Customer Reviews: The Guide to Healthy Eating
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on June 11, 2010
Apparently, the other Reviewer didn't get the purpose of this book, which is "A question and answer" format for patients and others' most popular questions about modern health and how food really fits into the big picture of whole body medicine.

The advertisement even states, "This book 'answers your questions' about making healthy food choices and shopping for nutritional food. It will serve as 'a helpful tool to guide you' toward wholesome meal ideas for you and your family."

I have personally been a patient of Dr. Brownstein's, and I have literally cured Hashimotos Hypothyroid disease by his professional guidance and by reading his books. Dr. Brownstein is a leader in his field and unless you unplug from the mainstream idea of prescription pills and procedures as real medicine, you will never grasp the true meaning of what it means to be healthy.

I am Ivy League educated, and I have seen countless Dr.s who tell you there is nothing you can do, that pills are the best medicine (which is just not true), and they never once brought up food, other than casually. This book is for those who have similar questions in their quest for understanding healthy eating, and it was published for the benefit of many. We do put food into our bodies some three plus times a day; it may be a good time to see if what we are eating is actually good for us, or even making us sick.

In my opinion, this book is an excellent place to start if you are not quite sure where to begin, and the price is relatively small in comparison to filling a one month prescription bottle, paying a co-pay at a Dr's office (who will most certainly not take the time to address all of your questions), and it is definitely small compared to eating out one night and regrettably ordering precisely what makes you sick for $11.95 plus tip.

Knowledge is power, and Dr. Brownstein has successfully provided information for everyone in a number of his excellent books and videos. Buy this book if you need a solid place to start. Best wishes and Good Health to All who seek it!
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on August 8, 2013
This is nothing more informative than commonsense. I didn't pay $18 for simple-minded FAQs about elementary nutrition. I wanted to learn about Dr. Brownstein's unique nutritional approach to re-establishing health. I assumed this book on healthy eating would include at least some overview of his approach to better nutritional/vitamin/mineral intake as part of achieving a well-balanced eating plan, best sources from foods, where I'd need supplementation and best sources for those supplements. Q and A or text is irrelevant. There was ZILCH on the stuff he goes on and on about in infomercials or 'webinars' and in descriptions of his books. And there's no 'look inside' to forewarn me of its shortcomings.

One of Dr. B's big issues is widespread iodine deficiency. It's hard to get iodine in foods these days in the amounts he believes necessary for proper thyroid function...In here? Nothing on iodine, nothing informative or reflecting his unique approach to address this. That's in another $18 book he published. Or two!

Value gap: The 'book' text font is wide spaced to eat up lines and the lines are double spaced, so 222 pages here would reduce to something less than 100 traditional pages set in something like Times Roman font. (The font chosen is a light typeface and not easy to read for those with vision challenges, either.) That's not an $18 book, IMO, that's a beefy brochure. I can only assume all his other books feature the same waste of space.

Save your hard-earned money, here are the revelations within: eat local, organic and in season, eat whole foods, eat lots of different and richly colored fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods, avoid trans fats, eat 'healthy' fats and don't overeat. I kid you not. If you want to send me $18 for those insights, feel free.

I hope this will help you find a better guide that is more informative. Perhaps the other 'books' he offers will be more germane to his unique approach or your unique problem. But somehow, I doubt you'll get the whole story -- the rest will be in yet another book (as in his book on iodine deficiency and his sep. book on thyroid dysfunction and treatments). I won't spend a penny more on his 'books.' I'll just wander to my local Whole Foods.

I should add:
This was written, or rather ghost written, by a nutritionist, not Brownstein. He added his name as co-author but I found little I could attribute to him or his perspective.
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on January 31, 2013
I've long appreciated Dr. Brownstein as I have fine tuned different health
corrections through his different books. With his alternative wisdom and keen
concern for his patients, he truly helps us to get on the right track to getting
and keeping well. Because of him I realized that taking Armour Thyroid was good
to correct my hypothyroidism, but also that I needed iodine to further correct
the problems I still had with CFS symptoms (ugh, 16 years before I fully healed
from this). BUT, about this book, its pretty basic and its right on and so I
have to give it to my grandkids and friends who just need that basic information
to have better health. Its easier than going on and on explaining the worst
food habits out there and what to do to correct them. If you are just getting
started on this right track,this is a good book for you.
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on June 12, 2013
Loved the concise way that the information is written, double spaced larger font makes it a dream to read after a day at work on the computer,,,,,,,,,,,,,, easy on the eyes. Dr Brownstein clearly explains the differences in raw foods, whole foods, processed foods, hydrogenated foods, and what they really mean to you and your body, and your overall health. I have read dozens of "food, health, and nutrition" books, but this one is the best one that I have read so far, I would rate is as A MUST READ for everyone. He explains what the commercial foods are, and how they differ from real whole foods, he explains what it does to our bodies, ... he educates on how to decipher the labels, how to purchase, and how to eat to improve health, using food nutrition to reverse failing health. He provides specific resources on how and where to source healthy foods, nutrients and supplements. His explanation on iodine, hormones, thyroid, and how our diet effects cancers and overall health is truly enlightening. If you had to pick just one book on the subject of food and health, this IS THE ONE.
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on August 29, 2013
A well organized guide with nice photos. However there was little information in it that I didn't already know. Sorry I purchased it, but there is nothing wrong with the guide if one needs to know basics.
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on March 30, 2013
Thanks for writing this book. I will definitely be purchasing more in the series. Stay alert people! Read those labels. Get to know what they mean. Good luck.
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on November 19, 2014
This is a well written book that is easy to read and use regularly for reference. Unlike most books on the subject the information is organized well at technical enough that you know exactly what each food does and why you need to eat it. My wife is a cancer survivor and part of a scientific research study that requires a diet high in specific fruits and vegetables. This book follows many of the standards set by the cancer study so it is VERY helpful for us to use as a family to modify our eating habits for life.
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on October 11, 2013
Great book filled with so much knowledge. I constantly look in here and learn new stuff about foods that I thought were healthy and aren't as well as learning about the foods that are healthy and just what is so healthy about them.
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on April 5, 2013
You learn a lot from this book. It makes you see how to make better changes from the typical American diet and make your body more healthy and anti-cancer.
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on July 19, 2013
If you are looking for healthy eating, easy to follow tips, this book would be for you!
This is a easy read~
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