Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler
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on October 20, 2011
As one who has been reading and wondering about German history for the better part of forty years, I picked up Grey Wolf on first sighting. I was hoping for an intriguing new viewpoint on the the end of the Third Reich and the ultimate fate of its Führer. Sadly, I found the book lacking in many ways.

The first problem I had was the method of citation. Endnotes are annoying enough as it is, but the way Messrs. Dunstan and Williams chose to format theirs is maddening in the extreme. There are no superscript numbers indicating citations; one is forced to look up the note by the relevant line of text. Also, many of the lines I wanted to look up were missing from the notes; on the first page of the Preface is written that the "famous `Hitler Skull' fragment held in Moscow for decades has finally been DNA tested," yet there is no citation given for that rather crucial tidbit. Even some passages given such citation are lacking; for example on page 157, in support of the contention that the "last officially photographed appearance" of Hitler was actually that of his double, Gustav Weber, we are treated to the endnote stating that this was concluded by "[f]acial analysis by Alf Linney, professor of medical physics, University College London, commissioned by the authors...,' followed by a brief biography of Professor Linney, who, we are then told, "has proven scientifically that the man depicted ... in frames from ... [the] footage ... is not Adolf Hitler." But we are not given any idea as to what such scientific proof entails, or how such a conclusion was made.

The first third of the book is a brief history of the Second World War, information with which it may be safely assumed that anyone reading this book would be familiar. The stories of the espionage of the period might not be as well known, and their inclusion is forgivable, but the detailed retelling of the rocket attacks on Britain and Allied positions seemed rather superfluous. Instead of this, I would have thought the authors', as well as the readers', time better spent in a more detailed description of how these conclusions were reached; for example, the DNA testing on the "Hitler Skull," a description of the afore-mentioned scientific proof of it being Weber, not Hitler in the film, and a bit more evidence and explanation of the existence of Hitler's daughters, which seem so casually mentioned in the book, to name but three examples. Perhaps many of the questions about the authors' conclusions may have been assuaged with a more thorough explanation of their methods.

(It seemed a bit negligent to me that the authors did not follow up on the idea that the Hitlers had two daughters. I would have thought them the ultimate source, the crowning achievement of the book, and the final, irrefutable proof of their "case presented.")

To be perfectly honest, I viewed the authors' research methods with more than a bit of skepticism after page 102, where it is stated that in the US election of 1944, "Roosevelt had no choice but to ditch [his vice president] Wallace and nominate the senator from Arkansas, Harry S. Truman." If Messrs. Dunstan and Williams or their publisher can't be bothered to do a Google search to confirm that Mr Truman was, in fact, a senator from his home state of Missouri, or, perhaps worse, that they just took at their word the first person they asked, it doesn't speak well of the `fact-checking' in the remainder of the book.

Sorry, Messrs. Dunstan and Williams, but from this teacher of history's perspective, until you present a less speculative, more empirically-backed case, I will continue to doubt the validity of your conclusions. Two stars for the effort.
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on September 29, 2011
Let me start by saying that this book is long overdue. It opens the door to much further deliberation and many considerations but it is exactly the sort of thing that WW2 history buffs and people interested the mystique of the 3rd reich cannot resist. There are certainly going to be those pundits who insist that this book is full of myths, exaggerations and hear-say. All I can say to that is that if you are well read and if you have travelled throughout the important parts of the world that this book focusses on, you have to come away believing that this book hits a homerun out of the park. At the very least, this book is a fun read for those who love the ultimate mystery of what happened to the most evil man who ever walked the earth. At best, it is the telling of facts long hushed, covered up and avoided altogether.

Albert Speer (as documented in his books) noted that the Hitler he saw in the bunker did not appear to look the same as the Hitler he new. Many others observed that the Hitler they saw in the bunker was sloppy, had crumbs on his lapel, spaghetti stains on his lips and other clues that would indicate the real Hitler would never appear this way. There are many other examples, tidbits and anecdotes in this book to be found as well. No matter what you chose to believe or subscribe to, you have to come away form this book believing it is entirely possible that he could have escaped and that there is no evidence to prove otherwise. Hitler had doubles and various secret getaways.

After over 60 years of the same story and the same pictures of "Hitler" greeting those young Hitler Jugend boys outside his bunker the masses have come to believe that there is only one story but is there? Truman, Eisenhower, Dulles, Stalin, The FBI and countless other personalities would say otherwise but there has been very little to speak of in print or documentary to argue the case to the contrary until now. You could fill volumes with what you won't find in history books and history is always written by the victor. I'll let this incredible book speak for itself without ruining it for others but if you are a scholar of WW2 or just interested in anything involving Hitler or nazi Germany and that terrible period in time, this book will not dissapoint. It is well written, well researched, thorough and a highly entertaining page turner. You won't be disappointed unless you can't handle the possiblity that there could be more that you were never told or could ever imagine. This book is certainly a must have for anyone into the 3rd reich and ww2.
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on October 19, 2011
I have a real problem with this book after the first few pages. In the preface of the book we have the following statement. "There is absolutely no accepted forensic evidence of Martin Bormann's supposed death; in 1998 German officials claimed that a skeleton buried near the Reichstag matched the DNA of an elderly relative of Bormann's.... Bormann's family refused to accept the findings. "This is a deliberate distortion of the facts. In 1972 his supposed body was identified by dental and skeletal records. In 1998 it was conclusively identified by DNA testing to be Bormann using DNA matching to one of Bormann's elderly relatives. there was no doubt and there remains none. There was no controversy. Bormann's family refused to accept the body in 1972, not findings in 1998. If this is the quality of the research in this book don't bother buying it. The authors are trying to deceive the reader by not being upfront with the real facts. The book falls if Bormann died, which he did. This is tabloid journalism, don't buy the book.
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on November 11, 2011
With all due respect to a handful of previous reviewers whom lambasted this work for "confusing citations" or "no hard proof", I must retort in the common sense and logical reference via this review.
This book, exhausting researched and extensively referenced and cited, provides highly credible evidentiary testimony and flat out smoking gun documentation that leaves only one possible conclusion: Hitler did not die in the Fuhrerbunker on April 30, 1945 - Hitler made a clean escape (planned maticulously for the previous two years by Martin Bormann) and spent a further 17 years living in luxury and comfort in the Patagonia region of the Republics of Argentina and Chile until his death on February 13, 1962 at age 72 (just two months shy of his 73 birthday).

This book provides a fascinating and detailed account and background of the events leading up to the end of the WW2 European Theatre conflict and how and when preparations where made for Hitler's (and many other high ranking Nazis' escape, including others believed "dead in Berlin" such as Heinrich Mueller and Martin Bormann himself) escape.

Much evidence is taken from the now declassified files of various intelligence agencies (Soviet, European, and USA) along with those of the FBI and local law enforcement investigation files in various countries and locales.

Some deductions have obviously been made when it comes to the reconstruction of some events. When doing so the authors clearly mark these sections with "Begin Deduction" and "End Deduction". A good portion of these are to simply construct personal narratives or fill in the chain of events where no knowledge or evidence can be cited in such things as (conditions for Hitler & Eva inside his quarters aboard the U-Boat and conversations that may have taken place in such context). However, these deductions are used more to piece together the minor breaks in a solid and clear trail of evidence, documentation, and testimonies that bring you to the shocking but obvious conclusion - Hitler escaped and lived on.

Billions in Nazi looted art, treasure, precious metals, and transferrable currency were NEVER recovered after the cessation of hostilities in Europe. The authors show you (and back up much of the amounts with solid proof) where that money went and what it supported (the escape and "retirement" lifestyle planning of Hitler, Eva Braun-Hitler, and dozens of high ranking SS officers and party members).

There's a couple of wise old sayings, or logical rules of thumb rather to determine the truth in most complex cases: "Follow the money." and "If it looks it and smells like, that is probably what it is". These bits of logical guidance are well serving here.

As for the "hard evidence" documentaries proving Hitler's "death" that many even recent shows on The History Channel, Discovery, and others have touted such as the skull and jawbone fragment that the USSR/Russians have had locked away since the Soviet SMERSH teams recovered the burned corpses in the garden outside the bunker ---- recent DNA testing confirmed that "Hitler's" skull is that of a female between 30 and 40 years of age (and it isn't Eva Braun's).

Bottom line to the "old evidence of Hitler's death" - Hitler's double and that of Eva's were murdered in the Fuhrerbunker by the SS then burned. Extensive dental work was duplicated via dentures months prior and this planted as well (so the one's who point to dental records written from "memory" by Hitler's dentist, and say 'ah ha, dental records prove he is dead' - wrong).

This is simple logical methods employed by Hitler and his inner circle. If you are the most wanted man in the world, what's the best way to get folks to stop looking for you - make them believe you are dead. And that is what Bormann and other did. Careful planning, deep pockets, and extensive resources; all of which they had plenty of.

Hitler was to build the Fourth Reich from his exile and eventually lead Nazism into a resurrection (along with himeself) but that never materialized for Hitler. He died virtually alone, in a luxurious but isolated refuge, with the ghosts of his millions of victims haunting him day and night and waiting for the day they could drag him into the darkness that death finally brought.

I didn't want this story to be true and I am a skeptic and historian by nature and craft, so I looked for the "BS" moment and "Conjecture Lecture" trap. It never came. I finished this book sad but enlightened and ever more aware that the traditional histories we were taught are often what many want us to believe, not what is often the painful and frigthening truth.
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on October 13, 2011
The authors put forth their own theories for Hitler's escape but put forward no hard physical evidence that any of it ever happened. They even state that certain italicized were their "conclusions" based on their intuitive thinking. That just isn'tgood enough. Show us one document that has ever surfaced with any credible evidence other than hearsay! Show us one eyewitness from the Bunker that saw anything that speaks of "doubles" -- There isn't any. The book is 291 pages in length without the footnotes --which are basically nothing but citing other books. Of those 291 pages of actual writing the first 135 or so have no real connection to Hitler's disapearance. Sure those pages are interesting but who cares how many V weapons were launched on London, how different enigma machines there ---- I wanted to know what happened to Hitler. And that did not come until around page 150 of a book that is only 291 pages!! Please, save you money, wish I had. Oh by the way I have been researching The Third Reich for over 40 years and have even spoken to people who were in the Bunker at that time.
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on January 28, 2015
Very disappointing. I saw the interviews with Mr Dunstan so was fired up to read this book. The vast majority of this book is solely about basic WWII history & the finances of the nazis. The actual data to back up his theory is so stunningly thin it is staggering, this is so different to what he proclaims in interviews that he has a wealth of data. The actual info re the escape, which I believe is very probable, could easily be published in a booklet. It is so annoying as is padded out by going over & over again about the looting of gold & art. The data is weak, the conclusion is not built on solid research, for instance interviews, but his own assumptions.
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on December 1, 2012
I've read and studied much on Hitler and the Nazis for over 35 years and I still find new information that is provocative. Before anyone makes any conclusion about this book, you need to consider some facts about the end of Nazi Germany and its leaders:

1) No one witnessed Hitler's death. Those that were near-by have told inconsistent stories - which is amazing considering the significance of the event.
2) The Soviets lied about Hitler's death and remains even up to the past several years. The skull fragments they touted as Hitler's, bullet hole and all, have been proved to be that of a girl (not Eva Braun's). They claim to have Hitler's jaw and teeth, but don't let anyone see/test it although they say it's DNA matches relatives.
3) Bormann's bones where found near a bridge not that long ago: Surprising they weren't found earlier? The bones had red clay attached which is not found in Berlin but is consistent which soil in South America.
4) We know the US and Great Britain made deals with many Nazis and protected many of them.
5)German industry ramped-up very quickly after the war. Sure theWhy got help from the US, but considering the amount of damage sustained and the loss of skilled laborers and engineers, this is nothing shorting of amazing.
6) Much of the gold and loot the Nazi's had was never recovered.
7) The Allied found the looted artwork very quickly at the end of the war. It seems the Nazi's would have had time to export much of it or hide it better considering they knew the war was lost well before it actually ended.

Who knows what the truth is, but my suspicion is there's still a lot of information that is classified and hidden. This is a good book and has a lot of historical facts to support the argument of the authors.
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on April 12, 2015
I found that I have one of the obscure books referenced by the Dunstan and Williams, "Broken Swastika" by Werner Baumbach, already in my possession, so I decided to compare this with what they write in "Grey Wolf". I was more than a little shocked at the discrepancies between the two books and Dunstan and Williams’ misrepresentations, falsifications and omissions in "Grey Wolf".

Werner Baumbach is important to "Grey Wolf" because he supposedly organized Hitler’s escape by air to Spain. If his story does not stand up, then the entire premise of "Grey Wolf" falls. In fact, it does not so much fall, as plummet at high velocity from a great height!

1). The first thing to say is that, according to the index of "Broken Swastika", Baumbach makes no contemporary reference to Hitler at all in Chapter XIX, which deals with the period after 21 April 1945, though he does note on p.199 for 30 April, “The Fuhrer is dead. Long live the Fuhrer!” Given that the basic premise of "Grey Wolf" is that Hitler escaped, and Baumbach is being called in evidence by them, Dunstan and Williams’ omission of this is incredibly telling as to their own questionable integrity.

2). On p.168 of "Grey Wolf", immediately after writing, in their own words, “As the (Hitler’s) aircraft rolled down the runway and took off (from Travenmunde), he (Baumbach) felt great relief”, the authors quote the following directly from the English-language translation of "Broken Swastika":

“Thank God that’s over. I would rather leave some things unsaid, but it occurs to me that these diary notes may one day shed a little light on the strains, the desperate situation and maddening hurry of the last few days. At that time I had almost decided to make my own escape. The aircraft stood ready to take off. We were supplied with everything we needed for six months. And then I found I could not do it. Could I bolt at the last moment, deserting Germany and leaving in the lurch men who had always stood by me? I must stay with my men”

The only problem with this is that it is not, as presented by the authors, a single, unbroken paragraph. It is from two different paragraphs widely separated on p.195 of "Broken Swastika" by four other paragraphs that put a completely different complexion on these words. The break is between “….,last few days.” and “At that time…..”

So, what do the missing paragraphs of "Broken Swastika" reveal?

3). Although, according to Baumbach, the words were written in his diary for 28-29 April, when he writes “At that time….” he actually appears to be referring to the period between “20th April” and “…..the very time when Hitler was giving Speer his last photograph…..”. Other sources tell us that Speer’s last meeting with Hitler 23-24 April 1945. These are the only two establishable dates in the intervening text that Dunstan and Williams omit.

4). What is more, the intervening paragraphs also contain, “….I was not at all surprised when I had confirmation that we were to be arrested.” This was apparently conveyed by Governor General Frank to one of Baumbach’s officers. It was this that seems to have provoked Baumbach into writing “At that time I had almost decided to make my own escape……”.

So, far from still being in Hitler’s confidence, it appears Baumbach was actually in fear of arrest!

5). Furthermore, in writing “Thank God that’s over….” Baumbach was not referring to the supposed take off of any supposed aircraft supposedly carrying Hitler, but to an interview he had with Himmler sometime in the second half of 28 April, which he recounts over pp.196-199.

6). In an unnumbered note on p.309 of "Grey Wolf" Dunstan and Williams write, “Baumbach never explains why he was at Travenmunde on April 29……”

Well, actually he does, on p.198 of "Broken Swastika", “I told him (Himmler) he can find me at Travenmunde airfield where part of my command is situated.”


Virtually everything of significance to the premise of "Grey Wolf" that Dunstan and Williams write concerning Baumbach is demonstrably untrue, doctored or misrepresented, if one only bothers to look at what Baumbach writes himself in the book they use as their reference.

This can hardly be an accident. Both authors have apparently written a lot of of non-fiction on unrelated subjects before. Dunstan and/or Williams therefore must have been fully aware that they were misrepresenting what Baumbach wrote.

One dreads to think what else they may have misrepresented in their unprincipled volume.

This one example undermines both the premise of "Grey Wolf" that Hitler escaped and the professional integrity of Dunstan and/or Williams. Perhaps it is time to start looking at the credibility and integrity of their earlier work?

One also has to question whether the publishers, Sterling, have any editorial quality control or peer review mechanisms at all, given that they published the patently intellectually fraudulent "Grey Wolf" under the category of “History”.

Perhaps all concerned were more interested in the money than the facts?
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on November 8, 2011
A quick google search will turn up megabytes of forum space assiduously filled up by the authors in their valiant if rather vain attempts to dress this up as a serious work. Not to mention pre-empt critical reviews. Starting from the premise that there is no 'proof' that AH died in the bunker in Berlin in April 1945, the authors' 'research' indicates that AH escaped to South America after being spirited away from Berlin in a Ju 52 during the night of the 27-28th April. Escaping the bunker via a 'secret' tunnel Hitler and Eva Braun were flown to the Baltic coast in a Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 52 before boarding a U-boot heading for South America. Meanwhile back in the bunker their places were taken by body doubles who presumably managed to fool Möhnke, Misch, Junge and all the other fawning acolytes and henchmen. Decent enough premise for a fanciful and far-fetched thriller, but as a serious explanation of what happened in the Bunker? Give me a break please..
Amidst a whirl of rumour, conjecture and half-truths -opinion masquerading as 'facts'- the authors `argue' that there was a concerted effort made to fly high-ranking personalities out of Berlin - among them AH. Of course we know that AH may have been urged by his acolytes to flee to some Alpine 'fortress' or other in southern Germany, but everything else that is known about Hitler points to the final gesture in the bunker. The idea that he would even entertain such `modern' notions as running away to share the rest of his life with Eva Braun and spawn offspring is simply absurd. Dunstan and Williams conveniently overlook the mass of real detail accumulated over the decades as to Hitler's fate and go much further. Not so much `Boys from Brazil' as `Boys Own'.
There are so many holes in this story that it is difficult to know where to start. Perhaps with the transport arrangements, in particular the flights. With the Russians virtually at the gates of a Reichskanzlei swept by heavy fire and Lufthansa out of action, we are being asked to believe that AH was flown out of the city in a lumbering old Ju 52 piloted - in what must have been an epic feat of airmanship - by one "Captain Peter Baumgart", a 128-victory ace and Ritterkreuz winner (sic!). Previously unknown to the entire fraternity of WWII airwar historians 'Baumgart' had been seconded to the "secretive" KG 200 during 1943. So secretive that his name fails to appear in any of the documentation reproduced by Günther Gellerman in his German-language history of KG 200 " Moskau ruft Heeresgruppe Mitte.." Perhaps this 'character' was a pseudonym? No, apparently not - author Williams contacted me after the first draft of this review to (i) take me to task over 'factual' errors and (ii) to confirm that 'Baumgart' was indeed a real person. Factual errors indeed. According to the authors "Baumgart" was put on trial and sentenced to a term in prison in Poland postwar - the authors reproduce facsimiles of period newspaper reports. Various German specialists writing on the subject of final flights into and out of Berlin during late April 1945 have yet to come up with anything so far-fetched as a multi-engine flight into Berlin after 26 April when Berlin-Gatow fell to the Russians. Any sortie over Berlin by this stage was a nightmare of concentrated Soviet flak, huge fires and palls of smoke. German researcher Georg Schlaug writing on April 1945 Berlin sorties in a well known German magazine described how following urgent radio messages from the bunker transmitted during the afternoon of 27 April 1945 - " Luftlandemöglichkeit auf der Ost-West Achse muss mit allen Mitteln versucht werden " - a landing attempt with all available means to be attempted on the East-West Axis. The gliders met such heavy fire that every one of them was shot down. Schlaug records that a Feldwebel Heinz Schäfer witnessed two DFS 230 gliders departing Tarnewitz for Berlin on the afternoon of 29 April 1945. He was shown the glider pilots' Einsatzbefehl (mission orders) ; "Gruppe bereithalten, Führer aus Berlin befreien " -stand ready to fly Hitler out. Interesting - but only because Hitler had already left Berlin by this date according to Dunstan and Williams. Which begs one question of course; what was the point of these last desperate attempts to reach central Berlin, if not to prolong for a short while longer the lives of those in the bunker including that of Hitler. Of course the authors do not address these sorts of questions since they are everywhere conveniently over-looked. There is a mass of loose ends in almost every aspect of the supposed escape. Naval specialists have likewise picked terrible holes in the maritime section of this story. I haven't even bothered reading the supposed arrival in South America.
At a recent book festival I asked noted British WWII historian and author Sir Max Hastings what he thought of books like Dunstan & Williams' `Grey Wolf'. His reply was a short and sweet ; "..absolute drivel " ...adding " imagining new and stunning revelations from WWII is a disease of reporters and newsmen everywhere. There simply haven't been any since the mid-1970s and the 'Ultra' secret.. "
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Hitler's alleged escape from the bunker has been the subject of sensationalist newspaper articles from 1945 to (at least) the 1970s. (A MAD magazine -- I think -- satire once quipped, "Hitler found alive, managing Austin Radio Shack store" as a spoof of such claims). It is, alas, total fiction.

Let us review again how we know ANYTHING about history. How do we know -- say -- that Napoleon actually existed? One very important reason is the convergence of evidence. There are numerous contemporary sources mentioning Napoleon and all agree on the basic details. Well, the same is the situation with Hitler's death in the Berlin bunker. ALL the surviving witnesses agree about this, ALL tell roughly the same story, ALL agree on the basic facts. To assume that Hitler escaped would mean that dozens of people, at least, from the new Fuhrer (Doenitz) all the way down to the building engineers and secretaries are all lying in unison about what is one of the most dramatic event of their lives -- in stories that remained fully consistent for decades afterwards.

I suppose that this is logically POSSIBLE -- it's also logically POSSIBLE Hitler was actually an alien from Mars -- but, let me put it this way: every tried to arrange a surprise party and keep everybody's stories straight for two days?


As usual with such conspiracy books, the "evidence" is wholly based on Sherlock Holmes-like "deductive reasoning" which inflates all "supportive" evidence beyond crediblity, and simply ignores all negative evidence. For example, one piece of evidence is that . Hannah Reitsch said she saw a pilot who "seemed to be waiting for someone" near the bunker. Ergo he MUST have been waiting for Hitler who MUST have therefore escaped. Clearly basing Hitler's escape on such an observation is extremely hasty. What's more, what about her claim that she was in the bunker with Hitler on April 28th (a day after he allegedly "escaped") -- and that the great disappointment of her life was that he didn't allow her to die with him in the bunker, as she is certain he did? Well, THAT is all ignored.

Only by massively inflating vague circumstantial evidence and ignoring all direct evidence to the contrary is it even possible to suggest the book's thesis is true.
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