Customer Reviews: Greenpan 11-Inch Thermolon Non-stick Skillet
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on June 10, 2010
We purchased a set of Greenpan cookware and also individual frying pans from Target. At first we were very happy with them and we have treated them very carefully. All have only been used on low heat, but the most frequently used pans have been increasingly losing their non-stick qualities after six months. The problem appears to be getting worse and worse, to the point that an ordinary stainless steel pan would stick less.
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on May 4, 2010
If I could give a negative star rating, I would do it. I received the Greenpan cookware set after being a fan of the presentations on HSN for years. It made sense and seemed like a fabulous safe idea. Within 30 days, the pan was no-longer completely 'non-stick'. I had to use a smidge of butter, and then more and more. By 2 months, it required a pat of butter on each side to cook an egg. (Rather un-healthy).

I did not purchase the pans from Amazon or HSN. After doing a lot of reading, I saw a consistency in people complaining about the cookware failing. Some said GreenPans had indicated that there were multiple bad batches of cookware. I read that the Better Homes & Garden was going to revoke their seal because of the complaints. Target no longer carries them - I learned from the manager when I attempted to swap out the sets (based on theory they pans were defective) but he advised me Target no longer carries the brand because of all the complaints.

I searched online and emailed their corporate HQ, advising of the problem and that I had gotten them at Target. It was forwarded to a representative who (in writing) acknowledged there had been a 'quality control' issue and that she'd send me out a replacement set. I advised her that I had purchased the Cuisinart Green Gourmet set since the Greenpans were completely unable to be used. She then advised me that they would send me a label to ship back and they'd send me a refund. When I inquired to the time-line would be for the refund, she said it would be generated by HSN. I reminded her that I had not gotten them from HSN. I was put on hold and told she couldn't do anything then.

Great service eh? Their site touts their lifetime of quality cookware... If you consider a "lifetime" for 3 weeks... Not worth the investment. GreenPans suck. I've devoted a blog to it with lots of pictures of their quality products. Search around, you'll find it.
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on March 7, 2010
I am so sorry this pan didn't work out. I used both the large and small skillet for a few months and then everything started sticking to them. I took back the larger one after this happened and got a brand new one, which everything started sticking to again after very little use. I cook with olive oil, no PAM, and have never used it on high heat. It is super hard now to clean. Scrambled eggs completely coat it and it takes a lot of work to clean them off.
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on October 20, 2010
I love this pan. I have owned a 9" for 10 months now. I had a problem at first, because I walked away from the pan with oil in it and it was too hot so the oil burned and I couldn't get it off. The pan was replaced and now I know better. Keep heat between medium and medium high. First, you must season the pan. It says that in in the directions.
Here's what I do.
1. Heat the burner on high til red hot.
2. Put the pan on it for ONE MINUTE.
3. Then remove from heat and put a small bit of vegetable oil in the pan and rub it in. It's OK if there is oil all over.
4. Let the pan cool COMPLETELY.
5. Wipe out all the oil and you are ready to cook.
If you put it in the dishwasher, you must re-season the pan. Also, if I am cooking several pieces of, say french toast, I will wipe out the pan between slices so there is no residue that will become sticky. Do not leave oil in it and get distracted by your kids. If this happens, just take it off the burner and come back to it. My pan is like glass. Everything slides right out. Eggs are fantastic. I think its a good tip to wipe out the pan between items, like more than one or two pieces of chicken at a time.Cook, wipe out, cook another piece, wipe out, etc. Teflon is not good for our health, so consider that before going back to it because you didn't read the directions on your pan. Get a small pan to try it first if you are skeptical. The company replaced mine and I didn't even want them too, I just asked how to get the burned on oil off and they send me a label to send it back. They sent me a brand new pan. Don't forget to keep it seasoned!
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2011
I just wanted to add my two cents to all the quite accurate negative reviews. This pan is hardly non-stick, and its packaging and marketing materials are blatant falsehoods that should be investigated by the BBB.

I cook lots of vegetables, tofu, and pancakes, *always* with oil (olive oil for the veggies, canola oil for the pancakes). I can rarely leave a piece of food alone for more than 5-10 seconds without it sticking to the pan just as if it were stainless steel. Vegetables leave a brown sludge, tofu sticks and shreds itself to pieces when you try to move it. The coating seemed to work reasonably well for a month or so, but since that time, this pan simply cannot be used without a disgusting film of crud forming on it.

In accordance with the pan's instructions, we first attempted to wash it gently in warm soapy water with a wash cloth. No dice. The dishwasher, which the pan's instructions say will "release" any particularly tough material, in fact does nothing but bake it on further. It takes intense manual scrubbing to get the surface anywhere close to decent for cooking, and there is STILL a film of oily cruddy residue visible if you get it in just the right light.

In summary, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this product. It is being falsely advertised as non-stick in order to appeal to gullible "green" consumers. At best, I would characterize it as only slightly more stick-resistant than a steel pan, and then only for a certain amount of time (the average for most people seems to be 30-90 days). It is an utterly repugnant scam, and if I can dissuade even one person from making the same mistake I made in purchasing this product, I'll feel a little bit better about it.
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on April 18, 2011
A friend of mine bought one of these pans at Target. We used it for a little while at her apartment and it seemed quite nice. When visiting me, we only had a hand-me-down scratched teflon pan at my place, so she bought another GreenPan from the local Target for me to have. For a few months, i enjoyed using it and disposed of my scratched teflon pan. However, after a few months of use, both her pan and mine started to lose their non-stick properties. It became harder and harder to cook with these pans. She now regards the whole purchase as a loss, but continues to use the pan anyway, filling it with huge amounts of oil and not flipping her eggs, just to get any cooking done at all. i've had more success cleaning mine (as you'll find in many reviews around the internet, it develops a brownish film and stains and the non-stick properties are the most offensively sticky in those places), but it hasn't resulted in any improved/recovered performance. It looks nice, but the fact remains: this is not a non-stick pan any more. It seems that foods stick to it far more than what i've seen with traditional pans not otherwise promoted as non-stick. It's as if the GreenPan changes from non-stick to "all-stick." Look around the web. You'll find a lot of misery. Consistently. You'll also find a few people who seem to have the exception to the rule and a lot of fake comments/forum posts/reviews that have been traced back to the manufacturer and related corporate interests.

Do not buy these products. The warranty is misleading. It lists exceptions that basically mean you can't actually use the pan in the real world. The care and use instructions are not visible on the packaging at the store unless you take it apart. Once you read the usage, aside from typos, you'll probably wonder why anyone would ever feel it was acceptable to cook as defined by the instructions (pre-heating of pan, "seasoning" it, having food sit out till it's room temperature before placing in the pan, etc) . Buyers have reported that Target no longer sells the pans due to returns and complaints. Good Housekeeping has revoked their "seal of approval" for similar reasons. The manufacturer/maker (Ingenious Designs LLC) has a very poor track record with customer service, as reported on forums and review sites. More notably: as of today (April 18, 2011), Ingenious Designs LLC has an F rating with the BBB, relating to their definitions of an F rating of 24 complaints and 20 unanswered complaints. Stay Away!

i don't currently have a recommendation for a better product because i'm utterly financially broke and have not been able to try other products. i wish i hadn't thrown away my scratched teflon. At least i could make eggs and fry boca burger patties and tofu in it and the teflon wasn't actively falling off...
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on September 9, 2010
I just want to scream everytime that I see people (especially on HSN) going on and on, raving about these pans. These pans are just AWFUL!! I was so excited in getting them, non-stick pans that are also environmentally friendly. What a great idea! It worked beautifully at first, just phenomenal. Nothing stuck! And then about a month later, everything changed. I cannot do scrambled eggs in a layer of oil, without sticking. I mean, food got stuck worse on the green pan with oil than on a regular stainless steel pan without oil! Folks, search the net and you'll see my experience has been reported again and again by others. This is no joke: this is the WORST pan ever. It's a great idea that is not ready for prime time. I have lost all respect for people like Todd English and Joy Mangano who keep lying about these pans, with a smile.
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on August 10, 2010
I bought a set of GreenPan Stainless Steel cookware from Home Shopping Network more than a year ago. I was impressed by the HSN presentation which featured a chef from a real-life restaurant who had been using the pans to cook with in his restaurant. They showed video clips where the pans were being used in a fast-paced professional kitchen -- with metal utensils and high heat. These professional chefs weren't babying the pans at all.

I was really impressed! Wow! Finally... cookware with a non-stick coating that you could actually use without constant worry. And it was supposed to last a lifetime. The HSN hosts excitedly claimed that you could use metal utensils and high heat. I gladly bought a set. And they were wonderful...for about 5 months.

Then, little by little, the nonstick surface started sticking. And I want to be clear on this; I bought genuine GreenPan cookware from HSN - this was no counterfeit copy as some reviewers have suggested. Furthermore, I did not use metal utensils -- even though we were assured that it was safe to do so. I don't know why these pans work so well for some people and not for others but they were just a huge disappointment for me. I did not try to send them back to see if the warranty was honored. I still use one of the pans which had a large diameter steamer attachment and so the pan is only used to boil water. I threw out the rest.

I've gone back to my old strategy - I buy cheap nonstick frying pans and toss them into the recycling bin when they start to fail in a few months.

I will say this -- this cookware was really nice when it worked right. If I had written a review in the first few months it would have been a much different story.
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on September 23, 2013
I had been looking to replace a couple of my skillets and came across the GreenPan line. It seemed like a really great idea - a non-stick pan that is environmentally responsible. I bought a couple of pieces to trial, figuring that if I liked them well enough I might go in for a complete set.

Unfortunately, I am going to wind up throwing these pans out after approximately 2.5-3 months worth of use (which is both frustrating and most certainly NOT environmentally responsible!) The GreenPan is by far the worst pan that I have ever owned. In fairness, it worked beautifully for the first two uses, but after that, the pans traded in their "non-stick" qualities in favor of a "everything sticks so firmly you will never remove it from the pan" quality. In fact, things stick so badly now that turning food is impossible to do before it burns...and this is after I have drowned my pan in oil (which I shouldn't have to do). Once it burns, it takes an act of will to get the food out of the pan. I have not even been able to clean the burned residue completely off of the pan's cooking surface. I followed the manufacturer recommendations for use and treated these pans quite gently and in return they have become a nightmare. This was a moderately expensive mistake and I feel really cheated. I will absolutely not buy this product again, and I recommend that others avoid GreenPan as well.
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on May 8, 2010
After a few weeks, the pan lost all it's non-stick attributes. I always clean the pan out by hand, so it should be easy to wipe out. It's harder to clean than my cast iron stuff. I use it to cook eggs. I'm going back to a teflon coated pan and I'll take my chances with cancer or whatever it might cause in 100 years.
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