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on April 23, 2012
( NOTE - I added a few more Customer Images to the gallery for this product; many of them have additional notes included. )

UPDATE - It's been a few weeks since my initial, glowing, 5-star review. (included below) Since then, I've had a chance to mow my entire yard again completely; I also loaned the mower to a friend to try and even mowed my neighbor's yard to try it out under various conditions. So far, I haven't found a single hidden flaw with this mower, yet I continue to be impressed by more features of the very thoughtful design.

First of all, I finally tried out the grass catcher bag. I had SO underestimated how useful it is! It really should be called a vacuum bag; it puffs up like an old Hoover vacuum cleaner as the mower sucks up everything in its path. Using the bag instead of the mulching plug, the vacuum effect also makes the mower work like a Flow-Bee, sucking the blades of grass upright so the mower will cut them more precisely, and it also helps catch straggling blades of grass along the edges. Best of all, it completely eliminates the need for any sweeping (or dreadful leaf blowing) along walkways, streets, or driveways; the mower vacuums everything up, leaving the area perfectly clean and manicured, like the lawn just walked out of a barbershop!

I was also surprised at how much the vacuum bag can hold; the mower chops up everything finely and blows it all to the back of the bag; it takes much longer than I expected to fill it up. The bag is remarkably simple to attach and remove from the mower and exceedingly easy to empty, it also easily unclips from the heavy steel frame so it can then be turned inside-out and rinsed clean.

It's important to know that if you attempt to mow grass that is particularly wet, it may tend to accumulate around the blade. (as can happen with any mower!) This mower is normally very quiet; so if it seems to slow down or start to sound noisier than usual, stop and turn it over to see if there's an accumulation of grass around the blade. If so, simply remove it manually before proceeding.

I discovered an additional benefit of the folding handle when attempting to mow under a tree with low hanging branches. When temporarily folded down, it becomes possible to mow beneath such obstacles. Larger mowers and/or mowers without easily folding handles could never do this! The manufacturer probably doesn't officially sanction using the mower this way, but if you're careful, it's a another wonderful feature!

More and more, the benefit of the smaller size and light weight of this mower becomes apparent. With the cutting height shifted into high, the little mower gobbles up weeds and even moderate brush as it maneuvers in and around, over and under, various obstacles and edgings. The medium setting delivers a beautiful cut for most of my yard, but then you can tailor it down like a "bald-fade" to achieve a tightly cropped putting green look.

As I gained more experience with the comfortable, well-balanced "feel" of this mower, and the way it's so easy to adjust the cutting height for a precision cut, it began to remind me of the Andis Master Hair Clipper I bought not too long ago. Arguably the most respected hair clipper in its class, the truly beloved Andis Master is famous for delivering a very precise cut, and for having a beautifully balanced feeling that is delightful to use. (comparing a hair grooming product with a lawn grooming product makes sense, doesn't it?)


I'm very pleased with this Greenworks corded electric mower. The 16-inch cutting width is slightly narrower than "full sized" mowers; if you're looking to cut a vast expanse of lawn as quickly as possible, then choose a larger product instead of this model.

1- Smaller size and weight make the mower very comfortable to use, carry and store. Fits through narrower areas and around obstacles easier than larger mowers.

2- Quieter and less vibration than other electric mowers. (MUCH quieter than gas powered!)

3- Well-balanced handle has a soft padded grip, is height adjustable, and folds down instantly for storage.

4- Power switch requires two hands to start for extra safety, but then holding anywhere along the handlebar will keep it running.

5- Excellent height adjustment mechanism; large "gear shift style" control on top of mower moves smoothly and easily locks into the desired position.
IMPORTANT: Move the control to its highest setting when you first start out; adjust one-step-a-time lower until you reach the desired cut.

6- No assembly required, boxed with no superfluous packaging.

7- Thoughtfully designed and solidly built. Compared to other brands of electric mowers, this guy is and excellent value; I'm impressed!

CONS: (considerations, actually)
1- Smaller than larger mowers, will take more walking to mow large areas.

2- Grass catcher bag has limited capacity; when using that feature, the bag will require more frequent emptying. (but it'll be easier to do)

3- Needs electricity and an extension cord long enough to reach all areas to be mowed. (an otherwise identical Greenworks mower is available in a battery-powered model #25242, priced a couple hundred dollars more)

MORE: For a few more details, please see the Customer Images I posted on the product page, noting some of the mower's details before and after I used it for the first time.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 15, 2012
I have owned other electric mowers in the past, chose this one due to the extra long warranty. The mower was delivered quickly, well within the stated timeline given by Amazon. No real assimbly required, even has a handle on the top of the mower itself to use to lift it out of the box, tighten the handle using some useful attachements which will allow you to quickly unlock and fold the handle down again when necessary. Another great feature is the wheel hieght lever, quickly ajusts the height on all 4 wheels at once. The mower is light but powerful, I quickly mowed my yard, which is about 1/2 acre. I have not used the bag yet, the mulching function of the mower is outstanding. As a woman, I love not having to deal with gasoline, oil, trying to get the darned thing started, and those mid-summer tune ups that cost more money. No problem with the cord once you get the hang of it, the trick is to loosely coil your cord statigically where you are going to start mowing, then mow away from the cord going from side to side so that your cord is always behind you and on the lawn you have already cut.
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on May 2, 2012
This mower exceeded my expectations in build and the way it mows my lawn. The first thing you notice upon opening the box is that it is completely assembled, you just need to tighten four knobs on the handle and you are ready to go, I didn't even need to read the manual before using it. The mower feels solid and has a built in handle on the top of the body, this feature makes it easy to carry as it is not very heavy, this comes in very handy as the landscaping leading to the grass area in my backyard is stone, so it would be very difficult to carry or push a heavier mower. My lawn was overgrown and it had some weeds, the mower when through the tall grass and weeds smoothly. Adjusting the cutting height is easy you just push on a handle that moves the mower up and down smoothly. It is easy to push and handles well on turns, it is also quiet if you compare it to a gas mower. The grass catching bag is easy to install and to remove. After reading manual the only maintenance that will be required is sharpening the blade about once a year. After you are done the handle folds down for easy storage, with the right hardware it can be hung on a wall.
There are some cons to consider. The grass catcher bag is small so if you have a big lawn you will have to empty it often, but as mentioned before this is very easy to do. It is better for small to medium sized lawns as it is only 16 inches. Being electrical it obviously has a cord you have to be careful with. Other than these minor considerations I highly recommend this product. I previously used a manual push mower, after using this power mower there is no comparison, I actually look forward to doing my lawn again. One last note on Amazon's service and delivery, it is super fast, I ordered it with free shipping on a Friday night and received it on Monday afternoon, as good as it gets.
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on May 4, 2012
Greenworks 25142 electric lawn mower:
It's light and quite, makes less noise then my electric weed whacker and no more ruts in the lawn from mowing a damp lawn.
I can pick the mower up with one hand, so it's very easy to push and maneuver round subs,trees,the pool.
I have a small yard with tight spaces,which this 16-Inch mower is perfect for.

Greenworks 25142 arrived in one box that could be pickup with out stressing anything.
No assembly. Just unfold the handles and tighten a few knobs, put the clipping bag on and its ready to go. Just plug it in.

I have 50' and 100' power cords.
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on October 26, 2013
Update: Mower died. Greenworks doesn't seem to want to pay the local shop for warranty repair in a timely manner.

It appears that the wire supplying power was coming loose. Eventually, the mower stopped working completely. I contacted greenworks and was told to take it to the nearest service shop.

Authorized service center #1:
* $45 non-refundable deposit, whether it is covered under the warranty or not. They called it a "diagnosis fee."
* I had to leave my extension cord during the entire repair process.
* 1-2 weeks just to look at it + unknown time to fix/etc.
* Online reviews showed this was the absolute worst place to take things for repair with most people complaining about getting ripped off.

Contacted greenworks and said this was unacceptable. They gave another repair shop that was 30 minutes away.

Authorized service center #2:
Everything was the exact opposite from #1 shop. Dropped off mower. It was diagnosed and fixed in a few days. I was so impressed that I paid to have a new blade installed. So I waited for them to order the blade, have it shipped there, and install it. I called and they said the mower was ready but greenworks hasn't even begun the their process for repairs for covered warranty work. So I waited and waited and I'm still waiting. How is is possible to order a new blade and parts from the factory, have it installed, and still takes weeks to just even begin the process to look at the claim?

Bottom line, be prepared to be without a mower for months for any warranty work. If they are stretching payments out this long for covered warranty work, I have doubts about the company lasting. Yes, my issues could be the shady local shops but greenworks chose them to represent their company for warranty repairs so I put the blame on them.

Motor works great, feels solid enough, and cuts perfectly. Can't speak to longevity yet but there are a few issues holding this back:

* Any amount of moisture and grass clippings will clump precipitously around the underside of the deck. You will have to use your hands or a scraper to remove it as it blocks the exit to the bag and limits cutting if mulching. I'm not talking about mowing after a rain or heavy dew. 3 days after rain and it still builds up. If you live in the South as I do, this means you will have to deal with this problem unless there is drought conditions. Turn it on its side, scrape, and them continue mowing will be added to your routine.

* The metal bar to raise and lower the deck is controlled with a metal plate for each height settings. There is a rubber surrounding to damper vibrations but it doesn't work. So while you are mowing you get to experience metal on metal vibrating like crazy that further sends vibrations up the handle. It eventually got so bad it rattled the screws loose holding the handles together. By the time I realized this I ran over one of the bolts holding the handle together and chipped the blade. Yes, it fell apart in my hands. I put the handle back together and put a plastic zip tie to damper the vibrations with the metal on metal deck lever.

* Blades - $20-$40 and only a few online places sell them. The blades are very flimsy feeling.

* Changing the bag out you can hook the electrical cord very easily each time. I had to again use a plastic zip tie to secure the black cord to the machine more.

* Bag is already showing advanced signs of wear after less than 6 months of use around the edges. Not a good sign.
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on February 10, 2013
Well, after reading all the great reviews and doing some research and comparison. I decided to go electric and bought this mower and i must say i was NOT disappointed but rather impressed. first it arrived on time (within the stated tim frame), second, after tightening the handle and attaching the grass catcher bag i was ready to go( 5 mins tops)...but then it rained...i was like a little kid feeling disappointed that i could not play with my new toy :). so i waited until the next morning...plugged it in and..WOW! quieter than those noisy gas hogs( finally i dont have to worry about waking the neighbors) and powerful. no gas fumes, or any kind of fumes whatsoever. no having to stop and start, prime, refill with gas, or even worry about using a blower to get rid of what was mowed...that grasscatcher bag is great and there is little or no spillage (unless you are still moving after the bag is full)

note: i would advise not to go below level 2 unless u want to cut dirt. i use the highest level, 5, on my lawn(1100 sq ft) to keep it nice fluffy and lush and living in florida thats the best way to keep your lawn looking good all year round.
i use level 3 to clear the weeds and bush in my backyard, which i thought would be too high at first...but nope, 3 was just fine lower than i need for a weed wacker. this little green giant does it all...i am never going back to gas movers!!!( unless the power goes out :)...LOL!)

cord: you may have a little issue with the cord when mowing at first but once you get use to it...that wont be a big issue. you just need to figure out how/which way works best for you...whether go horizontally or diagonally when cutting...the trick is to keep the cord behind you as much as possible...again not a big issue as u can just flip the cord out the way...if its getting in the not use a heavy duty extension cord that's heavy and bulky as those tend to be very in-flexible...i used a 100ft 16 gauge extension cord that i bought at home depot for $17 and that worked great!

suggestion: maybe greenworks can make another model with a cord storage/dispencer mechanism. one that would adjust the cord automatically as you mow
review image review image
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on May 31, 2013
I used it in my back yard yesterday and I really love it but I just wish when I looked at the product it would've told you what type of extension cord to get so I bought a 100' 16/3 cord and after reading the owners manual it says for a 100' cord you would need 14/3 cord. So thank the good lord I had a 50' 14/3 so I could try it out. So for anyone buying this great lawnmower it says in the manual that for a 50' cord you can use a 16/3 for a 100' cord you need a 14/3 for a 150' cord you need a 12/3. I thought I would let everyone know about this so they don't get a extention cord that they can't use on the mower like I did :( I hope this info helps the next person that would be wondering the size and gauge cord that they need to purchase. I also found that the bigger gauge cord doesn't fit well in the cord holder but you can make it work. Thanks
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on March 4, 2016
This mower is perfect for my yard and a weekly upkeep. Mower is light and easily moved. More like a vacuum cleaner than mower. Cord takes a little getting used to, but I learned to lay it out to the far corner of yard and roll it up as I move closer to source. Height adjustment works great. Can set it to cut grass short, or go high to keep clover in check. 10 Amp motor worked fine with 16" blades, and it means less worries about using a long cord. You can use up to 150' with a 12 gauge cord, or with the standard 16 gauge to 50'. I tried it with a 50' 16ga cord on the end of a 100' 12ga cord and it worked fine too. Was able to handle foot high grass. Was surprised how much easier it is to use due to light weight. Even though only 16" blades, it is easily moved back and forth so a large area can be covered fairly quickly.

UPDATE: Needed to contact customer service for a problem. Called 888 number which is all over product. Wait was a little long, but referred me to a local repair shop for free repairs under warranty, all I needed to do was bring receipt. Wish I could give GreenWorks six stars now!
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on May 22, 2013
I am a perpetual apartment / duplex dweller who occasionally runs up against wacky landlords who actually expect me to deal with lawn care on top of my rent check. Basically, I need something to get the job done as quickly, cheaply, and expense- / maintenance-hassle-free as possible. For me, a corded electric mower fits that bill much better than a conventional combustion-based mower *or* a cordless electric (the latter of which adds significant cost, weight, proper-charging worry, and semi-frequent battery replacement expense).

Corded mowers aren't for everyone or for every yard, but if you can make one work for you, they are about as hassle-free a mowing solution as you could hope for. Buy the right mower, buy a cord, and you're basically done spending money on this particular first-world annoyance for years.

The Greenworks 25142 is the second small budget corded-electric push mower I have owned. I have also owned the Black and Decker LM175, which is comparable in price and functionality to the 25142 (sometimes cheaper, sometimes more expensive depending on Amazon's mood / automated price-changing algorithm that day). In my research, it seems they are perhaps the two cheapest *reliable and viable* electric mowers (or mowers PERIOD) on the current market.

The B&D LM175 was just fine and never had any problems whatsoever over 2 mowing seasons of use, but I sold it and the extension cord I used with it when I moved back to an apartment that did not require me to mow. Recently my landlord suddenly decided I ought to start mowing again, and while I was tempted to just buy another LM175, for a few reasons I ended up with the Greenworks.

One big reason is going to sound odd at first: the price of a suitably rated extension cord for the 25142 vs. the LM175. I knew I'd need a 100-ft extension cord to handle my lawn, and I did not have one. The LM175 pulls down 12 amps, the 25142 only 9-10. Around here, with the current absurd price of copper, a hundred-foot extension cord rated for anything over 10A would have set me back *fifty to sixty bucks* more than a cord that could handle the 25142's smaller current demands. And I'm a pretty hardcore cheapskate - I'll take a little less power if it means I can save that much money.

Another big reason-- aside from the wiles of Amazon's pricing that day, which made the 25142 a Jackson cheaper-- was (very seriously!) limited garage space. The 25142 is not only noticeably smaller than the B&D, but has some cool, quick fold-up features on the handle that the B&D totally lacks. I can unlock the lever-cams on the handle and have this thing tucked away in a corner that the B&D never would have fit into without time-consuming partial disassembly.

The 25142 also comes with a grass-catching bag - although I quickly determined that it was too small in capacity to be practical for actual use, I'd have to empty the thing every 5-7 minutes of mowing - and a few other nice touches the bare-bones B&D lacks, like quick-adjust deck height and a neat little on-the-handle cord holder that does help at least *a little* in keeping the cord from ending up under the blade.

Heck, unlike the B&D, you won't even need to get a screwdriver to put this together out of the box - it comes all pre-assembled and ready to go (once you remove the requisite packaging materials, of course). Greenworks put some real thought into this product and it just *feels* more expensive than the B&D.

But, dude, how does it *mow*? Pretty well. I think the B&D did a slightly better / cleaner job... the Greenworks seems to miss little blades right in the middle of its path here and there on occasion - not very often, mind, but this isn't great for my me-vs.-lawn OCD! This might just be an issue I could resolve by sharpening up the factory blade (haven't tried yet).

But the B&D also had a little more oomph to it (maybe no surprise, as it's a 12-amp 18" mower vs. the 25142's 10 amp motor and 16" deck). This is not to say that the Greenworks isn't sufficient to get the job done, but it does slow down more noticeably over particularly thick / tall patches... not enough to bug me personally or hinder my yardwork in any way, but the B&D was undeniably more unfazed by such things.

My two major complaints about the Greenworks, after four uses, are this:

1) Those cool cam-levers that let me unfold the handle in several spots hang out on the edges just a bit past / outside the back wheels. That's a bit of a problem when I'm trying to get right up against the side of the house as close as I can with the mower. The levers themselves are made of plastic and the abrasion from *accidental* scrapes against the brick is already starting to show.

2) The height adjustment is not quite fine enough and/or correctly calibrated in my book. The lowest setting is practically plowing up topsoil, and the second-lowest setting (which allegedly adds an extra inch to the height) is too high to look "properly mowed", at least with our particular nasty, uneven, weedy grass.

On 2), I might be able to tweak the blade height further / more finely than the top-deck lever allows, but I have not turned it over and really "dug in" and/or read the manual cover-to-cover to see what I can adjust easily... so keep all this in mind. (I plan to look into this and will edit if/when I make any discoveries.)

I think you'd have to have some really thick grass and/or truly avant-garde taste in yardwork to make use of any setting above the second lowest, as it stands. The B&D had no cool, single-lever height adjustment, but it was set up "just right" height-wise out of the box.

So far I'm pretty happy overall with the Greenworks and I'd almost certainly buy it again under the CURRENT circumstances. I am also happy to recommend it. But if I had the space, and could stomach the added cord cost, I'd personally prefer my old B&D... just by a hair... or I might just give the next-step-up, spec-comparable Greenworks model a go instead.

Finally, it is important to remember that ANY corded lawn mower has a learning curve - and that goes for each lawn you use it with. It took me about 75, 90 minutes to mow my lawn the first time with the Greenworks; I've got it cut down to about 45 minutes (just a few minutes longer than a cordless mower would take me) after a few "route changes" to keep the cord out of my way as much as possible. Everyone (including Greenworks) will tell you to "mow AWAY from the outlet / power source, starting close and moving further away" - this is absolutely excellent advice to start with. I am also happy to report the 25142 is more than ergonomic / light enough to handle around the yard with one hand - leaving the other hand free to cord-wrangle as needed. :)
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 25, 2016
I am left almost speechless at how poor of an experience this was for me. I mowed the lawn 3 times, no problem. You get used to the cord. However, on the 4th use the machine broke down. Just refused to work. Everything was fine on my end. So I called customer service to get some help you want to know what you'll hear?


Over and over and over again. Every 45 seconds a voice comes on to ask you to continue to wait. One hour later....still no response from an actual human.
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