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on July 7, 2014
This laptop is a steal at this price,lightning fast CPU,it has the new 2014 amd a8 quad core CPU and graphics ! It has a great picture,great for watching HD content,vibrant bright web browsing,downloads web pages super fast.plays Netflix and YouTube videos great,no buffering at all. Windows 8.1 is a little tricky to operate,it is a little bit different than windows 8. I called HP tech support and they walked me through the 8.1 operating system,HP tech support has been great,very friendly and patient,they will answer any questions you have.highly recommend this HP laptop!
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on July 31, 2014
Ok, first off the computer is lightning fast, can run DAY Z which is a hard game to run :) YAY. Over 60 FPS on Minecraft using Fancy Graphics I used to get 20-30 fps :) The hard drive we all know we will never use all of it up so good thing for that. This steal gets 5 stars :)Plus this computer has a fast CPU which is very good for computers today. Most people cant play 4k video quality videos can they? Well this one can, if you like to skype or make vlogs for youtube you have a excellent webcam to use. Also this computer has a HDMI port and 3 USB ports. If you had to get any computer this would be it! Plus with the percentage off this is a steal!

-Josh R
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on September 7, 2014
If you're wondering where they skimped in order to get the price to this point, wonder no more – it's the display. I haven't seen a display with these types of contrast, color temperature, viewing angle, and color depth issues in probably 6 or 7 years. Now, you might consider this nitpicking at this price point. But, when you consider that it makes nearly all text difficult to read, it should probably weigh more heavily into your decision-making.

Light colors don't render correctly at all, and are much paler and grayer than what you would see on any other display. It's as if the LCD pixels have trouble stopping the LED backlight from bleeding through. Text appears particularly washed out and difficult to read, since the anti-aliasing pixels all but vanish. The color temperature is also way off. You can mess with the color temperature, but it will go from blue tinged, to ugly yellowish, to slightly red. In fact, you can change the color and display settings all you want, but you will never find a good balance. You will gain something in one place but lose a lot more somewhere else. Don't even think about using this laptop for any color-sensitive work.

Don't let the WLED specification fool you. Every CCFL display I've used in the past five years has looked better than this display. I also suspect that the WLED refresh rate is fairly low, and this has been known to induce headaches and discomfort in some people. Note that this is separate from the LCD refresh rate and rarely quoted in specs.

Add all these problems to a very narrow and low optimum viewing angle, and the already well known Windows 8 font rendering issues, and you have a laptop that feels like a real chore to use.

Maybe I got a bad example. Maybe HP uses a couple different vendors to supply the screens. I don't know. It surprises me that no one else has brought up this point. I've connected the laptop to several other external displays and they all look fine. So, the core problem is almost assuredly with the display panel and not a driver/hardware/software issue. I imagine if I complained about the quality, I'd just end up without the laptop for a couple weeks and they would tell me that they checked it and everything was in spec.

Bottom line is, if you are used to the much higher end displays used on phones, tablets, monitors, tvs, and more expensive laptops, this display will probably be an unpleasant surprise.
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on August 27, 2014
Great laptop for a great price. Did my research and this is the best laptop for the money by far!!!! Super fast and I've experienced very little lag. Highly recommended.
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on August 13, 2014
I bought this laptop about a week ago and its been running great its super fast it can run pretty demanding games like Minecraft,No more room in hell,Roblox Etc ITS NOT A GAMING LAPTOP. One complaint that i do have is that the battery does die pretty quick it is only a 3 cell battery and it will only last on a full charge around 3 hours.
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on August 12, 2014
Has a restocking fee becareful if you open and want to return. 4gb is kinda small to have many tabs open on chrome so i suggest firefox or maybe ie. Battery isn't too good since its a 3 cell but its an affordable laptop that gets the job done so its okay.
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on August 5, 2014
I've only been using this computer for about a week, so will update later, but at this time I have no complaints. I bought this to replace my 17.3" HP laptop with a broken screen. For the price, it's plenty fast (I was concerned that the processor was not an i3), has a large HD, a DVD drive (this was important to me as so many inexpensive laptops leave that out to lower the price). number pad and an OK feel to the keyboard. I am not a fan of Windows 8 but am already getting used to it. Screen resolution is decent and I like the fact this computer is much lighter than my old, larger HP.
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on February 5, 2015
First off, this computer was not purchased from Amazon or its affiliates. This laptop was purchased from Best Buy online on a sale, new not refurbished. However, this is a review of the item at hand, not the seller. This is probably the absolute WORST money I have ever spent. I was wanting to stick to a dell, as that is what I had before (although it was 10 years old before it gave up), and still worked fine and fast for what I do up until that day. This HP laptop is probably the slowest computer I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. The first few days it worked fine, but now it is extremely slow, always updating, always freezing, and constantly needing to restart from "errors".
Things to keep in mind about my experience: This is not a gaming laptop or anything of the sort. This is my work computer, purchased on my own, and mainly looks at web pages, and spreadsheets while playing music from iTunes in the background on occasion. This computer does not visit un-trusted sites, or view "questionable" material. This is strictly for work material to look up specifications on non-video webpages. However, even with the quad-core processor, it cannot even handle the most medial task without constantly freezing, running slow, and not responding.
PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT RISK THIS PURCHASE!!! While there are a lot of good reviews of this unit, there are other bad ones with the exact same problems as mine, so unless you feel like gambling with $400+, I would go for the sure thing and purchase a better unit to begin with.
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on November 22, 2014
This HP-15 is a great value and strong low cost design. Works perfectly. Was N.I.B. from Best Buy overstock re-seller. Tech specs very strong for a $350.00 product. Touchpad BUTTONS *way* too stiff. Use single and double finger tap for most L & R clicks.

Main down side is that single RAM slot expands to only 8GB in future and there is NO-Access Door in case! Requires finicky dis-assembly to upgrade RAM on underside of the M.Board . Ugh.

Higher cost touch screen models of HP-15 have that access door & upgrade to 16GB max. with 2 Slots (Goobers.)
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on September 24, 2014
Very good computer for the money it is fast, runs Windows 8.1 very well. Has built in video and audio with cd-rom burner and reader. Uses an AMD A8 processor excellent for this price.
This can be a business computer or for home use.
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