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on February 10, 2012
I purchased the original h2o mop by thane 4 years ago. It seemed to work ok, but left water puddles. I would shut it off and push the mop around to absorb the puddles. Then a year into it, the screw that attaches the body to the floor rusted and broke. Of course the warranty was done. After 3 years they came out with the h2ox5 with adjustable steam controls. I decided to try it again. The mop came, I used it 4 times and on the 5 th time, the water poured out of the body of the mop. I called and they were nice enough to send a new body section of the mop but charged shipping. It arrived and I attached the bottom to it,then attempted to click in the handle. It did not fit. I called thane. They sent me another handle in just 7 to 14 days. The second one did not fit either. I called again, and by now a 3rd handle was on the way. Thane claimed there was a mix up in the model number on the body of the mop. I was frustrated and asked that I be able to return the mop. I was told no because by now, i was past the 30 day return policy. So, my only option now was to trust them to send mop handle number 4. Today I received handle number 4, and guess what, it still is not the right one. I called thane, they said the warehouse has been sending the wrong kidding.. I asked again to please let me end this frustration and return the mop. She said no, we can't do that but we can order you another handle. It will be free shipping in just 7 to 14 days. I asked if there was any other option. She said yes, you can cancel this order, but you may not return the mop. So I had no choice but to order handle number 5. I have had it with thane, and the mop. I will wait for the next 2 weeks for my 5th handle, and if it doesn't fit, it will go in the trash, and I will cut my losses. Then I will go buy a shark pocket mop at Costco where I can return it if it breaks. I feel that it is their fault the darn thing leaked and their incompetent warehouse workers have cost me 5 months of frustration for this piece of garbage. Please, don't waste your money with thane or the mop. You will be on the phone and never get a working mop.
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on January 20, 2012
I was super excited to get this mop, and spent the entire day trying it out. I have tile floors, and it didn't clean any better than a swiffer wet jet or a mop. The handheld attachments are a joke. I can clean my faucets much better with a toothbrush, and it didn't even touch the hardwater spots on my shower door. So far the only good use I have found for it is that it cleans baseboards pretty well. I don't know what they did in the commercial to make it appear to be the greatest mop ever, but I am highly disappointed with it.
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on April 3, 2012
The only reason I gave this one star is because it was packaged well and appealing with all of the attachments, etc. However, excited as I was to get to using this mop, it was a complete let down. I put everything together, and started with the kitchen floor. Seemed ok, but I had a feeling it was not sanitizing. It was puffing "steam" and making a lot of noise like it was doing the job. Next I tried steaming some clothes. Again, it did a good acting job, but barely dropped wrinkles out of shirts. Still wanting this thing to replace all of my cleaning products, chemicals, tools, etc., I gave it once last shot in the bathroom. Starting at the sink, it did just like the commercial (apparently) and took off that yellow ring around the drain. However, a simple wipe with a finger or a rag did the same thing. Finally, I tried to tackle the soap scum and discolorations in the shower. NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. I held that so-called steamer with the recommended attachment (and then without as well) over the grout lines, and drain, etc. until that reservoir was almost empty! You could not even tell that I had been there "cleaning"! Something was appeared the unit was steaming...but there is no way it could have been. I recalled how many times in the infomercial that they warned DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS (or other body parts) DIRECTLY INTO STREAM! Those warnings were also on the packaging and paperwork. Then it hit me, they did not give this warning to keep you from getting scalded! I innately stuck my hand directly into the stream of "steam". It was barely even warm. Short little blasts of lukewarm "steam". They don't want you to touch the stream because then you will know that this unit does not work. It does not sanitize. What a piece of JUNK! I had to return it; and, they made me PAY the return shipping!!! Last item I will ever order that has an info-mercial!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, EFFORTS, OR MONEY ON THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!!
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on February 16, 2012
The mop was very poorly made. It was hard to put it together. The handle snapped in two in the first 30 seconds of mopping. I have since purchased a hoover and a bissel steam mop. Both of these are much superior to this.
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on December 19, 2011
Don't buy this product. It leaves excess water on the floor. They do appear clean, but no cleaner than using a regular mop. The H2O mop is cumbersome to use and does not move well on the floor. I have to use both hands to partially lift it to pull it back. It hurts my back to use it and I don't have a bad back. Also, they DO NOT guarantee satisfaction. They REFUSE to take it back.
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on March 26, 2012
Stay away from this product. It is cheaply made and poorly designed. My unit only lasted 6 months before it was rendered totally useless. I actually bought some replacement parts which proved to be an additional waste of my money. Though the idea is a decent one, it is a lot easier just using a regular mop.
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on February 11, 2012
I just used my H20 x 5 for the first time. It cleans well but if you are an older person (I'll be 71) it kills your arms. I only did my bathroom and my kitchen floor which are good sized floors and they look good. But my arms are shaking. Very hard to push. There has got to be some kind of remedy for this problem. And if anyone knows of one please let me know. Kind of feel cheater.
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on June 11, 2012
Please do not be fooled by the reviews for this on the Thane Direct website. It seems brilliant but I bought one and have to say it was the biggest letdown. The mop handle is made out of plastic and when cleaning hard floors particularly vinyl the handle seems to bend under the weight of pushing it along the floor as there is quite alot of friction. As for the cleaning aspect, reading the reviews I was expecting some kind of miracle mop but my floor was no cleaner using this than it is when I use a bucket, mop and some flash. Also it advertises that it is very good at cleaning carpets (which was the main reason I bought it) and also shows a video on their website of it removing stains on a carpet. Well, I tried it on my carpet twice and it made no difference whatsoever, in fact, the two marks that I tried it on didn't shift but with a little bit of carpet cleaner and elbow grease were removed completely. It advertises as breathing new life into carpets but I found this to be untrue. I have returned the product to Thane as I was very disappointed with this product and had to pay £12.60 to send it back through the post, just for the pleasure of finding out that it doesn't do what it says on the tin. When I went on the Thane website to put on a review there was no point as at the bottom of the page it stated that only reviews beneficial to thane customers would be posted. Make your own minds up about that one but this review that I have written is honest.
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on March 24, 2012

Just got off the phone from "customer service";the supervisor told me tough luck!

After three uses the steam mop died. Why? They tell me I had put in the rug cleaning "stuff", 4 to 1, as directed, that they had included in the package into the MOP and that was the wrong thing to do.

They tell me I was not suppose to place it into the MOP to do the rugs. Yet Thane gave it to me to do that very thing IN THE PRO H20 MOP XP PRO PACKAGE I had received. The cleaner was in a bottle with a cap. It was not labeled as a detergent.

Why was it not mentioned not to use the stuff included in the package in the manual on page 10 with the rug cleaning information? That one should spray with the enclosed detergent on difficult spots.

Why was it not stipulated on the bottle that came with all of the parts and pieces of this MOP package that it was for spraying only not to be placed into the steam mop?

Why was there not a spray pump on the cleaner?

Why doesn't the tv demo show people spraying this stuff on their rugs? We are only shown happy folks gliding the mop over their rugs!

If this is an additional product to help their mop do a good job then it needs to be stipulated how it should be used. There was no mention anywhere just the label insuring me that it would help clean the rugs and that it was biodegradable. I did not know what the stuff was made of and how it was defined; it was not on the label. Additionally, there are cleaners on the market that are not detergents.

I knew not to use a detergent, it was mentioned in the owner's manual, and I thought this product came with the equipment and must be OK and they probably want me to continue purchasing it from them in the future.

So I suffer a Rip off! The equipment is ruined because of their faulty lack of detailed information. And I lose my $$$$. And the supervisor tells me there is no one else to talk to.
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on December 23, 2011
This mop is heaven sent. I am the type of person that used the Swiffer wet mop at least 3 times a week. I thought that my floor was clean, until I cleaned my floor with this mop. The pad ended up being really filthy and the swiffer pads never would. I used it everywhere. My stove is another miracle in itself. I have tried everything to clean my stove and nothing ever worked. I used the X5 with the wire brush on it on setting 4 and it came right up. It looks like a brand new stove. I cleaned it cleans everything. I even did my walls! It's also great for sanitizing my kids toys and my baby's highchair. Yes the handle does feel a little wobbly, but unless you are pushing or putting tons of pressure and strain on it, it will be just fine.
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