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on August 4, 2012
I have been using a small electric pruning chainsaw and a battery operated pole saw for some time now. It was time to step up to a more hefty saw for larger work around my lot. I don't like gas powered machines, although I do own a gas tiller and a gas trimmer. The other small chainsaws, while good for small jobs, lacked the power and capacity of a gas machine.

I took a chance on the Greenworks saw. It is a 12 inch saw. The lithium battery charges very quickly. After a bit of practice on some six inch firewood, I set off to down a 10 inch diameter poplar. Cut it from top to bottom in 2 foot sections. Not a problem. Not out of juice. Popped it in the charger while I took care of the tree sections, and it was fully charged again (unfortunately, I wasn't). 5 more poplars to go.

The saw is not heavy. It has an oil reservoir. A negative is the dense manual written on cheap paper. No "getting started quickly" kind of information. Not easy to locate information. Not enough of a negative to lose a star.

A possible additional negative is the price of a replacement battery. Might as well buy a second saw with a battery.

Overall, very happy.
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on August 18, 2012
This is a very well engineered tool. I am a 25 year building / remodeling / restoration carpenter, and I have owned many different brands and types of power tools, including several chain saws. When I ordered this saw, I wasn't sure what I would get... The biggest question mark was: Would this saw perform as good as a small gas powered one? The answer is yes. The 12 inch chain and the big battery empower you to take down a pretty good size tree and cut it up... So this is not just limited to cutting limbs - like the smaller capacity saws... Greenworks has taken the battery powered electric chain saw to a whole new level... There is an added health benefit - You're not breathing-in exhaust and benzene-laden unburned gasoline fumes while you work. This saw goes beyond my expectations - Go for it.
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on October 5, 2012
I am 68,and have had many different brands of gas chain saws,over the last 50 years.
The last gas saw I had was a Sthil Farm Boss,bought new and had a wicked time starting it.
Getting older I was hoping that a battery powered saw would be available some day,that would cut as good as a gas saw.

Then what do you know.
I started seeing battery powered chain saws,& decided to check out their feathers.

I found a few but they were all more than I wanted to pay,to take a chance that I may be disappointed with a battery saw.

This saw seemed to be the one I would take a chance on.
Well I was really surprised the cutting power of this saw right out of the box.
It is great that I no longer have a pull cord,and don't have to mix the gas.

I have been clearing my property to expand our pasture for my wife's horses.
I've had this saw now for about a month,and have cut down a lot of trees the biggest were (2) 24"X40' cutting them into 2' hunks.

The only negative,is that a replacement chain is no where to be found?
I have called green works,twice,the first time I was told to refer to their manual,then the operator hung up on me.

I did an on-line search of the chain part number in the manual,however that number is to long,and there is no chain anywhere?

I called green works back,this time I explained I couldn't find a chain anywhere.
The operator put me on hold while he checked,their parts inventory,he came back and said that was one part they didn't stock.
I asked don't you think that is odd,that the main replacement part for their saw is not in their inventory?
He said yes that is odd.

I know this original chain won't stay sharp forever,however after a month of cutting,almost every day since I received this saw.
It is still cutting,I would have gone through at least 2 maybe even 3 chains with any of my gas saws by now.

It would be nice if Amazon sold the replacement chain for this saw.
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on August 8, 2012
I am a handyman and use cordless tools daily. I tried ryobi and black and decker cordless chainsaws and was slightly impressed that they could cut down 8" trees...but they run out of battery quickly. I purchased a mess load of 40v greenworks tools along with this chainsaw. I have three batteries but the couple times I have used this chainsaw I have only needed one (the smaller 40v battery at that). It easily cut down a 12" oak tree that was about 40' tall, cut the limbs off of it, and cut it into 2' logs....all on one of the smaller batteries. The chain doesnt "snag" because it has sufficient power to continue cutting. I dont cut trees down for a living, I only cut them down 3-4 times a year for myself. If you fall into that category and dont want to mess with gas engines and their maintenance then this is your product. Best warranty I have found, and great customer have nothing to lose.
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on December 18, 2012
The entire order and delivery process was excellent on this product. Sunrise Tools/Greenworks and Amazon are to be commended for their quick order fulfillment. The original manufacturer's packaging proved to be completely sufficient and the package arrived in great shape and the contents perfect.

The saw is shipped fully assembled along with the battery and charger. The only thing you'll need extra is chain and bar oil. If you don't have any available, don't use the saw for cutting until you get some. It is sufficiently lubed for testing. Put the battery on the charger and go get some bar and chain oil while the battery fully charges. It'll take 45 min to a hour, so you have plenty of time to get that oil before attempting to use the saw. If you are an experienced cutter or read this review ahead of your purchase, just buy a quart of any brand of oil. You can use motor oil, but chain and bar oil has higher viscosity and will stick to the chain better and resist smoking when the chain gets hot. The saw has a visible window on the reservoir, but I couldn't really see the level as I filled it. I just pour slowly and watch the opening. 'Nuff said . . . .

The first thing I noticed about this saw is that it is very lightweight because of the lithium-ion battery. I am glad the saw is not too lightweight. The mass of the saw helps absorb shock/vibration when cutting and this little saw does more than its share of jerking/shaking. The chain speed on this saw is half the speed of a gasoline chainsaw, or perhaps, it may be even 1/3 speed. The 45-tooth chain has only a cutting tooth every 3rd link, so the total number of cutting teeth is 15 with a wide gap of around 2" between each cutter. As a comparison, my Stihl 021 with a 16" bar uses a 55 link chain and has cutting teeth every 2nd link for a total of 27 teeth. It's much higher speed and quantity of teeth make it a much smoother operating saw. If you are used to using a gasoline powered saw like the Stihl, you may be disappointed with this saw's performance. My Stihl was $259 new, compared to the Greenworks 40V Lithium-ion cost of $219. I have to say it has three times the performance for only $40 difference in price. That said, I will not let my 13 year old grandson operate the Stihl, but I'd let him operate this Greenworks saw. I bought it so that he and my wife could cut small kindling while I am doing the big stuff with my Stihl. For that, the Greenworks will be a superior performer: easy to use, light to handle, no fuel to mix or starter rope to pull.

I tested the Greenworks chainsaw on several sizes of wood yesterday. On a 16" diameter post oak log, the saw cut through with a slow steady pace and cleared the chips easily with no binding in the cut. The kerf of the blade and less cutting teeth give the saw the ability to cut without draining the power from the battery and still doing an admirable job of keeping the cut clear and not binding or pinching. On 4" to 6" diameter wood, it performed very well. I was impressed at how well I could use the tip of the bar without having the saw kick around. My real complaint came when I went to clean up tree trunks of with 1/2" to 1" diameter sucker branches. The saw is absolutely jerky on those sizes of limbs because of the slow chain speed and gaps between cutters. I think I actually prefer the saw for the medium to larger logs. Trimming is not the saw's strong suit even if it is a lightweight saw.

I read a prior review where the Oregon S45 chain was suggested as a replacement. I'm not sure about that chain (see edit below), but Oregon's website has the following chains listed for the Greenworks saw (all of them 3/8" x .050 x 5/32" x 45 links):

Best: 91PX045G
Better: 91VG045G (EDIT: This is the chain in the S45 kit from Oregon)
Good: 91VXL045G

I do not suggest the 91VXL045G because it does not have kickback protection. The 91PX045G is best suited for non-professional homeowners who want a chain that is smoother and safer to operate. I've ordered one of these chains and will post a follow-up when it arrives and I can test its performance.

I think the Greenworks 40V Li-Ion saw is a good value and will make lots of homeowners happy to not have to deal with mixing fuel and dealing with tempermental and sometimes hard starting gasoline saws. However, I think it is just wrong to ever suggest that this saw will perform as well or better than a gasoline saw. It gets excellent marks for reliability and okay marks for performance.
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on December 2, 2012
I've had some downed trees hanging around the outskirts of the yard for quite some time - too far from the house for a corded electric. I used to own a small gas powered saw but found it challenging to get the darn thing started, and it was sooo loud! Finally gave it away. Love just pushing the button to get the Greenworks going, take my finger off it after making the cut and it shuts off until I hit the button again. Quiet! Because it only runs when you are cutting and not while you are moving stuff or WAITING to cut, the battery seems to last a long time. So far I've run out steam before the saw - but maybe that doesn't say much for my endurance / motivation. <g>

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I can add other tools inexpensively that work w/ the battery. Leaf blower next ! : )

HEADS UP. While it requires chain oil, they couldn't even bother to include a small bottle with the saw. It was a real bummer to get saw and not be able to even TRY it until I made a trip to the store to get bar & chain oil, so plan accordingly.
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on January 2, 2013
I have 2 1/4 treed acres and I often have yard work which requires a chain saw. I also sometimes pick up wood and cut it into fire wood. I had about a dozen reasonably large trees come down during Hurricane Sandy and decided to check out an electric saw. I always have a hard time getting the gas saw started. Even once I get it running, if it dies, I can't always get it to start again right away. The battery on this runs for a really long time. I'm ready to quit any project I've started before the juice on this runs out. It can also sit in the garage for a while, without being charged, and it is ready to pick up and use when needed. If I just need a chain saw to cut a log that is a little too long, I can use it, put it back into the garage without a charge and it will be ready the next time I need to do a small job. This is a real time saver versus getting out the gas saw. It's also great for cutting smaller branches down into burnable sizes when doing yard clean-up. What it is not good for is cutting up the pretty big trees that came down in Sandy. It just takes way longer to cut through the trunks than it does with my 18 inch gas saw. Still, I'm really happy I got this saw. Even when cutting up big trees, this improves my work flow. I use this to trim all the smaller branches then, when I'm ready to cut through the bigger trunk parts, I start the gas saw. When I inevitably get the gas saw pinched somewhere, I have this saw to cut it out. I also don't get the gas saw into those situations as much because I am doing smaller branches with this saw. Since my gas saw often needs to sit awhile before it will start again, I can just start doing work with this one instead of frustratedly trying to restart the gas saw.

BTW, I am a 53 year old woman. This saw is nice and light and easy to handle. Not that I can't handle a bigger heavier saw but still, light is good!
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on February 16, 2013
Unbeknownst to me, the saw arrived missing the washer and snap-ring that keeps the chain on the drive sprocket. I did a huge amount of work, but with the chain frequently jumping off the sprocket. When I took the saw to a shop for the chain to be sharpened, the mechanic told me I was missing important parts. When I called Greenworks customer service and reported the missing parts, they sent me a new saw(without battery) and told me I could keep the old saw for parts.

I've cut oak trees up to 15 or 16".


May 19, 2013 Update: The Greenworks did not prove up to the task of clearing a heavily wooded 1 acre lot. I burnt out the original saw plus 2 free replacements. I also burnt out the battery.

The Greenworks chainsaw should be adequate for most residential lots for trimming limbs and occasional felling of trees.
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on August 28, 2012
Quiet, powerful, easy to handle, uses common battery with other Green Works tools, has greaseable bar. Cuts slower than a standard chain saw but, we're using it for the small jobs; 3, 4, 6, and 8" stuff without the stink and noise.
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on September 8, 2012
Got it for $55 on sale. We now have all the Greenworks 40v products. Ideal for homeowners. Thin blade leaves less sawdust, never bogs down. With our two batteries, we could probably go to the woods and cut wood all day. Yeah, a gas saw is more powerful but I used to spend literately half my time just trying to keep it running.

Edit: Be careful adjusting the chain tension, making sure the chain cover is fully LOOSENED. I forgot once and stripped the tops off the plastic gear teeth. It still works as long as I push the knob in. This seems to be the design as there is toggle play in the knob to keep you from completely wrecking the plastic gear. Anyway, I asked for a new tensioner knob and they sent me a whole new chainsaw with charger and battery! I guess they want to clear their inventory because the old battery is incompatible with all their new equipment and vice versa.
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