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on November 26, 2012
I will start off by cutting to the chase. If you are looking for a new phone, this is a great phone. I highly recommend it.
Now, lets get to the reasons why I love this phone.

First of all, the screen on this phone is amazing. I recently switched from an iPhone, and I have to say, I was very nervous about moving to a new device that didn't have a "retina" display. However, all nerves went out the window when I held this phone in my hand the first time. The screen packs more pixels per inch than the iPhone and is very true to color, offering a phenomenal viewing experience. The screen on any new phone is the biggest decision point, and HTC does not disappoint; this screen is simply gorgeous.

After you get past the screen, the overall design of the phone is striking. I love the black on black design, and this is the first phone I have been excited about getting in black. The screen melts into the unibody design, and the body of the phone is covered in a matte black finish that has the perfect amount of grip to it. The phone feels as solid as any phone I have ever used.

Beyond the exterior of the phone, there are man features worth mentioning. First, the camera is great. HTC has loaded this phone with one of the best cameras I have ever used on a cell phone. There is a dedicated image chip inside the phone that allows the phone to process images unlike any of the competition. As if taking great pictures is not enough, you can also take full HD video, and snap photos while filming. Even when watching your video later, you can snap a picture during playback. What a great feature! The camera can also be placed in "sight seeing" mode, allowing the user to bypass the OS and go straight to the camera when unlocking the phone. This is one of the many features added to the Android experience by HTC with their Sense 4+ overlay.

Alright, that provides a perfect transition to the geeky stuff. The sense 4+ overlay is not bulky, and actually adds some useful features. I would still prefer vanilla Android, but this overlay is very tolerable and does not get in the way too much. The One X+ features Jelly Bean out of the box, which is an awesome OS, and it is the main reason I switch to Android from iOS. Additionally, the One X+ is running on a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, with 1 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. In other words, this phone can handle all you can throw at it.

Now on to the dislikes.
One complaint and concern I have read about is the protruding camera. The back of the phone has a curve to it, which keeps the camera from sitting directly on the surface you have placed it on, and the camera housing feels like it is made out of a metallic material adding further durability. This has dampened my concern, but I have seen others with the original One X put a case on the phone specifically related to this concern. I am currently not utilizing a case, but there are many options available, and all One X cases do fit the One X+ because the body is the same exact dimensions.

Also, AT&T and HTC have thrown some bloatware on the divice, but most of it can be disabled through the settings, and with 64 GB of storage, the concern is further alleviated. I am a little ticked off that AT&T continues to block the free 25 GB Dropbox account (Verizon does this too, FYI). AT&T encourages you to use their "Locker" service as an alternative, which does not work and is a waste of time. I was primarily concerned with using Dropbox to back up my photos, and have since discovered that signing up for Google+ will instantly get you a free backup of all photos and video you take with the phone through their "intant upload" service. I even had photos from my iPhone on there.
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on December 12, 2012
I have owned multiple iPhones, Android (Samsung Captivate), and Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) in the past. Kept going back to iPhone for stabilty and App support. However, Android really outdid themselves with the Jelly Bean update. Smooth as butter.
This phone is great as well in terms of hardware. I liked the look of the international version better (with the black and red) but in terms of specs, this is the best phone out there.
The only con for this phone is the lack of removable battery and no SD card slot. The battery life is OK, I would give it a 7/10. When in battery saver mode, the phone will last all day plus more (20+ hours). And when you need the processing power, take it off battery saver and watch the phone speed up. Off battery saver, I get around 10-15 hours with WiFi and 4G on and moderate use. However, heavy use in non-saver mode can quickly drain the battery within 5-6 hours. The switch is pretty easy to do via notification tab.
As for the lack of SD slot, this can be easily overcome with the 64gb of internal storage. If you really want more storage, you can connect an OTG MicroUSB cable and download Nexus Media Importer from App Store (doesn't require root/jailbreak) and you can access files off a SD/MicroSD/Flash drive.
Overall, its a great phone. Not a single regret switching from iPhone to Android 4.1. Plus, the customization-ability of Android has vastly improved since I last owned Gingerbread, and much better than the same old UI of iPhone's iOS. Google Now is much better than Siri.
I was down between Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X+. But the "plasticy" feel of Samsung turned me away and I decided to go for HTC. Plus this phone beats hardware specs of S3 in almost every way.

Lack of Removable battery
No accessable MicroSD slot (Use OTG cable as stated above)
Battery life can be bad with heavy use
Only 1GB RAM (only downside I see which is not amendable)

Doesn't feel cheap to hold like S3
Great Screen
Android Jelly Bean
64GB internal storage
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on December 29, 2012
Simply the best phone I have owned to date. I'm one of those crazy people that need the newest and best of everything. I tried the iPhone 5...disappointed again that it ready was not a grand leap from the 4. S3, bought when it first came out internationally for my trip to Italy. The S3 is a killer phone, took great pictures, fit nice in the pocket, great for movies etc. One down side to me was the placement of the on / off button on the side. Really a problem when taking pictures especially when letting others take photos. I did crack the screen once. So why do I like the HTC one x+ better.

1. Overall feel of the phone is better.

2. When all my setting are set the battery life is better.

3. 64G storage standard. No SD slot used to be a deciding factor to me and I would put an extra 64g in my galaxy and I never used it. With the box or dropbox and instant HD photo uploads to google plus I find the 64G internal storage to be plentiful.

4. this phone is very snappy.

5. Perfect size for my huge hands. (I found the Note to be too big)

Again I feel this is the best phone on the market currently...Hands Down.

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on March 6, 2013
I loved this phone but had to return it due to two issues:

1. Battery life was terrible and barely lasted my workday.
2. The alarm failed to go off three times in the week and a half I had it, making me late to work. That was the dealbreaker. I researched this and have seen random other HTC users having this problem.

I am now awaiting the HTC One with excitement as the battery is larger.
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on December 7, 2012
I got this phone over the Nokia 920, because of the screen size, less bulky n more memory. First, the screen is amazing. It is a lot brighter than my note 2. I thought the note 2 screen was good, but boy was I wrong when compared to one x plus. The one x plus is also a little faster than the note. The battery cover has some kind of anti-slippage material on it. Unlike, my note 2 which feels very slippery to me. I love the 64gb of memory n beats audio. Beats audio sounds great when connected to a headphone. it doesn't sound so great without the headphone. The battery last almost as long as my note 2. Call quality is simply amazing. It is just as good as my note 2. Get this phone, cause you will not regret it. It's hd screen, so it's a lot better than the non-hd screen of the so called retina
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on December 31, 2012
Out of all the android phones and windows phones this just kills it all specs are better then anything I have ever seen and battery saver mode on the device is just brilliant, it has 5 cores in total it gives you access to the 4 1.7 ghz nivida tegra3 cores and when you turn on power saver it shuts down those 4 cores and switches over to the 5th 1.7 GHz core that has been optimized for power saving, best phone hands down. When you want a computer in your pocket get this phone if you want a toy get a iCrap but this beats everything.
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on April 5, 2013
Awesome machine. However it's usability as a phone is limited. Blue tooth connects but in call voice quality blows chunks. Cannot hear the other person and make out only 3 or 4 words out of five.

Battery could last a little longer.

On the whole it's great. Hoping HTC fixes the blown out blue tooth in call quality but don't see it happening. I do read that rooting and installing other operating type stuff fixes this.

Software update! Bluetooth call quality fixed! Solid 4.5 stars now, wish battery had more juice is only prob now
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on February 14, 2013
I really liked this Android phone but my SIM was not getting detected after 1-2 weeks. I got a replacement and same problem started again. I had to restart phone every time. New SIM card did not help.

Amazon provides great customer service and return policy. So happy with them but NOT happy with this phone. Ended up exchanging this for S3 in the end.
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on January 22, 2014
This is my second HTC phone, and I've not been disappointed. Still amazed by the seemingly endless uses for it, and the apps available. Closest any device has come to being able to do everything. And very fast.
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on January 30, 2013
First off I have had many many phones, all the iphones, except the newest one, the original one x, galaxy s3, Note 1 and 2......all are good phones, but each a course has flaws, I could rant on about each, but for this specific phone, the one x+ I will just stay on topic.
I was waiting for this phone for a looong time! I had the one x, liked it, but memory and battery weren't the best! I don't use a lot of apps, I don't play many games, I am all about internet, video, listen to music in the car, video taking, and picture taking!

So first off the pro's! The camera is great!! I love it! Burst mode is an excellent, but yet almost standard feature on high end smartphones today. Video quality was great as well! I don't get super picky like your youtube reviews where they are comparing one picture on a phone to another. However, the camera is a huge selling point.

The unibody is great!! The feel is outstanding, one of the very very few phones I did not want a case on, but for my OCD, I got a slim snap case from casemate....good quality btw!

As for the phone, amazing screen! I actually don't mind sense or even touchwiz (for those who don't know, its the background operating system used on androids, except say the nexus, if you want a 100% android phone, get the nexus, samsung = touchwiz, HTC = sense.
Sense is well done, the layout is very nice!! I had zero complaints!! It doesn't interfere too much with the "jelly bean" experience where as Samsungs newer models with touchwiz seem to be a little much at times! (Again, my opinion).

Now if your reading this your wondering whats wrong? Honestly not much! The reason I gave it three stars was first due to the memory. Its fine, 32 gb. However, remember apps and music off amazon take up space pretty fast! Also no SD cart slot, why? I think each company is pulling for a cloud service of some kind, which is good and bad.

The camera on the back, next the to the stunning screen, is the crown jewel! But it sticks out, not as much as the One X I don't think, but even to where a case was needed mostly to protect the lens!! It will scratch!!!! If I were to put it on a table naked, no case or bumper, the lens could hit the surface! More of an OCD thing for me!

Finally what killed it for me was the battery. Yes, they (HTC) say its improved, but if your living in a LTE area, plus the faster processor drain the battery! I have been on many forums and read people state they can get a 8 hrs out of it without a charge, I drained my battery like I always do, but every time I would look at it, even with the power saver on, the battery would drop greatly! I am talking 10% in an hour or so and this is on stand by, like normal, I even had it stop checking my mail every 15 min. to see if that would help and it didn't. I put a 3rd party battery saver app and it worked great! But you become disconnected from the net per say, so I would unlock my phone, check the mail and boom, 20 new messages. This is ok if your not relying on e-mail but if you are, it sucks!

In the end I had to give in for time being to the Note 2. However, I love HTC and their phones, but the battery really just ruins the whole experience. If you want a phone for texting and a little net surfing here and there then this may be fine, but for those who want to play music, watch videos, record, etc. You will get very annoyed with the non removable battery!! Hope this helps!! Now I should probably work! ah ha!
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