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on August 12, 2010
First off, let me say that I'm a big fan of Harmonix, Rock Band, and Green Day. But I can't help but be miffed about this.

As another reviewer has already said, where Beatles Rock Band was big, beautiful, and lovingly crafted, Green Day Rock Band feels slapdash and rushed out. I understand being locked into the real band characters, instruments, and venues...but do there have to be only three venues? There's even only one loading screen background for each transition, for heaven sakes! Lazy lazy lazy.

I love Green Day, which means I love the music on the disk, which is why I'm giving this four stars for fun. After all, it's cheaper than if they'd sold it as DLC, right? Might as well just pay the extra $10, add it to your RB2 library, and pretend the disk never existed.

But there's one other thing that really, REALLY sticks in my craw. You've made a real band Rockband title - an homage to the look and music of Green Day, and then you CENSOR the songs?!? That's outrageous! Take the mature rating already! At the very least, put some sort of parent controllable feature to switch between "clean" and "original" modes. Yes, I know this isn't the first time we've been stuck with clean versions, but those were single tracks, and sometimes they were clean versions put out by the band (i.e. Creep) rather than blanked out.

The early Green Day catalogue in particular is now full of mysterious blank spaces in the lyrics that damage the rhythm and vocal play experience. I'm not a "go profanity in music!" person, but I don't mind at all if it fits the music's theme and other lyrics rather than simply being used for shock value. I am very annoyed that I am being forced to play the FCC approved versions of the band's music in a product that's supposedly built from the ground up for the fans.

I'm an adult! Let ME make that choice...and if I wasn't an adult, my PARENTS should be making that choice.

Thanks for protecting me from those bad four letter words really, really shouldn't have.
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VINE VOICEon June 11, 2010
This is my review and game play video of Green Day : Rock Band.

The video quality will be a bit low due to it having to fit in the 100Mb requirements here.

I was into the punk scene back in the late 70's early 80's. The bands I grew up listening to all had a very tough time making any real money. Even the big ones like Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Black Flag, all did pretty well but never were able to achieve any sort of real fame. Move ahead to the 90's and bands like Nirvana took some of the punk sound and changed it enough to become what we called Grunge. Those bands did well to get enough popularity to make it big on the college radios and eventually made it mainstream. It was not until Green Day came around did I hear what I enjoyed so much as a kid. By then I was an adult serving in the military over in the Gulf. It was really cool to hear those 3 chord progression riffs and wickedly fast drum beats that got my blood pumping.

Now I am a dad with 2 kids. I missed out on the real punk years and I guess I could be called a sell out poser or something. Instead, I think that I moved on, but my taste in music still has its roots in the old days of the Sx Pistols. Green Day adeptly captures this sound and because so many of us are now in our 40's we hear this sound on the radio.

As I was playing this game my mother was visiting for my daughters birthday. She watched me play it and commented on the fact she liked 4 of the songs. Thats pretty incredible considering when I was a kid, more mild music she said was awful and wouldn't listen at all...

About the game:

This game is very similar to what you saw (if you had it) of Playstation 3 The Beatles: Rock Band . You play different periods of time. You start in the early successful years of Green Day. About the time of Dookie. You can jump in each concert and play a few different songs from a couple of their early albums. Or you can jump ahead to their most recent release 21st Century Breakdown and play a 2009 concert. Each concert has a set list that you play through. As you get at least 3 stars you earn a sticker and can move on. The more songs you finish the more fan songs open up. What is cool is if you just like Green Day as a passing interest and know just 1 or 2 of their songs, you will probably find enough to play as a rental. If you are a deep fan, loving every song they have ever made, you can unlock almost all of them by finishing all sets and challenges.

The better you do the more stickers you can stick on Billy Joe's guitar. Also for hard core Rockband people you can do some really tough challenges to achieve trophies. Some are pretty easy like playing 10 songs at 3 stars or more, or, you can go and play left handed and score 100% on 5 songs in a row. There are like 300 different trophies from what I have seen and I have only unlocked 2 of them. So there is a bunch of replay-ability.

Like other real band titles you cannot change the look of your character. Instead you play as one of the real members of the band. They are stylized and pretty accurate models of the members of the band. If you have ever played a rock band game you will feel right at home here with this title. I do recommend doing the calibration right off the bat. I thought I would be ok and it took only 2 songs of me missing 95% of the buttons for me to see it needed to be calibrated. Manual calibration was pretty easy and there is an auto mode if you have a controller equipped with that.

I really like this release from Harmonix. I was in a punk garage band with my friends back in the 1980s. We wanted to be big time. Alas it never worked out, but, with games like this I can at least pretend. That is what gaming is all about. Its a way to leave reality and be something you are not, and probably will never be. Thats cool.

Hook your PS3 output up to a large amp receiver or system and turn it up to 11.

Thanks for reading / watching my review.e shredding.
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on June 18, 2010
Green Day Rockband is great as a track pack for Green Day fans. As a standalone game, it is mediocre when compared to any of the other Rock Band games.

There is no customization for costumes, instruments, or venues like in RB1-2 or L:RB. Beatles RB didn't have this either, but compensated with the absolutely beautiful music video style visuals and variety of venues. Here you get neither. There are only three venues which show the standard Rock Band style visuals with a Green Day skin. The new motion capture technique used in the game looks awesome and authentic... until you notice that they use the same animations for every other song.

Completing songs unlocks photos, but there is no way to zoom-in and pan around them, nor is there any form of caption. There are also challenges that unlock music videos and rare footage, but only the biggest fans are going to sit and watch it. Anyone else would be better off getting a copy of Bullet in a Bible on DVD.

It really is NOTHING compared to what they did for the Beatles, which is both understandable and sad. If they were charging $40 for this, that would be OK. But it seems as if they rushed it out the door because they didn't want to have an RB2 engine game on the shelf with RB3.

If you're a HUGE Green Day fan, you've already got your copy. If not... pick it up in a bargain bin in a few months so you can export it into RB3.
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on January 14, 2013
I only exported these songs into RB3 and Blitz so I cant review the game software itself, thought Im sure Harmonix was up to their usual high standard.

This has alot of songs to play and all of my favorites are on here. Im not the worlds biggest Green Day fan, but I do like them and I have had alot of fun drumming along. And no wonder none of them have any body fat, it takes alot of energy to play along with these songs!
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on March 19, 2014
If you are a fan of Green Day and the Rock Band or Guitar Hero series like myself, than this game is certainly worth picking up.

Unlike the previous titles in the series, Green Day Rock Band doesn't a whole lot in the customization or stage department. What it does offer though is a nice collection of 47 Green Day songs. The game includes all the songs from American Idiot and Dookie along with the majority of 21st Century Breakdown (I'll cover this later) and a few from Nimrod and Insomniac. While only 47 songs is not a lot, the songs that are included are a lot of fun to play are challenging enough that even die hard Rock Band players will have some difficulty 5 staring them. There's also a ton of unlockables here that Green Day fans will love included old concert footage!

Now the main complaint I have about the game has to do with the set list. Not that it doesn't include enough songs, but the 21st Century Breakdown album being incomplete. 3 songs that were previously released as downloadable content for Rock Band 2 (Know Your Enemy, !Viva La Gloria!, and 21 Guns) and are not included with the game and much be purchased separately. It seems kinda silly not to go ahead and release them with the game and release them with the game itself and still make players purchase them separately.

Other than that, for the price the game is now (about $10) it's definitely worth purchasing if you are a Green Day fan. The songs are fun to play and will have you wanting to go back and play them even after you've completed the game! If you aren't a fan of Green Day however, you might want to stay away as there isn't much for you here.
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on December 27, 2012
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on February 11, 2013
Short and simple: If you like the band Green Day,then you'll enjoy this game. The music library is a mix of their old and new songs. The seller was kind enough to ship it fast and it arrived pretty quickly,took like a week. 5 stars!
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on November 4, 2013
Cause it came in great condition no glitches when I started playing the game also I got to download the rest of the songs for 21st century breakdown I highly recommend this game to any one who is a Rock Band fan or a Green Day fan. Thanks Amazon I might order another thing from you soon.
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on August 18, 2010
I am a huge fan of Green Day, and when I found out they were making a Green Day: Rock Band, I went out and pre-ordered it. It features all the music of American Idiot, Dookie, and 21st Century Breakdown (excluding dlc). It also features select songs from Nimrod, Insomniac, and Warning.

>All the songs from Green Day's major records
>Ability to export the disc's songs to Rock Band 1 and 2
>Singing is really fun to play, especially if you know the lyrics, then you can play guitar or whatnot
>Includes three-part vocal harmonies, meaning up to three people can sing
>Drums are also really fun to play, Tre is an amazing drummer
>Drum trainer to help you through all the crazy drum patterns
>Collect photos and never released footage of the band
>You can follow through the career of Green Day to date

>Green Day is a punk rock band, and as with most punk rock bands, the main way to play guitar is to down-strum really fast, so there isn't much variety for guitar, besides playing chords over and over again
>Most of the bass guitar is also down-strumming, single notes. This also makes bass lack variety. The saving feature is the bass from Dookie, a lot of variety there
>Only 47 songs are on the disc, which is actually 44, because some songs are combined (Brainstew/Jaded, Are We The Waiting/St. Jimmy, Give Me Novacaine/She's A Rebel.) This wouldn't be so bad, but now to play "St. Jimmy", you have to play through the very slow/boring "Are We The Waiting." Why couldn't they have combined "Song Of The Century" with 21st Century Breakdown? Now you have "Song Of The Century" by itself, which features no instrumental play at all
>Only three venues, so there's not much variety in the background animation video
>You've probably seen most of the collectible pictures
>No one plays online
>Each background animation video is supposed to be unique, but there are a few repeated scenes for different songs
>Sometimes the music is not timed perfectly with the background animation, thus, Billie Joe/Mike Dirnt/Tre Cool is sometimes strumming/drumming out of time
>It charges you [...] to export the songs

Despite the flaws, this is a great game. If you like Green Day, and Rock Band, you'll like Green Day: Rock Band. Besides if you don't want to get Green Day: Rock Band, there's Rock Band 3 right around the corner.
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on October 1, 2010
Owing all other installments to the Rock Band series, I was really not sure why Harmonix was releasing a Rock Band solely dedicated to Green Day. Having played the game, I can say that I completely understand now why there is a Green Day Rock Band, but the game itself isn't what I would have expected from Harmonix.

1. Green Day music. If you weren't a fan before or weren't familiar enough with their music to call yourself a fan, this game gives you a greater appreciation and respect for a well-deserving band.
2. Gameplay: The difficulty doesn't appear to be modified to be easier like in the Beatles Rock Band so you'll have a more authentic Rock Band experience.
3. Three-part harmonies: Always fun to include more people in the vocal gameplay.

1. The graphics and overall appearance: The characters seems a bit awkward in appearance. Even the Rock Band characters look more well put together than the graphical members of Green Day. The game itself isn't very visually appealing at all. Every "dreamscape" is 1 of 3 or 4 Green Day concerts. It's hardly creative or interesting to look at.
2. Three-part harmony set-up: I understand that the game is meant to be darker, but the three part harmony vocals especially are really difficult to see. Because all the colors are so similar (with the exception of lead being in blue), it's hard to tell whether harmony 2 is singing alone or with harmony 3. Also, the icons are so dark in color and look very similar so it's difficult to tell if you are hitting your harmony or someone else's.
3. Scenes: As mentioned before, the game takes place in basically 3 or 4 places and they are all concerts. There are very few videos that stand out as being visually interesting. Otherwise, the band is pretty much doing the same thing in every song.

Perhaps it is unfair to expect that Green Day Rock Band would have been anything like The Beatles Rock Band, but I certainly think this game could have been much better. The one thing I took away from this game is how great a band Green Day really is and Green Day does deserve a better game. The game looks like it was rushed into production and release and the fact that it actually LOOKS that way isn't a good thing.

The game is still worth having as part of your Rock Band library but not for $60. I highly suggest waiting for a price drop before purchasing the game.
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