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on January 25, 2012
I'll start by saying that I think this is an excellent machine.

My journey of buying a multi-function printer started with purchasing an HP Officejet Pro 8500 all-in-one. This was a top-rated machine, and I was excited when it arrived. Unfortunately, the particular 8500 that we received, although easy to setup, jammed constantly. After a week of jamming headaches, I headed online to Amazon to arrange for a return. When considering a replacement, I saw that the 8600 series OfficeJet printers had arrived, so I needed to consider them as well. At only about $25 more than I had paid for the 8500, I took the plunge.

The first decision with the 8600 was which of the three models to order. The basic model was quite attractively priced, and has features similar to the Plus and Pro models. The Plus model's big advantage (in our case) was the larger display. Other features separating it from the basic model are the larger automatic document feeder (50 vs 35 sheets) and a slightly faster print speed (20 vs 18 ppm black and 16 vs 13 ppm color, according to the HP website.) Had we upgraded to the "Premium" model, we could have added an additional 250-sheet paper tray. The Premium model might be appropriate for a small workgroup which does does lots of printing, but in our case, would be extreme overkill based on our printing volumes -- one ream of paper can last us many months!

Display: This printer went to my mother-in-law's house - and she's not the most tech-savvy consumer. We chose the "Plus" model because of the larger display - and it was a great choice! The display is great - large, bright, and intuitive. My mother-in-law has no problem completing most tasks and following the very good on-screen video instructions.

Configuration: The printer was easy to configure without even connecting to a computer using the on-screen display to connect to the wi-fi network. In all, it probably took about 10-15 minutes, most of which was allowing the printer to complete its self-configuration checks and print head alignment. The software was easy to install on the computer, and the computer was able to discover the printer on the network almost instantly using the drivers on the included CD-ROM.

Printing: Print quality is quite good and very fast -- the last time I purchased an inkjet printer was about 7 years ago, and the one this one replaced was 8 years old. Speed has come a long way in that time!

Copying: Again, this was quite simple. I especially like the easy on-screen options for dealing with two-sided originals and copies, allowing for all duplexing options without any additional fuss or difficulty.

Faxing: Also a straightforward operation, there were a few points worthy of comment. First, the fax self-configuration was great, and I appreciated the self-check during the setup process so that sending a "test fax" to someone was not necessary. Also, it worked fine with the AT&T U-Verse digital phone service -- not all fax devices play well with digital phone services, so this was very nice. My mother-in-law also commented about how she appreciated that you can enter the destination fax number before inserting the document to be faxed into the feeder - a nice feature as the destination fax number is usually at the top of the front page, which is often hidden by the document feeder once inserted.

Scanning: The network scanning was quite easy, and worked seamlessly - something not true of all network scan devices. My previous experience had been that devices scanning over the network have some usability problems, and that they work best when connected directly to the computer. No issues here, however - it worked great right out of the box with no physical connection to the computer.

Driver: The included drivers on the CD-ROM worked just fine, as well as those downloaded from the HP website. My one small complaint is that when auto-discovering the printer using Windows 7, Windows fails to install a usable driver. The user must first go to the HP website, download an appropriate driver, then install the driver directly. These extra steps were time-consuming and annoying - but not enough for me to deduct a star.

Ink: The ink cartridges were very easy to insert and replace. I particularly appreciate that they are simple units and don't have the tape-covered electrical contacts common on the older generation of cartridges which could sometimes come off during installation.

Overall: I give this printer a strong recommendation, and 5 stars. You may need to decide which model is best for you -- depending on pricing, the larger display of the "Plus" model might not be worthwhile, and the price of the basic model is quite attractive. For us and our given user, the larger display was key and worth the extra cost. I'd buy one again!
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on December 21, 2011
One of the major complaints about the iPad when it was first introduced was that one could not print from it. Apple heard us and with the release of IOS (iPhone Operating System) 4.2 the company included Apple Air Print a technology that allows, or is supposed to allow the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to print wirelessly from the device to an ever-increasing number of Hewlett Packard printers like the "HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus Inkjet Printer."

Hewlett Packard upped the ante with this All-n-One (AIO) unit by including wireless and giving the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus Inkjet Printer an e-mail address ( address) from which one can print from any computer, iPad--or other mobile device--via a technology called "HP e-Print." One can also print wirelessly to an Apple mobile device like an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone etc. via Apple Air Print.


Make no mistake the "HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus" is a hefty printer checking in a 21 pounds. And while the unit does not require a two-man lift, it will require some finesse to get it out of the box and onto a flat surface. One unboxed it took me a little less than 15 minutes to completely assemble the printer including the duplexer unit. Thankfully the power supply is built-in, so no heavy power brick to find a place for.

Network Setup

Before connecting the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus network via Ethernet (RJ-45), or Wireless the decision must be made to utilize one or the other communications medium, but not both. USB can be utilized with either configuration. Since I wanted my iPad to "speak" to the printer and print I installed the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus utilizing wireless and USB and I can print either way as well as utilize the scanner to print-to-computer. Wireless set-up was effortless using DHCP; all I needed to know was the network WPA2 passcode.

Wireless Printing & e-Print

One of the selling points of the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-AIO is of course the ability of the iPad to print to the device either wirelessly (Air Print) or via e-Print. I am happy to report that both work!

As I stated above Apple IOS version 4.2 shipped with Air Print, which allows the iPad to wirelessly "talk" to Air Print enabled printers like the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus. Once the printer was set up on the wireless network I could see the printer on the iPad from Air Print enabled applications like Safari, select the printer and print. G that was it, no setup needed on the iPad.

HP's e-Print also works like a charm, most of the time. With e-Print the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is assigned a customizable e-mail address to which one can forward e-mail's to be printed from iPad, iMac, iPod, or PC as long as the printer is connected to the Internet. This feature works reasonably well; it is supposed to be able to print attachments, but this is a hit or miss proposition; i.e. sometimes it works, sometime not, sometimes it print half a page. However, overall, I am pleased with e-print.

Software Installation

My HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus is connected primarily to an Apple iMac 2.7GHz machine with 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive running OS X Lion Version 10.7.2. Out of the box the software disc will not work with Lion 10.7.2, so I had to download a software update from Apple and another from HP, but both worked seamlessly and I was able to get up and running with full functionality (including scan-to-computer) in under 15 minutes. And I have to say for the record I like the iMac interface for the printer better than the Windows 7 interface.


Pretty straight forward; the software installation process installed a full set of print drivers which in turn give you complete control over the printing process, including two-sided printing. The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus can also print from inserted USB flash drives and or MMC/SD Media cards.


The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus offers up both a 50-sheet ADF and flatbed scanner for use. Initialing the scanning process can be accomplished from the included software, inserting a page(s) into the ADF, or the units control panel. Once an item is placed into the ADF or on the flatbed scanner glass surface, you can push the Scan button on the front panel, at which time you choose where to scan to: Computer, USB Flash Drive, or Memory Card. Once a destination is chosen, you can then chose to scan to file (.PDF is an option), e-mail, or photo.

Copy Process

This process, like printing is pretty straight forward; both color and black & white copies can be made, up to 99 at a time. Because there is a duplexer installed two-sided copies can be made in a number of different configurations, including 1-side original/ 1-side copy; 1-side original/ 2-side copy; 2-side original/ 1-side copy; 2-side original/ 2-side copy. Copies can also be enlarged up to 144%, or reduced down to 25% of original.

Working with Photos

As stated above, the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus will accept input from a number of commercially available portable memory storage devices, slots for which are located on the left hand side of the printer underneath the cartridge insertion flip down panel. Simply insert the memory card and the photos it contains are displayed on the small 4.6" touch-screen color display on the right hand side of the unit.


Overall I like the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-AIO, because it works seamlessly with my iMac and I can print to it from my iPad. The design is a little austere; there are no buttons to push because everything is controlled from the color (touch screen) display panel, which might prove problematic if it ever decides not to work. But, there is always the control set on the computer, so...

The built-in wired Ethernet capability, coupled with USB and wireless make the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-AIO Inkjet Printer a versatile, flexible unit that is ideal for a small home office setting and well as workgroup setting. If you or your small workgroup need a scanner/ copier/ printer/ fax, and need to print from your iPad--or other mobile device--in some form or fashion the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus should be given serious consideration.
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on July 12, 2013
So let me first start off with the only good note on this printer, like the other reviews it is extremely easy to setup the wireless printing feature on this printer and the printer itself prints nicely even in draft mode. HOWEVER, this printer is a complete disaster from a user perspective. Unless you have an endless money supply and don't mind stock piling plenty of replacement cartridges.

This printer is the last straw for me in purchasing HP Inkjet Printer products. This printer's design clearly shows the number one motivation of HP, revenue over customer satisfaction.

There are two completely unacceptable functional designs in this printer.

1. Each time you install a new inkjet cartridge the printer goes through a "printer initializing" process. During this process the program sucks 10% of the remaining ink cartridges installed. So if you replace each of the four cartridges over a one week period without printing a single page each of the remaining cartridges will contain 30% less ink once the last cartridge is installed. This means that you basically have to replace all cartridges at the same time unless you don't mind wasting 30% of your ink.

2. The MOST FRUSTRATING PART OF THIS PRINTER is the fact that you CANNOT PRINT unless all cartridges are full.

So I am getting ready for a critical meeting in 1 hour, I need to print a multi-million dollar proposal for my top client for this meeting. I know I have plenty of black ink because I installed a new cartridge yesterday. I go to print this important document and the printer WILL NOT PRINT MY BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENT BECAUSE THE CYAN INK was now out of ink! Now I know for a fact that this Cyan printer cartridge contained at least 10% ink when I installed the new black ink cartridge because a ran the printer report. So now I am panicking and grab another Cyan ink cartridge that I know contained 20% of ink remaining when I replaced it. It once again goes through it "printer initializing" process and now it won't print my BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENT because the yellow ink is now gone!!! Keep in mind the yellow ink had a little less than a 1/4 of its ink remaining before I replaced the Black ink cartridge. Now after replacing the Cyan cartridge now the yellow ink gone so I again replace it with a used cartridge that had about 1/4 remaining but after this initializing process now all color ink cartridges are completely empty. Keep in mind, during this time I haven't been able to PRINT a single document since replacing the Black cartridge the previous day. So now I am completely out of three ink cartridges all because I changed out three cartridges.

So now I am so frustrated I want to throw the printer out my 10 story office window, if only the window opened. In a last ditch effort I call HP Support to ask how I can bypass the color cartridges to print my black and white document. I am told by support that the printer cannot print without the color cartridges. When I ask why I am told that it is due to the printer's high quality printing. So when I ask how in God's name does a yellow ink cartridge impact the quality of a black and white document, I get crickets chirping from the support person until he asks if I would like to speak with a supervisor. When I say yes, he places me on hold until the system hangs up on me 5 minutes later. I call back, now I immediately ask for a supervisor. The supervisor tells me that is the way the printer is designed. It uses color ink even in black and white documents to ensure "quality" printing and says he will send me a link to contact the CEO with my comments.

Moral of the story, NEVER buy a printer that "requires" color cartridges to print black and white documents. There is only one reason that color ink is required to print black and white and it is to sell more ink cartridges. This printer is purposefully wasting color inks in order to force the buyer to replace the cartridges as much as possible. Until HP rewrites their printer software to eliminate this wasteful ink usage I think anyone that purchases any of their inkjet printers should have their head examined. By the way I worked for HP in their Enterprise Software division so I am not just some HP hater.
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on November 29, 2011
Purchased this printer to replace another HP printer that had served it's usfullness. This printer obviously is a work horse and prints out quality prints and photes without hesitation. Have tested it on almost everything without a glitch. Was easy to set up and meshed into our wireless system without hassle. Set up menu has been designed for folks like me that are not experts in the field. You won't go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommend. So far this has proven to be a quality product. Using for iphone, ipad and wireless computer printing.
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on March 17, 2012
Had an HP 7310 all in one for 7 years and was great till type "shuttered". Don't know how to fix so bought what I thought would do same. The 8600 Pro is nice and set up easy and does all normal functions well. I have the 8600A premier at work and thought this would be similar (only without the 2nd paper drawer that is broken already). To my surprise: this 8600 Pro won't feed heavy paper! You can't see the paper tray without pulling it out. How do you feed an envelope? You open tray pull out paper, put in envelop, adjust the guides and close and pray. No bypass, no opportunity to just stick it in like the 7310 or like the 8600A Premier. What a pain. After seeing this feed I can't wait to be annoyed printing pictures! Let me go do that and come back...not same paper size options...yup...tray out, 2 hands to load photo paper and be careful as guides are flimsy...funny, won't print borderless either! But, actually gives paper options that say "thick plain paper". Wonder why it will feed photo paper but not thick paper. Got photos printed but don't match my album which is all borderless. Scanner and faxing are great though so I guess I'll just be annoyed every time I want thick paper or photos. HP should not make so many models. Just perfect existing ones!
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on November 29, 2012
I bought the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium (the same as the 8600 but with two paper trays)because it had an automated document feeder that could hold 50 pages. I was using a Fujitsu Scan Snap 1500, which holds less than 20 pages, and was hoping to reduce scanning time. I also thought I could save money buying an all-in-one machine. Big mistake. This scanner is EXTREMELY slow. The product specs say it scans at "up to 11 ppm." That is only true if you scan at 75 dpi in black and white, which leaves you with a scan that is barely legible even when scanning simple black and white typed pages. If you scan at 200 dpi - which is ok quality, but not great - you get 3 pages per minute! If you want to scan at a higher quality dpi, the document feeder can not be used. Instead, you have to manually place each page on the glass, go through the cumbersome scan process with every single page. For comparison, my Fujitsu scans 20 ppm at 600 dpi. If you are looking for a scanner, just buy the Fujitsu and buy a separate printer! If you do decide to buy this printer, note the 14 day return policy and test it out the day you get it or you will be stuck with it!
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on January 14, 2013
Over a period of years my business has owned several HP multifunction machines that have had moderate use. Previously the software was troublesome. This time, HP finally got it right. By far this is the best multifunction machine I have ever owned. From previous experience, I use this machine as a network printer. The software has been installed in over eight computers without a hitch. This has never happened before. The machine itself prints great and scans so efficiently that I have embarked on a couple of projects that did not make sense with the old equipment.
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on August 4, 2012
I have used this printer for 3 months and all of a sudden the wireless capability stopped working. The printer shows all the correct settings and says it is connected but shows up offline on the computer. Have reset everything possible multiple times and printer will not connect wirelessly. Have uninstalled HP software and re-installed. Even reset the whole home network. Other wireless notebooks and other wireless printer all work fine - only this printer will not work. In searching for solutions on internet I have found numerous complaints about this same issue since December 2011 - at least 8 months now and still no fix from HP for this issue. When the printer works, the color docs are beautiful but I have had more problems with this printer in just 3 months than all the other printers I've owned for about 20 years put together.

The other issue I had with this printer is that 1/2" to 3/4" space is added to all my document margins on the left side of every page and doc is cut off on right side of page. There is no fix for this problem either - seems to be a printer diver issue.

HP Support has no fix for either of these issues and does not seem to be in any hurry to find a solution. Avoid purchasing this printer until there is a new driver. Otherwise the wireless feature may fail at any time and document margins change on their own without regard to your software program settings. If HP could correct those issues, this would be an excellent printer. Without a driver update, this printer is totally worthless.
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on February 13, 2012
If you do not plan to use any NON-HP photo paper,
you can stop reading here.

I initially was so pleased with this printer:
1) easy to install/setup.
2) very fast.
3) duplex printing.
4) wireless.
5) etc...

UNTIL... I tried printing photos.

I have two type of photo paper Home:
1)Genuine HP "Arm&Leg cost" photo paper.
2)The very popular Costco (kirkland) premium photo paper.

I had no problem with the HP paper.

The only way I managed to have the printer feed the kirkland paper,
was by sticking a piece of masking tape (as found on a forum), on the
back of the paper. This gave enough grip to the picking roller, to
make the paper work with this printer.
The same paper works flawlessly in other HP printers and other brands.

If you plan on using this printer for photo printing without using HP photo
paper, I suggest you to google "hp 8600 will not feed photo paper"

Feel free to share your experiences (successful or not) with me.

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on February 25, 2012
Within two months of purchase, the touch screen does not funtion, thus can not use copy, scan or fax funtions. Only option is to print from computer. After contacting Hewlett-Packard, they were only willing to ship a re-conditioned printer to replace the new printer that is only 2 months old.
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