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on November 6, 2008
I bought two of these years ago when they first were made. I put one on my refrigerator (made in 1992) and one on my washing machine; thinking I was doing the right thing for the environment and my wallet.

I recently started working from home and noticed my refrigerator ran all the time. I borrowed a plug-in power meter and ran the refrigerator with and without the GreenPlug. The refrigerator ran more quietly with the GreenPlug but ran longer. The refrigerator was pulling less energy per hour from the grid but by pulling the power for more hours was burning an extra half a kilowatt per day. I did this experiment for several days to verify results. An extra half a kilowatt per day doesn't sound like much but that adds up to over $18/year for a device that's supposed to save you money.

I also tested the washing machine. Since it is a timed cycle rather than a condition based operation like a refrigerator; it does save a little. However, it would take years to pay back the original investment.

Bottom line: it's not made anymore because it's not a good product. In one instance costing more and in another the savings is so slight it's not worth the time.
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on January 19, 2008
Had this product for around three years. I believe it does what it claims in terms of energy reduction through frequency clipping.

I recently found EVERY AM RADIO in the house was unuseable. The interference was very easy to trace to this device. Had to toss it out.
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on December 4, 2012
Re:GreenPlug Energy saver

I ran a test of the GreenPlug with my older refrigerator using a power usage tester P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor. I run the test for 100 hour with the refrigerator plugged in normally and then 100 hours using the GrennPlug. The results where about a 20% real savings using the greenplug. I believe the GreenPlug works as advertised. I assume they do not market them anymore because the newest of the new refrigerators do not benefit by the greenplug as much as the older ones do.

For those who really want to know what devices use for power

You will be surprised at the payback a tester such as the kill-a-watt unit I use will give. I have found lots of parasite items that suck power all the time without me appreciating just how much it costs. I am now saving 10% on my power bill every month since I have found out what each device uses. I found out that the standby power for my Time/warner cable box and TV use $4.44 per month when they are NOT being used...yes about 15 cents a day with the TV off. Lots of other items I have teseted...some I can shut off and others I cannot but at least now I know what it cost.
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on November 22, 2013
Have used the Green Plug for over 28 + years on an old refrigerator and older wash machine. Saved over 3 amps by
putting the compressor/or motor slightly out of phase. (Be advised, do not use this on new appliances after 1989). They already use the new technology to change phase and lower the amps. This really does lower amps in older refrigerators/ machines. Saved up to 3 amps on a motor demonstration conducted at a local supply house where they were sold using an amp meter. My green plug failed on my refrigerator at 28 years. Refrigerator is a 1965 Kenmore, still running like a champ and was using less energy than some of the new ones. Of course is doesn't have the mullion heaters, the pan heaters, the fans or even electric defrost..... Coldest ice box ever.... R-12... One of the best freons ever made..... Recommend changing the green plug out after 20 years. If you have discoloration on your green plug, you may be pulling too many amps, change out right away... Check with an amp meter on one leg if you want to verify same...
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on September 14, 2011
Literally: Our refrigerator failed last week. We lost about $50 worth of food to spoilage. We called a refrigerator repairman, who looked at our unit, removed the Green Plug, and plugged the refrigerator back in. It immediately started working again and was cold in minutes. He said these units can't handle the current, don't save money, and eventually either fail themselves or cause the refrigerator to fail. It's a scam. The only thing green about them is the money they cost you.
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on April 26, 2008
This GreenPlug energy saver comes with a label that says to make adjustments according to the manual before you plug it in. But there was no manual provided and the supplier was not helpful.
I notice that the 'used and new' suppliers are cheaper and ship with manuals. I still think that this is a worthwhile gadget. I am going to return this one and buy from the other guys.
I found out when I went on the web that the company that made the plug went out of business probably because the technology started to be built in to newer refrigerators starting in 1992.
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on November 11, 2008
I've had the Green Plug on a 1988 refrigerator/freezer in my garage for 10+ years. Unfortunately, when I returned from a deployment following Hurricane Ike, I found all items in the refrigerator/freezer rotted, having been at room temperature for at least 3 weeks! I pulled out the unit, removed the Green Plug, plugged the unit directly into the outlet and it has worked fine since then. I just wish there had been some way for me to have known the Green Plug was about to "give up the ghost!"

I live where summers are Hot~ 100+ degrees~~ So, my garage got really hot many days. Even at that my power bills were somewhat less than other homes around me of like size. So, I know the Green Plug worked!! Now,I find I cannot get hoo, I would still purchase another one!
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on February 6, 2016
The device was tried on a early 90's Tappan refrigerator...It made my electric bill go down $10 a month! I moved later and took it with me and tried it on a late 90's Whirlpool refrigerator and nothing happened. The Whirlpool must have been a very good energystar candidate already. I had removed it and re-tried it a few more times without results. So I can only say the device must be user friendly only to certain makes and models of refrigerators.
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on September 25, 2009
I started using the Greenplug with an old fridge back when it first came out, both the plug and the old fridge have run quietly together for many many years (10+?). I put it on another old fridge and metered it and it draws less volts and watts but runs a longer cycle - but thats what it is supposed to do - like driving a steady 50 rather than 75 and then braking!
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on October 3, 2010
I got one of these at some point in the past, probably the mid-1990's, and used it to power my then-new refrigerator. Recently the fridge started acting up and I had reason to drag it away from the wall; lo and behold there was the GreenPlug, all hairy with dust and mottled with who-knows-what from 15 years of being hidden behind the fridge. I don't know if it helps -- I can't find anything online that tells me what the thing is supposed to do, exactly -- but given that we have had no problems with the fridge in all those years, I'd have to say it doesn't hurt, either. Mine is still 'working' in that I can power the fridge with it, but for now it is back on my workbench awaiting a finding on what it actually does.
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