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on April 23, 2013
I was skeptical about the crystalline Gunnars thinking that they might be no more than clear lenses with fancy frames, but being an owner of traditional Gunnars (I wanted clear ones for day to day work that didn't have a yellow (warm) tint) I trusted that they would work as intended. And they do! Also, they look far more normal than my regular MLG Gunnars and a lot like my regular glasses that I wear when not wearing contacts.

Now, I'm no expert on eyewear and I have no idea what Gunnar is talking about on their website about all the fancy technology that goes into their glasses. All I know is that when I put them on - my eyes don't burn while I use my PC. And that's what I bought them for.

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on December 24, 2012
There seems to be allot of confusion about these glasses online. Everyone that is reviewing them seems to have no idea what these glasses are actually designed to do. They do multiple things simultaneously. Firstly, they reduce glare by allot. You can take them on and off and see the glare go away as you put them on. It's quite astonishing to see in person. Secondly they wrap around your eyes retaining moisture so your eyes don't dry out as quickly when you're wearing them. Normally my eyes would get red after about 4 hours of starring at a monitor. Then I'd have to go and put in eye drops. I can go for 8 hours strong and my eyes never get red or dry any more. Thirdly, now this is the most important aspect of this product. They refocus the light before it enters your eye. Yes, this is what regular glasses would do. But, first we need to point out something about how the human eyeball is designed by mother nature to work. Your eye is designed to see objects at an ideal distance of about 20 to 30 feet. Most people sit about a foot away from their monitors. Since this isn't how their eyes are supposed to work. They are slowly but surely destroying their vision. With these glasses. The light is refocused so it's as if the monitor was actually across the room. Even when it's just right there in front of you. They basically trick your eyes into seeing at the distance they were intended to see at. The first time I put them on I noticed immediately. Everything just looked closer and clearer. Definitely not a scam, definitely some legit engineering going on here. I just love them. My eyes feel wonderful when I wear them. If they give you head aches at first. That's perfectly normal. You just need to keep wearing them and your eyes will learn to adjust after a day or so. Just keep at it. Don't return them right away then write a 1 star review saying these things are junk and that they're some kind of a scam. They're not junk, it's not a scam. These are legit. My eyes love them and I love them. Worth every cent.
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on January 1, 2015
Wow, these are absolutely worth the money. Spending long hours, or practically all day, on the computer can really have a harsh effect on your eye endurance due to the artificial light. They make several different variations on Gunnar Optiks but i feel this is the best overall. A lot of the other ones feature an amber tinted lens and they recommend the "true color" lens for graphic designers. I would personally go for the true color either way simply to do away with any sort of color tinting.

The lenses do get dirty very easily. They gather finger prints amazingly quickly but its just as easy to run some hot water over them for a minute and carefully dry them with the included microfiber bag they come with. The glasses overall are very lightweight and aren't very noticeable. They also slightly magnify as you look through them, blowing the screen up just ever so slightly.

I personally tend to move them sporadically because I'm not used to any sort of arm resting on my ear.
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on January 19, 2014
I received these on December 12, 2013 and have been using them for a month and a week now with various sized glossy screens.

Why I picked these:
-No amber tint to skew my color
-I spend most of my waking hours looking at some sort of screen and have dry eyes, headaches, and migraines (quite possibly related to all that screen time).
-Not giant (I'm a 5'3" female with an accordingly small head--these are still a bit big on me but they're not terrible).

The build is VERY lightweight with a lot of flex in the frame. I store the glasses in a hardshell clam case so that they don't get smooshed. The frame lacks screws which I like--one less thing that might have to be fixed!
The lenses attract dust and smudges like crazy, so if you don't have a good cleaning cloth I'd recommend getting one.

Do they help?
Initially, wearing them actually gave me an insta-headache, but after a week of adjusting to them I now have a noticeable reduction in the amount of time I'm squinting at a screen through a headache. I'm not sure if that's a placebo effect or what but I'll take it!
The slight magnification annoyed me in the beginning but I've grown used to it. Overall I like them.
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on January 6, 2013
I bought these in hopes that it would help my eyes during hours of doing 3D modeling. They definitely do the job and I would recommend them to anyone in the digital arts industry.
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on May 12, 2016
I bought these glasses to relieve some eye fatigue. I like the frame design and the glasses are functional. However the lenses are unacceptably fragile. I've never dropped them, and always put them into the Gunnar case (which I also purchased). After using them very carefully for a couple months, the lenses have cracked on the edges to the point where they are unsafe to put near my eyes.

I emailed Gunnar support (via their direct website) asking if they offer repair services. Over a month later I still have not received a response of any kind. For nearly $100 with the case, I expect some level of customer service.

Unfortunately these will have to go in the trash.
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on September 17, 2015
I literally spend all day in front of a screen because I work in IT, I'm going to school for IT and I play video games in m
Sheadog, which is the style of the rims, are a slightly different story. They are soooooo light which sounds good, but they fly off my face rather easily because they don't really "rest" on the face. I had to tinkle once and almost lost them in a toilet because I looked down to flush, its that bad. BUT ALSO the lenses touch my lashes. My lashes aren't incredibly long. They are just average lashes, but because the rims fit the shape of my face that means the lenses are very close the the eye... did you know lashes are oily like hair? I didn't. Then I started wearing these. Now I have to curl my lashes and set them with mascara to keep them off the lenses. -_-' Overall thought they look great and they do what they where intended to do. Also they fit inside a standard hard-case.
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on January 18, 2015
See my review on the tinted version of these. Basically, Gunnar glasses are AWEOME and for me no doubt life-changing, and the yellow lens tint is a huge contributing factor to that - something I didn't realize until I tried these. Get them with the tint for best results!
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on February 11, 2015
My studies, job and gaming addition (did I mention I have a smartphone) requires me to be in front of a screen all the time and my eyes were tired from being in front of a screen all day. I read the reviews and decided to go for it and got the systane ultra eye drops from CVS (after reading awesome reviews at Amazon). Now my eyes don't hurt from looking at a screen all day.
They provide a slight magnification and far away objects appear blurred when using these. So I wear them only when I am sitting in front of a screen. These are very light and after a while, you kinda forget that these are there. Absolutely worth the price.
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on March 5, 2016
I am giving this item three stars because, while they didn't work for me, my granddad really liked them and finds them helpful. I have never worn glasses and have better than perfect vision. I experienced a recent bout of nasty migraine headaches and, in an attempt to find the cause, bought these to protect my eyes from the glare of my computer screen at work all day. They actually made my headaches worse because they have a magnification simiar to reading glasses. I tried them for a week but could never wear them for more than 5 minutes and was consistently squinting my eyes to see through them.

I regifted these to my grandfather, who wears contacts. He says they are a great help when worn on top of contacts, especially when he is trying to read his phone or laptop because of the magnification, similar to reading glasses.
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