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on December 22, 2012
THIS COMPUTER DIED ON ME AFTER ONLY 2 YEARS. NEVER BUYING After a week with this Pavilion with hours put into it, I am more than pleased with its performance. I gave it 5 stars because this desktop will not disappoint you. In opinion and fact I will divide what I think is great and not so great. First, the great
1) SUPER FAST START UP: After the first time turning it on, it quickly went through the start-up process in which it booted windows and took my info. minor stuff. Very easy process. After that I went on a download spree just downloading "FREE" programs ;) The second time I started it, it took 10 seconds. The third time and on its been taking 2 seconds to turn on and ready to go. Its as if you put your phone to vibrate and leave it alone until you need it. It comes on that FAST!

2) It's really quiet. I mean you know its on but there's no annoying loud fan.

3) THE SPPECS!: 1 TB HDD is plenty . It says it has a total 910 GB and I'm not complaining. It also has 6GB of RAM which is good for multitasking. There's compact flash, sd/mmc, xD/Smart Media, and a Memory Stick Port. There's also an optical drive and a blank expansion Bay for any drive you want. THe graphics are amazing even if you just have VGA to VGA. The sound is superb as well. You can upgrade to many channeled speakers.

4) WINDOWS 8: Some people hate this windows but I don't know why. I am a super fan of it. Its like a computer and a smart tablet put together. What I love mostly is if you drag the mouse to the top right of the screen it brings up a start screen that quickly brings up a list of options, search, share, Start, Devices, and settings. When you're at the windows 8 screen everything you need is there. A desktop view, music, videos, games, apps, the store, Xbox live account. I love it.

5) FAST: From running apps to surfing the web to playing music and watching videos, everything is done with top notch speed.

6) COMPATIBILITY: They have started making nearly all programs to be compatible with win8. Word 2013 is amazing.

7) UPDATE: USB ports IN FRONT and BACK. My IPOD TOUCH is accessible on my computer when I plug it into the front and I was able to make a back up with no problem.

8) UPDATE: TRANSFERING FILES: Maybe all computers can do this but I spent the whole day today transferring old files from my win 7 laptop to this WIRELESSLY. Its pretty nice.

9) UODATE:DUAL SCREEN: I tested it out by having one monitor hooked up with VGA to VGA and another DVI to HDMI and after an easy set-up I was able to put two screens together and make it look like one big screen. U could also duplicate it which I found cool. However, the graphics with VGA were kind of not centered but that's what happens because its only VGA. It would have been amazing if this desktop would be the first to have two VGA ports but it's alright for me.


1) Minor bugs. I figured out YouTube hates Internet Explorer. Once in a while you will experience a graphics plugin problem on youtube when watching a video. It simply darkens the screen and quickly refreshes saying its all better now. It hasn't happen to me on Fire Fox or Google Chrome though and it isn't that bad because I only loose two seconds to it.

2) STUFF: The keyboard and mouse that it is supplied with is kind of a let down. I mean I like that the keyboard has stands on it but its too loud for me. The mouse click is annoying and the keyboard has this crescent button that if pressed the computer goes quickly into sleep or hibernation mode. However, it can be awaken quick if you press it again. You can improve this with buying a wireless keyboard with built in mouse for like 20-30 bucks but remember this is my opinion. It may not bother you.

3) No HDMI port. This is small thing where I see AMD computers not offering. It may not affect you but an Hdmi port allowed both Video and audio to transfer. However, 6 channel audio and VGA to HDMI make me happy.

4) If you keep your computer under a table towards the wall, you have to turn the computer to plug something in. However, its no problem for me because I have a USB Extender that allows for a wire to be plugged into a USB port and then that wire to anything. I keep it right next to my keyboard for easy access.

THATS IT! I love this desktop and I hope you buy it too. I bought it when it had no reviews and I'm glad I did. I don't like to include price in my reviews because they can change but right now at 379.99. You can't beat it. JUST BUY IT. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any feedback!
I will try to respond in a month on how this computer is going.
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on December 28, 2012
I agree with the excellent review by DJNav. I was going to disagree about any USB ports in the front, but got curious and was able to find them by pushing down on the front panel. (None of the printed documentation mentioned these.) So, many thanks to DJNav!

By the way, these ports (and two of the ones on the reverse) are USB SS which I believe means USB 3.0, which is 10 times faster than the previous USB 2.0 ports. Use the two not labeled as SS for the keyboard and mouse.

In answer to another reviewer's question, these do not come with installation discs. Software is preloaded, supplemented by downloads (drivers, I think). If you want to create a recovery disc for Windows 8, I believe you go to the Windows 8 Control Panel, search "File Recovery", select Backup, then Setup Backup, then select a drive. For the drive, Microsoft recommends an external memory device like a USB or DVD. It should have a capacity of at least 3 GB to hold the Windows.iso file/files. (Later) I went to Windows 8 Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, Windows 7 File Recovery, Create a System Image or Create a System Repair Disc. I made the system repair disc with a 4.7 GB DVD +R and it was fast & easy.
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on December 29, 2012
This computer saved my life, it is super fast and functions amazingly with a very good processor GPS speed and all live up to their expectations. I just had one difficulty. I mainly bought this computer for mainstream stuff like youtube and work, but occasionally I like to play games as well. When I tried to play call of duty the internal graphics card would not handle it well. This is its only flaw, but it will do fine with everything else. This is a must buy product.
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on December 25, 2012
UPDATED 12/27/2012:

I had ordered this computer as a Christmas gift. In my initial review you will see that I had issues with the computer freezing and requiring a hard reboot. Amazon was great and sent me a replacement as well as scheduled pickup of the one I had. I notified Amazon on December 25 and by December 27 had the new computer up and running!

The replacement took just a couple of hours to setup. Out of the box it worked great and my time was mostly spent installing my own copy of Office and then running all of the windows and office updates.

This computer definitely meets all of my expectations!

PREVIOUSLY 12/25/2012:

I have another HP so I was expecting an easy setup which it was. But within about 30 minutes of use the computer froze. No mouse, keyboard, or image movement, just a frozen system. After a hard reboot everything seemed fine but with a short duration it froze again. There does not seem to be a consistent reason for the freeze. I was able to run windows updates and get all the latest windows patches but that did not clear up the random and intermittent freezes. At this time I don't know if this is a hardware issue or OS. I am leaning towards bad RAM but I won't know until I run a memtest or discuss options with either Amazon or HP. Out of the box and as a gift I am a bit unhappy but depending on the resolution I will have to stick with a 2 star rating for now.
review image review image
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on January 19, 2013
The computer replaced our 6 year old Dell, so there's a huge difference in speed and functionality. Anything would have been an improvement, but we are happy with this one. Just to pass on the information....there is a button on the front that should open the 'Expansion Bay' door. It doesn't. The first time we pushed it, it got stuck so we assumed that it was broken. It felt like it wasn't connected to anything. HP India was baffled and had never heard of a problem like this so we started the return process, with great aggravation, having spent multiple hours moving stuff onto the computer and getting it set up. When the new one arrived, it had the same problem. The button didn't work. After a little research, we felt a quite foolish, finding that HP no longer uses the Expansion Bay, but continues to use the case, so the door isn't supposed to open and the button is indeed non-functional--and their support staff doesn't seem to have a clue. Oh works and we didn't have to start over, but we are out another $20 for shipping. Lesson learned. May it spare you the hassle!
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on December 28, 2012
I'd give it 5 stars but it doesn't support my solid state hard drive. But that's okay it still blazing fast I'm going to be upgrading it to 12 gigs of ram, double what it comes with.. I might consider getting a bigger power supply so I can put a more powerful video card in it, but the internal video card is awesome. Also this computer has built in wifi! I didn't know that when I purchased it, I thought it would be week wifi but I get 5 bars on the other side of my house! (which is rare)........ Also another great feature is the built in beats audio music has never sounded better to me!

In the end....... this computer is a great buy. Its not over the budget either I paid only $379 for it plus the one day shipping fee.
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on December 27, 2012
I purchased this computer when my low end Dell crashed. It was Christmas time and so I wanted to get this online to avoid the crowds in the stores. I have been very happy with this pc so far. I was a little apprehensive as it has Windows 8 on it, but I do like the virtual interaction Windows 8 offers and I am very pleased with it. It has more power than my old pc and with a 1 terabyte hard drive I have ample room for storage. The delivery was exceptional even though it was two days before Christmas! I am now learning about Windows 8, and there is a learning curve but I am enjoying it. I feel I got a good pc for the price, and I would recommend it.
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on January 23, 2013
The good: The product arrived as scheduled. It was functional immediately. I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro to get the functionality of Windows Media Center. Price was great. Product is well engineered by HP.

Application Plan: My plan was to port the extra things I had added to a Windows 7 32 bit computer to the new computer with better performance and storage upgrade. This computer is a media center for the whole house residing in the kitchen where family members can easily access it for web surfing and where it manages DVR functionality for the whole house (including commercial stripping of recordings), video calling (Skype) and landline telephone communications (TapiRex), and a whole house music system (Pandora). It has media extenders connected and drives four other screens in the house. I replaced the existing computer because it was slow responding and the hard drive was getting flakey.

Issues: Several of the problems I have run into are legacy issues for which I cannot fault the new computer -- but I list them so as to be aware before you undertake such a changeout.

1. Legacy Plugins - Two of the addons in my old computer were PCI bus (telephone modem, hauppage TV tuner. The new computer only has PCIe slots. :(
2. Digital Cable Tuner issues - I currently utilize the 3 tuner HDHomeRun digital cable tuner to record TV in Windows Media Center. Initially the new W8 Media Center configured as expected -- but after a day it stopped working (complaining about having a cable card for each tuner). Seems to be a compatibility issue between W8 and the HDHomeRun tuner. It works fine with the W7 machines I have. :(
3. Legacy Extenders don't work -- W8 only supports XBox extenders and Microsoft configured the interface so that legacy extenders do not work any more :(
4. Touch Screen doesn't function as expected -- Because the screen has a bezel surrounding it (Acer 230H), I can't access the all important corners to activate the W8 start screen and tools with my fat finger. :(

I solved most of these problems by going back to Windows 7 and spending $ for upgraded plugins.
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on January 11, 2013
First...I don't think I'll ever have a need for Windows 8. The good news is that you can click on "desktop" from the win8 start screen and be back at the traditional win 7 type desktop. I just leave it there, and it then is almost identical to the HP computer it replaced.

I spent 30 minutes probably trying to find the front USB connections. As it turns out, the front panel slides down.

However....the computer after hooking up was just not doing all of my programs quite right. Just little things it wouldn't recognize, or was slow accomplishing some. Most stuff ran ok. Internet connection and accessing web sites was slower than my previous computer. I wrote all this off to Windows 8. The big issue that kept occurring was getting a CPU excessive usage warning about every 10 minutes. This would happen even when no programs were running. I watched the CPU usage indicator and it was hanging at never less than about 70%. Then today I needed to shut the computer down and restart. When I tried to shut down, it would not do so, saying it was updating windows. It then updated or did something for over two hours. Finally, it said restarting. It stayed in the restart mode for over an hour and never booted up. I finally had to turn it off. I restarted it and it indicated it was preparing new windows files. After about 10 minutes, it restored itself to the start screen.

Whatever it did, it is a much improved computer. The CPU is running normally now, web sites access and update much faster, and all is well. I have no idea what was hanging it up before, as it was delivered. Maybe there was a bug in the original windows installation that a very, very lengthy update has corrected. Anyhow, all is well.

Now, reference HP. When I was having these problems I tried to contact HP three different times through their help program installed on the computer. It would never connect. I gave up on HP.

Now that all is well...I hope...for the price I paid just before Christmas, it's a heck of a deal.
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on March 17, 2013
I was a little skeptical at first like any good buyer, but I am so glad I chose this computer!

Lets start with the Good!
*Start up is basically instantaneous! Never have I had a computer that starts up in less then 20 seconds!
*It has the build in WIFI that seems to have made my internet even faster then before, (For all you computer geniuses I realize it was the speed of my prior computer that slowed my connection)
*Another positive that I was worried about is WINDOWS 8 which is actually pretty nice once you get used to the product! I like how you can switch between interfaces and smoothly transition between windows.
*Comes with Keyboard and Mouse, which is nice so your not spending more cash.
*lots of USB ports, and several 3.0's as well. (4 3.0 ports, and 2 2.0 ports)

The Con's (not really many but can't be to bias for the product)
*The disk eject buttons do seem kind of cheap but they work none-the-less so it gets the job done.
*Ummmm Well it doesn't come with Microsoft word which would have been nice but most don't so not really that big of a deal.

Overall I am very happy with this product thus far after having it for a little over a month. Hopefully it continues to preform well and it not I will Update my review! Hope this helps!
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