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on September 9, 2007
I figured the price of this was a little too good to be true and having only had it for a couple of weeks I'm beginning to think I was right. Bought it as a temporary printer for a homeoffice to be replaced somewhere in the nearish future - alas I'm already looking to replace it. Currently trying to run the scanner to see how good it is and alas I'm getting a "USB Not Connected" error even though it is connected as I can print. In draft mode it prints the pages very quickly which is to be expected but then proceeds to eject them at too high a velocity so they're all over the floor...couldn't HP incorporate a brake on the spooling when ejecting the page. Have a bad feeling about this printer, going by the other cautionary reviews here you might be better placed to spend a few more dollars and go with something a little more substantial/trustworthy. I won't be buying another one that's for sure.

After a couple of weeks use I am beginning to dislike this printer with a vengence - HP are obviously focusing on how to reach the market to sell cartridges without focusing on the quality of the printer using them - HP used to deliver a quality printer - now I would have to question their business ethics....this printer device is junk. 0 Stars.

OK...after another week of use the printer when the printer goes in to idle mode it is no longer being detected by the pc. This requires a turning off/on of the printer to have it recognised as a new device on the USB. There is too much tomfoolery with this thing - I'm now looking for a full refund from HP, I'll buy something more expensive but hopefully not sure a bear to use. Interesting how amazon won't allow you to change your initial star rating.
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on April 13, 2008
The C4280 has been in my home office for ten months now. I've got the software loaded on three laptops ranging in age from 4 years to six months old; all of which are running Windows XP. We've been using it for work, personal and school projects without any problems.

The scanner has a couple of modes. The document mode had a couple of surprises. When scanning a document from the newspaper, the document mode added typos that were not on the original. It also changed hand printed notes in the margin into a typeface. Now I just scan documents with the photographic mode to keep them looking like the originals. In photographic mode, the scanner software offers some ability to edit and manipulate the image.

Only in the past month have we started buying HP photographic paper and using the C4280 to print pictures from the digital camera. I'm amazed at the results produced by this ink jet printer! I had retouched some old photos of my parents and had them printed as 8x10's at a local camera store with a good reputation. The C4280 with photo paper produced prints that looked every bit as good as the expensive camera store versions.

The printer takes two ink cartridges - one color and one black. Refill ink cartridges are available in "regular" and "XL" sizes. The cartridge modes (74 and 75) are readily available. I've seen the refills here on Amazon, Office Max, Staples, BrandSmart, and Costco - so, they're not hard to come by.

The C4280 has been an excellent personal printer (copier, scanner) for me. Frankly, I'm shocked by all the bad reviews on this board, but I am not trying to run it with Mac, Vista OS, or making it the primary printer for a busy office.
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on July 10, 2007
I just bought this printer after using a lexmark and having nothing but problems since I upgraded to Vista. This works wonderfully. You can print, scan, copy by just using the buttons on the printer. You can even insert your memory card from your digital camera into a slot and print right from there. I have had no problems whatsoever with this printer. Just be sure to read what version of Windows it supports as I do not think it supports Windows 2000.
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on September 17, 2007
I was looking for a simple printer/scanner/copier for my daughter to take to school. I wanted something reliable without tons of menus or complications. It can also read and print directly from several types of memory cards.

So far this printer fits the bill - does everything simply at a decent price. I also bought one for my nephew. The print output looks good and is quick enough for individual use. Simple copying is easy - push one button for B&W or one for color. I don't know how well it will last, as we just started using it.

Downside - There is no separate output tray, so it is easy for printed papers to spit into the paper tray and get jumbled and possibly cause a jam. If you want to walk away during a large print job, this is not the printer for you.

Also, the inks are very expensive. A set of ink cartridges (large capacity) cost almost as much as the printer. True photo quality prints also require a different ink cartridge.
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on January 3, 2008
I am an Amazon junkie, but I never write reviews. However, I was compelled to write a review for this product because of what I consider to be extremely unfair reviews about it. I have never been an HP fan. And the only reason was because of hear say. What kept me away was people constantly saying that HP ink is too expensive. I've used Canon, Brother, Epson and all with much satisfaction. So it was was great reluctance that I purchased this printer. But it was an emergency so I settled. It was the fist time I made a purchase without reading the reviews first. However, when I came home with the printer and logged onto Amazon and read the reviews, I was horrified and was planning on taking it back the next day. However, I was unable to take it back and when my new office desk arrived from Amazon, I decided to set up the printer and give it a try.

I must say it is FLAWLESS!!!!!!. It is the best printer I have ever had. I enjoy the ease of use and the simplicity of the product. I had it out of the box and up and running in 15 minutes. I have not even looked at the manual (except for the installation) and I've been using it without any problems.

I'd like to address some of the problems I've seen people commenting on with this printer and I have to say that a) I think some of you do not read instructions, b) some of you have not done your research and c) some of you are just plain cheap and want everything for nothing.

a) Many people have complained about the scanner not working and problems with getting the printer to print and issues with the software. But I have to ask. Did you connect the USB cable BEFORE or AFTER you installed the software? If you connected the USB cable BEFORE installing the software then that would explain your predicament. This is standard with ALL printers. Perhaps this is why HP customer service told you the problem is with your computer and not with the printer.

b) Many people have called it an ink hog and said the inks are expensive. Well perhaps if you change the setting to draft rather than printing at full quality, the ink would last longer. Also, the printer comes with smaller ink cartridges. Larger ones are available for purchase. I must say this is great. I don't know of any other brand that sells inks in different sizes. And for those of you who complain about the price of the ink, well shop around, you will see that printer ink generally is kinda pricey. I found Canon in to be inexpensive, however, when I had my Canon printer I had to be trekking to the store almost every month to buy ink. And I was not even using the printer much. So when you look at it that way it balances out or, the Canon ink would end up being even more costly than the HP ink in the long run.

c) Finally. Why does everyone want something for nothing? You get a printer. It comes with ink. And then you complain that the ink cartridges are too small. I think it's great that the printer comes with ink. When you think about it. The manufacturers don't need to do this. They can sell you the printer and make you buy the ink separate. How many of you buy toys for your kids with batteries in them? Or even appliances for yourselves? I think it is only proper business sense to issue the smaller ink cartridges with the printer purchase. It is a business after all.

And to the one or two reviewers who commented that it's no wonder Apple is giving this printer away with their comptuers, well I have three Apple computers, an iMac (the white edition), an iBook and a MacBook and my take on it is that Apple is giving away this particular printer with their computers because it looks so darned good next to the computer. The printer is white and gray and so are the computers. My office looks FANTASTIC!!! And the desk I ordered from Amazon matches with them too.

Good work HP. It's a great little printer for an amazing price!!! I always rely on reviews before making my purchases, but in this case, I am glad I bought the printer before reading the reviews. I am VERY happy with it and I've learnt that sometimes it's just best to find out for yourself.

Now, for those who complained about the customer service at HP, well, I have not had to ring them up as yet, but I do hope you are wrong about that also. If you are, then HP, you've got a customer for life!!!
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on August 13, 2007
In use with Mac OS 10.4, this all-in-one is a nightmare in the small office. It jams on about half of its attempts to feed paper, and has no good access to the interior for clearing paper jams. Removing the back panel reveals cheap, brittle plastic involved in the moving parts of the unit.

Scanner often produces skewed, cut-off images even with automatic straightening turned off - and the software (HP Scan Pro) regularly crashes while in use.

This printer is inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. In this case, you'd be better off spending the money on a toaster - it would perform almost as well in the all-in-one print/scan/copy market.
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on September 26, 2007
I had great hopes for this product, the combination of copying, scanning and printing at a great price from HP seemed too good to be true. Well it was, too good to be true. The paper handling mechanism is amazingly bad it never pulled just one page into the printer. I'm throwing this out and looking for something with performance like one normally expects from HP.
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on December 27, 2007
It was $100 and it had copy-print-scan functions: a great deal at first.
After a couple weeks the scan function stopped working. I spent over 6 hours on customer support to try and fix the problem and I was told it wasn't fixable. I climbed the customer service ladder and was finally able to speak to an English speaking "Case Manager" who clearly told me that ". . scan functions on any printer have a tendency to malfunction for various reasons. . " I was told by the case manager in so many words that it would be more trouble than it was worth to fix the problem and that there are common 'communication errors' regarding the scan software in this printer.
I really recommend against buying this printer since the biggest draw is that there are three different functions. If you spend $50-$100 dollars more I'm sure you can find a capable, similar printer.
The copy and print functions work fine but the problems that can be created by the scan software will cause headaches throughout your computer.
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on December 2, 2007
I was pretty happy with this for the first couple of weeks that I owned it. But I was replacing a 7 year old printer, so probably any new model would have been much better than that one. The print speed is pretty good and the quality seems fine to me - even on its "draft" or "fast draft" settings. But I do find it very annoying that I can't have the draft setting as the default. The settings have to be changed for every single document. Even if you save your favorites, it will still default to its "general" high quality settings.

I haven't printed any photos with it, but I did make a color copy of a color document, and the quality was very impressive. The card reader is a nice feature and seems to work well.

The problem came when I tried to scan a document (and shame on me for not testing this function before it was too late to return the printer). I get an error message that says that the device is not connected to the computer. I called HP - and they have the worst customer service department I've ever dealt with. I spent hours and hours on the phone with them, and all they knew how to do was read instructions out of a book. Despite the fact that you can go to the HP forums and find countless instances of scanning problems with HP all-in-one devices, the customer service people insisted that the problem was with my computer. That was also the answer they gave me when I connected the printer to a different computer and it still wouldn't scan. They claim that neither computer is capable of the "bi-directional communication" that scanning requires, even though both computers work with other scanners. They said it was a problem with the USB drivers or with windows and that I should call microsoft. The Microsoft employees were far more polite and truly tried to be helpful - even after determining that this was an HP problem - they even called me several times to find out if I'd worked it out.

HP did offer to replace the printer under their warranty, but they acknowledged that it was a software issue - not a hardware issue, so obviously it's not going to solve the problem to replace the device. I will never ever buy another HP product.
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on November 4, 2007
I don't usually write reviews, but this is one of the crappiest products I've purchased in a long time. NOTHING works right. When I try to print or copy, it spits out blank pages and partial pages. Before almost every copy or print job, it says "carriage jammed", and I have to open the front hatch and jiggle the ink cartridges. When I try to scan, it says "USB cable not connected" (it's connected...that's how I was able to sort-of print). It's a nice looking unit...probably more suited to sitting on a desk at a furniture store.
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