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Pavilion g7-2200 g7-2240us C2M31UA Notebook
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122 of 130 people found the following review helpful
on September 14, 2012
First I want to emphasize that I've only had this laptop a little over 2 weeks. In that time I have used the DVD burner to create the recovery discs (that's the FIRST thing everyone should do when they get a new computer, before they do anything else with it), the restore CD, a few other DVDs I needed to make (which ended up being fully compatible with my old Lenovo/IBM T61 laptop's DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive), had the computer running 24/7 for about a day and a night uploading backups, ran the computer almost constantly during the day for the past two weeks (on A/C power).

The computer performs fantastic, is very fast and stays much cooler (even in a hot apartment) than my old laptop did.

I use my computer not just for watching videos, email and surfing but also for my work doing web development and also running virtual servers for testing scripts, etc. Also another thing I did was make sure the OS and computer (including BIOS) was updated fully so I have the latest of everything.

The pros:

Very fast, plenty of hard drive space, built-in SD card reader (I use 64GB SD cards for backups), AWESOME SOUND (from headphones). The built-in speakers also aren't too bad. I have a pair of powered Altec Lansing speakers packed away and always loved the sound so I was glad to see that Altec Lansing audio was built into this laptop. Including Dolby which makes the sound (especially with headphones) truely awesome! You may want to also tweak it to your liking in control panel and Windows Media player, if needed.

The display is amazingly brilliant and sharp. Very rich colors. I love the size of this display. I was used to a 14" display on the old laptop and hated dragging out a 19" monitor I used to have. This lets me play some casual games and watch videos in just the right size. The laptop isn't so big that it won't fit on larger laptop lap desks, which makes it great for watching movies outside the home office.

There's a full size keyboard with nice large keys and a keypad. No more having to hit Fn-Numlock to get a number pad (which was integrated into the keyboard on my Lenovo laptop).

It took a bit to get used to Windows 7 but I'm looking forward to the Windows 8 upgrade which I registered to get for $14.95. You do that directly from Microsoft.

I was on Skype with a friend a couple times and was amazed I could talk and hear them and without no glitches while talking.

The built-in video isn't too bad for a low-end video camera. It could be nice for doing video chat or YouTube videos. Just be sure you have plenty of good lighting around you.

Love the White LED scheme. Goes well aesthetically with the look of the computer, which is a nice glossy black and silver accents.

The Cons:

The keyboard is back a ways from the front and it takes some getting used to.

I am still trying to get used to the placement of the keys. LIke the delete/home/end and the way the Control and Alt keys are between an Fn and Windows key on the left. Sometimes I end up hitting Fn instead of Control!

The Function keys you have to use the Fn key to get F2, F3, etc. F5 doesn't have a pre-mapped function. I had to get used to that but found that it was nice to be able to raise/lower volume and move between songs using the function keys.

The touchpad is really rough but since I don't use the touchpad much, it sometimes gets in the way. Thankfully you can double tap a little bubble in the upper left to turn it off. Though I think it should show an LED when on and not when off.

The screen is incredibly glassy. While this makes for an awesomely rich colored and brilliant display, it's also impossible to see if your laptop is facing a window or lamps or just about anything. It pretty much works like a mirror sometimes! I moved my desk around so that it's facing the wall to solve the problem.

The location of the AC power jack is on the right side towards the back. I liked my Lenovo T61's power jack location better as it was on the back of the computer out of the way.

The hard drive light is a tiny light on the side near the power jack and USB port. This is kinda inconvenient when you want to see hard drive action to see if the computer stopped or if something is using the hard drive a lot. So far I haven't really needed to check it though.

The WiFi light is on the F12 function key, which if you press F12, you would turn on/off your WiFi. I don't like this as it could be forgotten when using a program that uses F12. Also the WiFi light is either red for off or white for on. It doesn't blink to show if there's any activity going on (my old laptop's light was on the monitor bezel and would blink according to activity). Good thing the router is nearby so I can check activity if I needed to.

When you first log into the computer for the very first time, the desktop wallpaper is just plain UGLY! Sorry, but that really struck me as odd.

Other stuff:

I had to get used to the headphones and mic jacks being on the left side instead of the front. But in thinking about it, it's better this way if you are using a lap desk as then the headphones would fit.

I'm not crazy about the extra programs that came with it but I did keep some of them HP ones.

I at first thought it had Bluetooth built in but later found out that it did not. This was MY fault as I didn't read the advertisement fully. But it worked great with my little Bluetooth adapter and a few other devices also installed quite easily.


Overall, I still quite happy with the laptop and intend to use it for everyday use be it personal, entertainment, work, etc. I do hope it'll last me a good long time.
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on August 12, 2012
Excellent all purpose laptop. Extremely quick for all everyday tasks including surfing, email, basic games, etc.

The touchpad can get a bit troublesome with the multigesture support but you can go into control panel and shut off certain aspects of it.

Great built in features including webcam, hdmi port and card reader make this laptop very versatile.

Stays very cool and quiet compared to much older dell machine that it replaced.

The one place it may lack is gaming as it uses integrated intel hd 3000 graphics. But if you're into hardcore gaming,
chances are you're spending double on a machine with discrete graphics and not looking at this.

For the price, this is an excellent buy.

EDIT 8/31/12: Have been experiencing a problem where I would plug in the A/C power and the battery indicator would tell me "plugged in, not charging". Called HP for support for the battery issue, and even though the service was excellent with remote access, the issue has not been resolved. I will try returning it to Amazon and exchanging for same model. I do really like the laptop otherwise.
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on September 3, 2012
When I would open & close the lid, the monitor would stay black for 3 - 10 seconds and flicker 3 - 5 times before the image would stay. This started the first day and progressively got worse. I had turned off all monitor and hard drive power settings (no sleep mode, hibernation, etc)., and checked to ensure all drivers (video, bios, etc) were up-to-date. With all software up-to-date, I then knew it was a hardware issues. I called HP and tech support who agreed it was a hardware issue and offered to repair it for free as it was 4 days old. I told them "no" and am returning it. Also, the DVD drive would start for no reason and the function keys didn't always work. The sound key and monitor brightness keys sometimes took multiple hits to work.

Edited on September 5....HP tech support has been nothing but fantastic. They bumped my call up to next level support and then emailed me and called me. I informed them of what fixes I tried, how they didn't work and it is a hardware issue, and I am just going to return it. They provided me with a coupon for an HP Store purchase for my troubles and hoped I would buy a HP again. They went out of their to try to make me happy (I wasn't upset, I understand that hardware issues will happen).
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on August 3, 2013
had a hinge failure, very comm,on with these, actually happened after maybe 7 months but whas living with it. the mount breaks and the screen wont stay still, what ultimately happened was that hinge seized up and when opened it popped up the case, damaging the ribbon cable to the power button. small part, not that hard to replace. problem is hp told we my warranty was no good, even though it was actuall;y about 15 days from expiring according to THEIR website when I typed in my info. and they would not offer replacement parts to fix myself and said it could not be done. built the computer I am typing on fyi. said they would call back with a final decision, aka probably a repair cost which I have heard is like 300 bucks just for hinges. never heard back.
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27 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on November 24, 2012
It took a few days, but I think I now have Windows 8 figured out. The Laptop itself is great. I like the speed and the 17 inch, very clear, display. The keyboard is easy to use, but I bought a wireless mouse. I don't like working with the touch pad. The only disappointment I have, is the CD/DVD drive is not Lightscribe compatible. It wasn't in the description. I just forgot to check for it. I'll get an external Lightscribe CD/DVD drive to use as I need it.

I just had to state, I could not find a compatible external Lightscribe CD/DVD burner. Lightscribe doesn't work with Windows 8, and it has been dropped by HP. HP started deleting Lightscribe burners from their computers in early 2011. I believe the technology has been dropped by third party DVD burner manufactures also. Despite my disappointment, it's still and excellent computer.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on March 12, 2013
I am a college student and heavy traveler. I have experimented with many different laptops but somehow landed on HP to buy right before I went back to school 2 years ago because I enjoyed the large screen and brightness for writing papers or watching movies. The first couple of months were fine, although I immediately regretted buying something so huge that I would have to tote around in my backpack all day (good luck in trying to find a case this big...quality ones are very hard to come by and if you try to cram then you will break the case). Display is still wonderful, but the start up is VERY slow and agonizing, and I usually have to give it a good 10-15 minutes to fully boot up. Once on it for a while, the temperature gets extremely hot and I have to transfer it from different tables in my room in order for it to not burn anything or it's own hard drive. Even on my desk I have to tilt it up on books in order for its tiny fan to air itself out (which is also very very loud). Then last month, both of the hinges fell off the screen so it's only being held up on one side by a measly steel bar with all of the wires sticking's a nasty sight and I feel completely unprofessional. With the hinges gone, the metal parts burn me if I touch them. I'll definitely be purchasing another brand in the near future, preferably one that doesn't abuse me at every chance it gets and also something that can handle the life of a college student.

If you are a patient user just looking for a computer with good display that you will leave immobile on your desk, this one would be fine.
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18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2012
Bought this laptop as a replacement for my old desktop HP. Couldn't be happier. Beautiful big screen and solid construction, nothing flimsy about this unit. I would not hesitate to suggest this unit to anyone seeking an affordable desktop replacement.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 2012
I highly recommend this computer. I don't play games. It is great for everyday use.
Nice big display, sound is good also. Much faster than my 8 year old Sony.
Thank you
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27 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2012
Do not buy this computer!!!

Apparently some of the people in this forum had good results with the computer and with HP technical service, but my experiences were quite different.]]

First of all, about two days after a got the thing, the WIFI receiver went out. I called HP to get help, and on the first call, I was connected to one of their service personnel. I explained the situation to him, he put me on hold, and when he came back about 10 minutes later, he told me that he would have to call me back. I waited about half an hour, and when he didn't call me back, I called the tech service again.

This time a woman answered. Her English wasn't very good, and things had to be repeated at least twice in order for messages to be exchanged. I told her what the problem was, and she put me on hold. She came back and told me that whoever had determined that it was a software issue, and they didn't deal with software issues. I told her that I had purchased the 3 year warranty when I bought the computer, but she insisted that that didn't apply to software problems.

After the call, and after I finished cursing, I did a little exploring of the computer and discovered that HP had included an application that re-installed the driver for the WIFI. I performed the re-installation, and, low and behold, the thing worked. O.K. My WIFI worked, but why was it that the technician didn't know about a utility that HP had installed, and if I were less able to troubleshoot the problem myself, I would have been stuck with a non-functioning computer - at least as far as HP was concerned.

Although I had tested the RW drive to see if it played movies, which it did, and although it was capable of installing software from a CD, after some time, I decided to try formatting a couple of CDs. This computer comes with a utilities package that controls the use of the CD drive. I followed the instructions on how to save a file to the disk. Included with this computer is a software package that supposedly operates the CD drive. I went through the various steps to prepare the disk, and to make a long story short, it didn't work. After I had conditioned the disk according to the instructions, I was left with an un-formatted disk that didn't accept ordinary save commands from programs like my word-processor. I attempted to override this by calling the ordinary Windows formating routine. About a half hour later, when the program had gone through the whole process, Windows returned an error stating that it could not format the disk. When I inserted my disk into another computer, it was true, the disk was not formatted. I tried formatting the disk on the other computer, and when I inserted it into the HP, I found that the HP recognized it and gave me the directory of the empty CD. But when I tried writing to this disk, I got a message that said that the file had been stored somewhere and was waiting to be burned onto the CD.

Again I called HP. Again I got a technician who spoke broken English. She attempted to gain access to my computer, but the server wasn't working, and the result of the call was that nothing was accomplishe. She did tell me, however, that she could connect me with their CD expert, and maybe he could help me. This sounded OK until she informed me that it would be a service I had to pay for. I bought this thing a little more than a month ago, the sold me a computer that doesn't work, and now they want me to pay to fix it. Sounds like a great way to make money to me! Just sell non-working products to a million people, and then charge them to fix them.

To end this story, I did eventually get good results, but not from HP, but from Amazon. They have been very good to me throughout this whole experience. Despite the fact that I have had the computer for a little over a month, they have agreed to give me a refund, which I will use to buy another computer from Amazon. But believe me, it won't be an HP.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2012
My friend has a Dell laptop and it doesn't run as well as the g7. It also has a nice 17.3'' screen in which is good for movies that are wide screen. It get loud when i run a lot of programs but other wise it is a very good laptop for games.
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