Customer Reviews: HP TouchSmart 520-1030 All-in-One Desktop (3.3 GHz Intel Core i3-2120 Processor, 4GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium) Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on November 29, 2011
I got this computer this morning at 10:30 and had it up and going by 11:00. Im not new to computers, had one for years, but my knowledge is limited. This was the easiest set up Ive ever had, simply take it out of the box, plug it in and turn it on and thats all there is to it. The on screen instructions take you through the whole process and its done in minutes. This computer is AWESOME. I didnt understand how big a 23 inch screen is, but its big. This is the fastest computer Ive ever used, you click on something and youre there. I retired a dell laptop that was 7yrs old, so maybe anything I bought would be a big improvement, but so far, I really like this computer. The keyboard is flat and very easy to get used to and the mouse, like the keyboard came with batteries installed and worked just by turning them on and NO WIRES. The only wire is the power cord. I havent got my wired connection just right yet, but it doesnt matter, I just connected to my neigbors network as simply as clicking the mouse, so Ive turned my modem off. Windows 7 is a big improvement on vista and Im still learning about it. I havent used the touch screen much and I probably wont, but Ive used it enough to know it works well. I was concerned before I ordered this computer because of no customer reviews, but its just been on the market a short while so I decided to write this review as soon as possible. Ive just had it a few hours, but so far its just great and I would recommend this computer to others.
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on December 1, 2011
The set up went very easily. WAY too much bloatware--I've spent almost as much time uninstalling unwanted software as installing the stuff we do need.

It was extremely easy to add it to our home network and homegroup, and it had all the drivers I needed to add printers and other peripherals. So far, it seems stable, quiet, and fast. The graphics are great, and the touchscreen is fun.

I've never had an installation go so smoothly. I'd give it five stars if I hadn't spent more than an hour cleaning off all the "trial" games, e-readers, and music sales pitches.
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on April 14, 2012
I have had this computer for about a month now and I am loving it. It has a nice solid build to it that both feels and looks nice without being too flashy and standing out. The overall package is really easy to use and the touch screen capability is more practical than I originally thought it would be. The touch integration into windows surpassed my expectations.

*Touch screen is easy to use and comes in handy in those times when you just don't want to use a mouse
*Great touch integration with Windows OS
*Solid build and a sleek design. The keyboard can easily stowed on the standing base to clear space on the table
*The all-in-one design will free up space you forgot you even had.
*The Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are great quality and don't need to be replaced.
*The Beats Audio speakers are amazing and remove the need to have external speakers.

*The touch sensitivity can tend to be a little too sensitive at times. I sometimes don't even need to touch the screen for it to select something. (You get used to it, but it can be a main at times when you accidentally select something you didn't want to open.)
*Many programs are not designed with touch capability in mind so do not expect to be throwing out the mouse completely.
*Many of the HP bloatware programs are useless to many and just take up space (they can easily be removed but you may want to hold onto some of them as they are touch friendly programs that are quite useful.)
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on August 24, 2012
Setup was quite easy. Be careful when removing bloatware, several programs are inter-related and you could easily disable part of the Touchsmart system. I removed the obvious stuff like Blio, and other entertainment stuff that requires subscriptions to other sites to use.

If you do screw up during initial setup, use System Restore, as recommended by the manual. It will do a cleaner job of taking you back to just before you had problems than the Recovery program.

I would have liked an HDMI input. An HDMI output would have been nice too, but there is no Blue Ray drive anyway, so HD viewing is pretty much limited to what you can access online.

The addition of USB 3.0 was more important to me, as more peripherals and accessories will have 3.0 as time goes on, and fast transfer rates are the thing.

I thought the Beats audio to be very good for a self contained speaker system, adding a sub (there is a jack for it) might be worth it.

I highly recommend using the built-in HP Assistant for HP hardware and HP software updates. It beats combing through the HP support website and deciding which upgrades are essential or even directly beneficial to your specific model. It categorizes updates, and organizes them accordingly.

For a stock keyboard, it does the job quite well. I like the fact that the wireless interface for the keyboard and mouse is a plug in unit on the back, that is in it's own dedicated USB jack instead of having all the circuitry integrated inside the PC.

Not much available in terms of expandability, but this PC already has most anything most users would want. You could max out the RAM for a very small investment or even change out the hard drive for a solid state one. But that's about it.
As far as the touchscreen goes, it seems gimmicky at first, but I can see definite advantages for sorting files, especially photos, music tracks, and videos as well as any kind of detailed scheduling activity. I have a 14" performance laptop, and I also dabble in photography including videos. I can see which computer I would use for editing. The colors are a little off, and I would likely run an external cal program to tweak it up, but I don't think that is essential for most things.

I purchased this computer for my wife, who is a school teacher. Her aging Dell XP has served her well, but is not upgradeable to a full Windows 7 OS, and of course does not have all the features she could use effectively on a regular basis, and having it on a much faster system and a nice big screen make it a nice bonus.

I don't think this is the best out there, but for the price it is being offered at, and the overall combination of features along with a quality display for viewing, I think it is a good choice.

One additional note, is the weight. This is not something you can easily move from one room to another without some extra care. I've even read some complaints about the weight, but personally, especially with a Touchscreen, I'd rather have a unit with some heft to it. It has that as well as very sturdy screen support.
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on July 2, 2012
I have had the PC for about 1 month and love it.

- beautiful 23" screen
- wireless keyboard and mouse are very stylish
- screen can tilt forward 5 degrees and backwards 30 degrees
- touch screen works really well and is pretty responsive (not sure about gaming, but perfect for browsing and other little tasks)

- no HDMI or VGA out for this particular model. Some of the HP TouchSmart All In One desktops have HDMI out, but not 520-1030. Read carefully the specs and if you need an HDMI, go for a more expensive HP Touch Smart model that has it.

I was debating about whether to get an Apple PC or this one and decided to go with HP for the following 2 reasons:
- Apple is over priced for the features you get
- Apple computer doesn't come with a touch screen
I have no regrets about going with this HP product after owning it for a month.
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on September 11, 2012
We have had the HP all-in-one for about 2 months now. Very pleased with it overall. Screen size is very nice....though screen is not matte but rather glossy. So if there is any light coming from behind your will show as a glare on screen. This is not as bad as a cellphone outside in viewing screen.

The computer has plenty of inputs...along the side and in the rear including ethernet connection. Overall is lends itself to a very clean desktop look...really like not having tower and all those wires under the desk.

The computer is VERY QUIET. In fact when is goes into sleep mode, you have to look on top of monitor to see if yellow light is know that it is running. The power of cpu is adequate for most operations and there is plenty of RAM and disk space.

So overall we are please with purchase.
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on January 31, 2012
I love my new PC!!
The monitor is awesome...a huge 23" and love the touch screen. I am a prime member so I got it mailed overnight! Was a better buy getting it here than walmart and other places (due to the prime shipping deal)

Love it!
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on October 5, 2012
It was disappointing when the new PC arrived because it would not boot up. After contacting the HP service tech online he had to talk me through removing the hard drive and re-installing it so that it would re-set. Apparently it ha become dislodged during shipment. All seemed fine until I tried to use the webcam.... No joy, I could not get it to work so I had to contact the service tech again! This time after trying numerous things I was advised to return the faulty product to Amazon.
We had a very frustrating week with no PC we eventually got our new Touchsmart 520-1030 and I must admit that it was worth the wait.

Amazon's return policy and the shipping of a replacement was very efficient and the help I got from HP service was also very good, however I am sure you will understand why I cannot give this product a better review!!!
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on July 27, 2012
Easy setup...that's the only good thing to say about HP 520-1030...
I'm returning the SECOND computer in less than a week with the same problem, I don't know much about computers but it seems like it was turned on on "safe mode" .... Horrible graphics, pictures looks like cartoons....Something wrong with the panel chip....TWICE!!!! I wouldn't give a third try....
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on May 6, 2012
The computer was purchased on March 11 2012 and started displaying errors during the boot process within three weeks. After 5 weeks the computer failed to started period after repeated attempts. This just happened to be days after the Amazon Return expired (April 14).

We contacted the manufacturer HP, who is demanding that we return the defective unit to the USA, at our cost. The local agent refuses to honor the warranty. They claim that they are only HP seller! HP having a local agent was one of the factors that influenced our purchase decision.

We will be shipping the defective computer to the USA on May 7th and are hoping that HP will compensate us promptly.
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