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on December 7, 2011
If you are standing at the store as I was, looking at the design of this product and reaaallly hoping that it works as intended but are skeptical because the grounds keeper seems to stick as you lift it out of the carafe, STOP wondering and buy the derned thing. Oh OXO! How I love your products' ergonomic slipless grips, design solutions, and seemless integration of form and function!

This is ultimately a regular french press but the primary funtion is overridden by the wonderful solution to the funky coffee sludge scraping problem inherent to all french presses - the grounds keeper. After enjoying your pot of coffee, you can remove the press and unsnap the grounds keeper from the rim of the carafe. You will not be able to automatically lift the keeper free so don't try to force it like you're opening a jar of pickles. It's vacuum sucked to the bottom. You need to break the seal. To do this, simply bend the grounds keeper arm over to the opposite carafe rim, hear the unsucking noise and now you can easily lift it out with the coffee sludge. The sludge slips easily into the trash can.

Be aware that the carafe housing is made of metal. It does not insulate heat... For all that is holy, please only pick this press up by the handle when it is filled with boiling water and steeping coffee grounds! Thus far, this is the only design flaw but if you follow the #1 kitchen rule and avoid grasping metal implements that have been in contact with a heat source with your naked hand, it's an easy work around.

**UPDATE Oct 2015** Wow, I bought this in December of 2011. It is still going strong! No pieces have broken. The grounds keeper doesn't get suction stuck to the bottom anymore. A few times of breaking the seal as I described above must have loosened the edges a bit. No need to stick knives under the grounds keeper as some other reviews have described. My family still loves this press after nearly 4 whole years!
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on May 9, 2012
While the press makes good coffee, I don't recommend buying one unless you're willing to replace it often. It seems one part of another is always breaking. I bought it because of the grounds keeper. But it gets suctioned to the bottom of the beaker making it almost impossible to get out. I cracked the beaker trying to get it out. I finally figured out if you slide a butter knife down the side it helps to break the seal. The crack in the beaker was small so I was able to keep using the press. However, the plunger broke this morning. Things keep breaking on it and at the point it totally unusable. So basically the whole thing broke within a matter of months of purchasing it. I will be purchasing a new french press, but never ever this one again. Invest your money else where. That all being said I gave it two stars instead of one because it does make a good cup of coffee, it's just not worth the hassle.
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on November 22, 2011
I made a video of me using the groundskeeper and wanted to upload it but it was too big. Not going to fool with it, but if you want it, just comment on this review and I'll get an email from amazon. We'll go from there. But anyway good ol groundskeeper willie works great, gets everything really clean. Its definitely not "good idea bad product" but "good idea and you pulled it off whoever designed this must drink press"

A few other points to make:

1. The glass is nice and thick, thicker even than bodum presses, I think, and also has markings on it for making smaller amounts of coffee, which is nice
2. The base of the press is also very thick (not the carafe but the housing), which gives it a "hot pad" like feature
3. The "groundskeeper" is made of silicone, and so far this has not affected tasted at all (nor should it, I think)
4. Very easy to clean, groundskeeper aside. The gasket comes off the plunger, the filter is all one piece and unscrews from the shaft.
5. I mention this in the video, but the metal flange that attaches to the silicone disc to make the groundskeeper runs up along the inside of the carafe. It fits very flush and does not affect the seal.
6. The screen is about as fine as bodum presses I've used, so I get the same amount of crud in the bottom of my cup.
7. Take out the groundskeeper and it will function just like a normal press; i.e. it's not designed so that it will only work with the groundskeeper, which is great.

Overall a very well-made product. Just what I've come to expect from OXO. I am happy with it, although I did get it resale for half price. Big thumbs up.
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on November 10, 2011
After breaking my second $20 french press (Bodum brand), I decided to spend a little more on this Oxo model. My absolute favorite feature of this particular french press is its "groundskeeper" grounds remover that inserts into the carafe prior to adding ground coffee. Once finished pressing the brew, the used grounds can be immediately lifted out and quickly/cleanly/safely disposed of - no need to wait for everything to cool down. The silicone seals around the groundskeeper and plunger keep things nice and neat. Also, I found the mesh strainer on plunger to be a bit finer than the $20 model it replaced - less mud in the bottom of the cup with my particular grind.

Update - February 2012: about 3-months into near-daily use of the Oxo french press and the molded plastic holding the screen/filter head to the plunger has broken. I'm on my second attempt at rejoining the pieces via superglue - if/when this fails, I find a new plunger or move on. The "groundskeeper" insert is genius hence I only knocked two stars off for the weakness of the plunger's design. I'd pay ~$10+ for an all-metal plunger...or one that is simply built to last like the rest of the parts of the otherwise decent Oxo design.

Update #2 - February 2012: I sent a polite email to Oxo describing the issue I posted in my previous update and asked if, perhaps, they offer an all-metal filter/plunger (willing to pay extra for it ;). They responded kindly apologizing for my issue and they are sending a replacement filter/plunger, but they didn't comment on my request for an improved filter/plunger design.
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on February 2, 2013
I have a theory about making the OXO Good Grips French Press last longer - PULL THE PLUNGER UP using the GROUNDSKEEPER handle - DON'T pull the plunger up using the plunger handle. Yes I know the manual instructs this, but the metal rod to plastic filter connection is too fragile and will give out and eventually break. I know some have had trouble pulling up on the groundskeeper due to suction, but I've not had that problem with mine. The metal rod plunger to plastic screen attachment should last longer because I will only be giving it downward (careful) pressure instead of pushing and pulling it each morning to remove it for more coffee, or before cleaning. I give it 2 stars for durability, 5 stars for convenience, 5 stars for looks, and an overall score of 3 stars. OXO - if you're reading this - take everyone's advice and make the filter stainless steel, with a metal rod to metal filter connection. The complaints due to this persistent flaw will disappear.
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on September 7, 2012
I like the design but my plunger/filter piece has broken after owning this for less than a year. This was quite a pricey French press and I expected better from Oxo. I'm very disappointed. I'd give it a one but I did like it while it worked.

I had the smaller one of the pair.
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on November 25, 2012
I bought this product instead of a Bodum because it looked more sturdy. Boy was I wrong! The plunger broke after about 20 uses or maybe less and they don't even sell a replacement part. So I would have to buy a new one for $35.00 or more.
That is not going to happen! I would find one with a metal plunger assembly if I were you. I will be wary of all OXO products after this experience.
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on January 3, 2013
I purchased the OXO french press after both my Bodum glass ones broke. Call me a klutz, or my landlord an idiot for turning this house into a tile palace, but the glass carafe did not agree with me, so I needed a better solution. I liked how this had a metal barrier all the way around the a full-on chastity belt vs the g-string found on the Bodum version. Poifect.

I didn't realize it came withe the "groundskeeper" as I saw it called. Seriously, like a diaper for the grounds...but not a perfect diaper. More like store-brand diapers as it caught the bigger part of the mess, but not quite everything, if you know what I mean. Still, awesome addition, for the few times I remembered to actually put it in after washing the press.

The reason for the lack of stars is because I had to return it. You see, the plastic frame around the mesh press which isolates the grounds from the coffee and ultimately supplying you with pure liquid gold...well, that frame shrunk. I kid you not. Simply shrunk. Despite the pure nakedness of Bodum's glass carafe, it had one incredible thing going for it - their frame is metal. I was told it was the heat of the water which caused the shrinkage. That makes sense, I suppose, but then WHY THE HECK MAKE IT PLASTIC? Did they not expect me to use hot water? Is anyone else using hot water? Am I making my coffee wrong??

Whatever...perhaps it was merely a fluke for this particular press. For your sake, I hope so, but thought I should let you know in case you're on the fence and need a little push. I'm now off to purchase a stainless steel press. Wish me luck.
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on October 30, 2012
I've bought many OXO products and like how they improve simple kitchen implements such as can openers and measuring cups. I saw this french press and was curious how OXO might make similar improvements with this basic coffee maker. I initially found it difficult to get the plunger aligned with the grounds keeper but eventually got it to work in the store. We got 3 pots of coffee before a friend broke the carafe trying to insert the plunger. None of us that used the press are french press novices and while the grounds keeper was a selling point, it seems that OXO has some work to do to improve how these two things work together.
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on January 7, 2014
After using french press for only a month, and the plastic around the mesh began to crack. It finally broke right off today, making the press completely useless. Even before that, I'd noticed that there were coffee grinds in my coffee. The plunger has silicone around the edge which frequently gets pushed out of position during the course of normal use. On closer examination, I also see small tears and gaps along the edge. I haven't been particularly hard on this french press -- I use it at most every other day. I don't see why a $40 french press should have any plastic parts -- especially ones that crack or let coffee grinds through!
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