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on October 31, 2013
In their attempt to make the application of the protector "fool proof" the manufacturer has confused things more than they should have. The real blame lies in the small instruction sheet desiged to be language-free. If it were bigger with clearer illustrations, it would be much simpler.

However, having said that, once you get the hang of it, the protectors go on smoothly with minimal bubbles if you're careful. It's nice to have a thick cardboard slider and a cloth that's safe to work out any bubbles that do form. Stays in place, perfectly sized, and pretty durable after weeks of use.
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on December 26, 2012
I picked Hori screen protector over the others, because I have heard good things about Hori products. After putting numerous screen protectors on other various screens, I was honestly stunned when I saw the different tabs on the screen protector. There were yellow tabs that reminded of yellow sticky notes on them, and other tabs with numbers to help users know the order in which to remove the film.

I will agree with the other reviewers by saying don't use the yellow screen cleaner that comes with the product. It left flakes on the screen when I used it, so I needed to use another lintless cloth to clean up after it.

When I laid down the first film, I realized that I put had put it on slightly crooked. I was able to remove the film, and reapply it without any difficulties. I was able to remove all of the air bubbles with very little difficulties.

* good quality film that should last.
* easy to get trapped air bubbles out of.

* yellow cleaning pad leaves behind flakes.
* a lot of tabs, which can make the application a little intimidating.

The film is good quality, but I wish they would they would have provided a better screen cleaner. I would buy this product again.
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on December 12, 2012
Having a 3DS XL I noticed a minor design flaw in the construction. If dirt gets on the raised edge around the bottom screen, the pressure of being in a pocket can cause scratches on the top screen. I purchased these screen protectors after I noticed the first couple scratches.

The screen protectors are super easy to install, and much better than screen protects of even a year ago. The installation process makes it very simple to install and is designed to help prevent the normal specks of dirt that can get on normal screen protectors during installation.

Once installed you can't even tell they're on unless you looks closely. They fill the entire screen right up to the edges and leave only a very tiny gap around the edges.
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on January 9, 2014
A bit pricey, but these protectors work. I love the detailed instructions and how it's a 3-part application. At least, it's a good idea... it didn't work out that way for me. More on that later.

I bought these mostly due to namebrand recognition. I don't know what you'd get from this product compared to others aside from the special way to apply them.

They fit practically perfectly over each screen. It is not difficult to tell which protector goes to what screen.

I ordered two of these. With the first one, I didn't read the instructions carefully enough to fully understand what was going on with the side stickers and how they REALLY wanted you to do it.

These are flexible, and kind of rigid. These are not your rubbery kind of screen protectors that are super-flexible and could create drag due to friction.

Make sure your system is off when you apply these protectors so you can see air bubbles, lint, hair, and dust.


The top screen protector applied OK. I did have to remove it and reapply it though to make sure it wasn't crooked.

The bottom one, I was more careful with but I got screwed by random lint/dog hair that had fallen on the screen in the time between I cleaned it and applied the first protector. I didn't notice until after the fact... DANG... but I didn't despair. However, since the one side of the protector is moderately sticky, I had no way of cleaning it... until I remembered to try to just wash it in the sink.

I have had some screen protectors tell you to make them wet to reduce bubbles and to clean them before application... it actually worked with this screen protector as well and I'd imagine with any others. Don't be shy. Don't use soap. I washed one protector twice to reapply.


"WAIT... get it wet??? Won't it get in my DS?!" ***Shake off the excess water*** then start to apply it to the screen. Have a soft cloth ready to squeeze out any water bubbles and collect the excess moisture that comes out the sides.

Again, shake off excess water. You don't want the screen to be swimming. Lots of water beads are OK and will help you apply the screen so don't shake too much. Sorry, I know it's contextual, but I used what common sense I had leftover when I said I would use water to apply this to an electronic device.

Initially, you may see some fogging or minor bits of water under the screen, but after a couple of days it will "cure" and go away.


This time I read much more carefully and tried to follow the instructions... I still messed up by applying both protectors somewhat crooked so I had to reapply.

I ended up just washing both and applying again. Easy-peasy.


I saw some poor reviewer mention the blue filter on the bottom screen protector and how it was bad because it made the screen blue. There are 3 layers to these protectors... The bottom layer exposes the sticky side to apply the protector, the top layer takes off what is probably used to help you do the normal install.
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on October 14, 2015
Wow, amazing. The perfectionist in me had decided to finally peel off my poorly-applied 3DS (XL) screen protectors and try again—and I'm glad I did.

Initially I was really put off by these, of course. They seemed very needlessly complicated, with all these little plastic tabs hanging off. (I think there were four tabs in all?) I sat with the instructions for a long time, baffled. Finally, still uncertain, I decided to get started. I used a little screen-cleaning solution with the included cloth (I don't think the cloth would have been effective on its own, as it is kind of dry and papery and definitely not microfiber).

The first "tab" you remove just gives you a temporary "sticky spot" so you can carefully align the screen protector and hold it in place. From here, everything is very clever and painless: you remove the backing from the screen protector *from underneath*, ensuring a perfect and relatively dust- and hair-free application. As with pretty much all screen protectors, there's still the final painstaking step of "scraping" errant air pockets and "bubbles" away, but the screen protector itself has a temporary protective film on it, promising that you won't scuff it up during this all-important last step. Voila! Finished.

Having skimmed the reviews before writing my own, I realize I must not be as meticulous as some of you, because the actual process of applying both screen protectors took me about three minutes. That said, I think "speed" worked in my favor here, and I worked fast enough to not trap any dust. The end result is virtually invisible, and I'm very pleased.

I'm a little bit of a HORI fangirl because their products are so consistently well-designed and high-quality, but I never expected such thoughtful design from a pair of *screen protectors*. Again, a really nice product; glad I splurged.
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on June 1, 2013
Hori is amazing. This screen protector is incredible easy to install perfectly because of the way it is designed. It is a must-have for anyone who plays a 3DS because it feels excellent and takes a few minutes to install perfectly.
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on December 20, 2013
I've applied screen protectors to many phones and portable game devices and this was the easiest. It came out super clear and smooth. Normally I dread the whole process and would often buy two sets since the first try will usually fail. But the HORI method of application is pretty smart, but you still need to be well informed and prepared:

1. Get several good lint cloths. The lint 'paper' that comes with the set is not that great.

2. Go to the HORI youtube site and watch the application video (/watch?v=yDuENdnHjm0). Even though the video is for the normal 3DS, the method is the same for the 3DS. Ignore the instructions on the back of the packaging because they are are misleading: the numbers in the diagram are NOT really step by step instructions but labels for the accompanying text. Also give the inside instructions a good read. You may also want to test placing the protector over the screen to get a feel of the process and positioning.

3. To minimize dust in the air, do the process in the bathroom. Run (or take) a hot shower to steam up the room and that will minimize the dust floating in the air.

4. Clean the screens very well. And I mean really well. You may want to switch cloths on occasion to avoid re-applying old dust back onto the screen. I must have taken 10 minutes to clean the screens. The top screen is glass and is super easy to clean. The bottom touch screen seems to have a plastic layer, which loves to attract dust/fibers (nintendo, time to switch to away from plastic resistive screens from the palm pilot era and use glass capacities screens), and a damn surrounding bezel, which loves to hoard dust/fibers. Chances are, you may never fully get rid of all the junk from the edge of the bottom screen, but it's ok since the protector is slightly smaller than the screen and will leave a tiny gap. I would clean the screen right before application. You should also give the screen protector a quick wipe in case there is any dust clinging to the outside of it.

5. Then just do it! The piece of cardboard that comes with the set is also too weak. I suggest using a credit card but wrapping a lint cloth over it to prevent scratching.

On the HORI youtube channel, you can find videos for the 3DS LL, which is the Japanese version of the XL. Note that there are TWO videos for the LL and each has a different application method. The one I got involves pulling the bottom protective film out from one side. Apparently, there is another method where the protective film is split in the middle and you have to pull it out from one side and then the other side. I don't know which method is better but I suspect the split-method is only available in Japan.
One side method: /watch?v=jzVBgRH_NwY (what I got)
Split method: /watch?v=StV4XefYmFU
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on February 11, 2014
I have been installing screen protectors on my gadgets since 2007 (seven years to date) and this is by FAR the best product I have used.

1. The application is unbelievably easy
2. The screen protector is perfectly clear and you can't tell it's there (not all protectors are like this)
3. Very affordable

Back when I was using Zagg covers they include a tiny spritz bottle of water. I have since bought a tiny spray bottle from Target/Walmart that shoots a VERY fine mist and this definitely helps with dust. I used that same principle when laying this screen protector on, but this has the absolute best design of ANY SCREEN PROTECTOR!

It has sticky tape on the corners so once you align the cover it will be held into place. You then pull a piece of plastic at the bottom that was covering the sticky side of the cover. Slowly the sticky screen cover is stuck to your device and you finish by peeling the cover off the screen cover.

Any dust? Use a piece of magic tape to peel up the screen cover, and use a NEW piece of tape to stick to the dust. Do not touch the screen protector with your finger. Just hold it up using the first piece of tape.

This worked for me PERFECTLY!!! THANK YOU HORI!!! I will forever buy your products!!!!
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on March 25, 2014
I've never found myself wanting to review an item on Amazon... but this item really surprised me. I wanted screen protectors for my new Zelda 3DS XL but I wasn't looking forward to applying them because I've had a bad history of putting them on by myself.

I received these in the mail last week along with my 3DS and put them to the side as I was delaying the inevitable.

I mustered up enough bravery and motivation to give these a try. I was a bit intimidated at first when i opened the package... there's quite a few more steps than I am use to seeing. (plus the Japanese writing didn't help). But I figured out what I needed to do and attempted the touch screen protector first... peeled the last layer back and inspected... SUCCESS! only a tiny air bubble that I was able to get rid of.. it looked perfect!. But can I do it twice in a row?

Cleaned the top screen of smudges/lint and began to apply the 2nd sticker. This time when I went to pull the last layer back... I had a freak-out moment.. I thought I peeled everything off!!!! But when I inspected closely, it was still on there.. just that it was near INVISIBLE... had I not seen the air bubble I left I would have definitely thought that I peeled everything back and ruined it..

Both screens applied like a dream. The small air bubbles I left were easily removed. Never have I been so successful at applying screen protectors. If I can apply these without failure... so can anyone else!!!
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on March 8, 2014
I ordered the Hori screen protectors as soon as I got my 3DS XL as I had the Hori protectors for my DS Lite and still to this day have not had a problem with them.

This is not the case with these however.

First off my set arrived in a bubble mailer envelope from Amazon in which the lovely USPS decided to fold and bend every which way. That one is on Amazon not Hori though.

After getting the product as flat as possible I finally opened it up and got my screens as clean as possible.

First off the top screen application has a severe design flaw as the #4 sticker will damage the screen protector when removing it. After application there is dust and air bubbles that were not there during the application that appear. The same can be said for the bottom screen as well. I can only theorize that somehow the place they are making these screen protectors is not a clean room.

All in all I spent around 45 minutes for application and attempts to try to minimize the flaws. Now I must also add that I work for a retailer and I apply Zagg Invisibleshields on a more than daily basis the only time I have ever had a problem with one of those is user error, which is rare and which can be easily fixed.

So I am going to invest in a set of Zagg's screen protectors in the near future and hopefully have none of the issues I have currently.
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