Customer Reviews: HP Pavilion 17.3" Laptop i3 2.40GHz 6GB 750GB Windows 8 (17-e040us)
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on December 1, 2013
I don't know why the reviews for this computer are low. I got this computer and love it! For the price I paid, it's such a steal. The screen is huge and it's not heavy at all. The sound is pretty good and the keyboard is very functional. I like that it has a DVD/CD burner, a built in web camera and so far, it hasn't frozen on me at all. It shuts off and on how it's supposed to and there's no complaints I can really make about it since my time of purchase.

Windows 8 could take some getting used to, but that has nothing to do with the physicality of the computer itself. I usually own desktops and have had an apple laptop so this is my second laptop purchase. It's been a very smooth transition with using this computer.
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on January 11, 2014
Only reason I bought this laptop, from a different merchant, was to replace my HP business class 17" laptop running Windows XP Pro. Since Microsoft won't be supporting XP after April 8, 2014 I figured now was the time to pull the trigger on a new one by taking advantage of after-Christmas overstock price reductions.
I also own a Dell Alienware desktop running Windows 7 Pro, so the leap to Windows 8 wasn't all that dramatic on this HP Pavilion. Yes, there are certain features on Win 8 that I don't care for, but it's not a deal breaker. After all, Win 8 and its successors are here to stay for the future, so better pony up to change and get used to it.
Installing the free Windows 8.1 upgrade was a plus. Start button is back, sort of, just not the familiar Start that Vista and Win 7 users are used to. Had to hunt for the Jump Lists. Haven't created a shortcut for them yet. Comes loaded with a ton of apps I'll likely not use, only a few useful ones that interest me.
Nice bright screen and decent sound. Color rendition is a bit lacking in the saturation department. Color calibration doesn't help much. If I were a student I'd better hit the gym and lift weights. Wouldn't cherish lugging this hefty rascal from class to class.
All in all, I'm satisfied with its performance. Plenty fast with enough horsepower to do what I want with a portable PC. Only use it when away from home on business and pleasure. I became very spoiled with my older HP 17", so I just had to jump on this one. Glad I did.
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on February 13, 2014
bought this as a replacement of my 2 nd half year old Acer laptop that has Win 7. So far, this laptop works perfectly fine and fast. I love how big the screen and yet its not that heavy. The keyboard is lot better than my previous one. Overall, great item and affordable. I just have to get used of windows 8 which is still kinda confusing to me.
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on December 31, 2013
I have never really had a laptop before, so this is my first. My old standby computer, I think I have had for almost 10 years now. And would gladly still be doing everything on it If Microsoft had not killed Windows XP. But I couldn't very well stuff it in a bag and go either. So at least this lets me take it on a trip.

What I do like so far: Graphics look nice. I listened to a little music on it and was pleased with the quality of the speakers. Surprisingly clear. Didn't sound tinny. The screen is large with good picture quality. However, it is bright! If you are one of those people who has trouble with going to sleep after watching TV or computing, I strongly suggest a pair of the yellow glasses (blue-blockers).

As I learn my way around it I find I am starting to like the way it works. I would give it 5 stars if it were not for the internal mouse. I found it to be too touchy. I would recommend using an external. I am using a Logitech 3M10 instead of the built in mouse at this time and find it much easier for my personal use. One thing I did like about the built in mouse was how easy it is to pan in and out on the screen.

Overall, I find I am really liking this computer. If I so wished, I could replace my old desktop with it. I sometimes have to laugh at myself for the things I have overlooked.
For instance; It does have an HDMI connection for hooking up to a television.
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on July 30, 2014
I have no problem with windows 8,I did have an issue with HP doing updates,and then made me restart the computer,and it wouldn't come back up.Called HP got a rep that made me run this complete 6 hour hardware test.It wasn't the problem and she never called back. So i called again and this tech had me reset the computer to the way it came out of the box.I lost all my files excet for what was on the cloud,and i had to re install all my programs again,and reconnect to my network printer.Now everything seems ok but the num lock key doesn't have a
Lite.It does have two delete keys ,so u can leave the number pad on all the time.I also found out this computer is new to me but HP said it's a year old,so I had to email them my Amazon invoice to get my one year warranty
I will say the screen is nice and the sound from the speakers are good.Knowing what I know now I would not of bought this computer..I also need to ad that this computer only has 3 USB ports,and you need a external mouse to work it,because with the pad you can't get to the settings.I also recommend a cooling pad,it takes a USB port but without it the computer gets hot.So with the mouse and the cooling pad,that leaves you with one USB port.I'll probably end up buying a extended USB adapter.This is my 3rd day with this machine,and i keep getting bombarded with all kinds of phishing sites wanting to do upgrades.Luck I installer Trend Micro which has so far caught a virus and a lot of malware . I don't like the Norton that comes with this machine.
I figured out why so many people like mysefl are having so many problems with these computers.GOOD NEWS IT'S NOT THE COMPUTER. H.P. OR SOME DEALER OR AMAZON,HAD THESE COMPUTER SITTING ON A SHELF FOR A FULLY YEAR. iF YOU NOTICE ALL THE SOFTWARE THAT'S INSTALLED IS DATED JUNE 2013.WELL THAT MEANS ALL THE DRIVERS,AND WINDOWS UPDATES,AND HP UPDATES HAVE NOT BEEN DONE FOR A YEAR.THE FIX:This took me awhile but I ran a utility that found my register had a lot of crap in it.I cleaned that up,then I ran a Malware program and got rid of all that,then I updated all of HP drivers.NOW HERE COMES THE TRICKY PART.There were 92 windows updates that needed to be installed.I updated some and windows said it couldn't do them all,at once.So I set it up to update auto through HP support Assistant. I now have them down 45.After I get the rest dowloaded I'm going to upgrade to windows 8.1 it's free in the store.But you must install all windows upgrades before it will allow you to install windows 8.1.NOW AFTER A LOT OF WORK AND MANY HOURS THE LAST 3 DAY I CAN SAY I LOVE THS MACHINE.Well all went well and I got all the HP and Window drivers loaded and was finally able to upgrade to windows 8.1.It took me 4 days and HP support was no help at all.I did it all on my own.It helps when your a retired Electrical Engineer.
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on May 2, 2014
This laptop has really exceeded our expectations. The design is perfect, and the size is just what we were looking for. For the price, this can't be beat. Note the RAM? It really makes a difference with this laptop. Our old one is snail-slow compared to this one! We have had NO problems with this baby, and the screen has been crystal-clear since the day we got it. All the keys are easy to reach and the touchpad works great, not to mention it's HUGE, which is perfect for my husband and his big hands. All-in-all, I would recommend this to everyone.

Now, please remember, this is a review for the laptop itself & it's performance, NOT about Windows 8. Personally, I hate it. I'm a Windows 7 girl, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try the new OS from Windows. Well, it's a HUGE learning curve, and it's beyond flawed. So much so, that I'm thinking of buying Windows 7 OS and installing it myself. It just seems like Windows never really though this through, as if they just slapped it together, trying to make it look like their phones. BAD idea, since we want a computer with a traditional OS, not the interface of a cell phone. To say the least, it's been pretty awful.

Even though, in my opinion, Windows 8 is a total and complete flop, this laptop is just amazing on ALL levels. It makes working with Windows 8 MUCH more manageable, which is just so nice. If this laptop was small, slow, clunky, and ugly with a small keyboard, I think trying to work with Windows 8 would be a TOTAL nightmare. So, thank you HP, for making a laptop we really love.
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on March 20, 2014
Bought this for mu husband when his last HP pavilion died. He loves the speed, the aesthetics, the software etc. He will probably be an HP lover for life. HP has continued to put out great and price appropriate products consistently.
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on June 1, 2014
I"m very impressed with this computer. I am not a computer guru, so this one works out very well for me. It's very east to navigate, figured Windows 8 out very easily. Very fast! It is a great choice for me! I would highly recommend this one to anybody!
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on May 5, 2014
So far, this laptop has been terrific. It's fast and translates our mediocre wireless signal very well. When I decided to iron in the bedroom this laptop wirelessly streamed two episodes of Cosmos beautifully. It seems to be accepting my not new software quite well. And I easily set up a wireless network for the laptop, my tower and the printer. The only down side I've seen is that updates are slow. Windows updates are scheduled and I couldn't seem to force them. Then the HP updates came along and took a whole day to install because they would not all install on a single command. I would set it to install all updates, but it would only install one at a time in many cases. Lots of clicking again and again. As for Windows 8, it's made for tablets, not laptops. If you are comfortable w/ tablets you may not mind. If you want a more traditional interface, look up the "classic shell" interface and install that. You'll be back to near Win 7 in no time.
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on April 2, 2014
It has some sort of bios issue that caused it to need rebooting (via battery removal) each and every time it was shut down or even just went into sleep mode due to inactivity. Learned this only after 2 days of installing and updating. Very frustrating and a huge waste of precious time. Amazon took it back, absolutely no hassle!!! And then when UPS lost my return package (I waited 10 days) they issued me a credit anyway. The return package did eventually get found and returned to Amazon. For me, the HP Pavillion was a dud but it was almost worth it to be treated so well by Amazon. The computer gets one star, Amazon gets 5 stars!
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