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on December 21, 2012
We have had this new printer for about a month now. Have read many reviews about how much ink it uses. This is true. But .... there is a way to work around this. Click on the icon on your computer (we have Windows 7), there you can go to the "settings" and change them. Unless we are planning on printing photos ( I have another high end Epson printer that I usually use for my photography), we set the preferences for plain paper, and click on "advance" settings and then select "grayscale", "black only". The printer will then print only using black ink, and at the draft setting. With the draft setting, one goes through very little ink, when used for just printing text, or something that you don't plan on needing high quality. I did this with our old printer, and a XL (extra capacity) cartridge lasted us a year when used to print a few pages a day. If you need high quality, this printer puts out some nice results, just make sure you have it set for the correct paper you are using (VERY IMPORTANT for picture quality), and either "medium" print quality, or "best". If you plan on using "aftermarket" or refurbished cartridges, you MUST make sure they are not only the correct # (564 standard, or XL), but that they say "NEW GENERATION" also. If not, they will not work in this printer (haven't found an answer for that one yet). So far, everything is working as designed, and hopefully, this new HP will work at well as my old one that I bought almost 14 years ago (photosmart 1100). It's nice to be able to fax, scan, and copy, all from 1 unit. Hope this helps those who were concerned about the high ink usage reviews, which as I stated, is true if you plan on using it mainly for quality photos, but will be an "ink miser", if you use the draft setting for text or low quality B&W photo prints (like when I do a brake job on one of our vehicles. and want a pic of each side so that I can put them back together properly, and then no longer need the pic).
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on May 16, 2013
I really wanted this printer to be ideal. It has so many features I need and use in a printer on a daily basis. Soon after getting this printer, I started having difficulties. No real problems, just things that make this printer not optimum for my use.
It drinks ink cartridges, rapidly. I print a fair amount of photos and text. I had to change ink cartridges on my old HP printer every three to four weeks. On the Photosmart 7520 I must change cartridges every 7-10 days. The cartridge ink level indicator is a fuzzy hint at a line. From what I can tell, one should change the cartridge when print quality declines. More often than not if I change one cartridge, it is not the one that should be changed. I end up changing all of the color cartridges routinely, even though there is still some ink in the cartridge. I have never seen an indicator or warning telling me that such and such a cartridge is low.
I print many 5 x 7 photos. When I remove the SD card and place it in the slot, it will show the photos on the card, starting with photo #1. If I want to print photo #463, I must swipe through 462 photos before I can tell it to print the proper photo. I can bypass this by going through the computer although a simple option on setup could make it more user friendly.
HP service is poor. I have called several times to get information about the printer and functions. I always get a someone with an Indian accent and barely understandable speach. They are friendly but difficult to understand. I am always asked if my problem has been solved. When I reply that the problem has not been solved, the person sounds disappointed and begins telling me that my problem can not be fixed and that it is only a problem to me, not to anyone else. Therefore my problem is not a problem.
I have difficulty with the wireless. It does not print from an iPhone. I am unable to use the quick forms, dream works, HP crafts or Google calendar, even though I have wireless and the printer is connected to my computer. The touch screen is slow to respond and often I will touch one icon, only to get an entirely different function than what I wanted.
I have been an HP fan for many, many years. For me, it is time to start looking for a different brand.
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on September 23, 2012
My last 2 printers were HP.

The one I am replacing had a print head go bad (After 3.5 years) after I put brand new full ink into my HP C6380. Ink is expensive for these HP printers. So I bought the newest model 7520 HP printer with the exact same ink that I had already opened. Figured, at least I would not waste $89 in ink.

Why did I put new ink into a bad printer you may ask? Well I went to the HP web site and followed the trouble shooting for the error code I was getting. You have to love the HP trouble shooting, they say open new ink and put it in the printer as part of the efforts when the real issue was that the "print head" is broken. The good news is you can order a print head for about $26 on Amazon, of course school papers can't wait for it to be shipped so I got this unit at staples.

Just went for the only model available with the exact same ink since I had $89+ in ink ready to go. Plus this printer has the exact same print head as my old C6380. The first thing I did was put the new print head in my old printer and it solved the problem, this proves the print head was bad. So now I can order one and have a new back up printer as my old back up printer long ago ran out of ink and I don't think that type of ink is available any more.

Anyway, here is why I took one star. This new printer forces me to use the starter print cartridges that came with it. You ask me this is major fail. I mean this is the sole reason I got this printer so I can use the $89 in ink I already had open, before it dries up. If I wanted to waste $89 in ink I would have choosen another product. Ink used to be ink, I never heard of starter cartridges required to even use a new printer. This is fine if you are going to a new ink, but as a replacement forget it. Anyway, I am just trying to store the ink so it will not dry up before I need it.

Ok, so what is new from my old HP C6380. Well this unit has FAX which I have not set up and used. it has a new sheet feeder. Good for large documents. It prints just as well as the old unit, using same ink and print head so quality is about equal.

As for networking, I always had tons of problems with my old HP C6380. First they did not have any drives available with Windows 7 was in Beta, and so I was without a printer on my primary PC for months. And when the drivers came out the old HP C6380 always had one network issue after another. This product continues a few of them for example starting you out with a dynamic IP address instead of static one. At least this product had a utility to update the IP address, so that is an improvement. Knowing the past issues however, I went straight to a static IP. Other advantages in this area is print by email, so if the printer has networking issues family can still print till I get home to solve network issues. It also has a new feature called Wireless Connect. So I have set up a back up for when the network is not playing nice.

So far I have printed from every PC as well as from my Samsung Galaxy S3 with positive results. The unit wakes up faster than my old unit, and prints faster too. I like how the paper is enclosed, might keep the keeps from grabbing so much scrap paper from the new paper.

The interface is not like a touch screen, gone is all the buttons. The controls are just as easy to control. But a new feature is all the applications. You can subscribe to get cartoon, recipes, coloring pages, kids activities etc... Have not tried them all, but the kids only button will print out a new activity each day allowing you to use up more ink then you ever did before. From their view it is a great idea, but if like me you watch the ink most apps will be useless. Personally I wish they did not waste so much screen space for these applications. The screen is larger than my iPod, and looks about the size of my S3. It is interesting, makes me wonder what can be done in the future. But for now this means ample space for controls etc...

On the side of the large screen are 3 permanent controls for home, back and help. Not all the controls in the sub menus (of the settings) look as nice as the top menu's, just gray bars. But it is easy to use and do things like change the printers IP address. A lot of the most used menu stuff does look good with large icons for the devices, or places you want a file to go. Also, viewing and printing from the printer is better than ever with the large screen. Not only can you preview but it is easy to edit simple things like crop, contrast, etc..

As for the scanning, it was a web scan interface, it has a button to scan on the printer and an icon. I cannot get the desktop scan icon to work, says device not found. Will need to work on that. I found the scan feature of the printer is the best. Scan to file, scan to USB, scan to camera memory etc... But I liked the scan to email feature the best. As half the time, I am scanning to sent to someone anyway, so this way all I have to do if forward it. I found this to be my favorite improvement.

Anyway, this is a deep printer with more controls than ever, in time I may try some other. But for now I got the important stuff up and running. I do like how I now have multiple ways to do stuff. PC based, printer based, web based, or on my Android. I can pick and choose how I wish to work. After having 3 HP printers, things have come a long way since my old HP 930 that was nothing but a dedicated printer. The HP C6380 moved things forward by being my first all in one unit, a unit that almost never jammed paper unlike my old 930. Since the innards look very similar, I expect this to almost never jam as well, although it does add a new duplex feature that hangs off the back side of the 7520.

The 7520 brings a ton of new features forward, it will take weeks for me to test a lot of these features as I did limited testing to save ink, but this new 7520 makes it easier then ever to print and provides many, many more ways to print. But the all the new feature in this unit should meet my college student wife, and multiple children's various printer needs well into the future.
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on November 27, 2012
I was very disappointed in my experience, because this printer seemed to have a nice combination of features and price. I really wish it had worked.

When I received this product, it was dead on arrival. The product continually displayed "Paper Jam" errors, during its setup. This, even when no paper or paper fragments were in the printer or duplexer.

I suspect the problem is caused by the cheap plastic duplexer that mates poorly with the rear of the printer. Technical support was also unable to resolve or diganose the problem.

Between trying to get this printer working, and then trying to return it, I wasted about 5 hours of my day. The customer service for HP direct (where I purchased it) is horrendous. If you buy this thing, buy from someone else.

If you do make the mistake of buying from them, use the live chat buried on their web site. After 3 hours, and multiple phone transfers, I hung up the phone without ever reaching someone who could help me return the defective printer.

At that point, I was prepared to eat the cost of the printer, rather than suffer further frustration. Instead, I made a last ditch effort with live chat, which took another 40 minutes, but was ultimately successful.

This is an update to my initial review, which IMO contained too many capital letters :)
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on January 22, 2013
I have had the printer for only a couple of weeks. Purchased from Best Buy. Printer came fully assembled (I have had to put together some printers). This is a very well thought out printer. All the way from the packaging to the software installed on the printer and on the computer. The packaging for the printer had a big plastic bag with handles so that you can use the handles to pull it out of the box along with the two styrofoam sides (you don't have to grapple with holding the box down while trying to get a grip on something so that you can pull out the printer that's embedded in the styrofoam sides. Set up was very easy. It took about 10 minutes. Came with a software CD and automatic wireless setup. You don't have to enter your WiFi key manually. If you register for hpeprint, you can print out emails or attach items to an email and send it to your personal hpeprint email address and it will print it. It is also smart enough to know to print out just the attachment if you send it a blank email with an attachment. You don't even have to have the software on your PC. For, e.g., if you don't have Word on your computer, you can still attach the word file to an email, send it to the printer and the printer will print the file for you! I can't comment on the color quality or photo prints because I have not used it yet. Although the test page it printed out in color looked fine. Not sure about the longevity of the printer cartridges either. This is more of a initial impression review. Printer is well built, very easy to use, very quiet and fully functional. You can also send it print jobs from your phone, tablet, etc. It also has fax and scanning. Although I have set it up to receive faxes, I have not actually tried faxing anything to it yet. Haven't tried the scanning either but I assume it will work fine. Will try to update this review at a later date. For now, I would recommend spending an extra $50 from the base $100 models to buy this printer.
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on December 3, 2013
Printer 1 - original purchase:

Had about 6 months of great use out of it. No complaints during that time. Then mysteriously it started flashing a blue screen with an error code that you could ONLY see if you capture it happening on video and all of the lights would flash.

Tech support was terrible. They had me give them the dates, models, and serial numbers on every cartridge in the system and the print head - as well as the printer serial number. Took over 2 hours over two days to troubleshoot with entry level support. They repeated everything on their website (why do they have a website?) and wanted you to do it again now for them, just in case.

They did a hard-reset and declared victory. Less than 2 minutes after hanging up, the error came up again. This time we captured it on video.

After about 2.5 hours combined "troubleshooting time" they finally gave up and send a refurbished replacement.

Printer #2

Another 44 minute call with HP and Printer #2 arrives - refurbished but guaranteed for 90 days.- they even sped up the shipping Finally going to get printing / scanning back again! Not so fast. The refurbished unit has an alignment problem with the printer display - use of the keyboard letters for typing email addresses or network passwords is impossible. Every screen touch is about 3/4 inch from where you indicate - there is no online adjustment - and the last row containing the backspace key is not even reachable because of the issue. HP still tries to talk us into keeping it as is - says you don't need the keyboard that often. Yeah, right.

Printer #3

Printer #3 has no alignment issues and goes on the network just fine! Up and running in 5 minutes. Not so fast. Now we're back to the error we started with or something similar. Haven't gotten a high-speed capture of the screen yet, so I have no idea if the Hex code on the blue screen will be the same one - but the result is the same. All lights flashing, with just "Printer Error" on the screen.

Other fun facts:

Each printer comes with its OWN setup cartridges. They will not work with any other (not even another printers set of setup cartridges). I now have multiple likely useless sets of cartridges.

Each time they ship a printer there is collateral on your credit card. Everything needs to be unpacked, reassembled and the old one shipped out.

HP quality control is obviously not quality and not controlled. Any test bench that tried to leave the printers connected overnight would have been able to find the issues with 2/3 of these printers -they never survived more than an hour without the error.. Any test process that required keying of any text to test the display / input would have caught the other.

Now we are trying to decide what to do - go for magic printer #4? This is obviously some sort of device/firmware issue in the HP product that the support organization as of yet is utterly helpless to resolve. We could nearly have purchased another printer just with our sunk time investment at this point.

Just think, if you get a Photosmart 7520, one of these printers may be your warranty refurbished replacement!
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on June 6, 2013
I purchased an HP Photosmart 7520 in February. I had it professionally installed. I have had nothing but problems and now can't get it to do anything except make noise and give me bad messages. It jams constantly and makes a ton of noise. Now it keeps telling me there is a paper jam when there isn't and it will not scan or do anything. I am throwing it away. Prior to this purchase, I had a Dell All In One Printer that worked perfectly for about 7 years. This HP should be banned.
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on June 27, 2013
Cartridge in the box was missing. Hp should get medal for crappiness of their customer service. After I bought new cartridges it did not work anyway and tossed this whole junk in garbage. If you have heart problem, DO NOT call HP customer service.

Update- I gave another try with new set of cartridges and it did not work. A true piece of junk. No more HP product. I was very impressed with HP at one point, but that era has ended. Sad!
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on April 7, 2013
We've struggled with this printer for 5 months, and today we finally gave up. This printer sometimes prints the same thing twice, sometimes not at all, sometimes prints only colors and not black, etc. It consumes a ridiculous amount of expensive ink, and with all the misprints, the cost adds up FAST! I strongly suggest you don't fall into the same trap we did. I used to like and trust HP printers, but this one is a real piece of junk.
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on March 10, 2013
About the HP Photosmart 7520 - The black replacement cartridge I installed forced an error which required me to visit HP's website on "cleaning the printhead" which was easy enough to find. Followed the directions, re-installed the cartridges and it printed exactly nine pages before the ink faded to nothing.

I switched to Canon printers about seven years ago, and decided to try HP again to see if their products had improved. Not only are they not improved, they appear to be setting the bar for "worst printer maker in the world". Sorry HP, this was your last shot at my business, and Canon will be getting it from now on.
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