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on August 1, 2006
I have not had a lot of the problems and issues many of the previous commentors have had. I've had the HP OfficeJet 7310 for about 3 months.

The hardware itself i have not had any issues with. I have faxed, scanned, copied, printed, etc from 2 different machines I have hooked up without issue. I have it connected to a wireless router, so the machines can access it wirelessly. I've printed documents, photos and other things, single & double sided and have not had issues.

Like many people have commented though... the software and drivers are pure TRASH. The fax interface makes no sense, uses bizarre terminology and basically remembers no information. The scanning interfaces make you jump through a huge amount of hoops to do simple things, and also do not automatically size scanned documents (why does it always scan 8.5 x 14 when I am putting letter size docs on the glass?). The software is also MASSIVE, 5-600 mb for printer drivers and some crappy scanning software.

If HP figured out how to include software which actually provided sensible software, which was reasonable in size and allowed people to easily perform the typical tasks, I think this all-in-one would easily be a 5 star review for me.

** update October 2007 **
If I could change this to a zero star review I would. The second time I changed the ink cartridge rendered the printer un-repairable and worthless. When replacing the ink cartridge, there is a tendency for the spring holding it in place to break a plastic tab, freeing the spring and punching a hole in the circuitry. The printer then does not recognize that a cartridge is loaded. Making the printer non-functioning. Since my machine is 4 months or so out of warranty, there is nothing to do. This is a known problem on some of the printer repair discussion lists. I would steer clear of this era of HP MFPs. Possibly the newer models are improved, i'm now looking for a different brand.
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on February 26, 2006
I never made it to the software installation. I couldn't get pass the cartridge installation with the error "remove and check color cartridge". After several attempts, I called HP tech support. After 45 minutes to an hour on the phone, they were unable to troubleshoot the problem. I explained to the tech that I purchased the all-in-one yesterday. He wanted me to give him a credit card number, as collateral, so that he could overnight me another. He promised a new, not refurbished. I declined, stating I would return it to the store I purchased it from.

As I thought about it, I called HP back. The different tech told me that I would be getting a refurbished all-in-one from HP although I just purchased a new one yesterday from the store. He told me that the other tech should have never promised a new one. I thanked him for being honest and will take the HP 7310 back to the store - for a refund.

Although I read Lexmark's aren't the best.. I currently have 2 older Lexmarks and has had no problems. I'll try the Lexmark all-in-one.
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on January 3, 2006
This printer appears to have everything - copier, fax, scan, and more. While it is an excellent color printer, and the fax works as you would expect, the additional features are essentially useless because you need HP's clunky, bug-ridden software.

For example, if you want to scan a document to PDF - potentially a nice feature - you have to use the HP Director software that comes with the printer. It takes forever to open, globbing RAM and CPU power as it unfolds, and then only works half the time. When it does work, it produces memory hogging images that are not useful for e-mailing because of their size.

Finally, the software causes regular crashes on computers utilizing Microsoft XP with Service Pack 2.

I strongly encourage anyone considering this purchase to do the research on Google about this printer's software before making the investment. The hours I poured into trying to troubleshoot all of these problems - to not much avail - have been enough to convince me to never buy an HP product again.
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on March 25, 2005
I was looking to upgrade from my OfficeJet 6110 as I wanted a legal size scanning bed. I immediately identified this unit as the most likely replacement. I hesitated after reading some of the reviews here regarding software installation issues, but decided either alone or with a tech I would get it up and running. After getting it home the first thing I did was to actually read the manual and visit HP's web site for guidance. The installation (full software package)went flawlessly and I was registering the product within 25 minutes. I haven't had the opportunity to print any pictures yet, but both black and white and color printing are superb, noticeably better than my 6110 which I always thought was excellent. The 6110 now goes to live with my secretary and I am well pleased with this unit. Read and follow the directions...everything will be fine. For what its worth, its also one very classy looking machine as well.
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on July 12, 2006
This machine is the next generation in the 7000 series. I warn anyone who considers this printer that the beautiful colors you get early on, will turn to garbage in the long run. The ink-head technology is still sorely lacking and often gets clogged and makes everything come out worthless. Stay away from this machine. Tech support is poor and even that does not last very long. This is a throw-away machine that costs too much to fix and too much to replace.
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on January 30, 2006
So, printing on the Mac is much slower than printing on the PC. If you print graphics, such as a photo, on plain paper, it prints in < minute from a PC and takes more like 10 minutes from both of my macs. I have spent weeks debugging this with some smart Hp support people, but in the end they just threw up their hands and said "Printing over a network can be slow ... sorry."

Obviously a load of crap since I am able to print using the exact same ethernet cable as my Mac uses (dual 2.5 Ghz mac, I should say) with my tiny little Windows laptop, and it works just fine. It also works just fine from Windows over the wireless network.

There have also been a whole host of other problems with the printer software on the Mac, such as CPU getting pegged when I try to run the scanning software; sometimes the software thinks the printer is busy and there's nothing I can do about it other than re-run the setup assistant (which creates a new FAX device entry every time).

I believe the print quality is comparable to other Hp printers I have had: pretty good, especially the text in draft/low ink mode.

The scanner/copier paper feeder on top seems to load the pages at a slight angle which really sucks. I don't think it always did that but it is now.

The scanner is pretty bad for scanning photos. You need to apply a lot of adjustments to the saturation especially and it's still not that great.

Still - I knew most of this getting into it. It's the fact that printing graphics from both my Macs is very VERY slow. I can see my Mac sending many MANY megabytes of data to the printer while the printer is sitting there struggling. It's almost as though the printer is getting blasted with too much data from the network, so it can't spend much time processing the actual printing. If I cancel the job the network traffic stops and the printing goes full speed for 5 or 6 lines before it runs out of data.

Hp somehow can't see that this might be a problem with their software. Clearly it is.
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on April 18, 2007
We've had this machine for 2 years, and the automatic feeder started its problems. Whenever we try to use it for muliple-page faxing or copying, sheets would get stuck together. This is very annoying because it is extremely painful to track which pages got faxed/copied or not. This is the most annoying feature and because of it, I'm not recommending it.
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on May 15, 2005
I bought this with major hesitation about some of the other reviews and am blown away with the function of this machine.

After hooking up my desktop in half hour, I then went to install my laptop. It gave me an error message and required a call to India for tech support. After 2 hours, I couldn't be happier and HIGHLY recommend this machine.

I can scan documents to either machine wirelessly, fax from either machine wirelessly and print from either machine.

It doesn't get any better.

Now, I am tossing my separate scanner, printer, wireless router and fax machine.

AWESOME! Be patient and expect a couple of glitches but the results are 5 ******
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on December 9, 2006
I have the Officejet 7310 for 2 years and I liked it alot. The only problem I had was with the fax. The pages often stuck together or I had to refax item. Last week my printer broke - carriage jam. After 2 chats with HP tech they told me to clean the printer. The black cartridge had leaked and got all over everything. After cleaning it I bought 2 new cartridges. Now it has a permanent carriage jam and I can't use it. I chatted with HP again online and the tech person didn't know what she was doing. You may like the machine when you first buy it, but buyer beware. I had an HP 960 for 5 years and I beat it to death. I do bulk printing. Then I bought another printer and it was a dud. Staples replaced it 3 times in less than a year and I had the same problem with the feeder. THey just don't make them the way they used to.
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on July 21, 2006
I bought this device mostly to use as a fax machine, but also to use as a back-up copier for my home office. The fax works quite well & I like it's redial features. As a copier, it's much worse than the dedicated Canon copier I have. It prints much slower & the quality of output is much worse. It'll do in an emergency as a copier, but that's about it. My main complaint is the absurd printer cartridge gimmick that HP uses to make me buy more cartridges. I recently ran out of ink, & I replaced it with an unused HP cartridge (that I had bought from HP quite a while back, & the date on it was about a year past). The HP 7110 refused to work with this unused cartridge, saying that the "date had expired." True, but so what? The ink level function indicated that the cartridge was 90% full. Does old ink in a sealed package go bad like old food? I think not. If they allowed the machine to work & it made bad copies due to poor ink quality, I would then just buy a new cartridge, no problem. But for them to assume that an unused & 90% full cartridge contains "bad" ink is unreasonable. My fax usage is 98% sending & only 2% receiving. Most of the time my printouts consist of error messages due to the problems with the receiving fax machine. Do I care whether my error message printout will be high quality? No! As long as I can read the code number, I don't care whether the printout is high quality or not, so why should I have buy a new ink cartridge when the old one has plenty of ink left in it? Ironically, this HP unit does not allow me to even send faxes (which requires no ink on my part), when the cartridge has "expired." A poor system indeed, & one which takes money out of my pocket
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