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on March 4, 2014
H2O wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses AT&T's network. This means it doesn't have its own infrastructure but buys these in volume from AT&T. You are using towers from AT&T but pays your bill to H2O. The cheaper price they are offering because of the bare bone customer support and also zero advertisement cost.

It should be noted that if you have good signal strength from AT&T, you will get good signal strength with H2O wireless. Some other reviews faults the lack of signal strength to H2O where in fact the reviewer probably just don't have good coverage for AT&T.

My review is based on $30 rechargeable card on an unlocked MOTO X. We dropped our $35 per month basic Sprint voice plan and switched to pay as you go since my wife isn't a heavy volume user. The number switching took one night and adding money into the system was painless. For MOTO X, which uses Android 4.4, you need manually setup an APN for data access. This step can be technically challenging for those not familiar with Android. Once completed, the data speed is 4G where I live (around Princeton, NJ). On the pay as you go plan, call is 5c per min, Text each cost 5c and data is $0.10 per MB. You get immediate feedback on the phone how much time is left and H2O also has an Android app which you can check balance and add additional time.

$30 is good for 90 days and when you buy additional time it adds on top (don't expire existing pay as you go balance as some other have suggested). For a light user, I found this to be a very cheap and reliable way to obtain cell access. If you have good general WIFI coverage and only occasionally use data, the $30 or $100 pay as you go is likely to get you much better mileage than comparable month plan.

I had to call technical support once at 10:30 and it was immediately answered. The associate had a distinct foreign ascent but was courteous and helpful. I had my question answered in about 5 minutes.
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on November 21, 2011
As another reviewer mentioned, the images are somewhat misleading, as there is little description about the item. I still have not managed to figure out (because have not been able to activate) whether these cards are for exclusive use with unlimited monthly plans or can be used with minute plans too.

My activation package did not arrive with any of the required numbers to activate. It took a long time to figure this out given that H2O's online activation system is obscure at best and doesn't provide any information about the various numbers they require to activate or where to find them.

I received an email informing me that activation had failed and requesting I call customer service. When I call I am compelled to go through the voice-recorded activation system all over again (no possibility of speaking with a customer service rep.) only for it to fail again, and to finally be "connected to a customer service representative". However, after that all I hear is silence - no music, no voice indicating I'm on hold - and after about 15 minutes of silence I generally give up. This has happened too many times - each more frustrating than the other - at this point. Unlike convenitonal voice-menus, there is no way to skip to customer service: even if you repeatedly get something wrong the automated voice will just continue to prompt you to try again indefinitely. This means that each time I call I have to go through the "activation process" again, entering the numbers I already know don't work, until I am informed that the activation failed and then connected to the static-space-limbo that exists between the automated system and an actual human being. And live chat only appears to be available between 12-8 EST.

I've had these cards for more than a week and still have not been able to activate them. This does not bode well for H2O - theirs is one of the worst customer services I have ever encountered.
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on March 1, 2012

I was tired of overpaying for contract cellular service, and decided to give these guys a try. It was about $10 for the sim, then the monthly fee. So far, it has worked quite well for us. Data is fine, phone is fine, text messaging is fine. As long as you aren't trying to watch NetFlix on your phone or something, for normal email and standard 3G data use, there are no issues. MMS messaging does not work (txt messaging does, but picture messaging doesn't) unless your iphone is jailbroken, and you jump through a few hoops. (they can give you detailed instructions on what to do, if this feature is important to you.)

The H20 Wirless service uses the ATT network, so as a result, even if your phone is locked and not jailbroken, it will still work for voice, data, and standard text. The competitor, SIMple mobile (or whatever they are called) uses the Tmobile network (and Tmobile 3G frequencies). So if your locked phone is TMobile, use them. If your locked phone is ATT, use H20. Either way, you will get a much better deal.

Yes, it takes a long time on hold to talk to someone. (online chat is faster). If you are just paying your bill however, or making basic changes, etc. That can all be done online. I'm willing to put up with a little hassle if I ever need to talk to these guys, in return for not owing my first born child to a contract cellular provider.

$50 a month for all you can eat Voice, Text/mms, + 250Mb data (fine for my wife, using maps, email, etc. not even close to using up her data allocation)
$60 a month for all you can eat Voice, Text/mms, + 1000Mb data (heavier users)

Basically, if you have WiFi at the home, and do your heavy downloading there, and use normal data for when out and about (maps, email, web, etc.) This great, and far cheaper than contract cellular rates.
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on April 20, 2016
It's a simple pay as you go SIM card. H2O wireless has several different packages to choose from. You can purchase just talk minutes or add as much data as you need. I purchased this for my gps tracker. I only have to pay $9.00 every three months for two hundred talk/ text minutes which is more than enough for my purposes. This is my second H2O card. The first one I had purchased nine months earlier. In that period of time they changed the way you activate the cards. It's a lot simpler now. I hope this review helps you out.
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on February 26, 2013
The SIM card was perfect for while I was home on vacation from Afghanistan, I didn't have to activate a new
account or anything. Simply pop the card in and go online to activate it and you are talking.
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on December 18, 2011
i bought a similar h20 sim card from best buy... bottomline: my h2o sim card works...

all you need is an unlocked cell phone... you can check their list of compatible phones... my phone was not listed but still worked... it's an lg shine... the card i purchased had 50 minutes of free credit at a rate of $0.14 a minute... upon activation, the card lasts for four months... after the expiration, the sim card, phone number, and unused credits are wiped out at which point you gotta buy another h2o sim card... but you can always refill before the expiration date and keep the same card and same phone number...

h2o is great if you wanna save money... and you use the minutes strictly for emergencies... i hear that the h2o service piggybacks on the cell towers of att... i've had no trouble with service with the exception of one occasion when there was a temporary 45-minute service disruption... i've only used their online chat customer service once... it took some time to connect to a rep, but in the end the rep was helpful...

i just bought my second universal h2o sim card for 10 bucks from best buy... sweet deal if you're a cheapskate like me... att has a minute plan going for $0.10 a minute, which is cheaper... but in the end, my previous fiasco with att deterred me from going down that road...
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on October 3, 2013
In one month, I almost do not call and text. H2O network is the best choice for me because I spend only 10$ for 3 months. And the signal cover is good as AT&T. Buying form amazon is good. It was cheap and came on time.
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on March 28, 2016
I needed a provider that could go with my unlocked phone and this was it. It runs under AT&T which was perfect for my area. I never had trouble with reception and I had an HTC phone will with this provider. The monthly plan had no contract so I could go a month without having to pay for my bill and not have to go under any penalty fees. My major gripe with the mainstream providers is how they are changing people an arm and a leg to provide the same exact service that an MVNO such as H2O would provide. I had the $30 monthly unlimited plan. I did not like that the megabytes which are only 500mb were so low. After you used up your data that was it. That was not such a big deal for me since I was always using the wifi wireless connection at home and rarely used the phone for internet options while I was out and about. The internet was slow at times. My brother also carried the same plan on his phone. The only thing I had a bit difficulty with was setting up the MMS settings manually but then I quickly figured it out as I went on google to get instructions. Whenever I called customer service was helpful.
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on October 31, 2011
This company is just dishonest IMHO. Claiming to be "unthrottled" and "unlimited" on their $60 a month plan, I took the bait and signed up. Thankfully I didn't port my main cell number as this was only to be a test. After activating my phone things looked pretty good until I went to download something small from the Android Market. Things came to almost a screeching halt. The first 30 seconds of the download went fairly quickly, then just stopped for about two minutes, started back up for a short time, stopped again for two minutes, and after about 10 minutes the download finished. The same download on my other phone took less than a minute. Thinking this might be a fluke I factory reset my phone and tried again. Same results. Surfing was working good though.

Then I went to a Youtube link. Again the same symptoms. A quick short 30 seconds of loading then nothing. What is interesting is that streaming audio works great. Surfing works good. But the second you attempt to download anything it stops.

That is BS and dishonest. H2O is throttling and blocking certain sites with claims of doing otherwise.

What a waste of money for the price of the SIM and the first month at $60.
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on February 7, 2016
Ported my number of Ptel to H2O
1. Search google for "transfer number h2O wireless"
2. Upate form
3. Wait for phone to lose service (they say up to 24 hours, happened in 2 hrs in my case)
4. Add minutes (or setup monthly plan)
5. Insert sim
6. Wait maybe 3-10 minutes for service to kick in

The biggest downside of pay-as-you go on every AT&T mvno and AT&T is the constant nag after every text message sent or received. You don't have this for the monthly plan. It is kinda terrible.
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