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413 of 451 people found the following review helpful
on July 27, 2012
I purchased this book for my kindle and thought I was getting a great read. At first glance the quick summary offers the reader a glimpse into Lola's world of Angels and how they are supposed to help save the world with the help of their "clue", Emerson Baxter. (Emmy for short) When I first started reading I did not enjoy or like the way the author wrote but that was purely personal preference so I did NOT hold that against her and kept reading. As I continued reading Lola's theory's and ideas behind her Angels and her "Guardians", I enjoyed it immensely, however as I continued I realized her main character is the girl in school that you almost feel sorry for and then realize she is a back stabbing bit%$. She's a 15 year old girl who spent half the book complaining and crying and you just wanted to tell her yourself to grow the F@#% up. In addition to that she immediately fell in love with the main Angel Marcus, (still nothing crazy here) but Marcus completely ignored her and did not come across as feeling the same way until you read his version of the story (which was about 40% of the way through the book) and he just immediately falls in love with her at first glance, just like that. Eventually he tells her he loves her but he can't be with her because he already has a girlfriend, I get the emotions the Author was trying to get across but trust me it does NOT work, you end up feeling sorry for the girlfriend (who starts to get portrayed as a "bad" person/Angel) and you get mad at Emmy for being that girl who steals away boyfriends. Not only that but the book is about how Emmy is supposed to save the world and throughout most of the book it's her crying, UM HELLO BIGGER PICTURE HERE!!! Millions of lives are at stake, over oh the guy I like doesn't want to be with me let me cry for the next century. Sometimes she's wises up and she says "Ok I'm going to be an adult and realize I'm the key to saving the world and try not to screw everything up" and then she goes oh wait I'm in love with this Angel who I know has a girlfriend but I'm a home wrecker and ruins the entire thing AGAIN. Not only that but the Author tries to give Emmy a love interest and just when things start getting slightly more serious, she kills him off so as not to deal with the inevitable fight that would/should have happened.
I ended up hating the main character and wishing Marcus would wise up and just stay with his Girlfriend.
I haven't completed the book yet, I am 80% of the way through it and trust me just finishing it is going to be hard enough. I liked all of the Authors ideas on her Angels and Guardians but her writing did not do it justice. Right now I HATE the book and do not see myself enjoying it any more than I've already tried. The Main Characters are horrible and I ended up Hating them and what would have been a lovely story of Angels Saving the World.
I can't tell if I'm biased or not and I have also read the reviews about other readers raving about the book, which I don't know how they could when you put it up against a series such as Patricia Briggs or even Eileen Wilks. Even if you don't compare other series to this one, it's not worth purchasing it or reading it when there are so many other books out there with the same idea in mind and you wont end up hating the characters.
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on December 29, 2012
When I downloaded this book to my Kindle I was expecting a girl who was unsure but would step up and be ready to save the world. What I got was a girl who cried for more than half the book and it was mostly because she was in love with someone else's boyfriend. At the beginning I was slightly irritated with Emmy more due to the fact that she was like "I'm a loser and I'll be this way for all my life and poor pitiful me." That is the impression I received from her so I really wanted her to be the kind of character to shake it off and be a badass chick. That happened maybe three times when she would stand up for something other than her nonexistent relationship with Marcus. This was from her POV the first 40% of the book or so.
I will definitely admit to enjoying her version and explanation of Heaven and Hell. It was unique and intriguing along with all the rules that went along with it. However this and the Save the World mission seemed unimportant because Emmy was constantly focused on Marcus. Love at first sight and obsession followed soon after. This is when I started to like her character even less than I did to begin with. They are all supposed to find this map and the thing that everyone is focused on is her and Marcus. He has a girlfriend who is a warrior-esque Guardian and that seems to just not filter into her brain for reasons unknown. Not only that but Marcus is a character that is unlikable at the very beginning and through to the end. We get to see from his POV and he's just as stupid as she is.
I love you ever since I first saw you, but I made a promise to be with my girlfriend. So I still love you but I can't be with you; although I will gaze at you from afar and act like a jealous boyfriend. The author also makes Ameana seem like the "angel" of the group. She wasn't the most pleasant Guardian to be around but she made her seem like a major bitch which understandable seeing as how this girl she's supposed to protect is trying to steal her boyfriend. Also when Emmy seems to be getting over Marcus and there is another love interest involved she kills off the character. That would have been a good adventure and we readers could stop seeing her cry and whine over Marcus in almost every single page. I will say that there WERE times when Emmy would stand up for something and be total badass; however it mostly happened when it came to her feelings with Marcus. This was also a fast paced book. So fast that after she received her injuries we don't know what happened or if they healed. Like when she got punched and her eye was swollen shut, how in the hell did she hide this from her mother? Unexplained.
Basically this book was made to seem interesting and I don't understand all the five star reviews because it wasn't good. A whiny selfish lead character who is supposed to help save the world although all her focus is on a guy she loves within the first second of seeing him. Said guy is a manipulative unfocused indecisive ass who says one thing and means another; while lying to his team and withholding information. This book was 20% save the world the other 80% a book about a mopey girl with issues who has more important things to worry about than finding the map. I finished it and I didn't enjoy it all, I thought it would get better but no good came of it. If you buy this book instead of getting it for free like I did good luck to you; and don't forget that you can get a refund within a week I believe.
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21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on November 12, 2012
Emerson Baxter does not have the most auspicious of beginnings. The product of a rape, she is being raised by her single mother and doesn't know (or want to know) her father. She lives in New York City and attends the Livingston Academy on a partial scholarship. On a unexpected warm day in January, most of the school has decided to play hooky. Emerson and the boy/girl twin Japanese exchange students are the only ones in class. Getting a pass for the restroom, Emerson hears something from the janitor's closet. When she opens the door, she sees one of the people from the front office. He's mumbling to himself and keeps saying "They are coming for him" as he thrusts an index card into Emerson's hand and tells her to find him.

Then the unthinkable happens: shots ring out, Rio, the boy twin, covers her on the ground and Miku, the girl twin, begins to sing a melody so haunting that it hurts. When Rio finally lets up Emerson, she sees the bodies of three dead men. Rio and Miku drag Emmy from the school and outside to a waiting car. Once the drive to a nearby residence, she is startled when a boy appears before her very eyes who has wings. And Emerson's name is on the card.

Emmy finds out that these people aren't people, they're angels. Each has a specific gift which has to do with the way they each died. She also learns the story of souls, where they go, and how they get there. Supposedly, she is involved in all of this. She is supposed to have an object that will help them locate an angel named Julian that was cast to earth because of his love of a mortal woman. There is a bad angel, of course; and he and his followers will stop at nothing to capture this object and Julian as well.

An interesting idea, this book never completely took flight for me. The first and third sections are told from the female main character's point of view, the second from the view of Marcus, the head angel of the Guardians. So you know that Emmy is in love with Marcus, and he is experiencing a pull in her direction as well. Marcus has a girlfriend, so this causes some tension and confrontations.

The characters needed much more depth. I knew exactly who I was supposed to root for and who to like and who to not trust, but that didn't mean I liked any of them. Emerson is whiny, withholds information (which should just about never be the catalyst for a story) and she cries a lot. She can't decide if she's going to be a pushover or a screaming teen. Her interactions with Marcus, the angel who may/may not be her love interest, are immature and embarrassing. The frustration she feels because of this up to now unknown situation happening to her does not seem in sync with her personality. This is not to say that, when pushed so far, she would not finally stand up and shout; it's just that the execution seemed forced, especially when she would continue to waver between her two "personalities." Plus, even though Marcus has a girlfriend, Emmy demands a date with him. Who would do this?

As for Marcus, other than reading in his first person narrative that he felt drawn to Emmy, you would never know he had any feelings for her. So when she kisses him, it is entirely unexpected for two of us - Marcus and me, the reader. Where did that come from? Marcus certainly wasn't giving out any signals and Emmy didn't seem the type. Then he tells Emmy he loves her but can't be with her. What?

Funnily enough, the secondary characters seemed more developed and real than Emmy and Marcus. They pretty much acted the way I thought they should, given their stories. I think I cared about them more than the mains, especially Jay and Reese. They had good banter.

As is, this book sounds more like a teen girl's diary (I love you! I hate you!) than a meaningful story. There were also a few typos, but nothing life-threatening.

2.5 of 5 Stars (Based on Ink and Page's Rating System)

Genres: Young Adult Fiction Fantasy Angels
Ages: 14 and up
You might want to know: Mild language

Guardians: The Girl (Guardians #1) by Lola St. Vil was published January 9, 2012 by CreateSpace. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review.
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73 of 91 people found the following review helpful
on May 1, 2012
So I've been having an Angel detox for 3 months. I've read so many in the last year that I couldn't stomach much more God vs. Satan, Fallen Angels, White Angels, Good versus Evil Etc. I started one more, a traditionally published popular one at that, and I couldn't take it. Same old, same old. I had to put it away and start another paranormal genre.

So when I started Guardians I had middling expectations. However, what I read, even in the first few pages was the biggest shocking wow I've experienced in a long while. Guardians is an amazing read!

The story is complete in the following ways. There are great fun characters. There's a hormonally emotional teen girl at the centre. The gimmicks of snaps, ports, samson string, holders, and runners are well planned. The lore and dictionary of angel terms is so different and new to anything I've ever read. The dialogue is quick-witted and unique and the romance isn't anything I expected at all. This is a book that has been thoroughly planned, right down to the tiny intricate details and my hat goes off to Lola for it, she's written something exceptional.

At the end of Part 1, I absolutely felt my heart go out to Emmy. She's 15 and so obsessively in love. We all remember what that was like, right? I remember being completely nuts about a guy and I cycled for 2 miles to go past his house every night just to see if he was in! Hmm! Anyway!

Emmy can never have what she wants. And there's the twist. She doesn't get it entirely and her life becomes unbearable. The pure emotions that pour out of this girl are heart breaking and nothing can change what has happened. In addition, she's not only responsible for saving the world but a possible conduit to ending it also. Pressure!

At the end of Part 2, I wanted to wring the Guardian leader Marcus' neck for being such a dolt! Get your Rah back, I was shouting! Then you realise that his life isn't easy either. The others in his group are turning against him and the dangers and enemies are doubling, tripling around him, Emmy, and the Guardians to such intensity that...

Part Three just didn't stop. I literally turned page after page barely breathing. The action was electric and so fast paced it changed into a thriller at break-neck speed.

Lola, I really hope you can write the second book quickly because I feel like I'm standing in mid-air wondering what's going to happen next. Will the Guardians prevail? Will the evil turn on her Mum? Will they ...? Won't they...? Argh!!! See what I mean!

Guardians: The Girl astounded me. There's no comparison to anything I've read about angels before and if you like angel books such as Hush, Hush, Fallen or Halo then ... two words. READ IT!

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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on July 23, 2015
Lola St Vil books The Guardian and her Noru series made me feel like I found my place. I now have my Tic family to always be by my side. I adore every single one of them. Reading her books are like a rollercoaster but in the end its worth every pain and suffering and happiness and excitement. I found my one and only true book hubby in her books and I WONT share him with ANYONE!!!. Read her books, become a Tic, join the groups. You wont regret it.This isn't your typical angel books. IT IS WORTH BUYING From Sarah Akers
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on February 25, 2012
Words can't even describe my love for this book. It was beyond amazing. It was so original. I've never read an angel book like this. Every angel has a different power. Not only do they have wings but they get an awesome power too. That's just not fair. This is one of those book that you want to jump into. It was very hard to put down.

I really liked Emmy. She handles things pretty well. Sometimes she broke down but she's human what do you expect. At times she was a little desperate. That got kinda annoying. Marcus is amazing. I absolutely adore him. There was one thing that bothered me. He said he was going to stay with Ameana but by the end he wanted Emmy. I like Emmy better but I didn't like how it took the whole book for Marcus to make up his mind. Other then Marcus my two favorite guardians were Reese and Rio. Their powers were the best in my opinion. I didn't think we saw enough of Reese. Of course both my favorite characters might not have a big part in the sequel :(. Jay was awesome. I'm not really sure what his power was though. Ameana was incredibly annoying. I feel bad for her but she's a jerk. I loved Miku too. She was super sweet.

The storyline was fantastic. It had so many twists and turns. The excitement never stopped. Overall I love this book with all my heart. It has everything a book needs. Amazing characters and a fast paced plot. With that ending there better be a sequel. I might hurt someone if there isnt. Hopefully there will be and it won't take forever to come out. I highly recommend this. 5/5 Stars
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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on January 2, 2013
One star for the set up: The world of earth and angles, good and bad, with Omnis (god) and his self-made counterweight (Atourum), the House of Hell, the path of light and the bridge between, I found to be an interesting and creative set up for the plot (if not too simple). The author explains it carefully and concisely, without wasting valuable plot time.
The angels' individual "powers" are also interesting, like X-men they all do something different, sometimes it's cool, sometimes it's a bit cheesy.

Four stars down for the following:

1. Character: I'm sorry to say, but the main character, Emmerson or "Emmy" is just annoying. The other characters grew on me a little, but she did not. She's pathetically whiny, overly dramatic, jealous and obsessive. She's constantly "seething" and "welling up with rage" which causes you, as a reader, to roll you eyes and think how much you would like to B-slap her in the face. Emmy also has the ever-overly-done "oh boo hoo I'm so dull and unattractive, but wait let me describe my perfect features to you..." (why do all chick YA characters have this?)
This only gets worse as the book goes along and she is constantly vacillating between feeling like an ugly looser and getting upset when she isn't being constantly checked out by angles no less (Yes, I'm insecure about my looks and think I'm an ugly freak, yet super annoyed that these perfectly beautiful beings' eyes are aren't glued to my perfect ass at all times).

2. What? A love triangle in a YA book. Unheard of. Marcus is almost as annoying as Emmerson. He can't decide who he's in love with, he say's one thing but does another, lies to both girls... lies to everyone. He's supposedly out of his mind in love, and yet he has no will power to break up with his girlfriend or stop fooling around with Emmerson.

My question for the author is this: Why would I possibly care if a total prick and a whiny drama queen get together or not?

3. The editing and layout of this book is not terrible (I've seen worse), but it's not great either. StVil should have taken the time to learn how to format an ebook properly before publishing. The wandering indentations are particularly annoying as is the schizophrenic gaping between sentences. As far as paragraphs go ... well according to StVil they can start just about anywhere on the page.

4. Grammar mistakes galore, and I'm usually the type that doesn't even notice.

Overall: SiVil is a good writer (though she did not spend the amount of time editing she should have) and an adequate story teller. It is her characters that drove this book into the ground for me. They are as spineless as they are selfish, if the world was going to end, they would not be the ones to save it. They would be too busy looking in the mirror and sappily pining in puddles of selfish puppy love. I cannot recommend this book, I will not read the next one.

For more great Indie Book Reviews Check out:
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on June 5, 2013
I'll just spit it out now: the only character that I liked died. Everybody else drove me insane. Especially the main character.
Picture this: normal girl, gets pulled into a world of angels. Good idea? Of course. She meets haunted twins, a witty teenager, and a hot chick, Then Mr. I'm-so-cool comes in and she's immediately in love. This is when I began to doubt my decision to read this. She's always pining over him and wanting to kiss him and blah blah blah, then part two comes. He likes her too! But he's also dating the hot chick. Problem? Yes. Hot chick = jealous girlfriend. But hot chick is probably the most sensible of them all. And she gets punished for trying to make the main character back off. The main character is important in saving the world, which isn't in the least surprising. But a point comes when she is asked to do something vital and she says she only will do it if she gets to go on a date with the guy. I just. Ugh. If you hate drama, go back to scrolling through a list of books. Try something else. This is a good idea, but you will despise the main character. And when I despise main characters, I hate the book.
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17 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on April 27, 2012
Emmy could never have imagined that her world would spin out of control in a single day. That with the help of the Guardians (six unique angels) she would be the key to saving humanity. That's quite a tall order for a mere human girl but Emmy proves she is definitely up to the task. Of course, falling in love with Marcus (the leader of the Guardians) complicates matters immensely. Especially since Marcus is already taken and his girlfriend, Ameana, would just as soon smite Emmy as look at her. Through epic battles and bouts of forced normalcly Emmy bonds with this band of saviors and realizes an amazing inner strength. But is that strength enough to let Marcus go?

Marcus is on a mission and is fierce in his single minded determination. That is, until Emmy enters the picture. He is torn between his feelings and commitment to Ameana and his growing desire for Emmy. When the seer tells him that any involvement with Emmy will destroy the mission and humanity itself, he is forced to deny his true feelings. His strength is put to the test as he watches this beautiful human reveal her strength and passion.

Ms. Bliss doesn't normally cover the Young Adult reviews.... but let me tell you I am soooo glad I was asked to read The Guardians: The Girl! Ms. St.Vil puts a refreshing spin on the frequently overused Angel plot as her angels have a "core" or a power based on the way they died. Very ingenious! The plot is fast paced and well written with just the right balance of action, humor and romance. The characters all have depth and seamlessly draw you into their lives. This is an absolute Must Read!!!
Okay, Ms. St. Vil - We are ready for Book 2!!!

~Review by: Ms. Bliss from When Pen Met Paper
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on August 12, 2014
I am so surprised that this came up on my recommendations. This book was absolutely awful, and not worth the money. The main character, Emerson, was so immature and pathetic. She is moping over Marcus or whatever it is she is doing throughout the entire book even though A) he is dating someone else, and B) he will die because of her. She is told over and over again to let him go because it's not going to work out for various reasons. Then she goes through this cycle of yes I will let him go and then I can't let him go. It's so pathetic. By the end of the book, I could not stand either of them, because there was just so much back and forth. She is told that she is being pathetic, and she starts to take a half step forward, but then she runs a mile backwards. Honestly, I deleted this book off of my Kindle immediately after finishing it, which is something that I have never done before. I will most definitely not be reading the rest of the books, and the only thing I will be saying to my friends is how absolutely awful it was and how they shouldn't read it.
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