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on May 10, 2013
I am very pleased with my new Envy 27: it looks and sounds great. I am upgrading from a 19" 720 display in a 2006 HP Touchsmart. I paid $408, which was $9 more than HP was charging on the day I checked last month -the Amazon account convenience and delivery-reliability was worth it. I am using a display port-to-display port connection and I didn't detect any difference when I tried a VGA connection using a DVI-I to VGA adaptor which came with my computer. The convenience of using a DP cable that also carried sound (as does HDMI) was preferred, but I will be experimenting when I have some time and am open to another reviewer's preference for VGA.

I like the Envy 27's thin, clean, sleek design, which I expected; and the built-in, beats-enhanced speakers, which are better than I expected. Although the built-in speakers were an important feature in my buying decision, I was a little skeptical -or biased- because Beats headphones have not worked for me at all. Well, here the enhancement makes these built-ins sound great -and loud, for built-in speakers. Truly: and I am an audio snob, or worst. My plan was to get a set of Audio Engine externals to go with my new CPU and new display, but I am holding off now because the quality and volume I am getting just merit reconsidering another $200 expense. I am listening to Wycliffe Gordon as I compose this, and the sounds reproduced are wonderful, and particularly, not base-enhanced or otherwise artificial, as I especially suspected. And this is only 192kb music from a couple of albums I just downloaded last night through my Xbox Pass. What I wonder is who actually manufactured these speakers. Regardless, make sure you locate the beats-enhancement control at the left-end of the touchpad controls (see below) to get the volume and quality differences. The small beats symbol will light up a nicely-subtle red when the beats feature is engaged, and it's helpful to monitor that you haven't turned off the enhancement inadvertently.

The basic limitation of the Envy 27 is that it has very limited -or is it none?- tilt, up-down, rotation, etc. adjustments. But, I knew about this before I ordered, and had opted for this monitor regardless. I do find a couple of other limitations with the monitor: One, the hardware controls are very limited. The "touchpad" controls at the very base of the unit definitely work well enough, but they are not convenient or easy. It took me a while to locate and get comfortable with them the first day. Since then, though, and given that they don't require access -for my needs- other than volume control, most of the time, I now appreciate the clean-design advantage of not having anything more accessible and visible. I have a Bluetooth keyboard with muting and volume controls that work with my sound card, and that works fine for me. My only recommendation to HP would be to drop the HP, Envy 27, and even the more-subtle beatsaudio branding, to make the design even cleaner/sleeker.

The other limitation is that the unit is quite light, and although the build quality is satisfactory, it does shake when I bang my desk with a knee or otherwise. I would take special care if there were little ones around. As it is, an occasional shaking is satisfactory, and probably just unusual for me because this is my first modern and separate display, and my first 27" one. The lightness does make it relatively easy to rotate the unit as needed despite the lack of a rotation mechanism. On the other hand, the plastic "pads" on the bottom do not facilitate such movement on my solid wood desk. My other recommendation to HP is that felt or other better padding would be a great improvement to next-year's model. If anyone has found a nice/seamless accessory or other rotation facilitator, I'd welcome a comment, and thanks. On balance, I am very happy with this purchase and would grade it an excellent buy. As I re-read this review prior to posting, I suppose the "limitations" are more acknowledgements, since I actually appreciate that I don't have to touch or reach for the monitor to adjust the volume, given the Envy 27's lightness; and that the lightness makes it easy to rotate the entire unit. Every purchase, indeed every choice in life, involves compromising, and this is proving to be a very nice compromise.
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on July 16, 2014
Ok, here is the skinny.

I have a 2012 Mac Mini 2.3 GHz i7 with 16 GB RAM. I have read people who say that this monitor doesn't work with a Mac, others who say it does. I can verily testify that it works like a charm! I only give it four stars because the resolution isn't the greatest (I mean, 1920x1080, what do you expect?). I was astonished that out of the box the display was still brilliant. Furthermore there was no need for underscan under system preferences.

As far as coding goes (which I do a considerable amount of), my eyes haven't been strained looking at the display. Video looks pretty dang good too.

So if you are a Mac user and you are having doubts, the display will work just fine with your Mac. Also, the Beats Audio isn't half bad.

If you are a PC user, still go for it. This is a wonderful display, and the bezel looks pretty dang cool too.
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on February 20, 2013
I guess I was one of the first ones to get this monitor as it went to sale. I purchased it from JR and they told me it was a pre-order and would be in stock 2/19. It was shipped to me on 2/15 ?? From the looks standpoint; It's nice from the front. Full glass covering the screen, it is reflective. The base is heavy but sturdy. It only adjusts back and forth. The back is all matte black plastic. The inputs are not of the standard one thinks of for a monitor, no DVI input. It does have HDMI, VGA and m Displayport miniport. It also has audio out via standard headphone jacks and digital optical out. I currently have an AMVA 27" monitor by BenQ. The black level on the HP don't seem as deep as the BenQ. It's also not as bright. The colors are nice and saturated but again not as much as the BenQ. What's really nice is the response time, it's noticeably faster then the BenQ. The Beats audio is pretty cool for a monitor. It does get really loud and has some thump for the bass-I like it. Now for the concern, I had it hook up to my computer through the HDMI and attached to a HD 7870. I was playing a game and all of a sudden, the lower 1/4 part of the screen went crazy, thousands of lines running vertically, I tried a few different cables and even hooked it up to my laptop, Nothing worked to correct this problem. I sent it back today for a replacement. I will update when I get the new one.

I decided to get the xi 27" It's the same IPS panel for about $70.00 less, a very nice one, same as above with out the "beats" audio.
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on December 27, 2014
I bought two and they are the worst LCD monitors I've ever had. Screen quality was fine but the engineering seems poor especially for HP's usually higher level of quality. Both monitors are crippled. One I had to reduce the refresh rate or it would flicker to black every few seconds...annoying. Second one now fails to detect the video signal after my computer wakes from sleep. I have to manually go into sources and select another input, then back to DisplayPort in order to recover the video...very annoying!

FYI I did verify it is the monitors...I swapping cables between my each Envy monitor but the issue stayed with the one monitor...same with the video issue, one monitor is fine either way. I am now back to my old 10 year old Dell monitor as my second monitor. Should have bought Dell!

Update: Yup. It just completely died just after a year. What a P.O.S.! I opened it up to see if it was a solder issue and there was a loose screw on the controller sitting on some of the circuitry. Probably killed it. All other 5 screws on the controller were also not screwed in all the way. What poor quality control.
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on September 2, 2014
Overall good monitor. Image appears clear and bright as needed. My only minor complaints are accessing some of the common front panel controls, in particular volume, require more front panel button presses than should be necessary and volume control for the built in speakers. I run this with Beats enabled and the subwoofer ( on and the audio is generally good but I find myself having to adjust the volume when playing video/audio from different sites/sources. Also, sometimes there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between volume at 10 or up to 20 making the volume setting somewhat misleading.
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on December 8, 2014
Love this screen! It is fabulous and such a great, high quality picture. Sadly, the sound Beats bar is that was disappointing but I already had speakers with a subwoofer...yet was hoping to eliminate that but this isn't even half as decent in sound....But I do love the large screen and qualify of image! Surely comparable to my Mac retina overall great!
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on January 24, 2014
Positives: cool looking, has integrated speakers to minimize the clutter, picture is clean and sharp. I didn't find any better high end combination of size, picture quality and sound integration available when I scoured the market.

Negatives: 1) speakers are weak - I've had built-ins from a Dell all-in-one PC that outperformed this guy hands down. Had they not emphasized the Beats Audio component my expectations for a built-in speaker would have been more modest but given that you are likely paying some type of a premium for that inclusion/branding I was expecting to get something better as the sound is not deep and the volume range on the high end is not particularly loud. 2) hidden buttons that light up only when in use have a weak proximity sensor and usually require that I just poke my finger at the monitor and hope that I don't inadvertently press a button while doing so. 3) the monitor base could be more stable, given the size of the screen and the relatively light weight this is a candidate for being knocked off the desk or having a child pull the power cord and watching it slide away onto the floor.
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on April 27, 2013
Beautiful picture in a larger room at various angles. The integrated speakers aren't fantastic, but it's one less thing hanging around attached and messy
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on May 12, 2014
This is a stylish, affordable monitor that a is excellent for the home office or workplace. It is actually easier to setup on a Mac than a PC, you don't need any additional drivers. Use a display port to mini display port cable, works with the thunderbolt port on the Mac for the best display. HDMI with the thunderbolt adapter required scaling and the images were not as crisp. All you need to do to make the HDMI monitor connection work within the OS X environment is:

Systems Preferences> Displays> Display> Resolution> Best for display: Refresh Rate 60 Hertz (NTSC), Underscan: slide the tab until the desktop fits your display.

The Underscan is the most important or the bordering 1/2 inch may not be visible.
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on March 4, 2014
I bought two of these a year ago. First one started malfunctioning last June. Now the other one is failing. Terrible. I paid $650 a piece for these back then, total loss. I'll be submitting for warranty return but what to do without a monitor...compute in the dark?!?!

Also the beats speakers suck on both. They sound good while they work but every few minutes they'd produce a deafening sqawk. I had to disable them. (Using HDMI audio passthrough, volume was low but squawk was always full volume.)

I've had better luck with cheap monitors. DO NOT BUY!!!
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