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on October 20, 2013
The hub has the newest VIA VL812 chipset. It is pretty small and sturdy. It came with a USB 3.0 cable, power adapter, manual, CD, and a velcro sticker.

It didn't work at all with my Asmedia USB 3.0 controller port. It worked in one port with my Renasas USB 3.0 controller. I have two external Seagate USB 3.0 drives that I tried out with this hub. When it worked the drives were just about as fast as they were on native SATA. I had issues with the Seagate drives disconnecting but Windows not realizing it though. Transfer statuses would go to 0 bytes/sec and then error out eventually.

I ended up returning it. If you have VIA or Intel USB ports, it may work well for you. USB 3.0 products as a whole are immature right now, kind of like how Bluetooth was during Windows XP and Vista.
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on October 29, 2014
[The seller reached out to me and sent me a replacement hub. I decided to provide more details with this updated review]

When this powered hub was plugged into the computer's USB 3.0 port, the computer would not boot. I would unplug the hub, and the computer would boot fine. I tried different USB ports, unplugged all devices from the hub, with the same results. With more troubleshooting, I did find out if I unplugged the power supply (AC adapter) to the hub, that the computer would boot even with the hub plugged in. So, I tried again with the power supply plugged in to the hub. Come to find out, the computer was not booting because the hub is sending voltage from the power supply back down the USB input voltage from the PC. Thus, there is a back-flow of voltage when the PC is turned off. The hub seems to lack a diode to keep this back flow of voltage from happening.

My motherboard, ASUS, has a short protection feature. It is detecting this back-flow of voltage as a short, thus refusing to boot when the power supply is plugged into the hub.

To allow this hub to work with my PC, I cut the voltage line from the PC to the hub, thus there can no longer be any back-flow. I cut this inline of the connection cable. (there are Youtube videos with similar hubs if you need help) The tradeoff is that the hub will now only work if the power supply is plugged in. (I needed a powered hub to supply enough voltage to an external hard drive)

As others have noticed, the back cover of the unit does come off if you try to temporally move it off the other Velcro half.

Over all, the until appears to be cheaply made. The hub does come at a good price though if one can live with this cheepness.

My opinion does not change in regard of the product, but Sunvalleytek does seem to have great customer service. They reached out to me, even after I had returned the unit. Thus, I am upgrading this review to reflect this better service, but still my disappointment in this one product. I am giving it now three stars, for a lot of people seem pleased with the unit, and this design flaw does not seem to affect them.
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on September 4, 2014
This is an el-cheapo hub. It's better for charging your devices than it is as a hub. After a couple weeks of use, it began to spontaneously disconnect from the machine to which it was connected. I replaced it with a better (Transcend) hub and the problem went away. It is very small, which would be a big advantage in some situations, if only it worked reliably. There's no support. Period. I managed to find a way to contact the company that sells it, but they never got back to me. I don't know if the ZERO SUPPORT situation has changed in the several months since I stopped using it and posted this review.

I think it looks pretty cool when it's powered up- the logo and nearby text are illuminated by bright blue LEDs. The port indicators are red. So the overall effect is attractive, if only it worked properly! Based on my experience with this item, I will not purchase any other items with a HooToo brand.

UPDATE 2014-09-18: Hoo-Too has supplied a replacement. I have tested it and it works, but since I've already replaced it- I can't say that it will work for long. Be aware that the vendor (SunValleyTek) was very gracious, and eager to help. They told me that they supply a 2A power supply (rather than one which could supply the rated (USB 3.0 spec) current for at least half the ports) because of heat issues, so that's why I only increased my rating to two stars (for the hub). Now I'm not sure I'd recommend this for charging. SunValleyTek gets five stars.
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on October 31, 2014
This unit arrived defective. The port where you need to plug in the usb cord that leads to the computer was misaligned or recessed too deeply, so you could not plug in the cord completely. The cord basically could not make connection to the port and would just fall right out. So, poor quality control--this is going back and I'm trying another brand.

UPDATE: I am updating from 1 to 3 stars for excellent customer service. After complaining about my defective unit, I was contacted directly and they offered to send me a replacement (at no cost.) The replacement unit works as advertised, although I still feel that quality control leaves something to be desired. The USB port connector to the computer is still poorly positioned so that the cord, when plugged in, feels loose and can be jiggled--not a tight insertion. It seems like some units are fine, so it sounds like they just need batter quality control, but at least they honor their obligation and try to make it right, which is appreciated.
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on August 24, 2013
I purchased the HooToo in mid-July and using my Prime membership, received it shortly there-after. What attracted me to the HooToo was, for the price; its compactness, the color and finish, (it matched my computer,) it has the latest technology, (chip-set.) and the thoughtful addition of Velcro-type tape to affix the hub, (to where ever you decide to place it.), I saw no equal. Many times it's the little things that set products apart, and the Velcro-type tape was what caught my eye. I didn't see any other manufacturers considering the fact that it would take two hands to insert and/or detach a device from the hub if there was nothing securing it to the location it was placed. With the HooToo it takes one hand. The Velcro holds fast; even with tight fitting connections. I could, of course, purchase something that would secure a hub if there was no securing method, but with the HooToo, there is no need. I have it plugged into a power switching system, so I just push a button to power-down the hub. (The hub will stay on unless it is unplugged from the power source.) Everything I have runs through the switch, so it works great for me. A four port hub was all I needed, and I made a good choice. I recommend it to anyone who wants an excellent, inexpensive, well thought-out product.
I did run into a situation while moving my computer to a different room. When I set it up, I failed to plug in the power cord for the hub, and when I tried to access the external drive, (which is connected to the hub,) it didn't show up in Windows. I learned that, for the hub, a thumb drive will run with just power from the computer, but there isn't enough power to run the external hard drive. As soon as I plugged in the power cord, the external hard drive was immediately discovered by Windows.

Update: If you use the Velcro to hold down the hub, use a small amount; not the whole piece. I used a piece the size of the hub, and when I tried to lift it up later, the hub started splitting in two. The Velcro is strong.
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on August 9, 2013
OK the thing is from a technical point of view this is a great product. It works very well as a USB hub and its compact. The only problem I had was when I used the stick on Velcro on it, the Velcro stuck so well to my desk that when I tried to pull it up to move it the enclosure came apart. I even cut the Velcro pad into a third of the size. So watch out. Otherwise it's a great unit.
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on March 14, 2014
My unit did not have a reliable data connection. For example, when running a wireless mouse on the HooToo the cursor would skip or hang for several seconds at a time, with intervals between 15 seconds and 5 minutes. When I put a flash drive in to do transfer tests, the HooToo would copy most of it but there would be errors or it would simply kill the transfer. Playing a low resolution video off of the flash drive had the same problem, after about 2-3 minutes into the video it crashed my media player.
I tried this both without the extra power adapter plugged in, and with it in.

My unit may simply be faulty but this is not acceptable for such a simple device, I will be returning it.

The logo lights up, as well as a small red power LED and as you plug in devices their appropriate red LED's light up. I like this feature and it is unfortunate that I will have to return it.
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on February 18, 2015
Item came quick and it works as it should. The reason for the 2 stars is cause I ordered a new item and received what appears to be a used item. Should have been cheaper if it was used. It's scratched up on the top, still has protective film on bottom and rest of item. Only the top is scratched up, which wouldn't be a big deal but I bought this for my TV and it's attached to the side. Everything else is shiny and new and this item appears used. Might return it for a different one. Unsure.
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on May 22, 2014
Failed after 3 months, need to unplug to reset almost every day. I just unplugged and canned it, it is not worth the hassle to return to MFG. I Will not buy this brand again.

Update 6/17/2014 - I did not pursue a warranty repair or replacement, for a device that cost less than $20.00 it just wasn't worth my time, it was barely worth my time to review it, but as a buyer I would want to know such things so I did. After placing my review here I was contacted by the seller who wanted to make things right. He offered to replace the defective device with a new one, and have it tested before being shipped out.

I was amazed that a seller took such interest. I have upgraded the rating to 4 because the first device did fail so I can't give a 5.

If there was a separate rating for sellers, I would rate them 5. In my opinion Sunvalleytek took extraordinary measures to ameliorate the situation, completely of their own volition.

Kudos to the seller!
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on April 22, 2014
This Hootoo powered usb hub gets it done. I have bought powered usb hubs before but they either don't work or get random disconnects. I have this Hootoo hub running non stop (media server) for about a week and so far no problem. I have it hooked up to 3 2.5mm hard drives.

I should note that the first one unit shipped had a defective port but Sunvalleytek shipped me another (without requiring me to ship the old one back) promptly. The new one runs without a hitch. My compliments to Sunvalleytek for a fast and courteous service.
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