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on May 22, 2014
I've tried a lot of wide-format printers over the last year trying to find one that I was happy with. Canon and Epson make high-end wide-format photo printers which are expensive, but I need one appropriate for general use in an office setting, which means printing lots of graphics and the occasional photo. Three I've tested in the last few months are the Epson Artisan 1430, Canon IP8720, and HP Officejet 7110.

I intended to use the printer via a wireless connection. All three are easy to set up via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup); just press a button on your router, then press a button on the printer and the connection is automatic. The HP printer setup guide stated that I would need to connect the printer via USB cable first, but this was incorrect. All three preformed flawlessly via wireless.

The HP is the winner here in terms of ease-of-use. It uses the fewest ink tanks (four, vs. six for both the Canon and Epson), and to install the cartridges you simply click them in and click them out, sort of like using a ballpoint pen. There were no tabs to pull or caps to remove, as there are with the Epson and Canon cartridges.

Both the Canon and Epson had excellent photo-quality output. Even when using the "standard" quality setting I was able to get beautiful, vibrant prints on photo paper. If you compare the output side-by-side, the Canon may have a very slight edge in quality, but I really needed to take time and examine the prints closely to make this determination. The HP however wasn't up to the level of the Canon or Epson, probably in large part because it uses four ink cartridges vs. six for the other two. The HP's output looked dull and a bit washed out, even on the "best" quality setting.

Since I'm using this in an office I do most printing on matte photo paper. Here is where the Canon was the big looser. In printing graphics and images that covered large areas of a page, the paper that came out of the Canon was wavy like bacon, even after waiting for the ink to fully dry, and even when printing on thick (60 lb.) matte photo paper. I don't know if the Canon printer puts down more ink than the other printers thereby soaking the page, or if the ink is more watery in consistency, but the finished product was unacceptable. The HP was the best in this department with only slight wrinkling in areas of heavy graphics. The Epson was somewhere between the HP and Canon, with some wrinkling, but still very acceptable on 32 lb. matte photo paper.

Both the Canon and Epson have rear-loading paper slots, while the HP uses a slide-out tray on the front of the printer underneath the output area. Consequently, the HP has a smaller footprint when loaded with paper. The rear-loading method should theoretically allow for better handling of thicker paper, but I had no problem using 60 lb. matte photo paper in the HP.

Software installation was about the same for all three printers. (I always forgo using the included CD and instead download the latest software directly from the manufacturer's website.) When printing, the Canon and Epson both have a good number of custom controls in terms of color adjustments and custom paper sizes that were more than adequate for my needs. The HP had by far the worst software, offering very few options for color control and custom paper sizes. The HP software would also pop up a message for "free offers" every time I changed an ink cartridge; these were nothing more than advertisements.

The Canon did have one annoying trait in its software. There is a setting to "avoid paper abrasion"; this basically increases the distance between the print head and the paper to avoid the print head coming in contact with the paper and causing scrape marks. I had to use this setting because of the paper wrinkling as described above. However, when you print a page with this setting enabled, the Canon software throws up a warning message EVERY TIME a page is about to print, and you need to click "OK" to dismiss the message before the page starts printing. This made it impossible to print multiple pages and walk away from the computer, because you needed to click "OK" before the next page would print. The Epson printer also has the paper-abrasion setting, but it does not throw up a warning message and simply prints what you ask it to.

All three printers have their strengths and weaknesses. For me the Epson Artisan 1430 was the easy winner. The output quality is fantastic, it didn't saturate the page with ink like the Canon, and the settings you have in the software are more than adequate.

If I was printing only graphics where vibrant photo output didn't matter, I would choose the HP. It has the smallest footprint and is certainly the most uncomplicated of the three printers. It is also the least expensive of the three by a good margin.

If I was printing mainly photos on heavy gloss photo paper, the Canon would be an enticing choice. It had a very slight edge in output quality over the Epson. However, the Epson has great output quality and has performed flawlessly in the several months I've had it, and if I had to buy another general-use wide-format printer today it would be the Epson.
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on February 11, 2014
I am a former graphic designer, turned chef/restauranteur. I am very well educated and versed in using printers and printing.
I purchased this printer to replace a fantastic printer that I used to death (another HP 7000 model). After using this printer for only a week, I have serious buyers remorse. I print lots and lots of menus and flyers...all my designs require borderless large format printing. With my previous printer, not a problem...very easy to manipulate to print exactly what I wanted to print on what paper I wanted to print on. Due to the nature and color of the paper I use, I designed it so I could use a draft quality print (to save ink) and remain within a consistent look that matches my restaurant feel. WIth this printer, it is not possible to print borderless draft quality on a plain paper setting, therefore it uses TONS of ink for no reason. Also, it uses TONS OF INK!!! Did I mention it is slow and uses TONS of ink. AND, with my old printer, I could print until the cartridges literally ran out of ink, therefore getting my money's worth out of each cartridge...with this printer, once IT deems print quality it compromised, it just starts printing in greyscale so you are forced to replace the cartridge. I also purchase this because of the wireless printing feature. Well it only works about 1/2 the time. The set up was rather easy...but, it doesn't work reliably. I was lured in by the price, but now I know, HP is probably giving these things away. Utterly disappointed...looking for a replacement NOW. I do not recommend this printer.
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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I first saw this printer, I was immediately impressed. Just think, 13"x19". Not your ordinary "tabloid size" (11"x17") printer but a mighty 13"x19" size. One could print (for example) four 6"x9" pages with "bleeds". Really professional! As a retired graphic designer, I thought, this would be an ideal printer for a small graphic design studio. Then I thought about my daughter that is into "crafting". How nice this would be for a crafter! I was concerned about the amount of space this beauty would occupy since my computer room is nearly full now and that's when I spotted the wireless feature. Perfect! I can put it across the room. However, I opted to connect the printer via USB cable that was already in place about 18 feet away. There was no problem with this connection. As usual, there is no cable supplied with the printer. For this wireless printer, I expect that most users would choose a wireless connection. Setup goes very quickly using the supplied cd.

And then, I became concerned about the amount of ink it would consume. It appears that I can expect to produce around 330-400 sheets from a set of cartridges. That's affordable! The cartridges included with the printer are the usual "starter" cartridges that run out of ink before you have a chance to find out the printer's capabilities! Where do I purchase this size paper? Amazon (and others) have HP premium glossy paper (13"x19") for just over $26 for 100 sheets. That's certainly affordable. OK. That appears to be what I need to know to get started. I trust the Hewlett Packard brand, ink and paper are within my budget for occasional wide format printing and best of all the printer is not priced out of sight for home use. I like what I see here. Quality of the printing? So far, perfect. If you are impressed with the size this will print, the price is right. I highly recommend this printer.
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on July 1, 2014
I don't write reviews - but this printer is noteworthy. It uses LOTS of ink. BUT WORSE than that - it is the most sensitive printer I have ever encountered. Yes - it does large sizes, but I have to restart the printer EVERY time I print, let it print a couple of pages with missing lines, or completely black. Then restart the sucker again and again and again, and then it finally prints... I hate this printer. I can honestly say I have LOTS of printer experience and have NEVER had one this crappy. Save yourself some serious wasted time and paper and ink and get something else
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on July 18, 2014
Based on price alone, this appears to be a great deal for a wide format printer. Two problems though.

First is that HP ships this printer with what's called a "setup" cartridge, which lasted me about a dozen letter-size pages. So not a week after I received this printer, I'm hit with a bill that is almost half what I paid for the printer to replace the cartridges. If you put in third-party cartridges you are besieged with warnings about how you're not covered under warranty for whatever happens as a result of using such cartridges.

The second issue is that the printer sometimes decides to make weird noises and cycle itself for what seems like an hour. It cannot be shutoff or reset. You simply need to wait until it decides to start working again. When printing large documents the printer needs to think for 10 minutes before it even starts printing.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 28, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've always wanted a wide format printer so I was delighted to have the opportunity to review this offering from HP. This is a wifi capable, inkjet printer which accepts paper up to 13" x 19" and can print edge to edge. However, be aware that this is a BIG printer. With the paper tray extended to accept 13" x 19" paper, it measures 23" wide by 28 1/2" deep by 7 1/2" tall, plus you will need room to access the back of the printer to clear paper jams.

It comes well packaged with a lot of packing tape so take your time to remove all of the tape. There is a Quick Start guide and a cursory owner's manual, but the main manual is online. You need to decide if you will use this printer with a hard connection via a USB printer cable (NOT supplied) or as a wireless printer that can be used by all the computers on your wireless network.

You also have the option of setting up HP's eprint, which is a cloud based server that sends all of your print jobs to the cloud before printing them. This lets you print even when you are out of your wifi network, say when you are traveling. If the printer is not on, your print job is saved in the cloud until it comes back on line. HP says that all print files are deleted from the cloud when they are printed but if you are printing sensitive, work-related documents this may be a security issue.

NOTE: I chose not to set up HP's eprint, instead just setting it up for use as a wireless printer. Even though I know the name of my wireless network and password, it still required me to connect the printer to my laptop with a USB printer cable during the wireless setup, so be sure to have one on hand. It may not require this if you set up the eprint service. After the printer is installed on your wireless network, you will not have to use the USB cable even when installing the software on other computers in your network.

I always choose to download printer software and drivers from the manufacturers website rather than use the supplied disk because they will be the latest drivers and I can check to see if there are any updates or patches or firmware updates. In this case, there was a software update and a firmware update already available for this printer.

The setup procedure I followed was as follows: I plugged in the printer and installed the ink cartridges as shown in the Quick Start guide. I also loaded some standard, 8 1/2" x 11" paper in order to print the test sheet. While the ink cartridges were initializing (this takes about 9 minutes), I downloaded the software and drivers from HP's website and began installing the software. The installation was straightforward and except for making me connect a USB printer cable, it installed flawlessly.

When the install is finished, you will have an icon on your desktop that says HP Officejet 7110 Series. Click on this icon and you will get the Printer Assistant program. From here you can check your ink levels, clean your print heads, set your printer preferences, check on your print queue, etc. To install software and firmware updates, click on the Estimated Ink Levels tab. It will bring up a series of tabs. Go to Device information which will allow you to install any software updates and firmware updates. This is important for your printer to work properly with the latest versions of your operating system and document creation software so do it as part of your set up.

There is only one paper tray included. The four ink cartridges included are full size (not starter cartridges), but you can also buy XL capacity cartridges. The ink dries amazingly fast so even with dense color on a page, it is dry and the page isn't wrinkly where there is a lot of ink.

So how does it print? I'm very pleased with the print quality! The colors are bright and vibrant and text is crisp and clear, even at very small point sizes. Depending upon the type and quality of the paper you are using, you can get a very professional-looking art poster! I have a Wacom tablet because several people in my home are artists and sell artwork at conventions. We were gratified to see how stunning a poster printed to glossy, 13' x 19" paper looked. It is good enough to frame! At a list price of $200, I think this would delight any artist, even those that don't create computer-based art. If you get a quality scan of the original and use quality paper at the highest print quality, you can get prints that rival the original.

Of course, typesetters will also appreciate this printer. Newsletters, restaurant menus, signage - all these things can now be printed at home or in the office. For small runs, it's quite affordable.

You can also use this as your regular printer by loading letter size paper. The duty rating is up to 12,000 pages (letter size) per month. Print resolution for black on best quality setting is 600 x 1200 dpi. For color on best quality setting using select premium paper, up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi (assuming 1200 input dpi).

For about $50, you can purchase an automatic duplexing attachment for double sided printing.HP Inkjet Automatic Two-sided Printing Accessory

For the price, I think this is a fine way to print large format documents and artwork. I'm delighted!
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on May 31, 2015
While I did not buy this from Amazon, (correction-I did get this from Amazon..) I think everyone needs to know how bad this unit is. After using HP wide format printers for years, having finally wore out my last one after 4 years of good service. This thing is a money sucking racket. It will NOT let you print in black only (90% of what I am plotting) if ANY of the color cartridges are out. Check out the HP forums for what everybody thinks of theirs and you won't buy this! Epson WF printers will allow black only regardless of color ink status if you select black only. It also apparently uses the color cartridges even if you have the settings to only use black, I NEVER plot in color on the last change out of the color cartridges and they now are magically out!, convenient for them and selling more high dollar cartridges.

Update 8-24-15..I am getting rid of this disastrous piece of garbage, color cartridges AGAIN out in spite of ZERO documents printed in color. First it says only the magenta is out, then comes the yellow and then cyan, one after the other. It doesn't even deserve one star!
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on July 18, 2014
Once again, HP has proven me right- that I should never buy their products.

1) This thing uses ink so quickly that I can't even keep up. Who in their right mind would put tiny ink cartridges on a 11x17 printer?

2) It contantly jams

3) I have to restart it between every print job. And not just power cycle. I need to pull the plug.

Honestly, this was the very last item I will ever buy from HP. I know I say that a lot, but I'm done. Thankfully I got it on sale, and it's "only" costing me $129 to throw it out.
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on November 26, 2014
This printer is such a headache, failure to print each image back to back. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM, it keeps startinf over and over and use up new ink cartridges that I paid good money for 3 times. I will never ever buy HP again in my life. I used my phone to record the inside and saw ink everywhere!!!!! A waste of money hands down. If I could do a commercial on NOT getting this printer so that people like me wont buy it I would!! Please do not Buy
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on May 31, 2014
this printer sucks in the ink...needs new cartridges at least once a month, for very light printing (less that 100 pages). those cartridges will run you about 60 usd...and don't think you will just get by with B&W in the meantime...nothing prints if any ink is you end up buying everything - every time. save your $$$ and find a better option.
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