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on October 11, 2014
I hated this movie because I grew up on the 1966 Green Hornet series and the Britt Reid I adored was suave, clever, debonair mroe like the Saint Simon Templar---NOT a narcissistic, rude man that treated people badly.

The Green Hornet movie is not true to the predecessors AT ALL. Even the guy who played Kato acted easily irritated and angered.... this is NOT the inflappable martial artist that Kato should be.

TOTALLY disappointing. If you're going to do a movie, keep it true to the portrayals of the character that people KNOW and love. Don't go making the hero into a narcissistic idiot!
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on November 27, 2013
That's 119 minutes I'll never get back. Seth Rogen's character was utterly unlikeable. I didn't even like Cameron Diaz in this stinker. jay Chou was the only good thing in the movie. Too bad he couldn't compensate for the rest. Seth Rogen... please give up acting... McDonald's is always hiring.
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on February 17, 2014
OK, to put this clearly and bluntly... if you are a real fan of the TV show with Van Williams, this movie could be a disappointment for you. It is a comedy, and spoof of the Green Hornet. I was really hoping for something more serious, and closer to the TV show. I've kept the DVD, and would view it again, but would rather own a quality collection of the original TV series with Van Williams and Bruce Lee. If you collect Green Hornet items, you might want to add this to your collection... but do be aware that this is not the same as the TV series.
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VINE VOICEon June 4, 2011
This film can't decide what genre it's supposed to be. The writers spent too much time trying to make Seth Rogen funny - which is wasted time because he already IS funny - and not enough time writing a decent story. There's a couple of fun moments but this was not nearly as comical as the theatrical previews made it look. By the time the last 15 minutes came 'round I was watching the clock as it was dragging to the inevitable conclusion. This cast and the premise of an inept, immature buffoon stealing the lime light along with an ingenious, talented and deadly sidekick who gets no credit could have been wickedly funny. Somehow they missed the mark.
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on November 23, 2012
I read a number of reviews before ordering this movie and just a short way into the movie I was regretting not giving heed to the many negative reviews. I am just about at the one hour mark and even though I purchased the 3D version of this movie for only $14.99, I am wishing I had not wasted that money. I will have to force myself to finish this movie and hopefully, I will be able to unload it at a movie exchange store for at least a few dollars. Save your money and a couple of hours of your time and miss this turkey.
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on May 29, 2011
Saw this waste of film on an international flight across the Pacific Ocean . . . so bad I thought of asking the airline to refund part of my ticket price. This film deserves to be destroyed -- all copies -- everywhere . . .
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on September 17, 2011
The Green Hornet could have been something great. If treated with the same respect as the new Batman movies, Hornet might have been something spectacular. The car, the gadgets, the martial arts, the characters are COOL and are suppose to be cool. But the "filmmakers" (questionable if they are) that made the Seth Groan-Again version absolutely made a travesty of a film. Crap in everyway. Horrible script. Wretched acting. Paint-by-the-numbers directing. Stupid boring cliched "bad guy." And worst of all they turned it all into a joke (a supposed "comedy"). What studio execs are green-lighting this crap? Fire them all!!!
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on December 27, 2011
As soon as I saw the ratings this movie was getting, I guessed it had probably not adhered to the expectations of comic fans and fans of the original movies or series, and a quick scan of the reviews showed me I had guessed right. Although I love superheroes and comics in general, I knew nothing about the Green Hornet when I hit the theater, and I absolutely loved it. Most of all, I loved Kato. I remember telling my friend that this sidekick finally managed to break all the stereotypes. He was no longer an asexual, lesser sucker-upper. I also know most men drool after Bruce Lee, but as a grown-up woman who never really quite managed to get into him, I have to say Jay Chou has all the charisma for which I had kept searching in Lee. This was by all means Chou's movie.
As a viewer without any canonic expectations, this movie had me laughing from beginning to end. It was a breath of fresh air and a break from a lot of superhero stereotyping. I came to Amazon quite decided to purchase it.
I would say, if you are an original fan, beware. It seems very unlikely that you will enjoy it. If you, like me, love superheroes but this is your first time meeting the Green Hornet, I'm quite sure you will love this movie. We can all go and read the seemingly darker, truer version after we fall in love with Chou and start looking out for his next movies and music releases.
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on December 20, 2014
As a long-time fan of "The Green Hornet" and especially the Dynamite Entertainment series written by Kevin Smith, I was outraged by this goofy take on the grand-nephew of "The Lone Ranger." I walked out of the theater just shaking my head in disappointment. Then, taking the advice of Amazon reviewer Melissa Marina Gonzalez, I watched the film a second time and focused on Jay Chou's Kato as the main character, and, by golly, it worked! Following the point of view of a protagonist who isn't a screw-up, but rather a can-do, multi-faceted hero helps the film in every way. I never thought I'd see the day when the Hornet was more of a sidekick, but Seth Rogan's portrayal of the bumbling, egocentric Britt Reid actually works in this context. In fact, I only bought the film on Amazon to give Ms. Gonzalez's theory a shot, and I'm very, very glad I did!
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on October 3, 2014
A lot of people had issue with this movie, particularly the casting of the lead, but I wound up enjoying it. Wonderful visual style and good rapport between the two leading men. The actor portraying Kato did nothing to embarrass himself and honored Bruce Lee's tradition. Obviously Seth Rogen was an unconventional choice, but it was tailored to his skewed persona and truly didn't bother me. I don't care for cookie cutter movies anyway. Waltz was fine as the villain and Diaz is feisty as always. I watched this on a plane and it made the time enjoyably go by. Not a classic, by any means, but if you approach this as more of a "Pink Panther" move versus the traditional action and superhero fare, you can have a good time.
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