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on February 13, 2013
I bought this tablet on its first availability because working around the limitations of iOS has been frustrating for me. I'm very pleased with it nearly 1 week in. The battery life is wonderfully 10hrs plus of normal usage for me. It's as thin and as light as an iPad, well-built and solid with a premium feel, no glitches or quibbles with the tablet hardware. The connector dock looks eerily familiar. Screen resolution is okay, but not dazzling. But I understand HP's very logical choices to go with Intel Atom CPU for much longer battery life than Surface Pro. I love that this is a full windows PC in a thin, light tablet format. I predict this type of tablet will do very well with people who need MS Office and the full unrestricted internet to work.
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on February 13, 2013

8-10 hour battery life of normal usage (i.e. Web browsing, Netflix)

Windows 8 Pro 32-bit OS (Full PC experience)

Solid State Drive (Virtually boots up in zero seconds)

2.0 MP front Camera and 8.0 MP rear camera with flash

3.5 mm headphone jack

Near field communication (e.g. transfer data between devices with just a tap)

Up to 64 GB storage capacity with the option to expand it with a MicroSD

Thin and light weight design (Approx. 9.2 mm thin at 1.5 lb)

Ergonomically friendly (Premium feel and comfort)

Gorilla Glass 2 and machined aluminum brushed unibody

[Optional] Offers accessories uniquely designed to enhance hardware performance, protection, and user's experience with Elitepad 900. (Sold separately)

Internal MicroSD card slot (Access to slots requires pinhole push e.g. inhibits instant user card insertion/removal)

Equipped with substantial security software protection (i.e. HP BIOS Protection, Microsoft Defender, HP Client Security, etc.)

Designed to withstand 3 feet drops (Features military-grade durability; Passed all MilSpecs)


No USB port (USB adapter included)

No Snap feature; unable to display two screens simultaneously (Docking station accessory enables this feature on a separate monitor)

No Full HD screen resolution (The trade off is fantastic battery life)


The Elitepad 900 is an Atom-based machine. It sacrifices performance for longer battery life. In other words, this tablet can't run demanding programs smoothly (i.e. game applications)

(Highly recommended)

If you're in the market for a tablet, but can't find the right one for you, then look no further. Your problems are solved with the Elitepad 900.
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on May 31, 2013
I had purchased several HP Touchpads for my family. Although WebOs on the Touchpad was doomed to a quick death, rooted and running Android Jellybean, the Touchpads are all still running well and all my family love them.

I am a guy that still needs to install some legacy windows apps that I could not get installed on android (Wordperfect). Because of my admiration for the construction quality of the Touchpad and the promised long battery life, I decided to give HP a try with the Elitepad.

All the reviews make clear it is aimed at business with a strong emphasis on security. Hence the lack of the easy SD card insertion or any usb port (although the bundle comes with a usb adapter). Although it sounds good in theory, those inputs are sadly missed but available with the expansion sleeve, adapter or dock.

I can understand MS's concern about loosing the operating system battle to Android and Apple, but Windows 8 is just a mess, and to my eye ugly. In desktop mode you can get add-on software for Gadgets and a start button to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7. Too bad MS won't let manufacturers have a downgrade path to Windows 7.

Unless you need to use legacy apps, go with another OS.

An additional thought. Hp makes a case for the Elitepad similar to the Touchpad case which was wonderful. Sadly, you can't put the Elitepad with case into the docking station. I find it a paid in the butt to take the Elitepad in and out of its case to use the dock.

EDIT June 7. Having used the tablet every day for two weeks and learned more about Windows 8, I am raising my rating to 4 stars. You can add both start button and gadgets to desktop mode with simple apps. Also, there has been criticism of Windows 8 lacking Windows Media Center. It is included for free on the Elitepad in accessories.

EDIT July 27. The more I use this tablet the more I like it. I've made it past my frustration with Win8 and even can see some of its advantages. Increasing my rating to 5 stars.
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on December 18, 2013
I see reviews and reports saying that the elitepad does not support windows 8 snapping features. It does once it is upgraded to 8.1 and the resolution jumps to 1280... This is a great machine, HP just didn't market it right. Its an outright bargain. Win 8\8.1 pro, 64 GB of internal storage, expandable via micro SD, expansion jackets and docks... Great... This is a better buy than a surface rt or surface rt 2 unless you just have to have a kick stand and usb on the unit.

One major negative... Proprietary HP connection on the bottom. Ruins everything... should have been micro usb but i understand why it is there. there could have been a micro usb and an alternative charging port. But not a huge deal. Why meg whitman? Why?
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on March 3, 2013
This is a very beautiful tablet, it is very light and battery life is very long (9 - 10 hours). It runs full Windows 8 Pro and Microsoft office. This is the ideal tablet for traveling business people.

This tablet is also the only Intel Atom Z2760 (Clover Trail) based tablet that has 2x2 MIMO WiFi solution. All other Intel Atom Z2760 based tablets, i.e. Acer W510, Dell Latitude 10, Lenovo ThinkPad 2, HP Envy X2 ... have only 1x1 WiFi solution. 2x2 MIMO WiFi achieves twice the speed of 1x1 WiFi solution and has a much longer range and much better signal reliability.
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on July 23, 2013
I bought my tablet little over a month ago. Knowing it was made for businesses made me want it more for its top security and necessary hard ware for school and work. I had installed windows 8.1 on it a few days it came out and loved it. It really made the tablet even more accessible. But it was not compatible with my driver so I reverted back for now.

I have no problems with my tablet. its fast, light weight, has full programs and apps (which is why I wanted it in the first place)and has a much longer battery life as compared to surface. I can usually not charge it for about 3 days and be messing with it as a normal computer and its good.

I also own the expansion jacket, extra battery, and docking station and they are AMAZING! I love that I can have my computer with me all the time and when I get home just dock it, still in its jacket, and connect to my tv, external hard drive, keyboard, and mouse. the accessories really make the world of difference. The extra battery does make the tablet a tad bit heavier but it is still nothing compared to my slim lap top.

The only thing really that does suck is the app store for windows. It still needs major work and lots more apps. But having a full computer doesn't really stop me from getting/finding something I need.

I would highly recommend this to not just business people but full time college students (like myself), and someone who wants not just apps, but full programs, good speed, security, and a great battery life. Plus its HP so I love it even more. I had great support when my screen went to a purple huge after installing 8.1. A phone call to HP, Microsoft and a call back from HP went very smoothly.

Bottom line no regrets here... and Im pretty careful about what I buy.
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on July 19, 2013
I've been using this tablet for about two months now and I can say that this Elitepad made me LOVE Windows 8. The OS is so easy to use and is perfectly adapted for touch tablets. Because it is a solid state device it's thin and stays cool. I also got the battery sleeve as well which was maybe the best thing I could have done. 2Usb ports, a hdmi port and a SD card slot. I used to use my iPad a lot but that is a thing of the past now! I now use it to go to class with. It's the best of both the tablet and the laptop worlds.
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on June 16, 2014
I'll keep this short. I purchased the tablet to replace my android tablet. I wanted something that would replace my tablet and laptop. It did just that. It's important to realize that the Windows 8 app store does not offer many games. If you're looking for games to play on your tablet, you will be limited with this one. However, the table it not advertised as a toy. It's a business device that is built well and performs as a laptop. I use a Bluetooth Logitech keyboard and a Bluetooth Microsoft mouth. Seamless communication between the device. The screen is a bit small when compared to my 15 inch laptop, but it has officially replaced my laptop. You will want a SDcard as the tablet's internal space goes quickly (I have the 32 GB device). One last suggestion is to ensure you have some type of cloud storage as this will prevent storage consumption. I use Onedrive and it works very well on this tablet. You can't even tell you're access files, pics, vids via the Internet.
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on January 24, 2014
I own three tablets an Apple iPad (first generation), HP Slate 7 (7 inch 4.1 Jellybean) and the 64GB Elitepad. This by far the best of the three of them. The iPad is a great toy and an expensive one at that, the Slate 7 is a far better toy and priced accordingly which for most tablet users represents a great price point/value. When I used my first iPad in the summer of 2010, I said this is really a great device and knew it would change computers forever.

The problem was the limitations of the device. No desktop applications could be run, no flash (and in 2010 much of the web used flash) and it lacked solid useful productivity applications - but most of all lacked the things I actually use a computer - storing files and having directories. The iPad simply did not have access and the ability to create folders to store things!

Fast forward to Windows 8 which I first tried on an HP Elite Series Desktop with a 23 inch display - not the ideal first venue to experiment with a beta version of software designed for a new age of touch enabled devices. I swore I would never use the OS again. The start menu was gone and I saw very little value in the operating system for a desktop PC.

Windows 8 is released in the fall of 2012 with at best mixed results. I have long put away my iPad and have been relying on my HP Elitebook for real work. The thrill of tablet is now over and I am back to working and surfing the web on my notebook. As someone who has worked in the world of technology in various areas for several years, I watch the market and wait. After using a Microsoft Surface RT at the store I begin to see the potential of the new operating system for mobile devices. I soon find out that all of my x86 programs won't run on the affordable Surface RT. I realize the only way to get real Windows is to get Windows 8 on a $1,000 Surface Pro with an i5 and poor battery life. I knew the ideal tablet was going to be found somewhere in the middle balancing performance with battery life while maintaining the functionality of full Windows.

I began my research from that point and explored several devices. My first requirement beyond a full copy of Windows 8 was something that ran Windows 8 Pro. This was something in a crowded Windows 8 tablet space that wasn't all that easy to find. I finally settled on the Elitepad. It provided the full Windows experience I needed and a real Intel processor but with good battery life. It also would run my full MS Office 2010 Suite without a problem. I could also install my Norton Internet Security and Firefox. The 64GB hard drive provided a decent amount of storage with the ability to add 32GB more via a micro-SD card. The Elitepad has become the tablet I envisioned when I got my hands on my first iPad nearly 4 years ago. I am able to do real work, type and edit documents while enjoying apps like Netflix on the same device.

The Elitepad was never meant to replace my i5 powered laptop with a dedicated graphics card but give me a device with the flexibility to use on the go while traveling when away. I added the productivity jacket, stylus and bluetooth HP mouse and I was set. When traveling I don't have to lug my laptop around and have a very flexible device for work and play. Windows 8.1 and the many welcome additions have made it much easier to use, especially in desktop mode including the ability to right click on the start menu button.

The Elitepad is a well built high quality device that for many will strike a great balance between a Surface RT and Surface Pro. Plus it sports a superior 16:10 aspect ratio for viewing in portrait mode. Something the Surface and many other tablets lack and while people are cussing at the Surface and it's touch cover the productivity jacket provides real keys and makes for very easy typing.

The Elitepad is great tablet for people who like to work and need access to the things Windows provides but also want to have some fun with apps on the side. It is the perfect tablet for work and play. If you don't need access to Office or directories and want another toy buy an Android tablet but if you need something to function as a lightweight PC and to have some fun with, look no further than the Elitepad.
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on August 19, 2014
This is the second ElitePad my family purchases. The first one was purchased by my dad. Before he decides on anything he does his research, he liked all he read about it. It's meant to be used a business tablet and that's exactly what he bought it for. My dad is a real estate broker and does most of his work on the go any where he is, so this purchase was pretty ideal for him. I purchased the second one for my boyfriend because he no longer saw the use in his iPad and his laptop was always having problems. He is going to school to become an accountant, so having a PC processor was perfect for any Excel projects that needed to be completed. The shipping was very quick! I was actually very surprised to see it waiting at my door step so early. Thank you!
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