Customer Reviews: Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less
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on May 19, 2014
This "book" is essentially just a long list of one-page ideas to improve your life. The "habits" begin on page 27, and end on page 102. The book itself is just 125 pages, making each of the "habits" about one page long each.

I was expecting a bit more than obvious things like:
#1 Drink a large glass of water
#7 Remove distractions before working
#18 Return calls and text messages ("Check for missed calls first. Return your calls in the order they were received. Apologize for missing the call.")
#34 Put loose change in a jar
#46 Make your bed
#51 Throw something away
#69 Practice simple grooming ("Men should groom their facial hair or apply cologne if desired")
#82 Eat nutritious foods
#86 Go outside

Scott admits at the end of the book that most of the things in the book are things we've all heard millions of times before, and that's correct... Which is why I was hoping there would have been a bit more meat to his book than single-page ideas which are more or less common sense.

If you've ever said to yourself "I wish I could read a buzzfeed list in a printed book without the gifs" this is the book for you.

Otherwise... Instead of spending the time reading this book, spend the time doing one of those common sense things you know you should do.
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on October 9, 2014
I must admit I bought this book because of the good reviews. I am very much a "I can always improve" or "do it better" kinda girl so I look for inspiration in books, blogs, audio etc. So I hungrily bought the 9 Small Life Changes....

Now that I have read it....I am ANGRY. What a waste of money!

I found the idea of HABIT STACKING interesting, but his list in the last half of the book how to make these small changes was insulting. I you are looking for a "process book" this is not it.

Here are 5 of Mr. Scott's "small life changes" that just irked me:

#55 Collect Dirty Laundry
#69 Practice Simple Grooming
#84 Brush your Tongue
#85 Microwave your Sponge

You get the idea.

BLUF The author got my $7 don't let him take yours.....
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on April 23, 2014
I have read a number of S.J. Scott's books and can say that his advice is simple, down-to-Earth and immediately applicable. His book "Writing Habits Mastery" about mastering time and productivity for writing has helped my writing career specifically.

In contrast THIS book should help people to improve multiple categories of life.

The premise is that "Big doors swing on little hinges", meaning that small changes can produce life changing benefits. Rather than the narrow definition of success of researching, writing, or editing X number of words per day, S.J. includes checklists, benchmarks, and suggestions for SEVEN whole CATEGORIES of life:

Health and Physical FItness;

It's rare that I read a book in a single sitting. But I downloaded this at 5:00 am local time and am now writing this review at about 8:00. It's a page-turner and an eye-opener.

Best takeaway from the book: 5 minutes is enough to change your life if you decide to make a consistent habit of doing something purposeful daily with that five minutes. DO this in one category and you'll find it easy enough to add another. Try to "overhaul" your entire life with lofty goals and several big changes all at once and you'll likely fail.

Five stars, baby. Thanks S.J. for a perfect companion to Writing Habit Mastery.
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on June 16, 2014
if you are a thinking person, everything in this book will be common knowledge. There isn't anything new here to learn. The ideas presented are not bad, but things like "brush your teeth" don't require spending money to know they are good habits.

I can sum up this book for you with this statement, "when building habits keep them small and simple so they are fast and easy to accomplish." The rest of the book is 97 examples of habits that most of us already do or know about.

Save your money.
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on April 21, 2014
Because of some health issues, I often feel overwhelmed by everything that needs doing. If a task takes a lot of time or a lot of effort I will put it off until I feel better. Needless to say, that's a good way to make most things even harder to do when I finally get around to it. But, Mr. Scott's book helped me see how easy it is to accomplish a great deal by simply doing a few little things consistently (Habit Stacking).
I enjoy books by S.J. Scott, because they are written in such a clear and concise manner. He explains and gives examples, but doesn't bore you with needless junk.
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on April 22, 2014
Mr. Scott has created a valuable resource that will enable readers to accomplish their short- and long-term goals. This book explains how you can substantially alter the course of your life by incrementally introducing small habits that take five minutes or less.One of my favorite sections is 8 Steps for Building a Habit Stacking Routine, because it empowered me to use the template to make changes that are relevant to my life. I also like the links to additional resources throughout the book. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about increasing their productivity, improving their health and relationships.
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on April 18, 2014
I've read a startling amount of books about habits and personal development -- and I can honestly, genuinely say that this is the BEST book I've ever read on that subject.

This book not only explains the nuts and bolts of why habits work and how you can use that knowledge (I had several "aha" moments, while reading this part) but also has a very thorough and extensive list of 97 habits that you can implement in your daily life. In all of my reading, I've NEVER seen another book like this.

Everything is written in a very clear and easy to understand manner, and was perfectly edited and VERY professional. While reading, you can really tell that, unlike so many other "self help gurus", S.J. really cares about your personal success -- and is willing to do everything in his power to help you get there.

S.J. has done an amazing job with "Habit Stacking", and I will surely be going back to it over and over again as I embark on my own habits journey. If you're serious about bettering your own life, I would highly recommend you get your own copy of "Habit Stacking.

You WON'T regret it.
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on August 19, 2014
The main idea behind this is that it is possible to make small changes (creating new daily habits or rituals) that will quickly change your whole life for the better.

The principle of, "Little hinges swing on big doors."

The author, S. J. Scott specialises in helping people break bad habits and cultivate good habits. Inside the book you will discover how to break tasks/routines down into "mini habits" which you can then link together (stack).

Lots of tips are provided for improving your productivity, improving relationships, finances, spiritual well-being and more using simple, less-than-5-minute-habits.

If you want to improve your life through simple 5 minute changes, this book can help you achieve that outcome. It's a well written and straight forward guide to, "Changing your life through better habits." It could, however, have been improved by including a few more original habits to cultivate, in my opinion.

Colin G Smith, author of, Creative Problem Solving Techniques To Change Your Life
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on September 10, 2014
I'm not sure why this got so many high ratings. As a fairly self-aware person with some common sense this book was useless. Many of these are not sustainable as "5 minute or less" tasks. For example...log into your social network website of choice and spend 5 min connecting with people. Their responses will require a timely response...likely of more than 5 min. This book just wasn't helpful if you have a little common sense. Nothing new and it didn't deliver on it's summary promises.
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on August 10, 2014
In this Amazon Best-Selling ebook HABIT STACKING by S.J. Scott, the author delivers 97 small but effective habits to integrate into your daily life…in 5 minutes or less. The book HABIT STACKING: 97 SMALL LIFE CHANGES THAT TAKE 5 MINUTES OR LESS covers seven critical areas that really do need habits in order for us to gain the most out of and make improvements in our day to day living. The areas Steve covers are:


Now, a lot of the habits listed in this book are simple common sense “no-brainers” and that most people are conscious of what needs to be done in their lives even if they aren’t doing everything they could be. Steve mentions this in the conclusion section Having said that, it is nice to have these habits as “small reminders” lest we forget the little things that make big differences if practiced over time And, that is what this book focuses on: doing the little things a little bit each day over an extended period of time that add up to effective changes being moulded into your daily life. In the beginning of the book Steve introduces readers to the concept of “Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges.” You can get a lot accomplished by doing the little things that matter in just a few minutes a day. It’s a great quote by W. Clement Stone and I think it fits in perfectly with this book, and encompasses the theme of Habit Stacking.

Just reading this book through from start to finish gives people some good ideas for incorporating new habits into their lives; you might close the book, say “Well, that was interesting. Next?” But if you do, you ‘ll be missing out on the point of the program. i actually read through it twice to make sure I had grasped what exactly it is that I was reading. The first read I thought it was a book on 97 habits to make life better, happier, and all that usual stuff. But after the second read it hit me that what this is is a program. The “97 Habits” discussed stand as examples you can include if you desire. For example, in the section on Health and Nutrition, there are some good pointers such as stretching in the morning, making a smoothie or taking vitamins. You could replace this with doing push-ups, deep breathing exercises, or eating a tomato first thing in the morning. Again, in the book it says: “Focus on the Routine and not the Habit.” I think this sums it up.

Habit Stacking is more than just a compilation of habits; its a system of taking action and that, once you have established your own “Habit Stack” routine, you can swap out various habits for new ones. Once a habit has become “second nature” its time to let it live on its own and decide on a new habit.

I believe that for the categories this book is based on, although Steve gives us about 15 habits for each one, there are probably hundreds you could come up with on your own. Once I finished this book I started brainstorming all the other "5 minute habits or less” possibilities and for each section I could map out well over fifty additional habits. Now I have loads of habits for building a stack for Morning, Evening, At Work, In the Car, Taking Breaktime, etc...

One other thing I like about this book [and others by Steve Scott] is the introduction to the various apps and other sites that are available, for example the lift app for holding yourself accountable, Evernote for note taking [and tons more!] or Remember the Milk for making a daily list. They go together well with the material and can serve as strong companions throughout the day when you are on the move. Finally HABIT STACKING is a continuous process that requires a lot of discipline but, as the book stresses, that discipline doesn’t have to be swallowed in one sitting. Take it day by day, work your small tasks into every minute you have available, and monitor the progress made.

I look forward to building up my HABIT STACKS over the course of the next few months…and far beyond!
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