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on August 19, 2013
Awesome laptop once you know how Google products work in order to get the most out of this computer. I also like how quickly it boots up. It is also a perfect device for users who like cloud services. After researching this computer online, I found that Google Docs can be saved as a Word doc, can be used "offline", and I found all the necessary steps to reboot in case there is a problem with the OS, how to 'clean' the computer if necessary, and steps on how to add your own screensaver. There is a 'Get Started' app which takes the user through many important features for beginners. The keyboard feel as comfortable and easy on the fingers as my Windows PC. I love that updates are in the background so I would not have to be kicked out like in Windows based OS. I also like that security is built-in so that I don't have to purchase anti-virus/spyware/malware or set up nightly or weekly updates. The laptop is very light and I have no problems with brightness and the colors are vivid when watching movies. I have used my USB stick which houses all my Word docs and have had no problems accessing those files. I would definitely recommend this for those tired of Windows based OS!
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on October 17, 2013
I got this to replace a Samsung chromebook that was dropped.
I love the larger and brighter screen. It is much easier to read than the Samsung. It is a good weight too. Not to heavy.
It comes on very fast and I can browse the internet with speed!
It works with a chrome printer just fine and printer setup was a breeze!
I am very happy with this computer!
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on December 3, 2013
i had heard about chrome books but i decided to buy one for my parents after their 7 year old windows laptop gave out. Since all they do was check email and watch videos online i gave it a shot since it was fairly cheap. Best decision i every made. the chrome browser is exactly the same as the windows one so that didn't need explaining also its light weight and since its a chrome operating system and not windows, its very hard to get a virus on it (just like a mac)

Pros:cheap, easy to use, fast start up time(around 5 seconds), 720p hdmi out, light weight

cons: only 16gb of storage, very small battery, flash is buggy sometimes but tolerable, no programs (no skype,firefox,ect)

overall: i would highly recommend this for anyone just looking for a laptop to surf the web and nothing else.i also recommend buying a SD card to expand storage because this does have a SD card slot.but i would only buy this around $250. $300 is a bit high for me because of the weak processor and lack of a hard drive. I really wish i could install chrome os on my old laptop because it uses very little resources unlike windows.

tips: if you usually use skype your can use google hangouts to video chat!. if you use office, you can use google docs(might take some time to learn the new format) but its almost as good! and its free.
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on November 14, 2013
Lets just say that when it comes to do anything a computer does this Chromebook does it. First of all if your looking to put Photoshop or any other CPU intensive program this is not the laptop for you. There is no CD drive. It only has USB ports and HDMI port. I have always used Windows and Windows is great but as I figured out real quick this Chromebook can do all of that it.

Google whole basis for this is something called "cloud computing." Nothing is downloaded to your hard drive. Instead it all goes to your Google Drive. If you need something you need you can download an "app". Google Docs is the the Microsoft equivalent of Office. And its available online or offline. It does take some getting use to. You can save pictures, videos, musics etc to Google Drive. Everything you do is done on Google Chrome. For some people doing everything in a web browser is unheard of.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this Chromebook is that the fact there is no software at all needed for it. No CD's or anything just open it and you can get started. One thing to note is that you must have internet for it. Your not completely limited if you don't but to get the most out this Chromebook you need internet. I am always on the go and have internet so this isn't a problem for me.

As far as looks go I like it. The screen may not be HD but its big enough and honestly why do you need an HD screen on a laptop anyways? It is fast. Does not lag no matter what I do. Watch Netflix or go on YouTube. There is slight "hum" but that's about it. You can even put it in your lap and does not get too hot. It also has a camera in the front and its of pretty good quality. Battery life is amazing. The keyboard is nice. Sound is LOUD. Best part of all it turns on in under 10 seconds. No other computer or laptop on the market can do that.

Overall this Chromebook is meant for the person who is just looking to do easy things such typing documents or suffering the web. You can't do anything graphic intense as this Chromebook is not meant for that. Remember this is meant for your average person. Not for your gamer (that's what a game console is meant for) or photo editor. Just remember this is what the future is.
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on November 2, 2013
I had done my research for months prior to buying this Chromebook. I like the 14 inch screen and 4g ram. I have gotten adequately enough acquainted to finish my latest book using Google Docs.
There were times when I had to use my desktop simply for research, copy, and paste functions. Nonetheless I actually plan to buy another one fairly soon (probably an 11 incher) just because it travels well and boots fast!
The rest of the family still struggles with the desktop 'wait time' while I can check my emails and be off my Chromebook within a minute!
I like that Google lived up to its promise and gave me 2 years' of storage (100 g). Thank you!
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on October 3, 2013
Beautiful machine that is fast as lightning, I can't believe how rugged this feels compared to the smaller chromebooks. This machine is built to last with quality construction and a sturdy keyboard, it's not a cheap product at all. The functions perform flawlessly and can run numerous apps at once with zero lag, ZERO!!! The drawback is no optical drive, but I purchased through HP a USB multi drive and now the system is totally dialed in. I Love It! I can do any office app through Google office and I couldnt be happier.
Thanks HP for continuing to make kick ass products. I am a loyal HP fan for life. 2nd HP computer purchase this year and they just keep getting better! Good Job and great engineering!! Keep it up.
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on October 26, 2013
I will probably never buy another Windows machine. It is lightweight, boots fast, and battery is good. Love the screen size, it is just right. Net books are not for me. I wish it had a lighted keyboard and it doesn't play well with printers. I was going to order a cloud printer, but instead I used my old lap top with a busted screen and set it up as a print server to run with the lid closed using Google cloud print. Problem solved. Never have to worry about a virus and my stuff is synced into chrome. The free online storage plan is awesome. Google nails it again. Works great with chrome cast.
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on January 4, 2014
This is great for what it is. There's no disc drive so you can't install software and google has a moat around it (like apple) but if you can use google docs and use your computer to surf the web- it's great. It took me awhile to learn the new system, but it's not that tough. I use it to stream videos from Amazon and the picture is fine. I have a MacBook Pro at work, and it certainly doesn't compare to that but neither does the price. My MacBook Pro is over $1,000 and this was about $300! For 90% of all that I use it for- it's perfectly fine. Especially considering the fact that these laptops need to be replaced every few years.
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on April 5, 2014
Like it or not the computer world is headed into the clouds. This is the larger Chromebook yet it is lightweight and thin. 7 seconds to boot up. It is secure. No cumbersome startup programs that I need to protect with antivirus maleware spam protections.
However it required of me a new way of using a computer since everything is run by apps not installed programs. (I am still learning this new mode.)
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on October 8, 2013
This is my 3rd clout laptop this year. My daughter and I love it very much. I purchased one for my friend too. People complain that its not compatible with windows, must understand this is a new way of doing things. Its all about cloud computing, I can save all my files and folders on my google drive. I dont have to worry about loosing my stuff anymore in case my windows machine breaks down. It has an universal printer driver so I dont have to install driver after driver for different peripheral and slow my machine down. I do not need to worry about virus checker either. It comes with a solid state Hard drive. I have been using this machine over the last 2 weeks and it works great. User friendly. I dont have to wait 5 minutes to boot up my machine. It boots up instantly. I think it takes about 3 seconds or something like that. My daughter is 10 years old and she finds it easy to use. So there!
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