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on May 1, 2013
Warning: huge review coming.

For total transparency, I am a mobile application developer for a corporation. I get my hands on a variety of phones on a daily basis; I have myself owned a Motorola Droid, LG Quantum and Nokia Lumia 900 (both Windows Phone 7 phones), Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch, and now the Developer Edition of the HTC One. I have tested and used a Samsung Galaxy S4 before it was released to the public. I develop on iOS devices as well so have knowledge of iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, and Windows Phone devices. I have not developed for Windows Phone 7/8 but was a daily user for two and a half years.

The HTC One is the phone to bring me back to Android after I left the platform due to instability and poor hardware (6 Motorola Droids in six months is not okay). What follows is a review of the One, a comparison to the other flagship phones out there (iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 920) based on my experience working with them and/or researching/considering them for my next personal device.

HTC One Pros:
-Build quality is phenomenal. One of the biggest drawbacks for me in Android phones, which actually kept me from returning to the platform, was that the quality of the materials used is just too cheap for the price point. Android is giving itself in many ways a reputation as the budget OS. Samsung is a key example, which still insists on using plastic (really, plastic) in their flagship phones. This is unacceptable. If I am going to spend $600+ on a phone, you better offer premium materials. The One really feels good in your hand. Yes, it's heavier than other phones out there--but for me this is an indicator that HTC didn't go cheap on materials. The aluminum is still very much a light material but way more solid than the cheap plastic of the Galaxy S4. Hold the two phones next to each other and I'd almost guarantee you'd pick the One over the S4 any day of the week. I have read some professional reviews that have expressed concern that the zero-gap build quality HTC advertises was not present in their review device. I am here to say that my device has none of those quality concerns. There are no gaps anywhere on the phone and everything is straight-edged and cleanly put together. HTC really shines in their build quality on this device.

-Hardware. This goes along with the build quality point, but I really can't praise HTC enough for the materials they put in the One. No, the One does not have all the bells and whistles that the Samsung GS4 has. But the screen is beautiful (truly a masterpiece), the speakers are the best I have ever heard on a phone (and dual front-facing speakers is a stroke of pure genius--really, why hasn't anyone figured this out until now?) [side note, I consider the One's speakers better than my laptop's speakers--I own an ultraportable Lenovo X220T that has weaker speakers with less bass capability than this phone], and the One takes whatever I throw at it without ever stuttering.

-The Cameras. This is both a pro and a con. The front-facing camera is great. I skype on a daily basis with my best friend in Japan. Today I skyped with him for the first time using the One. He commented that the video quality was significantly better than it had ever been (in comparison to my laptop, my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch, and my Nokia Lumia 900) and the audio quality was better as well. Kudos to HTC on the front camera. As far as photo shooting goes, I have only tried it a small amount, but the camera is FAST to snap that shot. My 900 takes much longer to focus and get a shot--not the One. It's almost instantaneous. As others have mentioned, the low-light quality is very good. The colors are very true on the rear camera.

-Blinkfeed. Okay, matter of personal preference. I hate most of the Sense UI (being completely transparent), but I actually like Blinkfeed. It's not as nice as the live tiles I had on my Windows Phone 7 to keep up with the people I care about, but it's nice to be able to scroll through facebook posts without actually having to deal with the facebook app. Some people hate Blinkfeed. Okay, understandable, it's a matter of preference. I do find it annoying that it is your home screen and not just a side screen instead.

-The Rear-Facing Camera. Alright, I own a dedicated camera. But I never carry it around, and my phone is my de facto camera for mostly everything. However, I can say after taking shots with the rear-camera that I will now be taking my actual camera with me anywhere I want to take photos seriously. The One's camera just does not cut it. The 4MP shots are grainy, to the point that I can see the grains of the photo just in viewing them on the HTC's awesome 1080p screen. There's no way you'll ever be printing off photos and hanging them up with this device. I know MP is not an indicator of how good a camera is, but I would have been much happier if HTC had put in a 6MP or 8MP camera. If you plan on using this phone to take a lot of pictures and are really serious about your phone camera, this is not the phone for you.

-The Sense UI. As I mentioned above, I hate mostly everything about the Sense UI. Off the top of my head I can't compare it to the old Sense UI (though I have tested with an Evo, it just has been many months), but I much prefer vanilla Android. Since this is an unlocked phone, though, and you have the option of getting the Developer Edition, I don't consider this a con. Android is open enough and tutorials are straight forward enough that if you are technical to at least some degree you can root and install a custom ROM or vanilla Android on this and get rid of the Sense UI. I can say I like Blinkfeed, but I hate the dedicated phone/messenger/browser/camera bar that takes up half my home screen, despise the app "drawer" thing HTC has going on, think the weather being shown everywhere is simply downright annoying and a total waste of space and valuable screen real estate. I'm sure I could continue but you get the idea. If you aren't able/willing to take the risk of rooting and installing a custom ROM, then make sure you like the UI before you buy.

-Power/lock and volume rocker buttons are too flush with the device, which makes it hard to press them.I use an Otterbox with my One and find this helps significantly with the volume rocker issue, but this won't resolve the power/lock button (which in fairness is better than the volume rocker in terms of pressability).

-Only two dedicated hardware buttons. Really, HTC? What were you thinking? Then, stick your stupid logo in the middle. I would have been happier if you had included a third button (the task/menu button, anyone?) where that logo is. The two button format is annoying and doesn't mesh well with Android, and will mean a learning curve for most users.

Final Thoughts

Most of my complaints about this phone actually center around Android, not the phone itself (No facebook chat integration directly with text messaging? Default music player is terrible? etc). For hardware and build quality, I consider this to be the best phone out there, with the one potential "competitor" being the Lumia 920. If you don't care about software and plan to hack away at this phone, buy it. If you are big into a software fit, then make sure you can deal with or like the Sense UI. I can say I do MUCH prefer the Sense UI over the S4's Touchwiz, which is even more incredibly frustrating to use.

If you are considering this against the Samsung Galaxy S4, I would say to get it over the S4 unless the camera is a dealbreaker for you. The S4 may have more "features" and bells and whistles, but the quality and flimsiness of the phone are just not what I consider worthy of a flagship phone. Furthermore, Samsung's UI (Touchwiz) has a laundry list of annoying "features" as Samsung tries to separate itself even more from vanilla Android. This is not always a good thing, and for Samsung it is obviously a big negative. Also, as a final note--Samsung's customizations of the Android OS have resulted in it being one of the biggest problem "children" for the company I work for. Its implementations of different services make things break constantly. So be aware that buying a Samsung may very well mean that your favorite apps, which work perfectly on other manufacturer's devices, won't act the same on a Samsung. Consider, finally, that the initial phones have had widespread problems with overheating on the buyer beware there, and it might behoove you to wait for the initial rush of devices to get sold, then get a later batch that probably went through a better rigor of QA without Samsung rushing production.

If you are considering this against the iPhone 5, I don't even know why you are. The iPhone 5 has good build quality, but the specifications just aren't what you should expect for the price you would pay (which is significantly more than even the 64gb Developer Edition of the One). Android, feature-wise, has surpassed iPhone in my opinion. If you like iOS and hate Android, not sure why you're looking at this phone to begin with. But if you're looking purely at hardware, the One is the way to go.

If you are considering this against the Lumia 920, I would first suggest waiting if possible for the next flagship from Nokia. I consider Nokia to be one of, if not the best, quality manufacturers out there for smartphones. However, the 920 has a lot going for it and its build quality rivals the One's, with the benefits of wireless charging capability and a much better camera. However, the bigger factor in most people's minds will be Android vs. Windows Phone 8. That is pure preference and I would recommend doing your research and testing out each device in the store before making your decision.

Edit: I bumped the review to 4 stars. All of what I said above is true, but I think for this to be truly 5 stars, HTC should have done a better job with the camera. I have since used the camera more and am just disappointed in the quality of the pictures it takes. HTC branded "UltraPixel" to cover up the 4MP camera, but in this day and age, there really is no reason why they should have taken that step backwards on the camera. Otherwise, great phone, and I still think it wins out over the competition if you have a stronger inclination towards music/video quality over camera.

Edit 5/19/2013: I returned my phone, for quality issues surrounding signal strength. I bought the Developer Edition; this is a KNOWN issue from the research I have done, with others having similar experience when comparing the Dev Edition to the AT&T HTC One side by side (do a quick Google search and you will find threads on different forums addressing it). HTC is NOT addressing it, despite being made aware of the issue. I am disappointed; it doesn't seem to be universal, but enough people are noticing it and have made HTC aware that I would expect a response that involves fixing it.

I have decided to order another HTC One Developer Edition in hopes that my last one was a lemon. If this one fails to hold signal (my last one would not send texts consistently, allow me to make phone calls, or show signal in places where I previously had 4-5 bars of LTE -- after checking the dBm's I have confirmed that it had a significantly weaker signal than my fiance's Nexus 4 and my old Nokia Lumia 900, using the same SIM card on the same network), I will update again, and my rating will drop. If you do purchase one, I highly recommend confirming that your signal strength is what it should be, especially if you notice difficulty sending/receiving messages or making phone calls in places you previously did not have problems.
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What is there to say about this phone? If I just write about it, I'm just going to ramble on and on. So to save everyone some grief, here are bullet points (my direct comparisons are to the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2, but mainly to the Galaxy S4):

The Good:

1) THE SCREEN: If there was such a better screen on a phone, I have not yet seen it. The iPhone 5 is lauded for its excellent screen, but at its current resolution, it trails behind the One's screen by far. Everything just POPS out at you. Even in direct sunlight, everything is CLEAR and BRIGHT. I really loved the Droid DNA/HTC Butterfly's screen, but once again HTC has outdone itself and given us a true masterpiece in 4.7" 1080p(468ppi) form. This is THE BEST screen on the planet right now - WOW!!!

2) THE DESIGN/HARDWARE: Why do most reviewers laud the iPhone 5's aluminum construction so much, when it chips and nicks so easily?? If you want a true masterpiece in design and craftsmanship, look no further. The One feels THICK and TOUGH. I don't have to worry about carrying this around case-less(except from drops, which is a whole other case). I will not be worried about this phone nicking and scraping like the iPhone 5. Personally, it may not have the flair of some of the Sony and Nokia phone of the past, but in totality the One has the best combination of design and craftsmanship. It oozes style and sophistication(*cough*Samsung*ahem*).

3) THE DUAL FRONT-FACING SPEAKERS: We have all been desensitized to the modern smartphones nowadays with their crappy, tinny, mono speaker. I remember the days of the Nokia n95 and n84 with their stereo speakers - whatever happened to phones after that? Whoever agreed to a mono/solo speaker with all the smartphones thereafter?? FINALLY, someone has the senses to come back to reality - thank you, HTC!. Trust me, your ears will thank you and you will realize all phones should have been made like this. Especially when you use ringtones/alerts that were specifically created for this phone, the sound is loud, immersive, expansive, and POPs into your ears. It's simply a re-revolution.

4) THE CAMERA: I don't use my phone camera to make prints from photos, I have my dedicated cameras for that. So to me, the paramount function of phone cameras is the convenience/accessibility - it has to be able to capture what I want quickly and clearly, with decent enough quality to post online. Therefore, the 4MP size in the One's camera does not bother me at all. Who cares if the camera isn't THE BEST phone camera ever? Because it is not, but it is a GREAT low-light shooter, and to me that's more important than pixel count. The sensors in the camera are bigger than other phone cameras, therefore, it can capture a lot more light, which in laymen's terms it can give you better photos in more situations than other phone cameras can. Also, the touch spot focus is almost instantaneous - this camera is quick, quick, quick!

5) For a near 5-incher, it's quite svelte, at least at the girth. It's easier to hold in the hand than the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, and for sure a heckuva lot better than the Note 2. It fits in your hands nicely and securely, with just the right combination of size, weight, and balance.

6) The UI and software design is now very minimal and simplistic. For better or for worse, if you are used to the old Sense UI's, you will need some readjusting. Personally, I like this new one better. If you're a casual news reader, then you'll like new default home screen which displays a gathering of news sources - some of its own partners, some for your Facebook and Twitter, etc. - to form a Flipboard style of news reader. Personally, I'm a huge Pulse news reader fan, so I only use that.

The Bad and Ugly:

1) The battery is only 2300mAh - I wish it was bigger because I'm one of those paranoid people who always needs my phone at fully charged, just in case, of you know, something. But so far it's been holding steady at about 40% at the end of the day(from 9am-6pm). I check emails, read the news, text, Facebook, etc. throughout the day - I would say that I'm a moderate to heavy user. Another bad thing that I've noticed is it charges slower than most other phones.

2) Comparing features with the Samsung S4, the One is lacking. It's not a deal breaker, but for those who like fancy functions, the One will not make you as happy. The HTC One is very simple in its feature set. The one feature I miss most from the new Samsung phones is Smart Stay, where the phone can sense that you're looking at the screen, and won't dim/turn off the screen - that was a HUGE convenience for when you're watching a movie or reading the news.

3) Like I wrote earlier, the size is both good and bad, and it's also heavier than most similar phones. It's taller than the S4, and with the power button up on top, it's almost impossible to do one-hand phone operations without shifting your hand up and down to accommodate both the screen gestures and buttons. The buttons(power and volume) don't protrude enough to make it easy to press them.

All in all, I feel the combination of the One's screen, design/craftsmanship, and audio experience trumps over the Samsung S4's fancy functions. The S4's screen is almost just as good - AMOLED screens are known for their deep blacks and saturation, while the One's is much better in direct light. The S4 has a higher MP camera, therefore able to take better photos in broad daylight, while the One's camera is more versatile and MUCH better in low light conditions. The One has a much better audio experience, while the S4 gives you better convenience with its features - userability goes to the S4 for sure.
But in the end, considering the totality of things, I feel the HTC One provides me the best TOTAL experience, and is the king of the smartphones right now.
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on April 20, 2013
2012 was the year of the smartphone for 3 big companies: Apple, Samsung and Google. The iphone 5 was about the best looking phone ever made with a solid operating system and excellent support. The Galaxy 3 stole the spotlight with terrific commercials and a solid contender with Apple. And Google released the best phone, in my humble opinion, ever made until that point. The nexus 4 was and is cheap for just $300, receives upgrades from google directly, and is quite simply a stunner. Last year, however, the HTC One X was also released if you didn't know, and it was second best only to the Nexus 4. It had a terrific screen, great build quality even though it was plastic, and it was just a thin slab of sexiness that slid into your pocket easily with the best camera of all phones mentioned above. Yet, nobody knew about it.

This year, it seems people are hearing about HTC, and Apple and Samsung will have to fight one more company to take the spot of best smartphone. In my view they failed last year as google offered a phone that was for the first time the best mobile experience ever put on the palms of your hands.

This year, the HTC One has taken that place from google. The HTC One is quite simply stunning in and out. First thing I did was put an invisible shield to prevent any scratches and keep its metal body ever intact (something I do to all my phones since I don't use a case, and more importantly, I never drop these guys).

Google took the experience from apple, but apple kept the design hat. This year HTC takes the design to a whole new level. No phone ever looked this good. It's just the right amount of heavy to make it solid, the right amount of curvature to sit on the palm of your hand, and the right amount of beauty and industrial design. The word Stunning can't be used enough here. The speakers are obviously for audio, but they simply add to the art in a way no other phone has done before. It's a work of industrial art that puts every iPhone model to shame.

Matches the iPhone point by point and offers MORE. Home screens, Facebook integration, widgets, and a whole new home screen where you get news and all of your social information in one place. For those of you who use flipboard heavily as I do, it's the same great interface to give you just the right amount of news whenever you need it. As a news junkie, it's ever appreciated. If you don't need it, just ignore it to the side. But it doesn't hurt to have Facebook set up so you can easily see what's happening in your social circles. Within 1 minute of set up, I had close to 52GB of music available to stream and save from google play music (a free service BTW on every android phone), within 10 minutes I paid my bill at Duane Read using the phone as a wallet, and within 30 minutes I had taken the best shot I have ever taken with a mobile phone.

The user interface for those who don't know is Sense. Sense 5? Maybe? It's fast, capable of handling widgets as well as google's unadulterated vanilla android on the Nexus 4, and is quite simple. But don't mistake that for a lack of options like the iPhone's simplicity. It is still android and all the options are there. It outdoes Samsung's touchwiz, and apple's outdated IOS which is obviously the same interface from 2007. I like this as much as the vanilla android on the nexus 4, and like it even more due to blinkfeed. The only thing I miss is the ability to add lockscreen apps, but that's coming soon (we hope).

A good part of the user experience is UPDATES. Apple and google own this sector with outstanding updates. Google more so since their updates are actually useful. HTC plainly sucks. Here is hoping they will update the heck out of this phone, and force carriers, especially ATT to push out updates. Don't let this be another htc one x where we wait 7 months for a released update. If not, support carrier versions and push out updates themselves. Give me a link and let me download and install updates without my carrier. Or is that contractually not possible?

Best screen on any phone. 1080P. It rules them all, and outdoes the HTC One X from last year. This is the whole phone experience, and having this kind of a screen just makes the phone a pleasure to use. Comparing this screen with the iPhone 5 just shows how much apple needs a larger screen more than ever. It is simply impossible for me to use my iphone after using the HTC One as you feel absolutely constrained when reading webpages, looking at pictures, etc. Puts last year's Samsung S3 to shame. It's quite a stark difference.

The camera here is a fantastic shooter. Don't be alarmed at the 4MP factor. The images have terrific resolution, excellent color, and fantastic low light resolution. What worries most buyers is the detail presence due to 4MP, and if you're planning to print out huge posters, then this is not the camera to be used. If you want memories, at any time of the day, recorded with great clarity, then this camera offers the best balance between light resolution and detail possible right now (in a smartphone that is), especially if you have an active night life. The resolution and clarity of night pictures is just, again, Stunning.

I wasn't as blown away by the speakers as others were. They are the loudest speakers of any phone or tablet I've tried most certainly, but I'm waiting for the day when the backside of a phone will be a massive speaker that truly reproduces music similar to a stand alone speaker. But just for the advance in speaker and sound quality, this is another move in the right direction, much like the camera.

Sound quality:
The iPhone 4 and Nexus 4 to date have the best sound quality of any phone I've ever used (I hear the International S3 has a Wolfson Dac, but I never had the chance of trying it out, so no comments). The HTC One sounds quite similar to the IPhone 4 in sound quality and that is a great factor for audio aficionados. The HTC beats enhancement just doesn't cut it for me, so I installed my own EQ app to adjust as I pleased, and the sound is just the sweet spot of clarity and dynamic range. Capable of driving over the ear AudioTechnicas M50 very well. These are all subjective remarks, hopefully someone will be doing some actual measurements on the HTC One soon. But these remarks should put some people at ease. This phone is not google's nexus 7 tablet with its terrible, anemic sound quality. No need to worry about that here.

Big enough for a day of work, but fails in comparison the upcoming S4 and Motorolla's droid razor max hd. It will provide enough juice to power through 13 hours of work. A full charge the night before, plus stand by and a whole day of work totals about 20 hours of continuous use. Install juice protector and enjoy your battery last longer.

Outdoes every phone released in 2012 by a mile. Sexy, stunning design matched by a beautiful streamlined interface. It's perhaps corny to say this, since it's overly used, but this is the BEST phone I have ever used. I don't think apple will match it this year with the same design iPhone 5s that seems hollow and fragile when compared to the HTC One, and same old icon interface. Much the same, Samsung apears to have followed Apple's lead and released an S4 that deserves the title S3s, since it's more of a continuation of a well established brand. But the same cheap build quality continues in a trade off for removable battery and micro SD. Something Blackberry seems to have managed in a better fashion. Their phone accomplishes the same with a better build quality. The only company that seems to be hiding the game is google, and theirs may be the contender with the HTC One for title of best smartphone of 2013.

The HTC One is missing a removable battery and a micro SD slot which they make up for by charging you $199 under contract for 32GB, instead of apple's outrageous $299. In my view, it doesn't detract from the experience one bit, just like it didn't from the Nexus 4. I feel quite comfortable using the HTC One as my only phone and have already passed most of my devices forward with the exception of the Nexus 4. And depending on google's move, if they don't include LTE this year, the Htc One will be the only phone I'll be using all year long. And gladly so. What a phone.
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on April 15, 2014
I purchased my phone from this seller and it is wonderful! Everything was in there and the phone works perfectly!
I absolutely love it! I must say, there might be some things I miss on the iphone but it's nothing I can't live without!

The speakers are extremely loud, the camera is AMAZING & the phone overall is a keeper!
review image
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on January 17, 2014
HTC ONE in general is a great phone and if you can afford it by all means get one for yourself. Screen is brilliant, sound quality is mind blowing and once you get used to HTC Sense interface logic (takes about 5-10 minutes) you'll never want anything else.

This trader on the other hand is to be avoided at all cost.
Phone shipped was NOT unlocked. Phone was NOT new. To put it mildly it was slightly used with marks on the bezel around the screen and photocopied version of the factory quick start manual... I wouldnt have been surprised if this was a random backyard Ebay seller...but this is an Amazon Prime retailer... I hope not for too long.
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on May 12, 2013
APRIL 29, 2013: I have had my One for 11 days and the experience has been great. A beautiful device that you can show on your work desk. Priot to getting it, my major concerns were not having a replaceable battery or M-SD card slot but have found out that was not necessary. Phone's call quality is great, the front facing speakers are superb, allowing a true stereo effect and the display has been surprisingly good even outside in sunny days. Perhaps, one of the things I like the most is the level of customization w/o using Carrier's applications or those from third parties. Sense and blink are new to me but were customized also to my likes. The camera has some innovative features which I have tried but is something I am not interested in a cell phone.

Have been conducting some "home tests" on battery life and noticed that per the phone's battery indicator, its consumption might not be linear; it shows that most of the charge is used during the first few hours and below 50% takes more time to be consumed. Nevertheless, downloaded today a couple of applications to monitor which applications are most important regarding battery use. BTW, with average use making phone calls, text messaging, accessing e-mails and web browsing, have been charging the phone every 36 to 48 hours (similar to the Droid X). I am not into social media or extreme texting.

Worth mentioning that changing from my three year old Moto-Droid meant switching from VZN to ATT but still in the 14 day return period. ATT's signal is not as good as Big Red but so far has worked for me (except when in underground places). I have no objective elements to compare the One to the S-4 as have always considered Sammy's phones "boring", too wide and cheap looking; phones not for me. The HTC One looks very well made and the combination of aluminum with glass and black background on the screen makes it very attractive for all those that have not seen the device in person. So far is a "keeper" and if you have one, experiment customizing it, a really fun experience.

May 12, 2013: I have been using my HTC One for three weeks and writing article this as a follow up to the first review published on 04/29/13. Overall the device has been flawless although the ATT signal is not as good as the one from VZN. My One is a silver 64GB phone that was preordered and even arrived before the expected date. After having used a Droid X (with VZN) for three years my major concern on getting the One was the non replaceable battery. Probably I am one of the few users who have a spare charged battery for all portable devices as live in a hurricane prone area and in 2005 (due to Hurricane Wilma) was without communication for over a week.

The One's 2,300 mAh battery has been surprisingly good. I am not into Facebook or other social media and use the device as a Telephone, for MM messages, for Text Messaging, for E-Mails and the Sense feature is always looked at and many articles read (a really nice feature). Occasionally can watch a video or take photos but does not happen every day. Regarding the phone's settings, the Power Saver and Sleep mode are on as well as the Mobile data and the Bluetooth. Wi-Fi is off as have other devices that I use on said mode and the current contract w ATT allows plenty of data. So far the battery use has been as follows:

* Moderate Use: 1 day 11 hours consumed 51% of the battery. For me, Moderate use is 10-15 calls, 10 messages, Internet searching, Sense news and 10-12 photos.
* Light use: 3 days 12 hours used 75% of the battery life. Light use for me is 4-6 calls, 10 messages, Internet searching, Sense news and 3-4 photos.
* Heavy use: 3 days 5 hours have taken 83% of the battery life. This means calling everyone on Mother's Day (20+ calls) 4-6 messages, Internet, Sense and two photos.

Having stated the above ratings, the HTC battery lasts much longer that what I had anticipated. BTW, I am in an ATT 4-G area with excellent phone reception and most of the time with Bluetooth devices. I charge the phone every other day or every third day and no power problems as of now. Of all the great features of the device, my biggest surprise has been the battery duration. And being 2013, so many awesome phones do not have a replaceable battery, such as the Nokias 920/928, some of the new VZN Androids and not to mention the Apple products which date from 2007 w/o a replaceable battery. Nevertheless, there are many alternatives to supplement power on these devices by external sources by simply a common micro USB connection (available anywhere) or even from your car's charger or even the computer.

I was recently reading some reviews on the 16GB Sammy S-4 and seem they are having issues with the native storage capacity, especially w the 16GB version. The OS and Native applications do not allow users much storage. I was intrigued by this issue and looked up my phone DCIM source and with all the apps, ringtones & photos I have customized, these take less than 5GBs of the 64 that the phone natively have. But I have just one movie and not songs/albums playlists.

And lastly, a recent controversy has been published as the One has not been updated from the Android 4.1 to the 4.2 platform. Having verified both of these, it might be useless as the One performs great and the newest version on the S-4 has some gimmicks that may look fine but will be useless for most users.

News have been published that now VZN is planning to have the One after they had declined it because of their homologue DNA. But my dearest friends from Big Red, it is kind of late... Many users such as me, switched the amazing VZN coverage for ATT because you decided on not having the latest fashionably and optimal device. This happened with the Nokia 920 last year and with the infamous Apple products several years ago. Perhaps is time for the Big Red guys to re-evaluate marketing strategies. Good luck with that! You will need it.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 5, 2014
I ordered this HTC One from GSM Universe and on the plus side I did receive it promptly. After only approximately 10 minutes the phone would not receive service and begun shutting itself off and turning back on. No matter what I did the phone continued to do this until the battery finally died. I chose to order from GSM Universe because they had such high ratings and now I am curious as to why. I requested the required information to return the phone several days ago and have gotten no reply. I have always been skeptical about buying used electronics online and this has only confirmed my concerns. I will not be ordering any products from this seller again.
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on August 25, 2013
This is NOT a product review (for these you need to use third-party review sites with objective data in each review), this is just a warning for potential customers. If you can buy it elsewhere - do so. HTC themselves sell a "developer edition" of this phone on their site, which has 64GB of storage and is fully unlocked and supports same GSM/LTE bands, for slightly more than Amazon's current price. If you do not need extra storage space - Google sells the HTC One with 32GB of storage, fully unlocked, running latest Android version (unlike what you will find on Amazon), for a cheaper price than Amazon has. Google's version does not include HTC Sense, Blinkfeed or any other custom HTC software BUT some people do not need this and you can always flash the Google's edition with a custom ROM which includes all of HTC's custom software, for free, without losing the warranty. Both choices are better than what Amazon has to offer. Think about that before making a purchase.
Hopefully Amazon will read this too and adjust their current price accordingly...
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on April 7, 2015
wrong description of the product while it was in sell. view the status of the phone it doesn't worth the price which I paid it. And the seller didn't describe it like it is...
review image review image review image review image
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on September 17, 2013
The HTC One is just a BEAUTIFUL, no, GORGEOUS! phone. I love it. The battery lasts with moderate use for me (emails, internet, a few games played) 7am to 6pm. The phone is so fast and smooth. I've rooted the device and removed HTC Sense 5 and now have it Google Play Edition. This makes the phone so much faster and delivers way better on performance.

If you buy this phone you WILL love it. It's great in hand and doesn't feel like I'm carrying around something bulky.
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