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on May 26, 2011
I had little difficulty assembling this saw (I had practice which I will describe later). I removed the table top to lighten the weight as I had to take it down the steps to my basement. I believe removal of the top is a good idea in anyone's case because it allows for easy access and removal of all the cosmoline, and there's lots of it. There's no way to do a good job of this with the top on since it hides the top of the trunnions where the cosmoline is the heaviest, and you'd never see it with the top on. Also, the top is so easy to reinstall because of the base-mounted trunnions. I used a dial indicator to true up the saw blade/miter gauge slot parallelism. I had to reset the stop so the blade stopped exactly perpendicular to the table surface. I don't believe I should not have had to do that on a saw of this calibre.

I put the saw on a HTC3000 mobile base. Other saw owners have been disappointed with the Shop Fox base they purchased from Grizzly along with their G0690. Installing the cast iron extension wings was an easy task even though I did it myself, and I'm 70. One disappointment regarding the wings, though, which is one of the reasons I knocked down the rating from 5 to 4 stars, is the milling quality of the wings. There was a high quality milling on the table top. It even has somewhat of a mirror finish when viewed at a low angle. The wings, though, weren't even close. In fact, they were almost rough to the touch. I called Grizzly, and they said they should be the same grind quality, and were going to ship a new set to me. When I received them, the new ones were no better, so I returned them to Grizzly. I spent a little time, and sanded the original ones with 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and T-9, and they're now close enough to the finish of the table top to somewhat satisfy me. The fit is excellent. There's no more than .004" gap anywhere on the table and wings using a feeler gauge. That's close enough for my needs.

I had to adjust the fence slightly for parallelism as well as the miter gauge for being perpendicular to my Woodworker II saw blade. Please do not use the tape scale that comes with this saw. It's shrunken in accuracy, and will cut your workpiece short of the intended dimension. Recommend purchasing a Starrett tape scale from Woodcraft. The included wrenches were cheesy in my opinion, as well as too short for safe blade removal. I did not feel comfortable putting my hands that close to the blade. I purchased longer-reach Craftsman wrenches to use instead. The wrench that came with my 15-year old Jet contractor saw was better quality than what Grizzly provided on one of their high end saws.

Being used to a 1-1/2HP saw for 15 years, cutting with this new saw is significantly easier with pushing the wood through with less effort. As an intermediate-level woodworker, I did not believe I needed a 3HP saw, so I had initially purchased Grizzly's G0715P 2HP hybrid saw. It had a lot of nice specified features similar to their cabinet saws. I received it, and set it up (this is why I said I had had assembly practice). Since I use a dial indicator to check all critical setup factors, I was really surprised when I found the blade would not reach parallelism with the miter gauge slot. At full height, the blade would toe out at the back side, and would toe in when set lower, say, to make a cut for 3/4" thick wood. The measured difference between high and low blade height settings was 80 thousandths of an inch! That makes the saw dangerous for potential kickback. I returned the saw, and spent the additional $500 for the G0690. I now believe it was money well spent.
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on September 29, 2013
I'm still setting the saw up at this point. But there are a few things that concern me right now.

I removed the top, motor and anything else that was easily taken off. That way I could unload the saw from my truck by myself and carry it more easily.
I did a thorough cleaning of the cosmoline coating the trunnions and gears. I noticed the saw seemed to bind a bit when raising the blade. I found the splitter adjustment block ( part ref 202 ) was loose and binding the teeth for the riving knife lift. I dumbed around and figured out what it was and how to adjust it in order to get it working smooth.
I also had to lower the riving knife arm one tooth as well because it would hit the throat plate before the blade was fully raised.

I put the top back on. I used a dial indicator in the left miter slot to set the top parallel with the blade.

I installed the table extensions and fence. Everything went together easily.

When I went to set the fence to parallel with the miter gauge slot is where I ran into some confusion. I used the left miter gauge slot ( same one I set the top with). I zeroed my dial gauge on the side of the fence closest to me and slide it down the miter slot. The dial indicator said that the fence itself was nowhere near smooth or straight. I settled on taking measurements from each and and adjusting the fence with .003 toe out.

Just for kicks I check the fence alignment to the right miter slot. it read zero to .024 toe in. ???? I rechecked to left miter slot to fence measurement and it was right where I set it zero to .003 toe out. I re-cleaned both miter slots and rechecked and there was no difference. I also checked the back side of the fence and in both slots I got numbers that were way off.

Right now I'm wondering if my fence is bent or my rails are bent or my miter slots aren't properly machined ( unlikely, I hope ) I can tell you one thing for sure the surface of the fence leaves a lot to be desired when you run a dial indicator on it. It pulls in at each mounting screw and buckles out a bit in between.
Maybe those 50 to 60 thousandths I see on my dial indicator rippling up and down the fence wouldn't be a big deal if I was just ripping plywood. As is though I wouldn't want to depend on it to make nice square cuts off its fence.
I was going to by a Incra wonder fence anyway.

Those are a few things about this particular saw I ended up with. I'll replace the fence and build a large sled and I should be all set.

Other than that it seems fairly well made ( in China ) thats why it so affordable. Everything is metric so be ready for that.
Three stars seems fair for this saw. Its better than the portable DeWalt I had and has more potential. It also cost three times as much.... So take what you will from this review. If you want a platform to build from this seems like a good place to start. If you want a top notch saw thats ready to rock, plan on spending a lot more on something else.

Update 10-16-2013:
It turns out my fence rail was bowed and the miter slots in my table were not machined at 90 degrees in relation to the front. The miter slots are parallel with each other so it is possible to get your blade parallel with them by loosening the top and tapping it around. I contacted Grizzly( who were pretty nice actually). They sent me some new parts. The new top they sent me has the miter slots machined out of square as well. They also sent the angle iron rail mounting bracket instead of the rail. I will send back the replacement parts as they are no better than what I have.

I did install a Incra TS LS fence system. This fence allows me to ignore the out of square machining. Just set up the fence to the miter slot and your good to go. So for a extra $900 I got what I was looking for in a tablesaw. Like I said the grizzly seems to be a good starting point. Probably not what a pro would buy but half the price.

I could have shimmed the original fence mount until I got it square with the miter slots, but I shouldn't have to. I would still need a straight rail to get accurate fence settings.

It does cut well. I put a Frued 60T blade in. It runs vibration free and adjust easily.

Honestly not sure if I will buy from Grizzly again especially not something like a jointer or planer. EDIT: I did buy a 8" jointer from Grizzly. I also bought a Byrd Shellex helical cutting head to go with it. The jointer has been trouble free.
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on May 29, 2013
Received this table saw in mid May 20013. The shipping platform was somewhat damaged but serviceable. I ordered tailgate delivery and the gentleman who delivered the saw was outstanding; right inside my cleared garage.

It took approximately 3 days before I had it assembled and tuned but that is just me and your time will vary. Tuning was done very carefully but was easy because of the quality workmanship. Once the table was set to the blade everything else fell into place with minimum adjustment. This was really hard for me to handle as my previous saw was a low-end 1.75 HP table saw with all its faults However, I quickly adapted (laughs). Although I did not micro measured everything, the table passed the ruler test and squared up nicely with the blade with minimum fuss. The fence fell right into place without any adjustment and stayed that way through movement...amazing.

At this point, which is approximately 20 days after set-up I am very pleased with the purchased and wondered why I didn't do this a long time ago. There were three issues. The splitter tighten clip was cockeyed and made it extremely difficult to affix and extract the riving knife and blade guide. Once I did the test run, the lower holding motor bolt fell out of the engine mount. The third issue was the power cord which was much too short. It was only six feet in length...much much too short to be adaptable to individual shop layouts.

The first and second issues were easily corrected, one with a call for a replacement part and the other with replacing the missing cotter pin. The third issue was a little more difficult. I needed only an additional six-ten feet for the saw to be fully functional within location limitations. In order to fulfill this need, I was forced to purchase the individual parts of an extension and assemble to completion; I do think that the power cord should be at least twelve feet from the factory.

In summary, very please so far with the purchase. Although not graded as a high end 3 HP table saw that costs upward from $3,500 to $5,000 dollars, the Grizzly G0690 more than fulfills the essential strengths needed in a quality performance tool. I received excellent service from the delivery person to the employees of Grizzly. Although my throat hit my stomach when I heard the punk of the bolt, it turned out to be a minor problem. all issues were minor and quickly corrected except for the power cord length.

Yes. I would recommend this product and because of my positive experience, I will be looking in purchasing my band saw from the same source

This is a follow-up of my first review In May, 2013 of the Grizzly G0690 table saw. It has been six months since my purchased and set up of the saw.

As initially experience the saw still performs marvelously. At this point in my hobby career, I am more involved with case work with face frames and an occasional 2x4 construction lumber milled for specific purposed shop cabinets. I have yet to try any larger lumber dimensions or any wood harder than red oak. Cutting performance on materials mentioned is excellent and the cuts are square to the face.
Although, I am somewhat zealous to details, I tend not to over think the set-up particulars of any woodworking machine. I use the result maxim that states if the cut is square and accurate than the setup is good enough. So, with this philosophy in hand, I make notes of possible improvements to consider and attend to them after completion of each project. Subsequently, I have since added a zero clearance insert, an Inca cross cut fence, a dado set, and am presently attending to some perceived vibration issues.

My machine does not pass the nickel test any more so I checked for loose belts and/or loose bolts. The deflections of the belts were within norms per the manual and no loose bolts were found. Since it really is not a big issue and has not affected the trueness of the cuts, I will just keep an eye on it. The fence, although squared to the blade, is raised off the table about a quarter of an inch on the front side and an eighth of an inch on the backside. No amount of adjusts to the fence seem to work while still maintaining the trueness to the blade. I am considering lowering the guild tube or the front/back rails or a combination of both. I am also considering moving the rails to the right, thus extending the right side cutting distance by two to three inches.

So far, the mobile base purchased with the saw has performed flawlessly. This was an initial concern due to some negative reviews read. My lovely wife has graciously allowed me an allowance for major tool purposes, no questions asked. A woodworker's dream, no hassle toy! Since my balance for the saw has been paid off this December, I am looking to purchase a 17 inch extreme bandsaw and a two horse power dust collector system; all from Grizzly of course. Merry Christmas to me!

In summary, I am very pleased with this purchase and my relationship with Grizzly's personal. The aforementioned adjustments are really expected at this point or are a minimal intrusion of my time. I will do one more review in six months on the saw. I have one suggestion thought, after reviewing Amazon's current selling price on the saw I do recommend a direct purchase from Grizzly.
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on November 15, 2010
This is an early review, as I just received my saw and unpacked it. It is very heavy-duty.

The table top is flat and ground to a nice finish. I took my top off as part of the set up, but putting it back together and aligning it to the blade was a snap. This gave me a chance to inspect the trunnions, which are extremely heavy. The wings are easy to install and align, and you wind up with a massive surface of smooth cast iron. I bought the router table attachment, and that makes the table even bigger.

The angle and height adjustment wheels are nice cast pieces, also heavy, and give a good smooth adjustment. The keyway on the shaft for the angle adjustment wheel had a slight burr on it that I had to file off to make the key fit. The threads on that same shaft for the lock were a little tight and made the lock difficult to work at first.

You also get all the tools you need to install everything.

The fence and rails were easy to install and align. The fence rides smoothly on the rails. So far it keeps alignment well.

When I powered it up, it had a slight vibration at first. I think this was from the belts taking a set in the position the were shipped in. I noticed during the alignment process that the blade was difficult to turn because of the belts being stiff. The vibration disappeared quickly, and now the saw runs without any vibration.

I bought a Forrest WW II blade and installed it. My first cuts were very good. We will see how it holds up.

Overall, after just having the saw a few days, I am very impressed. Great saw for the money. Tons of power, everything seems very heavily built. I think it will last longer than me. I will update this review after I have a little more shop time.
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on February 23, 2013
Been waiting for six years to get a cabinet saw, I researched lots of different brands/models and decided on the Grizzly G0690. It came in yesterday and I finished the assembly and setup today. I purchased the Woodpecker saw gauge and their 36 inch straight edge rule and the MasterGage MP-1 MasterPlate to tune up the saw.

I was amazed at the manufacturing precision. I'm a product manager for a manufacturing company so this is something I know about. Other than having to align the cast iron wings and extension to be flat parallel/flush the setup out of the crate was spot on. The wings and extension I got to within 0.002 across the 53" span which is within the tolerance of the straight edge so that's fine. The fence from one end to the other was within 0.001" of parallel with the miter slot without adjusting anything. The blade (MasterPlate) was perfect without adjustment.

Assembly was easy enough without any help. I know they recommend having someone help with the rail and wings due to weight but I was careful and started one bolt at one end first with all the heavy stuff and it worked out ok.

The saw has a three belt drive and it runs very smooth and quiet. Again, without any adjustment, I did the Nickel test where you balance a Nickel on the table on its edge and start and stop the saw. The Nickel never falls. I sold a Bosch 4000 job site saw that I've been using for the last 6 years to make room for the Grizzly G0690 and I was pleasantly surprised that the Grizzly saw is noticeably quieter than the Bosch. I ripped a couple of pieces and did a few cross cuts. The saw works flawlessly.

Truly a 5 star product.
review image review image
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on October 12, 2011
I have been using this tablesaw for more than 6 months now and am quite pleased. Overall quality and accuracy is good. Plenty of power for large hardwood cuts. Accurate, large fence. Heavy/solid tool that does not move when large pieces of wood are cut. Nice saw!

I replaced the miter gauge with an Incra MITERV27 and constructed a large outfeed table. Otherwise, the tool as delivered as been perfect for my uses.
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on April 28, 2013

Green bottom is a decal and scratched easily.
There was a defect in the fence body assembly(bent, would not fit onto rail)
There were missing parts(three screws for the power switch)
Didn't stand level (wedge needed to prohibit "wobble")
Included blade isn't very good, it was off by .005"
Included tape measure is inaccurate


Runs on 240v (installed 220 outlet myself for >$70) knew this was coming, not a bad thing, plan ahead.
6' cord- no power switch placement options
Table extension wings required minor adjustment to achieve level installation, instruction provided in manual.

The Good:

Very well written manual
Quality parts and pieces
Assembled easily
Table was properly finished
Smooth start and relatively quiet operation
Runs at 12.8 volts, runs on a standard 20v circuit
Precise adjustments
Looks great
Included an insert for a dado blade
Many components came pre-assembled
Shipping was quick, lift-gate service proved well worth the extra $35
Packaging protected unit during shipment, removed easily, moved unit with 800lb dolly easily
Competitively priced

A good bet. You'll likely have a couple issues to work out, Grizzly had done right by me. I was disappointed that everything wasn't perfect out of the box, but their customer service has been diligent thus far to correct the issues I brought to them. Amazon has their "A-Z Guarantee" claims process, which means that if all else fails, you can get your investment back. Plan on upgrading the blade immediately and buy a tape measure elsewhere, or plan on bugging Grizzly til they get you an accurate one. I think someone wrote on a review here stating "to be a woodworker one must first be a machinist", well put. I echo that sediment and when you're done correcting all necessary adjustments I think that you will be very satisfied with this product in your shop.
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on November 30, 2015
I see there have not been any recent reviews, so I thought I'd post one. First, I bought the saw directly from Grizzly, for no other reason than I didn't want to confuse the purchase issue if I needed any help from Grizzly, probably an unfounded concern. Anyway, the saw arrived in 3 days and was in good condition. The delivery driver was a jerk and was going to basically drop the saw in the street, even though I paid the extra $35 for "lift gate" service. Somehow I assumed that would include rolling it down my asphalt driveway and perhaps even into my garage, a total of 60' maybe? Anyway, after I noticed the fence rail box was slightly damaged, he seemed a little more anxious to provide some customer service and rolled the 550lbs saw downhill the 60' to my shop/garage. As I removed the packaging I noticed there was no shrink wrap around the base of the saw, so the cabinet door was allowed to swing open and close inside the package, causing a small blemish in the finish where it contacted the cardboard packaging. No big deal. Assembly of the saw went as expected, the Shop Fox mobile base is just barely adequate. I think there may be other bases with larger diameter wheels that might be easier to move around, but at 550lbs, the saw is going to take some muscle to nudge it around. After getting the 240v outlet wired I powered up the saw and got a bit of a disappointment. It rumbled very loudly. Upon inspection I found one of the 3 v belts was completely slack. Its not clear if one of the belts is defective, or if I have a motor alignment issue. I've run the saw for about 10 minutes and it seems to be getting better. I have a call and email into Grizzly tech support, still waiting to be called or emailed back. Overall I'm satisfied with the purchase. I'm ordering a dial indicator so I can check blade to miter slot alignment, but I have not reason to think its not perfect out of the box. Both the 90 and 45 degree stops are dead on. Oh, I'm also going to buy a new stick on measuring tape as I found the one included to be about 1/64th out over 30", again, probably not a big deal, but I want improved visibility as well. In summary, this is a good value, the quality is as expected and hopefully the company will help with the belt issue I'm facing. Good luck in your search for a saw!
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on February 19, 2011
This is the best saw that I have ever used. The saw is cutting so sooth and true that it is fun to work with. It was easy to assemble. With the base that I put the saw on I can put away when I am finished. Cleaning is easy because there is very little saw dust. The saw dust goes down in the cabinet, and very little on the floor. I am very happy to have it in my shop.
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on March 26, 2016
This is one heck of a saw. Honestly I've never had another saw in this class to compare it to, but I doubt I'll ever have to. Everything about it screams quality! I've been using it for about 6 months now and it's performed flawlessly. I'd recommend it to anybody that wants a high quality cabinet saw.
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