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on March 19, 2013
This is a not only a very good looking monitor but also delievers on image quality.

After trying a Dell, Viewsonic and Asus I have settled for this monitor.

Thin and Light
IPS technology with great colors and dark blacks
Silver Trim , matches apple products (tired of black monitors)
Hdmi port
No Speakers (hate built in speakers that make monitors bigger but do not produce sound worth mentioning)
Stable Base

Do not hesitate to buy this beautiful IPS display at a steal price of 169.99.
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on November 4, 2014
I would love to give HP the benefit of the doubt with this monitor because it has been pretty much the best monitor I've ever used, aside from the fact that it is a tad bright at night, even with the brightness turned all the way down.

Unfortunately I can't really give HP much slack because the problem I have now is apparently a very common one with this model. I was lucky enough to get about a year out of this model before the "green tint" finally appeared. It's a very sudden change that seems to affect only about 1/3 of one side of the screen (in my case the left-hand side).

The right hand side of my monitor still looks good as new, but there is an undeniable gradient of color and pixelation across the screen. I have to say it is very distracting and is a little hard on the eyes. I can understand age wearing out a monitor, but less than one year is pretty poor design considering my second monitor (Samsung) is still going strong after about 8 years.

I also want to mention that this "green tint" problem is not a cable failure nor is it a graphics card failure. I have a second monitor working perfectly fine and the problem is still present when I switch from DVI to HDMI input.

Take the 5-star reviews with a grain of salt, I willingly admit that had I reviewed this monitor a month ago I would have given it a glowing review for being a low cost, high quality monitor, but this type of screen failure is not uncommon with this model and a quick Google search will prove that. Since HP has done little to correct the problem or even issue a statement of apology regarding the long-term quality of the product I have to give it a one-star rating as I feel like I'm pretty much out of options after only a year of a functioning monitor. The provided photo should provide a pretty clear description of what the problem looks like when in manifests.
review image
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on February 20, 2013
My reliable HP 2509m monitor got the black screen of death after 3 years of use. I began researching IPS monitors and I had narrowed my selections to Asus, Dell and Viewsonic, but at the last moment HP released the Xi series of IPS monitors with great specs: an IPS LED-lit panel with an almost bezeless screen, with HDMI, DVI and VGA, all for less than the price of competitors I researched. I took the chance and ordered without waiting for reviews, except for a short one that mentioned that this monitor reflected sunlight quite a bit (my HP 2509m was glossy but I liked the frame-like quality of the pictures). On that account I bought this one.

Got it home, and set it up. The power button was stuck, but managed to dislodge it. I turned it on and the first thing I noticed is that going from 25" to 23" is really drastic, even if you move the smaller screen closer to you. Next, I was waiting for the images to jump out at me like my previous monitor, but to my surprise, the Anti-Glare coating is very thick, and it reflects no light at all. I thought this model had less aggressive AG coating than competitors. My viewing distance is at arm's length and on white backgrounds you can clearly see the oily background of the coating, very distracting. It makes you want to grab a towel and the clean those pearly droplets off.

For an IPS panel, the vertical angles are not as great as I had hoped. On a white blackground website, the bottom of the screen looks yellowish instead of pure white, and likewise, when viewing from horizontal angles the screen darkens a bit, although but not to the point of being shadowy. Still, the angles are an improvement from my old TN HP 2509m.

Next, I loaded up some of my test photos, and immediately noticed details that were unseen before, specially color banding and gradients in blue skies or sunsets. My older monitor didn't show these, so I'm thinking this is a plus as this monitor will allow me to adjust some of the photos I took.

I spent a day calibrating this to my needs, and the colors really stand out compared to my old monitor. The thin bezel is also a plus, and it's very thin. Text looks razor sharp. Still, I can't feel but disappointed at the lack of punch and wow of the images produced on this screen compared to my old glossy HP 2509m. I feel like I downgraded. The product itself it not at fault, as most monitors in this price range are very similar. I'm keeping this like a stepson, hoping it wins me over with time.


+ Accurate Colors
+ Detail in shadow areas
+ Sharp text
+ Price

- Anti-glare coating is excessive.
- Viewing angles not great for an IPS panel.
- Flimsy OSD buttons.
- Plasticky feel everywhere.
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on September 25, 2013
I bought 3 of these monitors in April 2013 for use in my home office. I bought them because they were reasonably priced, had great reviews, and I really liked their thin bezels. They seem well built and not of cheap quality but once they'd been used for a while the problems began...

After about 3 months, one of them started to developer narrow non-moving horizontal red lines from the left side of the screen. I write computer software so I'm good at troubleshooting. I tried a different monitor to the same cable, tried switching the monitor's power supply with one of the others, tried both hdmi and vga ports, different cables, unplugged and replugged in the monitor after letting it sit for a while, factory reset, even plugged the monitor into a different computer - but the lines remained. I do not travel with them and I turn them off when they are not in use.

I immediately called HP Support who was very helpful and thorough in making sure that I had appropriately diagnosed the issue. They agreed to exchange the monitor for a refurbished one (which is what every company does nowadays). While I was waiting for the replacement monitor to arrive the lines got worse. I returned the bad one and the replacement monitor hasn't had any issues (going on 2 months now).

However, today 9/25 I turn them all on to start my work day and I see the exact same red lines on the left side of one of the other monitors (*not* the one they'd sent me as a replacement). So, after another call to HP, this one is now getting replaced too. Both of these monitors had less than 850 "backlight hours" on them (which can be seen from the menu on the monitor).

On the plus-side HP Support is great. So if you like to call support and have things replaced go for it. Overall, I'm disappointed and if it had been only one monitor I'd probably write it off as a "one-off". But seeing as this has now happened to me twice with 2 different monitors, there seems to be a pattern of a manufacturing defect going on here. I'll probably sell all 3 once I get this problematic one replaced and end up buying something else. I hope this helps save someone else from the frustration I've had with these.
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on March 17, 2013
monitor exterior looks good — silver plate with hp logo, silver stand, black sides and back. all plastic.

power supply is 12V 3.33A, so you can run this monitor from standard 12V power supply.

monitor has matte screen (not glossy).

i'm definitely happy with my purchase.

1) standby light is brighter than screen;
2) major drawback is lack of VESA mount holes.

these issues can be fixed within 20 minutes if you don't care about your warranty.

fixing standby light is very easy:

you need to remove two screws under stand mount. after this, you need to remove silver front plate (if you decide to repeat my experiment, start removing plate from center).

put some amount of dark semi transparent duct tape on a back side of a silver panel. your standby light will be dimmed.
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on March 20, 2014
After using this monitor for 6 month or so, "green tint" started to appear from the left side of the screen (it's obvious when you opened a blank text file).

The worst part is the HP customer services. I purchased this monitor on 2013/04/03 but the HP Total Care website showed my monitor warranty is expired. Therefore, I tried to update warranty status in Jan 2014 by emailed the Amazon invoice since I need to get this issue fix before 2014/04/03. However, when I call the tech support phone number, the guy told me my request got rejected with no reason and suggested me to buy another new monitor. And he actually told me that's all he can do!!! What an absolutely absurd experience!!!
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on February 18, 2014
I purchased this monitor in April 2013 and was very happy with the size and clarity. Fast forward to Feb 2014 and I noticed small horizontal lines on the left-hand side of the monitor going to the right for about 6 inches plus a pinkish hue to the area. Also, when I go to my desktop screen, I can see ghosts of the applications I have open through the lines - like the lines are minute window blinds. Luckily I have a year warranty on the monitor. First, though, I went to the HP website to make sure there wasn't a software upgrade that might have caused the issue. There I found other owners who were having the same issue as I with the 23xi posted on HP user forum with no response from HP.
I called HP support and after going through the rep's script patiently, I told him this issue is a physical defect of the monitor, not software related. He agreed and they are shipping me a 'reconditioned' monitor with a 90 day warranty. I voiced my concern to them that since my original monitor didn't go bad for 10 months, what good would a 90 day warranty be for me. Regardless, I will cross that bridge if it happens.

Bottomline - go out to HP's user forum and see if there are complaints about a monitor that you are interested in buying. Typically, the people that would write something there would have used the monitor for an extended period of time. Monitors should last longer than 10 months. I have a 10 yr old Dell that still looks great.
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on May 11, 2013
22" with IPS technology @1920x1080HD as well as 3 ports (VGA/DVI/HDMI) for this price Is hard to beat! This is probably the very same monitor as the HP 22BW that sells on Amazon for $200. You just need to be okay with brushed silver...

Using it with my laptop to be my primary monitor, with the laptop as a secondary monitor. Nice to have a big monitor view in front of me (via a pedestal) instead of looking downward toward a small laptop view. Before this I Made the mistake of buying a dirt-cheap ViewSonic 19 inch, and that was a mess terms of size and picture resolution. For $50 more, I get something that works beautifully & perfectly.

BTW, maybe people don't realize this, but this resolution is the same as what is used on the 23 inch, 25inch, and 27 inch monitors. Since this monitor is proportionately smaller than those other ones, that means that pixels per inch density is much higher on this monitor than those other ones (102ppi). So the overall viewing picture is smaller, but is more seamless - Nice for in-close desktop work.

Make sure you have a video card in your desktop or laptop can support this resolution - I tried it with a six-year-old laptop and it couldn't make the high resolution needed!
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on December 7, 2014
There is a purple line across the screen. Bad luck.
This shouldn't happen on a new monitor.
review image
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on January 6, 2014
IPS is so much nicer than TN panels. Much better viewing angles. Media like movies and pictures look amazing. Its a great budget IPS screen..certainly not as "amazing" as IPS screens that cost 2x as much, but certainly an upgrade from TN.

The color tone of this screen...was quite yellowish at first....took some time...the presets for color temp are horrid...either its way too warm or too blue.....takes some time to manually set RGB levels to better match my preference...and closer to my HP w2371d screens I have on either side of this model..I thought my w2371d's looked great and sharp...but this 23xi blow them away as far as the Sharpen setting is concerned.

If you think it looks too gray...adjust the "Gamma" setting under Color....I turned Gamma off and blacks are dark and look great.

Sharpest screen I have ever far as being able to crank sharpness up like a tv. I used to use a sharpen filter on my videos, now I don't need to. I even have to turn the Sharpness down 2 settings when i work on documents or read text...but, it looks so nice at full sharpness for media and games.

This 23xi model is a matte screen...the 25xi and 27xi models are glossy. The matte coating does seem a bit thicker compared to my HP W2371d. If you look kinda looks like their is a matte film stuck on a glossy panel. (I doubt it can be peeled off without causing damage.)

The argument of matte vs glossy is never ending. Comparing this to my 25in HP 2511x(TN panel), which has a glossy screen, I have to say, the glossy screen of that model has greater clarity and stronger depth of field and seemingly better contrast. Colors pop...perhaps too much(and has a red tint) (Sure, any screen can be calibrated either by the settings in the screen itself...and/or via your GPU Desktop color settings.) View angles between the 2 are about the same...surprisingly. Colors do look more "natural" on the 23xi IPS, but it doesn't quite have the "wow factor" that the glossy 2511x has...I kinda wish i had gotten the 25xi glossy screen....but it would have cost me 2x as much.(I got this 23xi on discount (open Box) at a local store.)

Think about it....matte vs glossy? Go buy a matte screen protector and stick it to you eyeglasses....then u will see the effect that matte screens have to the original image and light. (Kinda makes me think of the "Clear Eyes" commercial.) But that being said....there are anti-reflective coatings that can be applied (and are on most mid to high end lenses) that are clear and not matte but still reduces glare and reflections. (the 25xi and 27xi models in this product line has none of is very much like a mirror)

No speakers.( I don't care)

No vesa mount support...(come on...really? Mount support should be a standard thing....many people use mounts now a days.)

7ms response time...(I honestly can't see any difference between 7ms and 1ms..even in games)

I have given up trying to find monitors without backlight bleed. This screen does bleed from the bottom corners, left is a bluish tint, right is a yellow tint. It is only noticeable with black or full screen images....can be annoying....but I guess backlight bleed is "normal" now a days. (All my older lcd and even led monitors...never had bleed....they don't make them like they used to.) this for a very good deal...well worth the upgrade...especially for watching media.
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