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on November 7, 2012
I have been using this case for about 6 weeks. The case is very heavy duty and will protect your phone if dropped. The big problem with this case is the sound quality of calls. For most calls, though not all calls there is a distinct echo on both ends. When there is an echo I have to remove the screen protector part of the case that snaps on in 6 places for the sound quality to be acceptable. It is a major inconvenience. I don't understand why removing this piece greatly improves the sound quality because it doesn't cover the microphone, but it does.

Follow up. After dealing with the poor sound quality for weeks, I finally took the phone out of the case and started to examine the case. There are 2 small pieces of black tape at the bottom of the case which cover the phone's speaker. I took a paper clip and removed them and now the speaker is visible and the sound quality is fine. It was that easy. I'm now a very happy owner of this Iphone 5 case.
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on October 24, 2012
After my wife cracked her last two screens, I ordered the Griffin Survivor for her new iphone 5. I was looking for something that would protect against drop dammage and severely limit the possibility of a cracked screen, and this case delivers with a few slight drawbacks.


Sturdy shell which is drop-proof so far (dropped once from waist level onto concrete with no damage to the phone and no visible marks on the exterior of the case).

Screen protector sits flush against the phone screen and is responsive.

All buttons are surprisingly responsive.

Good, soft feel in your hand. My wife has small hands and can still use the phone with one hand no problem.

Camera flap easy to use. Flips out and rotates down, staying in place for picture taking.

Appears very water-resistant. You would have to immerse in water for some time to trash the phone. I have obviously not tested this theory, but I'm pretty confident it would survive a puddle drop.


Well, I wouldn't call it pretty. Got her a stylish incipio case to complement it.

Tends to echo at the beginning of a call. She does not hear it, but the person calling does. Goes away fairly quickly.

Can be slightly hard to hear her, speaker phone in particular.

Camera flap does not work with belt clip on. My wife does not use the belt clip, but if you do this could be irritating. Belt clip, incidentally, does not look flimsy as reported in previous incarnations

All in all, this is a very good case if you are looking to protect your phone. Functions work well, and it is comfortable to use. For this style of case it's not too bulky and not too expensive at $35. Recommended
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on April 24, 2013
I have purchased Griffin cases for all of my apple products. I love them. I have had one for my iphone 5 for the past 4 months. I love my smart phone...possibly to an unhealthy extent...and I want to keep it safe.

1. It made my slim, sexy, little iphone 5 into a monster. like tripled the size. It went from sleek iphone 5, to cartoonishly silly, pink, monster phone. I like pink, and I like cartoons. *shrug* But, I'm saying...if you're say...a professional, wearing a power might feel a little silly whipping this sucker out.
2. Having to open the little flap to take a picture, is kind of a pain at first...especially when you want to capture that funny kid moment. I got used to it. *shrug*
3. The cartoonish size, and the non-slidy rubber, make it hard to fit into designated "phone pockets" in purses. Since I usually use the outside zipper pocket to keep it quickly accessibly for when the school nurse calls (boys...sheesh) hasn't been a big deal for me.
4. It lowers the sensitivity of buttons a little bit...especially in the corners. It bugs my husband, but not me. Who's MY phone. *grin*
5. The clippy thing...if it was would double again the size of the phone. I don't use it. Guys might...but, I have a purse.

1. Otterbox makes a similar product (my sister has it), but it has hard plastic on the outside. The rubber on this one, makes it so it wont slide when I set it down...on the passenger seat in the car, on the center console, on my knee, etc. Anytime I am waiting for Soccer practice to be over.
2. While talking on the phone, I tripped over a stool my kids left out, and my phone flew across my garage and hit the cement...hard. It was like a slow motion sit com moment..."Noooooo!"...The call was still in progress when I picked it up. *jaw drop* Griffin...FTW!
3. It's giant and pink...easy to find in my purse...easy to find anywhere. Very distinctive.
4. I have a black one on an iphone touch...I'm forever losing it in the depths of my purse...but, the black looks pretty badass. Like..."yeah, I need this case on my ipod touch, for when I'm parachuting into foreign countries as a secret agent." I dig it.
5. When the screen gets all mucked up from my kids sneezing boogers on it, or smearing peanut butter on it...I love that it's not the "real" screen, and I can just get a damp rag, and clean it up. Also when the screen gets all scratched up (which it will, I am the mother of 4 kids), I can just replace the case, and my precious iphone will remain pristine!

All in all...I love this product. I WILL be buying it again. Maybe I will go with Orange next?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 6, 2013
I have Griffin survivor cases for the ipad 3, ipad mini and iphone 4S and I love them. They are amazing cases that have protected my devices from the worst abuses that a toddler can put on them. However, I recommend that you NOT buy this particular aqua blue plastic case for one reason: the plastic opening around the camera lense is aqua blue colored plastic. So, when you use your flash and take a photo, the photo comes out with a horrible aqua blue tint to it and the photo is not fixable as it also has an aqua blue haze on it. I ruined several important Christmas night outdoor photo ops because of this.

My other Griffin Survivor cases have a black rim around the plastic opening where the camera lense is so they do not have this problem. So, if you want to take flash pictures then avoid this aqua blue Griffin case and get a black Griffin Survivor case to avoid the problem of aqua blue hazy photos. Just note though, that the black griffin survivor cases are amazing and I could not recommend them more highly, so please keep in mind that this one star review is only for the aqua blue plastic case and it not reflective of the Griffin Survivor cases's ability to protect the phone. Still, I feel a one star rating for this aqua blue case is warranted to protect others who love Griffin cases like I do, from buying this particular aqua blue case and suffering through ruined aqua blue tinted flash photos that are unusable.
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on December 23, 2012
The case is absolutely sturdy. I have a 3 and 5 year old and had purchased two new iphone 5's and this case to go with both. I watched the Griffin videos of it being dropped 3 stories and surviving and knew it was for me and my wife. The case does have a few flaws as others have noted. The camera flap covers the noise canceling microphone on the back which can make it hard to hear you if your in a noisy room since the microphone thinks your in a quiet room so it turns down the Mic gain. I published a photo of the small hole I placed in the camera flap to solve this problem. This of course will invalidate the military specs of dust getting into the camera area in winds of 200MPH. Since I am not planing on being in a dust storm I didn't care. My main reason to purchase this case was the drop protection placing the small hole does not hurt that. Inside the case, others have noted, it has some black tape over the bottom speakers which can cause feedback in speakerphone mode. Removing the tape will resolve it but I didn't do it yet since I could care less about using it as a speakerphone. Although I may take it off since facetime uses speakerphone. So far no one complained so I am good for now. Removing the tape is just the dust military spec thing and will not disable any drop protection. For me and my wife it's the perfect case.
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on July 4, 2015
This case is terrible. I had a Survivor case for my iPhone 5, and that one worked pretty well (even protected my phone when I jumped in the lake with it by accident!) This one is bad for some many reasons:
1)The most frustrating thing is it DESTROYS the iPhone's ability to take a good picture (And I bought this phone mainly for its camera). It makes everything hazy, and any light sources have terrible halos around them. Even looking through the case, you can tell the plastic is NOT clear. See attached for an example)
2)It leaks - I cant take my phone in the shower without water infiltrating it
3)If its wet forget about typing at all - I thought this was a limitation of the iPhone and touch screens, but I bought another case where this works great
4)The TouchID sensor is sticky, despite being used for 9 months
5)The screen protector gets scratched up and marred very easily
6)It breaks easily. After taking your phone in and out a few times, the tabs that snap the screen in WILL fail

That being said, it has a few good things going for it:
1)Its rubber surfaces give a good grip (I can toss it on the dashboard of my car and it wont slide around), and they also provide some impact protection
2)When I took my phone out to put a new case on, it sill looked brand new

That being said, I would not buy another Survivor case until they change their design. There are some very cheap cases that do everything the Survivor claims (and fails) to do. I got the case Im using now thats fully waterproof for $20, and it works great.
review image
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on January 2, 2014
I have had such good luck with Griffin products. The cases that I have had are far better then the Otter boxes. They are durable and keep my brand new I phone 5s in mint condition. I am a preschool teacher and I am constantly dropping my phone without any damage. The area where I put my charger and earphones is durable and stays in place. The glass protector works perfectly too. Putting the phone inside the case is WAY easier then any case that I have had. It comes in 2 pieces. I just set my phone in the bottom of the case and set the top on top and press them together...Its that easy. I have dropped coffee, water and soda on top and have had no problems with condensation seeping onto the phone. Its not water proof, but it sure is KID proof. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has an Otter box. These products are top notch.
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on December 2, 2012
Ok, so I had this same case but for the 4S - and LOVED IT !! I am currently deployed here in Afghanistan so a case like this is a must to protect a phone like the iPhone 5. Initially upon un-boxing I noticed that this is a completely different design than that of the 4S case. The 4S case is great at keeping dust and small amounts of water from the phone. This case does not incorporate the clamshell design then wrapped up in the rubber outer casing like the 4S. It looks extremely close, but what they did was make a front cover that snaps over the rubber casing and the back casing. This design (at least the one that I received) does not sit well, leaving a gap for dirt, dust and water drops to enter the phone. As well as the front plastic screen cover was not glued down like the 4S model. Extremely disappointing. Worth noting but not the manufactures fault, you can NOT have Ghost Armor installed on the sides of your phone or the phone will not fit into the case. You can however keep the front and back protection and it works great. Lastly the belt clip broke the first time that I used it. I hope that I just received a bad product, and that they will replace it as soon as they receive my e-mail. In closing I feel that they tried to push out a product before it was really field-tested and should reconsider their design. Would recommend that you go with the Otter Box brand for the moment. Will update as I get a response from Griffin.

Up Date - So Griffin contacted me and apologized for the case. After completeing a few simple steps they are agreeing to replace the case at thier cost. Extreamly pleased with the claims process so far. They are asking for 2-3 weeks to process and ship out a new case. I am guessing that I will received a new case here on base in about a month. Will post when I get the new case and how I like the replacement.
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on November 13, 2012
Well, my older brother got me this case, after I upgraded from an iPhone 3gs to an iPhone 5. Having previous experience with an Otterbox Defender on my 3gs, I gotta say that both are well designed, this one however, I like more.

It's a lot easier to use, and to remove your phone from. For example, let's say my sim chip were to have come loose from its holder (I.E. I dropped my phone), and I get the "no sim" error: I would need to remove my phone in order to replace the sim properly. With an Otterbox, you have to remove the rubber, (My Otterbox's rubber had been torn after a few removals) unlatch several clasps around the iPhone, and split the case in two by sliding one piece out of another. Finally you can access your phone. Reverse process in order to put it back together. However, if you have a Griffin Survivor, you just have to unhook the 6 clasps that hold the screen guard to the frame of your case, remove the cover part for the camera area of your phone and push upwards from there. Afterwards, I could just pop the phone back in, and put the screen guard back on the case. A lot easier access to my phone in the case that I need it removed from the case, without having to take everything off the phone and put it back on.

I'm one of those people who sees a spec of dirt on their phone screen, and it's gotta be removed, but let's say you are using an Otterbox defender, you have to pull the rubber off of the Otterbox, and unlatch it in several places, which after a while, wears the rubber out. On the other hand, with the Survivor, it's got 6 clasps, where the front plate hooks onto the frame of the case, and then you can just wipe off your screen/protector, and pop it back on.

Here's one more thing I noticed on the Survivor. There appears to be a slight gap between it and the screen. Depending on your preference, this can be a pro or a con: me, I live down south where it's humid, so every now and then, humidity would get in my Otterbox, and "watermark" the screen. The aforementioned gap in the Survivor case between your phone screen and the screen protector prevents this.

Also, while this doesn't register as a con to me, but may to others, you have to pull off a small section of the cover on the survivor in order to use your phone's back camera.

Another possible con is that all of the port covers/camera cover/and silent mode flipper covers are made of hinged silicon. After a while, I'm sure they are going to wear and eventually break at the hinge parts, but then again, the same happens with the Otterbox.

I'm willing to stick with Griffin's word, on the durability of this case. I'm sure that it would take quite a beating in order to harm the phone being protected by it.

All in all I'd say this is a great case for the money, and I'm glad to have chosen it.
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on February 8, 2013
The first thing youll notice about this case is its a big one! huge! definitely provides the drop protection.

Well thought design but seriously flawed.

The black tape that covers the ear piece, speaker, and mic ports make the phone pretty much useless.

The camera cover on the back covers up the noise cancelling mic and every now and then when covered you will hear a static on your phone. That basically the mic not knowing what to do in louder situations.

So, remove the tape, open the camera cover when talking, and you have a perfect case.
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