Green Arrow fan but I must admit, the book is A FINE READ!

This is the second book I'm reading that is written by J.T.Krul (The first being "Blackest Night : Titans", which was pretty good). I feel that J.T Krul has developed a very good understanding of the character and has done full justice to the story.

The pencilwork by Diogenes Neves is top-notch and the inks by Vicente Cifuentes is Magnificient. The cover pages by Mauro Cascioli is BREATHTAKING!

This book also gives rise to a few questions (like the mystery of the forest in the middle of Star City), which hopefully will be answered in the next volume.
After a bit,especially after the first four explosive issues, I did feel that story has lost some steam :(.
But , still the book is very engrossing.Not only does Green Arrow have to deal with the new threats to Star City but he also has to confront the demons from his past. Though, there are no super-powered characters (except for guest-appearance by two of DC's main characters ), still the story is entertaining.But somehow I didn't find the villian (a Russian woman who takes over "Queen Enterprises" previously owned by Oliver queen a.k.a Green Arrow) very appealing.This book has a lot of refreshing new characters and also many characters that were regular in previous Green Arrow series are NOT AT ALL PRESENT HERE!! This, in one way is good because this story is like a new beginning for "Green Arrow".Any die-hard fan of the character will definitely love it.Even first-time readers would also like this book (In case they need a quick background about the story, they can look up "Green Arrow" and "Brightest Day" in Wikipedia!)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 2, 2011
Green Arrow finds that his beloved Star City has an infestation of trees growing in the heart of the city, invading its streets, seemingly fighting back against human intrusion. Except this forest has something eerie about it; it's alive somehow and manages to regrow parts that have been chopped down almost immediately. Then there's the Russian Queen, a bitter woman who knew Oliver Queen's dad and is intent on turning Queen Industries into something terrible. Throw in a faceless assassin, a possible delusional who thinks he's one of King Arthur's knights, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter, and you've got "Into the Woods".

I think this is only the second Green Arrow book I've read and I haven't followed the "Brightest Day" story arc at all, which this book is a part of, but I still found the book enjoyable. The mystery of the strange forest got weirder as the book went on as did the appearance of other DC heroes and villains from the Green Lantern arc "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day". Oliver Queen isn't the most interesting character but some background stuff about his origin story is gone into here and goes some way to explaining his behaviour and how he turned out.

The Russian Queen was a compelling character as was the faceless assassin Nix so there was plenty of intrigue to go with the plentiful action making for a fast moving and interesting read. It didn't make me want to even approach the "Brightest Day" arc as I think it'd take too long to go into, but as a standalone the book works fine and fans of Green Arrow will find plenty to like here.
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on November 30, 2011
This is my first Green Arrow book ever.

I could read it without problems because I read JLA: Cry for Justice and I was following Brightest Day storyline as well.

The art on the book is VERY good. I l-o-v-e every single cover of every single issue with all my heart. Just over the top art.

The story is about Oliver Queen self imposed exiled ont he misterious forrest in Star City. Friends will visit him and foes will follow him.

I'm not the kind of guy who leave spoilers ahead, but I can tell you that I did enjoyed this book. Being said that, I'll go again though... I read JLA: Cry for Justice and I was following Brightest Day storyline. That's required reading to know where everything came up.

Btw, is obivuos this is the begining of somehting important in GA's life, but we'll have to wait for volume 2 to know what will happen.
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on June 10, 2014
like most people, i assume i didn't know that much about him. always wanted to, but never did. i've seen him on JLU and of course the show arrow, which he is awesome in both, but i still didn't know much about him. i did research on which comic was the best to start reading about him and i happened to stumble across this. one because it was part of the blackest night/ brightest day ordeal. another was because of the art. you gotta admit arrow looks like a beast on the cover. hands down greatest arrow story. the writing is amazing and the art is beautiful.
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on July 12, 2011
The tragic and literally earth shattering events of Justice League: Cry For Justice (Justice League: Cry for Justice (Jla (Justice League of America) (Graphic Novels))) continue to build here, and pick up in the aftermath of Ollie's legal troubles in Justice League: Rise and Fall, also by J.T. Krul. (Justice League: Rise and Fall) Green Arrow has always been amazing because he walks that fine line between admiring the Robin Hood mythos, and being the crackerjack who thinks he IS Robin Hood. LOL Well, that line gets pretty blurred here. For starters, I was LIVID that his marriage to Black Canary seems to be over. It's just flat out wrong, in my humble opinion. That being said, I LOVE that in the events of Brightest Day, a MASSIVE forest arose from the devastated ruins of Star City. So basically, the everyman hero with a Robin Hood fetish now literally has his Sherwood Forest. LOL Green Arrow continues to serve as Star City's protector, only now he operates out of this mysterious, even mystical, forest. All in all, I give the book pretty close to four stars. I didn't hate it, but I certainly didn't like all the directions that it was taking. I guess I better get used to that though, for the upcoming post Flashpoint continuity. LOL Regardless of whether I agreed with all the creative choices, I did think that what there was to work with was well written, and AMAZINGLY illustrated. The art, panel after panel, is hyper real and very beautiful. That alone elevates the grade. What it really comes down to is whether or not you're a Green Arrow fan, and I am. (Though more so when he's with Black Canary! LOL) If you're a Green Arrow fan, then you should enjoy this, despite the bumbling 'knight' character that is thrown in, and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Thanks so much for your time folks.
Sincerely, R.A. McDowell
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on June 25, 2013
Great story for green arrow after being exiled out of star city when his secret identity is exposed to the public. he becomes more of a robin hood sort of hero for the people living in the ruins of the outcasted part of his city. He deal with own past faults a as man and hero not to mention a new villainess calling herself the queen
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on August 28, 2011
I was anxious to read this and I almost went and bought the issues for it but I usually rather wait for the trade. I love the entire Blackest Night arc and I love it even more to see Ollie come out from the whole crises after Rise and Fall. I can't wait to read the DCnU books and see what else J. T. Krul will come up with for us. :)
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on May 8, 2014
Unlike the New 52 Green Arrow this was a solid story of Oliver/Green Arrow in a broken City over run by crime and a Magical Forest. Coming out of the Brightest Day story Arc. Best Green Arrow story in recent years.
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