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on September 4, 2009
I am a registered nurse and case manager. My job is to detail and provide chronologies of patient information since patients usually do not. I have reviewed many such products and have created my own version for family members. I recommend everyone keep a health journal whether they have a chronic illness or simply have routine doctor appointments. Keeping a journal is the easiest way to gather this information for your physician when needed.

This journal is chock full of good information such as the effect that your diet or the weather might have on your condition. There is a section in the back for your past medical history to include childhood illnesses, any injuries you may have suffered, past surgeries, etc. You can also keep track on your vaccinations, blood type, allergies and other important information. Another great feature is the name, address, and phone number section for all of your healthcare providers.

The problem I find with this journal is that it leans toward a more tracking a specific illness or condition. For example it would be fantastic for determining what makes pain worse or better with migraines or fibromyalgia. It would be great for tracking congestive heart failure daily weights, blood pressure, edema, etc. It is also great for recording those odd symptoms when someone cannot determine the diagnosis. I work primarily with workers compensation patients. The typical injury and treatment last about 3-6 months. Tracking the treatment for an injury received on the job would be great.

For an overall health journal for the average healthy individual, I feel it is lacking. The general population should keep up with surgeries, lab work, injuries and illnesses and have a place to record the outcomes and file the physical reports. This journal is not made for that. There is a clear pocket in the very back which would help make this meet the needs of more people. It is a nice addition.

The book is spiral and allows you to write more easily. The spaces are small if you have large handwriting or a lot of information to track. If you journal daily, this book will last about three months. The size is great for your purse or small bag.

An additional space to record doctor's appointments is needed. I am surprised to find that the journal lacks a calendar or physician recommendations.

Overall I think the HealthMinder Personal Fitness Journal feels a niche market particularly for those individuals with a single chronic health condition. I would highly recommend to those patients and plan to do just that!
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on July 2, 2014
This is my second HealthMinder Personal Wellness Journal. I have a number of chronic health conditions and I'm appealing a denial for disability, so it helps to keep daily track of my symptoms, location and type of pain, medications taken, vitamins and supplements taken, food and drink ingested, and so forth to hopefully help myself, my doctors, and my attorney. I really like this journal.

Part One - Getting Started has an introduction, tips for using your HealthMinder, and symptoms glossary. Part Two - Daily Record of Conditions & Habits has journal pages for 95 days. Part Three - Additional Health Records has personal medical history, medical tests, insurance and pharmacies, healthcare providers, purchase record, notes and questions, reference calendar, and other journals and reorder form. At the end of the journal is a vinyl utility pocket that you can put records or whatever in.

This is a very well-thought out, organized, and thorough journal. In the daily record of conditions and habits, each day is spread over two pages.

The first page has a space for the date, day, today's weather (hi/low/and conditions;) AM/PM for: weight, temperature, blood pressure, and sugar level. Also included is: hours slept last night (number of hours, sound or restless;) naps taken today (how many, total hours;) drugs/medications (AM/PM, quantity, description, strength;) vitamins/herbs (AM/PM, quantity, description, strength;) physical activity (activity, hours/min;) pain/discomfort/skin changes to be marked on a figure of a man front and back (I put x's where I have pain and symptoms on the figure;) a pain scale to note next to the figure of where you marked pain and symptoms (1-2 mild, 3-5 moderate, 6-8 intense, 9-10 severe;) and In general today I felt: good/fair/poor.

The second page has today's conditions and symptoms where you explain your conditions or symptoms in the following areas: ears/eyes/nose, mouth/throat, head/neck/back, shoulders/arms/hands, chest/heart, respiratory system, digestive system, hips/legs/feet, male/female organs, skin, mood, and other. There's also a section that you record what you eat, drink, and anything else you monitor intake of (fat, calories, sodium, sugar, protein, etc;) breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and you can total up whatever it is you are monitoring in column A and column B. There is also a comments section for you to mention anything else.

I get good use out of daily monitoring my health, and I am so glad I found this journal to make it easy. I thought I was just going to have to write stuff down in a notebook, but this has everything that I need in an easy to use and easy to see (for tracking) format. I highly recommend this journal for anyone that needs to keep track of their health for any reason. Good luck, and thank you for reading my review.
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on January 18, 2010
Home caregivers can keep excellent track of changing physical and medical conditions with this 3-month journal to record DAILY DETAILED info about health, diet, drugs, physical activity, etc. The size is right at 5x8 inches with 5/8 inch thickness, but many users would benefit from a 6 or 12-month journal and more pages to record medical tests. There are no pages to record visits by medical professionals or doctor visits which is a big part of home caregiving. You would have to combine with other products on the market like "My Medical History" by Potter Style (Random House).
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on December 8, 2011
Before I purchased this journal, I wanted to know exactly what was on each page. I found exactly what I was looking for. I have been ordering these for over 6 or more years. I have kept every single one of them filed away. Every day, I post in my journal the medication I take, any symptoms I might have, my blood pressure, weight, how many hours I slept, what I ate at each meal and how I felt for the day. These entries have helped me many times to figure out what caused my flare ups or may warn me of what I should do next to help me with my diseases. My memory is terrible so it helps me know exactly what meds I took and what time. I cannot live without it each day. I recommend this to anyone who has a serious illness and has to keep up with medications and has a poor memory. I don't know what I would do if Amazon stops selling them.
Ann Galant
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on February 26, 2013
I like the whole concept of this book. I can keep track of medications, how I'm feeling broken down to body parts. I wish though, that there was a lot more space for detailed journal keeping..If I had a reaction to a food for instance, there isn't enough room to write that. The book lacks a LOT of space to note many various eaten per day, reactions to medications or foods..I'd like to be able to note what is in each, so I can track tracking ...So...I like the concept, but only 2 pages per day without enough space, I give it just 3 stars.
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on July 22, 2013
Love this product. Makes keeping track of symptoms, activity, meds, weather, etc. simple. I use a three color highlighting system to indicate 5 levels of pain on the anatomical map for each day. I've had enormous peace of mind and able to backtrack and discern patterns, cause and effect, etc. as well as use it to report to my physician over the years. Fibromyalgics and other chronic symptom conditions will benefit from it. Couldn't do without it!
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on October 12, 2009
As a clinical nutritionist-naturopath, its sometimes frustrating when clients can't remember their symptoms. This journal gives you the opportunity to accurately track what's happening in your body, what you're eating, etc, so you can accurately keep your practitioner informed about your symptoms.

The HealthMinder people sent me a free copy to review this journal, and I'm impressed. It will be great to use for the clients who have difficulty remembering the symptoms they've experienced.
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on February 15, 2016
This is organized well and may be the best of its kind, but the spaces are too small. Spaces provided for meals and for symptoms in different parts of the body are to small to write everything, in particular. This problem would be solved if they just made this in a full size 8-1/2" x 11" binder.
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on January 22, 2016
My doctor recommended this for me. I was hesitant, but am glad I purchased it. It's as all encompassing as can be. A very helpful journal. I would like maybe a little more comment space for my notes; but overall, I'm really glad I purchased this and would highly recommend it for keeping track of your health.
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on December 22, 2014
I have been suffering from a number of chronic conditions for years and this product has really helped me keep track of my symptoms and pinpoint triggers. I will say that I often don't feel up to writing and/or forget to, but I use it in conjunction with a symptom tracking app. I record symptoms in the app and later copy them into the book. I make copies for my doctors.
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