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on March 5, 2015
Ok i tried posting a review and it got erased so i'm gonna have to word this differently. This band is awesome,it is a "supergroup" of sorts consisting of Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul,Mudvayne's Chad Gray on vocals with Greg Tribbett on guitar & Nothingface's Tom Maxwell and Jerry Montano. The album is a heavy piece of metal and it,in my opinion is their best album. The drums are wicked heavy,double bass kicks and sonic assault of the skins. Two heavy guitars going back & forth creating some sick riffs and amazing solos,the album has nice heavy bass. Nice audible chunky bass. Now to the songs(i can't name em or my review will get erased) track #1 is just so wicked & fast-paced it is a great intro to a wicked album with heavy guitar riffs and sonic drums. Track 2 You Wouldn't Know starts off slow then unloads the heaviness and does not let up. Track 3 Matter of Time is a great heavy bass thick song with stop-start guitars and drums. Track 4 Waging War is awesome,super fast vocals and super fast guitar&drums. Track 5 Alcohaulin' is a kinda radio ballad but it is smooth and heavy. Track 6 is heavy it picks the album right back up with wicked drums & bass. The screams are wicked,Chad's vocals are excellent on this album. Track 7 In the Mood is mellow but still great,a nice instrumental. Track 8 is Star which is another mellow-ish song with excellent guitar and vocals. Track 9 Rotten to the Core is another fast paced break-neck drum and bass song. Track 10 Thank You is the best song on the album,it is so personal and speaks about the loss of family membets and the loss of Dime. Track 11 Nausea is another super fast song with intense drumming and guitars. The final track 12 is One Thing which is a perfect closer,and if you get the special edition with the bonus track Alcohaulin' acoustic. The album is actually my favorite of their's because there is so much intensity on it and it is perfectly done. The guitars,bass and drums as well as vox are spot on. I am personally a fan of each members respective bands but i think Chad's vocals are better here than the new Mudvayne. I think if your a fan of any of the 3 bands or metal in general you should not pass this album up.This is the best they have to offer,their followup Stampede is good too but the best part is it has a dvd of a live show with pretty much all of the first album live. Great performance by the bass player Jerry you can clearly hear it is nice and heavy,Vinnie has slammed on this album and the guitars are amazing. I suggest you pick it up.
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on February 12, 2014
When I first read about this team up the first thing I said was HellYeah!!!! So glad Vinnie Paul got behind the drum set again. And so glad it was with these guys. Been a huge Mudvanye fan for a while so this was awesome! And the other guys big fan of Nothingface and the deadlights. But the rockstar in the band is Vinnie Paul. Pantera is one of my favorite bands of all time their just a legendary metal band. And I really liked the damage plan stuff too. Well the album is what you expect it all sounds like all their bands throw together but in a good way with a little bit of surprises. The album reminds me of pant era and mudvanye mixed with a sort of southern metal or sort of a Black Label Society vibe. You can tell the band is more relaxed and just having fun with guitar solos throw in and mixed with some of a kinda country or southern vibe. Vey cool metal album. Especially if you in for a night of drinking, having fun, playing cards, or hanging out at a ruff biker bar then throw this album on and rock out!!!!
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on June 16, 2016
This is their debut album and is in my opinion awesome!!!! This is an awesome album from front to back and does not have a bad song on it. You can tell that there are many emotions being released through song as Chad Gray is very explicit and open about his experiences in life and tells his stories through his music. The song "Thank You" was written about his late grandmother and is a very heart felt song that i can relate to having lost loved ones myself. Hellyeah does not have a bad song at all and as i expected this was a great album. They have many party songs on here such as "Hell of a time" which relates to the average working man. This album is full of many songs that i can relate to and i absolutely love it. It is hard, heavy, fat and explicit and then there are a fewer softer songs as well. I am a true fan of Hellyeah and love everything they do. If you have not heard them before and are into metal you should seriously considering giving the band a listen, i can promise you that you will not be disappointed and the best place to get their music is right here on amazon as many other places censor discs which i cant stand, great music!!!!!!
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on August 23, 2007
Got this CD the week it came out and had to go to Jerkit Siti to find it because Best Buy was out and I couldn't wait for Amazon delivery (I had to have it right then!!!).

Love the 1st track. Really like the 2nd track. Like the 3rd track. The rest of the album is for playing while I'm driving or otherwise preoccupied, much like I treat most other music (like a soundtrack for life so to speak, the background noise and NOT in the foreground). Most CD's I get have 2-3 songs that I really like and as for the others, eh, I've got 'em if I want to hear 'em. My guess is that most people are the same way and the only people who expect to love the entire album are under the control of some pink starfish with a magic radio somewhere that tells you what to say and do (ahem, Patrick cut that crap out).

It seems as though many people writing reviews here want to have the perfect album with all the tracks being potential favorites. Well; that's not how it works.

Artists are remembered for their shining moments (ie Back in Black, Paranoid, Led Zep IV, Metallica's Black Album, Blizzard of Oz, etc). Everything an artist does is not going to be the greatest thing ever put into whatever artistic media they choose. Da Vinci wasn't known for everything he did, only a few of his projects. Elvis didn't become "The King" 1st time around. "The Fab Four" didn't emerge until the Beatles were well into their career. Stephen King writes great stories and writes some real stinkers as well. So give these other guys a break!!!

No this isn't the greatest album ever and I didn't expect it to be. But seeing Vinnie Paul go through the crap of actually going to the studio and record an album is a BIG, BIG accomplishment. The guy told Guitar World that he would never recover from the loss of his brother, but he's still trying to do right by the fans and all you folks want to bitch about it! Well kiss my hillbilly a**!!! Dimebag lived for the fans and being on the road constantly is a pain in the butt, but he was there to the bitter end literally. I mean if you asked Dimebag how he wanted to go out, I'm bet'n it would be with his ax in hand but not with a bunch of fans having to watch. I'm also sure he wouldn't want his big brother to stay out of music; so here we are today. No more Dimebag, but alot of people he inspired to try and do the right thing in his memory and for the fans of metal that have so much passion.

All these guys in Hellyeah got together because they love music and wanted to work with Big Vin. The Abbott brothers were usually bigger than whatever group of musicians they associated themselves with, so how could you blame anyone for wanting to work with Vinnie Paul (the guy's a legend!!!). So if you don't like their music go find something else to complain about, there's plenty out there.
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on September 26, 2012
Five crazy guys come together just to rock us. They impressed me by their style and meaningful lyrics. At least give them a try if you like Pantera (Vinnie), Mudvayne and those types of bands you will be pleasantly surprised.
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on November 8, 2013
I am not generally a huge fan of super groups, but I remember when this band was announced, I was just so happy that Vinnie was back in music and was still holding out that there would be some continuity to Pantera. I was also becoming a huge Mudvayne fan. i wasn't sure what could go wrong. I am not so sure that this album is the realization of any of those hopes for the band, but that doesn't mean that it is a bad album. All of the band of members claim that they didn't want to sound like their previous bands and that they made a new sound for the purpose of the band and wanted to make something new. i am not sure how accurate that is, but I will say that it is the hardest album in their catalog. Sure there are plenty of cookie cutter type of guitar riffs and song structures, but the band doesn't really seem to be striving for much more than that. This is basic by the book metal, but with a lot of attitude. The singles Hell Yeah and You Wouldn't Know are the most cookie cutter of the lot, but Matter of Time and GodDamn both show Vinnie and co at their best. There are also two slower songs worth mentioning, Alcoholin' Ass and Thank You. Both are among the better songs on the album. Subsequent albums tried to be harder or more Pantera like, but if you are only going to buy one album, this is the best and where you should start. Just don't get your hopes up too high as it doesn't even begin to touch the heights of Pantera or Mudvayne. It also is a little sad that all members seem reluctant to rejoin their previous band, with Mudvayne seemingly on an endless hiatus, and Vinnie squashing all rumors of a Patnera reunion. I have to say that while I love Vinnie and Chad, Greg and Bob really are generic string men, and the low tuned southern guitars seems more like schtick than innovation. My advice would be to download the songs that are worth the money to you and skip the rest.
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VINE VOICEon April 12, 2007
PREDICTION: Every single person who hates Hellyeah will use a play on words to mess up their name (i.e., Hellno). Huge fans will cuss a lot whilst describing how "f*cking badda*s" they are. I think I'm gonna end up being right on this one too.

I like every member of Hellyeah to a certain degree, Vinnie Paul and Chad Grey are the two that piqued my interest the most however. Chad has a great voice in my opinion, whether he's screaming or singing, he uses his voice tastefully most of the time. As good as he is though, Hellyeah plays as more of Mudvayne throw-aways (except with a lot better drumming). Three songs, Alcohaulin' Ass, Star, and Thank You are the only departures from the Mudvayne-esque riffage the rest of the CD sports. I like Mudvayne a lot, I don't care about other people's opinions on them, but I was hoping for a lot more with Chad being paired with some highly influential musicians.

Hellyeah is a great opening track with a huge, sing-along chorus that I ask you not to be singing to yourself after you hear it. You Wouldn't Know and Waging War are the first signs of weakness. The vocals aren't great, the lyrics aren't great, and even the music is lacking. Matter Of Time rebounds nicely with a reminder as to why Vinnie Paul is so highly regarded. Alcohaulin' Ass is the first huge departure for Chad and he proves himself tenfold. Defintely reminescent of days gone by. Goddamn is extremely cheesey but is catchy enough to warrant a few listens thanks to the chorus. In The Mood, the only instrumental track featured, is a perfect lead-in to one of the CDs best tracks, Star. Star is just one of those all-around great songs. Thank You has all the potential in the world to be overly corny and unwanted but ends up being another standout. Rotten To The Core, Nausea, and One Thing are all songs that can be passed over. None have a really redeeming quality to them and none are particularly noteworthy.

My favorite songs are Hellyeah, Matter Of Time, Alcohaulin' Ass, Star, and Thank You. Supergroups seem to popping up every couple minutes and for the most part I tend to just not pay attention to them. With a lineup as good as Hellyeah's though, it's hard not to get sucked into the hype. I do recommend this CD, just know what you're getting yourself into. Even if you despise Hellyeah and all they stand for, one thing can be agreed upon without question, seeing Vinnie Paul making music again is a great thing to see.
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If I heard this CD without knowing who it was, I would say it sounds like a cross between Mudvayne and Pantera. I disagree with people who think its different from either band as both the Mudvayne and Pantera styles are obvious. I have yet to listen to nothing face so I won't make reference to their style.

The CD is mostly fast paced with a couple slower songs. Even the slower songs are good but have a different mood than the rest of the CD. The band is appropriately named because the song HELLYEAH is by far one of the best songs made.

Don't buy this CD if you're expecting Pantera or Mudvayne. Buy this CD if you can appreciate both styles blended perfectly into 11 songs (not counting in the mood).
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on May 10, 2014
'Hellyeah, Matter Of Time, Goddamn, Star and One Thing are my favorite tracks from this album but they all suffer one particular thing which I dislike just like the rest of the album, too repetitive! Chad repeats probably the same chorus more than 5 times in each song on the album, it gets tiring after awhile. The album is what you expect, bad mouthing, heavy riffing songs but too repetitive.

Despite that, the album clocks in at 44 minutes. It would have been less without the repetition. All in all, a good first album but forgettable after a few listens and annoying.
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on October 26, 2013
Band of Brothers is far better. I would buy "You wouldn't know" and "Matter of Time" separately and leave the rest alone. I love Hellyeah. They put on a killer show, you must go see if they come to your town, or state.
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