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on April 4, 2011
I saw an advance screening of this movie at Wondercon this weekend and there is legitimate reason to be excited about this. I have to admit that I was not impressed by Green Lantern: First Flight, the last DC Animated movie featuring Green Lantern, but they have really redeemed themselves in this one. This is 5 different stories (based off of classic Green Lantern comic issues) told as war stories by Hal Jordan (voiced by Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame) before they face a huge threat. Each of the stories focus on different members of the Green Lantern Corps and really show off the diversity that is so great about Green Lantern stories. The stories of the first Green Lantern and of Kiliwog both excelled in dramatizing how, despite the awesome power of the ring, courage really is a Green Lantern's greatest asset. The story about Mogo was based on a comic by Alan Moore and really drove the point home about how different Green Lanterns can be. I really hope DC continues to make similar animated movies, where they take advantage of the wealth of good stories from their huge catalogue of comics to create engaging movies.

One of the big problems I had with Green Lantern: First Flight was that the ring was usually used as some kind of green laser blaster, but in Emerald Knights there are some truly creative uses of the ring in the action scenes. Green Lanterns use the ring to cover themselves in a bombshell shape as they ram through starships, another Lantern uses the ring to form several different Chinese martial art weapons, etc. The action is fast, well animated, and with a variety of styles for the different stories. The drama and character building are also very effective. All in all, this is great animation worthy of not just renting but also owning.
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on April 9, 2011
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

I got to see the entire animated film before its release date and listen to Bruce Timm discuss this great film, the best I've seen in the DC Animated universe.

And that's really saying something. I loved the latest Wonder Woman film with its emphasis on battle and the honor of the Amazons. I thrilled to the Red Hood and Batman's quest. But this film takes the best qualities of these and transforms them into a "GL Corps" that is really great.

Not to give too much away, but the film is broken down into an anthology format. Hal Jordan is explaining to his new recruit while they're hanging out on the Planet Oa, recharging their rings for a battle against Krona (which happens near the end of the film).

Some of the stories include when Kilowog (a tough drill sergeant who puts new GLs through the paces and anyone who doesn't measure up is a "Poozer") was himself a recruit and has to put up with a drill instructor who is tougher than he is! Self-sacrifice and working as a team are themes here.

Another tale that impressed me was Laira, a woman Lantern that has what Timm referred to as a mix of Star Wars' Jedi Master and Indiana Jones and martial arts. When she has to return to her home planet and face her own father in a battle that is heartbreaking to say the least.

As the two battle, these little hologram eggs accidentally open and show scenes where she would play with her father or they're having picnics together, etc. These homey scenes clash with the battle scenes and the irony and pathos of the scene just rips your eyes out. It's that amazing.

Bottom Line:

This film is much better than the earlier GL film "First Flight" and is a must-see to any Green Lantern or DC Animated film fan. Have you ever wondered about the first Green Lantern? How the constructs first appeared? The first mission of the first Green Lantern Corps? And how a Green Lantern can be an entire Planet??

Then pick this up! Its release date is June 7, 2011. It's direct to DVD!

Voice Cast & Crew:

Alan Burnett, Geoff Johns
Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs and Elisabeth Moss
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on June 9, 2011
I really enjoyed this, but Im a hardcore, long time GL fan. I'm sure most comic fans will enjoy.

Lets talk about the movie:

Loved the animation. Somewhere between anime and the DC animated universe

Great stories. All of the Tales from the Corps were entertaining and complete unto itself. Fun, engaging, and had some great lanterns in it.

Sinestro. Man, I love him as a GL. From First Flight and here, hes a great character. Geoff Johns has done a remarkable job in changing his character from a one-note villain to a truly complex character. Well done.

Extras. I enjoyed the Batman: Year One extended preview (although Ben Mackenzie seems like a bad choice for BATMAN, imo.)

The framing story with Krona. Very weak. Theres no story there. No explanation of Krona, really other than a few throwaway lines. He's not really much more than a cosmic Godzilla in the film. Disappointing.

If you're a GL fan, you've read most of the stories as GLC stories. Its great to see them animated, but there's no fresh stories really here, I dont think. Lots of recycling from old GLC annuals and such. (Something extremely disappointing is the continued smacking in the face of Alan Moore. I get it. DC owns the stories, But man, do they rely on his genius in their projects. 2 of the stories here come directly from past Tales of the Corps that he created. They are great stories, but I feel bad for the guy....)

Ring constructs. This is animation- no excuse for the laziness of this. While there were some good ones, there just a lots of ring blasting more than anything else. A few swords and weapons here and there, but nothing creative- no egg beaters, or baseball gloves, you know? Something thats used as a weapon, without actually being one. The previews I've seen of the upcoming movie look like they do a lot more with that than you'll see here.

The packaging. This is some of the weakest, lamest packaging ever. No insert, terrible DVD illustration. Just awful and cheap. But you're here for the movie, not the packaging, Im guessing...

As I said, if you're a GL fan, or like comics/sci fi, its a totally entertaining 80+ minutes at a good price....
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on May 18, 2012
I'm a kid at heart. Or maybe a later bloomer. A working professional in her 30's that enjoys a good cartoon escape. Super hero cartoons are just that escape. Between the Marvel world and the DC world I realize I am a Justice League-er. Who knew? They say to stay young keep a youthful heart and mind, right?

I used to laugh (inside) at my 30 something year old roommate [years ago]. I was in my late 20's. I'm more of an out doors on the go, foodie type hobbyist. Just different type of play. And, I would wonder why the hell would a grown man put a Green Latern image as his facebook profile picture? I was just being a fuddy duddy adult. Ha ha ha.

Then I being bored one night decided to watch this movie. [I'm a fan of Nathan Fillion.] To my surprise...Awesome. Cool. Great story line. And since I'm not a comic connoisseur nor a specific hero groupie, let me just say I've become a Green Lantern fan. I may not be so hard core into the comic world but I value the creative story telling behind it. If I had an alternate calling I would not mind taking a shot at writing comic book stories. What an awesome way to expand and be expressive of oneself on so many levels. The comic world would be your oyster.

You got your typical dooms day end of the world or more like cosmos situation and you have a band of heros. Highlighted a few characters each with a story that shows why they deserve to wear the ring that connects to the "will." I couldn't help myself but want be drawn to Laira's story line. Yes, I'll be a nerd about it. I love a female character who can keep some arse.

And I'm almost tempted to want a ring. Almost. [My money is better spent on putting it into a 401k]. However, $2.99 on Amazon Instant was a very well deserved investment.

A good one to enjoy with the kids and kids at heart. Go play, y'all. :)
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on May 18, 2015
Not meant to be done as a sequal to Green Lantern: First Flight, the Emerald Knights animated movie is an anthology of several different members of the GL Corps with an overall plot bringing the ring-slingers together. No relation to the similarly titled story arc from the comics, this does adapt some stories from the DC Universe. Bruce Timm is back to produce with several different writers like Geoff Jones and Dave Gibbons to do the various story segments.

A dying Green Lantern member reports to the Guardians of the Universe(no relation to Marvel's team)that the exiled Guardian, Krona, has returned as a giant anti-matter being the size of Unicron, and is leading an army of shadow creatures out of the sun of GL homeworld Oa to conquer to consume the universe. Corp newbie Arisia joins the other Lanterns in conference with the Guardians about their plans to ready for Krona, and resident hero Hal Jordan tells her the story of the First Lantern. This story was given a New 52 retcon, but here the First Lantern is one of the first four beings given the rings from the Guardians that are sent out to fight an invading armada, and the First named Avra is the original Lantern to use a ring to create energy constructs. The next story is of fan favorite's Kilowog when he first went through the Corps boot camp and rose to become the GL drill sergeant. Following that we learn of the origin of Laira, a literal warrior princess who after becoming a Green Lantern returns to her home planet to find it has turned into a military empire guilty of intergalactic war crimes, and she has to fight her father for control of their world. Then, Hal tells Arisia why "Mogo doesn't socialize" in a tale of Bolphunga the Unrelenting(brilliantly voiced by Rowdy Piper!)is a space warrior searching for the greatest fighters in the galaxy, and his last prey is the legendary Green Lantern known as Mogo, which if you didn't know who he was before seeing this movie would totally spoil it. After a quick attack by some of Krona's shadow forces, Arisia recovers as Sinestro(who is still a Green Lantern in this story)tells her of Abin Sur, the one who originally bore the ring that would later go to Hal Jordan. The final act is a stunning space battle between the remaining members of the Corps against Krona who since he's made of anti-matter, the GL's just chuck the entire planet of Oa at him to extinguish him with an equal amount of matter.

This makes for a great intro to the Green Lantern Corps., and a must see before embarking checking out Green Lantern: The Animated Series. It also makes for a way better movie than the what the Green Lantern live-action movie sorely lacked. There is some exceptionally stellar animation for this production, especially in the space battles. Plus, it's great to finally have Nathan Fillion in his first official time as Hal Jordan. Emerald Knights should be a permanent keeper for anyone who enjoys a great cosmic odyssey!
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on October 22, 2014
This movie was impressive in some ways and disappointing in others, at least to me. While I may not have read or watched everything that has a Green Lantern in it, I've been following Green Lantern for a long time in one way or another. What surprised me about Emerald Knights was not only the style in which the characters were presented, but also that even though they were of somewhat lesser-known GLs I enjoyed the short stories for the most part; definitely moreso than the main plot which was pretty weak IMHO. I also liked the voice acting quite a bit, aside from Kilowog who didn't sound at all imposing. The animation was decent and is on-par with many of the other DC animated movies of late.

On the other hand, after giving praise to the short character expositions, I would've preferred ones a bit closer to the source material and/or more closely related to the GL Corps, instead of just two of them. The Mogo short, for example, was funny and well done but had little to do with the GLC in general and the impact is lessened if you already know who Mogo is. There's also several nitpicky points that stood out to me: Why did the entire Corps have to line up at the main power battery to charge their rings one-by-one when they all have individual batteries, or could do it all at once? Although it happened more frequently than First Flight, there was minimal use of constructs, and when they were used it was mostly shields and bubbles. Why would GL basic training not at least start with familiarizing new recruits with their rings? It would make more sense to train them with the ring first, and then test them without it. The final and best short (IMO) featuring Abin Sur was the closest to the true continuity, but it only brushed the surface leaving out important details that wouldn't have added much time if included.

This is just a question, and doesn't effect my rating, but why was the GL symbol changed from the silver age box-shaped design to the one with pointed ends? Perhaps this was just for the movie but even though I've noticed the new design in the new 52 I believe the old one is still prevalent. I know that a few of the GLs from Earth has alterted their uniforms in some way, particularly Jon and Kyle, but as the saying goes 'if it ain't broke don't fix it.'

Emerald Knights was an interesting entry into the animated world of Green Lantern and allowed even casual fans to become familar with at least a few more of its characters. I would recommend this movie to comic and anime fans alike; however, to be honest I prefered First Flight a bit more because it focused on my favorite GL Hal Jordan, but that's just my biased opinion.
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on June 16, 2011
Yeah, I was completely surprised at how awesome this movie was, I rented it and after watchin it, Im wishing I should have just bought it. Ive been a comic book superhero fan since I can remember, so I know a thing or two about superhero comic books. So far theres only been a handful of comic book superhero movies that have truly satisfied me, but emerald knights more than satisfied me, it overloaded my satisfaction. I dont want to reveal to much about the plot, but the movie tells different storys of various green lanterns, some familiar, and some Ive never even heard of, but there all very interesting. The movie has alot of action, so much so that I was actually hoping for some of the action scenes to stop, but hey, should that really be a negative.And I just have to add lastly that of all the storys told
the movie actually tells the origin of the green lantern corps and the very first group of green lantern members witch is just one of my favorites storys from the movie.
(I should also add that this movie is not really for kids, so just to be safe I recommend it to ages 13 and up but the actual rating is PG)
So if youre into green lantern or wanna get into green lantern or if youre just into comic books in general then you should really consider checking out this flick, I leave it up to you. LET THOSE WHO WORSHIP EVILS MIGHT BEWARE THE POWER OF THE GREEN LANTERNS LIGHT.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 5, 2014
This movie really ought to be titled, "Tales of the Green Lantern Corps," as it consists of a relatively short main story, in which Hal Jordan plays a very small role, interrupted by several flashbacks narrated by Jordan, providing insight into the creation of the Corps and insight into some of its members, including Kilowog, Abin Sur, and Sinestro.

The movie opens to the primary threat, as we see that the longtime foe of the Guardians, Krona, is back with a new threat, emerging as a giant from the sun around which Oa revolves, with a host of shadow demons at his command. He retreats after the initial foray but it's clear that a full attack is imminent so the Corps is mustered to be prepared to fight back. The newest Lantern, a very young Arisia, nervously awaits battle, and to calm her nerves, Jordan narrates these stories for her. So what are these stories?

1. The story of the creation of the Corps and of Arva, the first real Green Lantern, the first one who worked out how to create a construct, how to use the ring to its full potential, how to properly muster the will to turn the ring into the most powerful weapon in the Universe. In the dawn of the Universe, chaos and evil run rampant and the Guardians must muster the power of Will into a powerful weapon. The first four rings are granted to the mightiest warriors in the Universe and to one other: Arva, a scribe, the chronicler of the Guardians. The four are overwhelmed and are in retreat but Arva refuses to lose his faith in the Guardians. In one desperate, last-ditch fight, he digs deep inside himself and finds the will to become the first true Green Lantern.

2. The story of Kilowog and of the tough-as-nails drill sergeant, Deegan, who trained him. Deegan puts his recruits through hell, much to the dismay of a somewhat uncertain Kilowog. The drill becomes real as they are summoned to fight off invaders on a nearby planet. Deegan takes on the invaders, instructing the rookies to protect the civilians. Unfortunately, the invaders are tougher than Deegan anticipated and he is thrown down. When all seems lost, a late-arriving Kilowog arrives, fighting off the invaders and inheriting the mantle of his predecessor. This could be the story of any sergeant working with a team of raw recruits, watching one of those recruits become something more. It's a bit of a cliche but it's well done.

3. The story of Laira, a Lantern raised in a home where honor means everything. She had been summoned to her home world, which had been declared a rogue world, engaging in the genocide of its enemies. Laira is forced to fight her stepmother, her brother, and, ultimately and to her great grief, her father, a man who, we learn in a flashback, was passed over by the ring when it selected Laira instead of him. In a prior attack by the very enemies they are now destroying, Laira's father was defeated. A Green Lantern arrived to protect him but ultimately was killed by the relentless enemy. On his death, the ring selected Laira, who used the ring as a beacon to summon the Corps to her father's aid.

Back in the present, Laira is initially overwhelmed, since she really does not wish to fight the man she still loves very much. She finally recognizes what he has become, however, calls on her will, and defeats him. In the process, her father finally sees what he has become, what he has lost, and decides that he must pay a price. The ending is a bit disturbing but it is a logical conclusion, based on what we know of the family.

4. The story of Mogo. This is based on a story by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore (the latter of whom is better known as the author of V for Vendetta, Watchmen, and other classic graphic novels and comic book series). This is the story of Bolphunga, the Unrelenting, the mightiest warrior in the galaxy. Well, mightiest except for one: Mogo. Bolphunga hears of Mogo and decides to challenge him. If you don't know the story, I'll stop here, as revealing anything more would spoil the fun. And fun it is, in a well-told and amusing tale.

5. The story of the friendship of Abin Sur and Sinestro. This story begins with a battle between Abin Sur, wielding a nearly depleted ring, and Atrocitus, a being who claims to be able to talk to Destiny and see something of the future. Atrocitus has Abin Sur's lantern and is withholding it until Sinestro arrives to help. To buy himself some time, Atrocitus cracks open the battery, rendering it unstable and subject to a devastating explosion. In a desperate last-ditch attempt to save the world, Abin Sur, with a ring at near zero power level, grabs the lamp, recharges his ring, and flies off into space, where the lamp explodes. Fortunately, Abin Sur was able to protect himself and he returns to take out Atrocitus.

Sinestro explains that Atrocitus is part of a terrorist organization and his goal is to take down the Green Lantern Corps. In the ensuing discussion, we learn that Sinestro does not believe in destiny while Abin Sur does, and they ultimately agree to disagree. Before Atrocitus is imprisoned, however, he makes two predictions about Abin Sur's destiny. To find out what those are, you'll have to watch the movie. This is a somewhat unsatisfying story, as there doesn't seem to be much point to it. If you know the back story from the comic books, this will make more sense but even then I have to consider this the weakest of the group.

With the stories over, the main story resumes, with a planet-sized Krona beginning his final attack, as an enormous army of shadow demons attacks, overwhelming the members of the Corps. When all seems blackest, a little help from a rookie Lantern and a lot of help from an unexpected source turn the tide. The ending is a satisfying one.

There isn't any real unifying theme to these stories and they don't tie into the main storyline in any way that I could figure. Still, the stories are, for the most part, entertaining, even if a few of them are a bit cliched. The animation is good, with a good mix of CGI and hand-drawn animation, and the voice acting is very good, with Nathan Filion leading the way as Hal Jordan. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and can recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon March 3, 2015
DC's animated universe expands with "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights." The film follows a format somewhat similar to "Batman: Gotham Knight," where independent stories are told in one film. Unlike "Gotham Knight," which told six stories with unique animation stylings, all of the stories in "Emerald Knights" feature the same animation and are tied together via Hal Jordan (Nathan Fillion) recounting the tales to Arisia Rrab (Elizabeth Moss) as they and the rest of the Green Lanterns prepare for a massive battle against Krona, who wants to destroy pretty much everything and everyone.

There are five stories in all, each focusing on a different Lantern at various points in history. My favorite story is "The First Lantern," about Avra, a scribe who seems the least likely candidate to be a Lantern but proves to all that he is more than worthy of the ring. Another exceptional tale is that of Laira, who battles her family in her first mission.

Kilowog, Abin Sur, and Mogo are all featured in their own stories, and Abin Sur's tale hints at things to come for another Lantern, Sinestro. Fans of the comics, the live action Ryan Reynolds flick, or just about any other story that features Sinestro knows what he is to become.

Overall this film truly deserves three and a half stars (I always round up) due to the fact that we really don't get to learn about or see much of Krona and a couple of the stories are forgettable. The Mogo tale was particularly dull in my opinion.

However, the Avra story alone makes this film worth watching and because of this I recommend this film to anybody who is a fan of Green Lantern and/or the DC Animated Universe.
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on September 1, 2013
One note on the ONE-STAR reviews... A good half of the people that gave it this one star, are just people who thought it was a live action movie and were disappointed that they got a cartoon! Giving a movie one star for being animated and not live action is their own MORONIC problem! They're stupid for purchasing it if they hate animated features. Honestly, anybody who liked the live action movie is an absolute and total short sighted nimrod. This follow up to the First Flight movie is top notch for DC. Music worthy of listening to over and over again, high action, humor and the Corp. What else could you ask for? I guess you could ask for a live action movie of the same content, but after the first debacle of a movie no studio will touch it with a 10 foot cattle prod ever again. Just ignore most of the one star reviews and know what you're buying and just enjoy the movie for what it is. Quite a good production. Go for it!
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