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on November 14, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The two previous reviewers have given outstanding reviews on all the techie specs of this HP Envy Laptop. As such, I fear my average-plain-jane-user review is going to pale in comparison but hopefully it'll be helpful to those like me who use laptops but don't get into the nitty-gritty of the electronic.

Ok, so here goes -

I've always like the style and sleekness of HP laptops so it's no surprise that I love this one as well. It's beautifully designed with a smooth black surface that's fingerprint resistant - which I love with children in the house!

Relatively lightweight, although still a bit hefty if compared to the ultrabooks or the like.

The colors exhibited in this model are just OUTSTANDING! So bright, crisp, and clear. Absolutely fan-flippin'-tastic for photos, videos, and graphics. Even Skype is more vivid with this laptop!

But then comes the Windows 8...

Allow me to confess right up front that I am not a fan of change, especially if something is working just fine, so I will be a bit jaded in this area. But, in my opinion, Windows 8 is basically a laptop with apps. While I love apps, ON MY PHONE or IPAD, I care nada for them on my computer. Not yet anyway. I spent hours trying to familiarize myself with the app system here and came to the conclusion that I do not like Windows 8. Give me my regular old windows button in the lower left screen that pops up all my programs by name and I'm happy. Hunting for them under an "organized" app system, no way!

In all fairness, however, my 20 year-old college son, thinks it's awesome. He says he loves the apps and thinks it organizes and simplifies things for users. So, maybe I'm just that old dog that can't learn new tricks. :)

If this computer had come with Windows 7, I would have given 5 stars easily. The laptop itself is FABULOUS! But the Windows 8 just wasn't for me.
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on November 21, 2012
This is a great computer for business just because of one feature alone, the finger print reader. I like this alot, you can have it "read" any one of your 10 fingers. I suggest at least two, one on each hand in case you can't use one of the hands.

That said this is a nice laptop. The keys are easy to press and quiet. Mine luckily came with Windows 7, I had reviewed Windows 8 (W8) at a large retailer with the initials B.B. I was not impressed with W8. W8 is meant for tablets, if you aren't using a tablet or a touch screen then it's a pointless O.S. It can revert to the old W7 mode.

Right out of the box this computer looked for my Home Network Wi-Fi. Found it and set up to use it.

I own a number of laptops, I replace them fairly quickly because I don't like them for whatever reason. This one I got for business, I was unaware it contained a finger print reader for added security which is a definate plus. I got it for a new business I am starting and wanted a laptop different than the others I have. This is my second HP Laptop. I definately remind you to make a rescue/recovery CD a soon as you get it.

The sound by BEATS Audio is suberb for a laptop and of the 10 others I have this beats them all hands down. It even sounds better on the same Sharper Image headphones I was using on my Sony vaio.

I couldn't be happier with this laptop.
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on December 22, 2012
This laptop arrived extremely fast which was great and it didn't take long to get up and running. There are some features I love- the finger print reader is one of them, I appreciate the added security and it's easier than typing in a password. And the computer itself seems to be great- it's everything we were looking for. However, at this point I am completely unhappy with it and I think I have to blame Windows. Even in the desk top mode I struggle to find anything I need, then when I find it I have trouble using the program and often times can't even minimize or escape out of what I'm in. I think this software would be great if I were using it on a tablet, but I'm not and don't want to feel like I am, I have a tablet and iPhone for that- this is supposed to be my computer and I want it to run like one. I'm trying hard to get used to it and learn it, but I'm frustrated now. I'll update my review if any progress is made, positive or negative, but since I find myself avoid this laptop we might be at a standstill.
However, if you're familiar and comfortable with this software I really think the laptop itself is solid. It looks great and has more bells and whistles than I need (if I could only use them!)
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on January 12, 2013
Ok, first off, I want to say that upon receiving the package, this laptop is extraordinarily light. When I opened up the package, I was holding a very, very elegant looking machine. It is beautiful; the brush midnight finish is one of the few laptop design cover that isn't a finger print magnet; it is awesome. So, now, lets get down to review:
The dv6 is a mediocre looking machine for specs on paper; don't let that fool you.This is a capable gaming laptop. This game runs COD4 on midsettings at 50 FPS, which is really nice, and plays Planetside 2 in midsettings at 45 FPS.
I removed a couple bloat (Such as Norton and some weird game program), and freed up startups and services on the msconfiguration via run command, and it is running very smoothly. The fingerprint scanner works flawlessly; I scanned all ten fingers and it works 18 out of 20 trials. Very nice piece of security. The screen is not bad, but I do kind of wished they had it up to like 1600 x 900 like the spec identical HP Envy dv7-7230us. The Beats audio is not bad, though I was disappointed at how quiet it is. At max volume, my phone (Droid Razr Maxx) is still louder, but the quality is fine. Now, as for Windows 8: I honestly have no idea why it is criticized so much. It is not so bad; just give 5 minutes to learn. That's all; as a matter of fact, Windows 8 is more like Windows 7.75; You can still access the original Windows 7 desktop by going to the "Desktop" tile/icon on the metro app starting screen. And if you need to access the settings, control panel, power, etc., then all you need to do point the mouse to the upper or lower right corner of the screen, and it will give you those options. I believe the reason why Windows 8 is so heavily criticized is because many, many people don't realize this, and chose to run choppy emulators online. I honestly love this laptop; if you are on a budget of less than $600, than this is a MUST buy! While there are more expensive relatives to this, this is actually pretty great for the money. Value > price. If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask them on the comments below!

UPDATE: Just want to point out that I was really wrong on the framerates... On Planetside 2 it actually runs around 20-30 FPS, but the others are around right. And also, the "midnight brush" material isn't the strongest.. It is very easily scratchable, and I wish they had some kind of case available for the top. Overall the laptop is still running very well! No complaints yet other than the really scratchable material on the top!
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on December 28, 2012
Only issue I have with it is if the computer goes into sleep mode by itself ,the fingerprint scanner wont work to sign back in

EDIT: 12/7/13

With windows 8.1 and numerous updates this no longer is a problem!
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on March 25, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are 2 things I can say with certainty about this. It is FAST. It outperforms my newer Toshiba, my Dell and my generic-ish laptop on the same DSL system. I like fast. I love that I can close it, open it again and 3 seconds later I'm back to what I was working on. I don't have to leave it open and running all day long to work on a project a little at a time.

I HATE the new windows. It's designed to look, work and feel like the programs on Ipads and Iphones which I detest. If you have a touch screen, that would be fine, but mine was not touch screen enabled and it's a pain in the tooshy to deal with using a mouse. I have been using it regularly for a couple of months now and still can't figure out how to get off of some pages when I open them. Very annoying.
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I'm going to start by saying that I dislike windows 8 very much, but it's unfair to take stars away from HP because of an operating system that is . in all new laptops at this point.

A review of this computer is easy, it's great. The keyboard is comfortable and not compact. It has a full number section. I love the screen clarity and brightness. The Beats audio is superb, hands down the best audio I've ever had on a laptop. It's loud enough to hear everything I watch and delivers enough bass and tremble for all of my music. There are 4 easily accessible USB ports and a CD drive. Also a card slot for photo cards.
The best feature is the finger swipe ID. This is awesome. No more will the little people in my house commandeer my laptop when I'm not looking.
The laptop is light and does not make my lap hot at all.
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on October 14, 2014
I bought this from Staples. When it worked it was a pretty decent laptop. I noticed it getting slower and slower the more I used it though. Thought about installing a solid state and new RAM cards.I had the year warranty on it. This box popped up shortly after that expired asking if I'd like to renew for about sixty USD. I didn't have the money so I clicked remind me later. A few days later the screen started flickering. I then had the money to pay for the warranty. It did it again and this time the screen went out. I got it to work on my television and followed HP online troubleshooting. Then it completely went out. I gave the laptop to my Microsoft certified computer technician which confirmed a faulty motherboard. I called HP to let them them know about the problems I had. I got someone in India (which was decent but he told me he couldn't help me. I knew it wasn't his fault.) He asked if I wanted to pay to have it shipped to HP for them to "look" at it. Then they would see how much it would cost to repair since it's not under warranty. I explained about my cousins finding. He quoted me $200 bucks for the part. I asked for the repair policy and this quote in writing. He told me " We are not aloud to do that sir." He went back on the quote and said " We will not know until we receive it". I then was kind of upset and asked to talk to his supervisor. He told me that no one was there. I asked him for the HP America HQ direct line/ or the manufacturing direct line so i could file a complaint. I told him I would tell everyone to stop buying HP products and about my situation. He then said "let me transfer you to my supervisor". I got connected after being on hold for 5 minutes. He introduced himself and asked what was going on. I briefly told him and asked for the same information again. I was told " Can you please wait a few minutes while I gather this information" then I was put on hold. Shortly after the call was disconnected. Two hours on the phone for nothing. I will never ever buy an HP product ever again.
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on July 21, 2013
I'm among those who are not pleased. I have had this computer for almost three months, and it is already in the shop. The spacebar doesn't work terribly well, and you really have to mash on the keys to make the letters work reliably. It isn't terribly fast for a brand-new model, which surprised me. Out of the blue a couple of weeks ago, several applications on the desktop side just stopped working altogether. The on-board diagnostics and troubleshooters were worthless, as they wouldn't work, either. I couldn't even open a chat with the HP techs, as that app wasn't working properly, anymore. I thought it may have been a virus, but Norton AntiVirus (that came with it) wouldn't open. I had no choice but to bring it in.

Be aware, the HP warrantee doesn't apply to software issues. If it was a hardware issue, no problem, but something like this is something they won't touch. So even though I have a brand-new computer, the manufacturer says "too bad" and won't help.

Given a choice, I would not trust HP with another computer purchase. I'm just disgusted that I saved for almost a year to get this piece of junk, and I'm left with the clunky old machine I was replacing.

Moving on to the operating system, again, disgusted. I loathe Windows 8. I know I have no choice right now, as every new computer will come with it whether I like it or not, but it truly, truly sucks. Microsoft obviously didn't do any market research before they released this OS. I hate using my new laptop as much for Windows 8 as for the problems I've been having.

In conclusion, don't buy this model. You'll be sorely disappointed.
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on March 21, 2013
Once I get past Windows 8, I may start liking it a lot better. I don't like the fact that the keys do not light up. I'm just getting used to it I guess.
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