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on April 25, 2011
Many were skeptical when I purchased this item. They say, "If reel mowers were so great, why did they invent gas/electric mowers to replace them? And why does everyone else on our block have an electric/gas mower?" I shrugged and said, "It's worth a shot and a little extra elbow grease to go reel over dealing with the upkeep of a motorized device." So far, after one mow, my lawn is looking nice and my critics remain skeptical but are a little more convinced of the benefits of this green machine. I look forward to spending some time this summer with this mower on my lawn without the smell of gasoline to ruin the fun.

Product was packaged very nicely and arrived ahead of schedule
Assembly was easy (make sure you have a wrench handy because the nuts need to be snug)
Cuts evenly

Grass catcher is a waste of time. Doesn't stay on. I say take it off and let the cut grass decompose into the ground instead of bagging it up in plastic and sending it to the dump.
Mower gets jammed on sticks, mulch pieces, etc. but it only takes a few seconds to clear it out and continue mowing
Not the best for going uphill but works ok on side hills and downhill
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on May 11, 2010
I am a retired structural engineer and I purchased this mower for a daughter that has a rented home with a very small lawn. She can save $100/month by taking care of the yard herself. She particularly wanted a manual mower so that she wouldn't have to deal with gasoline and 2-stroke oil.
This mower would not be suitable for me because I have quite a large lawn and many trees and also need a powerful mower that can pick up leaves and flower petals as well as cut the grass. In the summer I also like to easily convert my mower into mulch-mode so that the clippings are cut fine enough to be mulched into the lawn rather than be caught in a grass catcher.

This Greenworks 18-inch 5-blade mower with grass catcher has a 4-year warranty and is excellent value for money. The assembly is quick and easy, just 8 nuts and bolts are used to assemble the handle structure which is also very easily removable in one piece. Unlike many other reel mowers that I considered this one has a Greenworks grass catcher that attaches firmly to the mower on each side and also clips onto the handle assembly. It does its job well and if you adjust the length of the strap that connects to the handle assembly properly and snap the supports on each side of the catcher so that they are fully extended it will look just like the picture, will not drag on the ground, and almost all of the clippings will end up in the bag. One other advantage of reel mowers, especially a 5-bladed one such as this is that the clippings are very fine and much smaller than those produced by a rotary, gas powered mower. Thus if you cut your lawn weekly in the summer you can probably dispense with the bag and allow the small clippings to fall into the lawn where they will decay and add humus to the soil. A reel mower is not suitable for cutting tall grass so make sure that you cut the grass on a very regular basis.

If you are prepared to pay 2-3 times the price then there are higher quality reel lawn mowers available at In particular, the best, a German product by Brill, uses harder steel for the cutting edges and will require sharpening a lot less often.
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on June 29, 2013
Please see my pictures! The biggest reason I'm reviewing this is to address the complaints about the grass catcher bag falling off constantly. I had the same problem UNTIL I found a better place to attach the bag. Don't try to hook the bag onto the lower rollers or the axle. Instead, slide each hook past the rubber bumper and it will rest between a brace and the axle (pictures make it clear). When installed this way, the bag doesn't fall out!

Anyway, this mower is well built and relatively lightweight. It cuts well, but when grass (especially "shade" grass) is tall the mower has a tendency to lay the grass down rather than cut it (unlike a powered mower that sucks the grass up before cutting), so mow the grass often. Don't go too fast or the clipped grass will ride the spinning blades over the top and end up on the ground instead of in the bag. Also be careful not to drag the bag across cement (like a sidewalk) or you'll tear the corners of the bag (installing the bag where I recommended also helps prevent this).

A few things could have been designed better, but overall I think this mower is great for smaller lawns, has a bag and is small enough to store.
review image review image review image
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on April 18, 2012
I bought this mower when my gas-powered push mower was in the shop with engine trouble. I'd always wanted a reel mower and figured this was my big chance. First of all, let me reaffirm what the other reviewers have said about the grass catcher: It simply doesn't stay on. I couldn't make it 15 feet without it falling off. If grass collection is an important thing to you, this isn't the mower for you. I prefer to mulch, however, so this doesn't affect me in the least.

I will also confirm that a large twig will absolutely stop you dead in your tracks. However, unlike what other reviewers reported, it happily chews through very small twigs without a hiccup. I didn't feel a need to rake my yard before using the mower. So long as you keep on top of your grass and don't let it get really long, the mower isn't any harder to push than a self-propelled gas powered mower. I did mow a small part of the yard of the vacant house next door where the grass was quite long, and it was a lot harder to push. I read a couple of reviews here saying that you have to mow every other day or every third day to keep on top of it. I don't find that to be the case. For me it works to just mow once a week like I did with my gas-powered mower.

I have a small suburban yard, and found that I was able to mow it entirely in under 25 minutes. It did take slightly longer than using my gas-powered mower because the blades are only 16 inches. If I had a larger yard, I'd definitely be left wishing I'd sprung for a reel mower with a wider cutting path. As it is, I'm happy with this mower. Overall it's a time savings because I don't stink like small engine exhaust when I'm done mowing and therefore I don't have to shower.

Also... in researching reel mowers, I discovered that some reel mowers don't work in certain areas of the country because of the type of grass that grows there. So... if it helps anybody to know... I'm in southeastern Wisconsin.

Would I buy this mower again? Definitely. Would I be comfortable with this as my only mower? Probably. Would I recommend it? Yes, with the only caveat being that it's probably not the right mower for a large yard, and if collecting grass cuttings is important to you, it's not going to work.
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on April 15, 2014
I had some hesitation about buying this for my 5'3", petite girlfriend because multiple reviews here say that it's hard to use if you're short or small.
She just bought a house with a 'fixer upper' lawn and she wanted a green, quiet, eco friendly lawn mower.

She absolutely loves the mower, and as you can see in the video she has no problem using it.

-The mower easily gets snagged on small sticks and twigs. This isn't a big deal because all you have to do is use your foot to pull the blade back so it releases the stick. Or just keep your lawn clean... But since my girlfriend's house was really unkempt when she bought it, sticks are everywhere.
-Grass that is really tall is hard to get... so weeds that stick up higher than the rest just get run over instead of cut. So we pull these by hand. On the first mow of the season I raised the GreenWorks Mower to the highest cut setting, mowed, lowered the blade and mowed again. This isn't a problem if you cut frequently.

-It's WAY less noise pollution than a gas mower. It's not quiet per-se, Its metal blades do make a 'whirring' sound. Think the amount of noise created from rolling your big city trash bins out to the street.
-I was surprised at how well made it is.... everything seems extremely sturdy, is thick solid metal and the manufacturer totes a nice warranty so I trust that I can be rough with it.
-It's REALLY light. I got the 20" version and I can easily hang it up in the tool shed and my tiny girlfriend has no problem maneuvering it around corners and obstacles.
-It's set up so that the blade ONLY turns when you're moving forward, so you can pull it out of storage or around the yard easily and quietly without having to engage the blade. This makes is quieter, safer and easier to move.
-It seems really safe too.... our new puppy kept barking at it and playing around it and I was rarely worried about her getting a tail or paw caught in it. It's designed in a way that it would be really hard to harm yourself or a child/animal while using it because the blades are well protected on the top and sides of the mower.

I grew up on a farm using industrial mowers and tractors, and I can say this Reel Mower is very well designed, sturdy and fun to use.
I go to my girlfriends house to mow her lawn for her but she won't let me, because she likes using the Greenworks Mower so much, I think you'll like it too.
If you want a quieter, eco friendly option for your small lawn; I highly recommend it.
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on August 27, 2010
For the price, this is a great mower. I just bought a new home that doesn't have a lot of storage space. This mower doesn't take up much space in my storage shed. It's easy to maintain, it's quiet, and it was cheap. It seems to be of sturdy construction, and assuming I will have to get the blades sharpened, I will get several years of use out of it. That's all I wanted, and it does it well.

I have a fairly large yard. It takes me over an hour to mow the lawn. Sometimes I have to go over the same spot twice with this mower, especially when the grass is longer or thicker, but that's fine. It's an easy enough task. It requires significantly more work when cutting wet grass, but then again, traditional mowers do too. My only complaint is regarding the grass catcher attachment. It works well enough, except that the fabric of it attaches to the metal frame in part using Velcro. Velcro is about the worst possible material to have chosen to fasten the catcher to the frame. Grass will get caught in the Velcro, therefore preventing the fabric to fasten to the frame. It is quite frustrating to have to clean the grass out of it every ten minutes just to reattach the fabric back to the frame. Why Velcro? At any rate, I just modded it by adding half a dozen safety pins through the area that the Velcro attaches, and now it works great.

Aside from the one complaint, it's a great product. Considering that I only paid a hundred bucks out of pocket, have no maintenance expenses (aside from sharpening the blades), have a mower that takes up little space and is quiet, I would greatly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little work outside.
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on September 26, 2011
7/15/14 Update: About 18 months into using this mower, the handle assembly failed where it meets the mower unit. It started to bend back and forth and ultimately snapped the metal. The Greenworks customer service rep was going to ship a new handle, but they didn't expect them to be available for another month. Mind you, this was during peak season. I explained my dissatisfaction and they ended up shipping me a brand new mower, exactly like I received from Amazon. I thought this was a nice gesture.

Unfortunately, fast forward to today - 18 months later - and I find myself in a similar place. I have to tighten the back wheels almost every week otherwise they will fall off. I have to oil the blade, too, otherwise it squeaks (never used on wet grass). The handle is starting to lose rigidity. In theory, it is a fine mower. In practice, the durability is subpar. My lawn is 1,500 square feet and I think I should be able to get more than 2 years of use before replacing a mower. Once this (inevitably) fails, I will be purchasing a Fiskars unit.

Having moved into our first house with a yard, I was committed to care for the lawn myself and not hire out. I researched lawn care heavily and began the routines that most recommend (water heavily and infrequently, mow high, don't cut more than 1/3" the length when mowing, organic fertilizers, get a soil test, etc.). Given my yard is small, I wanted to give a reel-type mower a shot. Also, didn't want any gasoline tanks in the garage.

I spent quite a bit of time researching reel mowers and most seem to be good. For what I wanted to pay, the Greenworks model fit the bill. The primary reason you choose a reel-type mower is because of the way it cuts (scissor like). The tips of the blade have very clean cuts and in the Texas heat, rotary-cut lawns and their frayed tips get very brown giving a uniformly poor appearance. Hence, the reason I did not go with a rechargeable rotary-type. For the Greenworks, here is my take after the first mowing season:

- Clean, scissor like cut
- Fairly easy to push and maneuver
- No gasoline needed!

- Taller weeds/grass require multiple passes
- Uneven terrain makes is very difficult to keep the blade spinning
- Handle feels very flimsy
- Height settings are very limited compared to other reel mowers (highest is 2.75")
- Grass catcher is almost pointless
- Although self-powered, it is louder than one would think

I am committed to keep cutting my lawn with a reel-type mower. I like the size and eco-friendly nature, but most of all, love the cut. Based on reviews, it seems there are better models out there that would be better suited for varied terrain, grass heights and overall durability. I may unload this locally and spend the extra money on the Fiskars, which seems to be in the far.
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on May 31, 2010
Nice mower for the price, especially since it comes with it's own bag. Easy to assemble. Upward grip handle actually works well. Although I did having problems getting grass into the bag when my grass exceeded 4" tall but I am content with my purchase.
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on April 18, 2012
This mower is exactly what I was looking for. Pushes easily, and works great! Great for my small yard and makes me feel good that i'm protecting the environment with every push! I'm a very petite woman, 5'5" 100lbs and this was super easy to assemble out of the box and to handle out on the lawn. Would recommend to anyone!
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on August 20, 2013
This thing was probably one of the worst objects ever invented. I bought it in April of 2013 and I'm going to strap it to the back of a pickup and drag it along the highway in August of 2013. That is not quite 4 months people!!!! I have only used it about 6 times in that time and it has become so uncalibrated that it won't move but about 3 inches before it gets jammed up with blades of grass (blades of grass that are about 2 inches high, I might add - not very high at all). If it gets jammed on what it is supposed to cut (blades of grass) just imagine how it will perform if you happen to hit something it is not supposed to cut, like a rock - the entire thing might just explode in your hands, who knows?

I have tried everything the manual recommends for recalibrating it (which is not much, by the way, but turning some adjustment screws) but it still fails. It is worthless. Not to mention the bag, that the company so heavily advertises, is about as useful as a band-aid if you get your arm chopped off (which I may have had happen to me from having to remove so much grass manually from the reel of this piece of junk). But back to the bag... I tried it on the first mow.. it lasted for about 3 steps and fell right off onto my feet. I put it back on and got about 5 more steps and the same thing happened again. I never put it back on since then.

Do yourself a favor and BUY SOMETHING ELSE, unless you enjoy screaming, kicking, yelling, punching, cursing and fighting an $83.00 piece of scrap metal while the hot sun is beating down on you literally ALL DAY LONG because that is how long it will take you to mow a yard that is less than 1000 sq ft (like mine). I probably could have mowed the grass faster if I was on my hands and knees using a steak knife than using this piece of junk. Lesson learned.

Don't end up like me people... spend the extra cash and get a gas or electric powered mower that will actually do the job... and if you know anyone who works for GreenWorks tell them to start putting some sort of effort into their products would ya?
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