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on January 21, 2009
Wow - I really don't understand the discrepencies in all the reviews. I actually own two of these tv's. The first one I received as a gift. I too wanted an emergency tv that would work after the conversion in February. My first set is connected to my cable - the picture is clear and sharp. I do not lose my stored channels when it is turned off. The battery is not in the tv. I couldn't ask for better reception. My 2nd tv is not connected to the cable. I did have issues with the antenna so I went to [...] as mentioned in a previous review and found what type of antenna I needed. They also tell you what frequency each channel needs to be set at. i.e. my NBC channel(2), which is Channel 12 on my cable, is actually frequency #35 with the antenna. I purchased the RCA ANT111 antenna(at Amazon)and have been totally pleased. This antenna pulls in all the major stations and again the picture quality is crisp and clear. I don't lose the previous stored channel when turned off with this set either. My main decision in choosing this tv over the Axion was the longer,external battery life and the fact that I wanted to be able to control the volume on the remote. Now I will say that I didn't know what to do with the green wrapping on that battery pack.(no instructions with flimsy manual) I did leave it on and charged the battery. It charged successfully but I haven't tested the longevity of it yet. I couldn't be happier with these little tv's. It seems you either get a good one or you don't. I would recommend buying one and if it doesn't work to your satisfaction, send it back.
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on January 7, 2009
I tried to program the set using an antenna. It programmed the channels correctly and got a reasonably good picture on most channels. However, after the set was turned off and put back on, it said it had no database and needed to have the set reprogrammed. I ended up returning it, assuming there was something wrong. I received a replacement and the same thing happened. I returned that one also.
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on March 5, 2009
I was impressed with the good feeback on this little TV, so I ordered it. I wanted it for my office to watch my soap during my lunch hour. But when it was delivered to my home, I could not get it to work at my house at all. Tried everything. Even bought a fancy $35 antennae. Packed it up to send it back, but office mate said, why don't you bring it here and just see if it works. I did, and it worked fabulously at my office with an old RCA rabbit ears I've had for forever. The antennae that came with it just wasn't enough. After the channels set up at my office, I brought it home and now it works at home, too. Have no clue why. We only have five or six digital signals in the Little Rock area so no problem with stations having to reset each time you turn the TV on due to lack of memory. PLUS, if you go into the menu and set the balance on the sound all the way to the right, you can get a louder volume. The picture is awesome. The rechargeable battery is great too in case of power outage. The price was excellent. Now I think I can live with this crazy change from analog to digital.
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on February 2, 2009
I purchased this under the brand name PRISM at CVS. Price was an attractive $99.99. I returned it an hour later. There are at least 5 strong HDTV signals in my area. It received only two of them, and very broken up at that. The analog channels faired no better.

When connected to a cable system, all HD channels came in very well; analog a bit snowy. It's a great item if you plan to use it indoors connected to a cable system. I bought it for stand-alone use, and it failed to perform even at a minimally accepted level. As a retired audio-video engineer, I think this item suffers mostly from a low-gain input amplifier. It is not for "portable" use.

Other features were remarkable. Sound clear, picture bright and sharp when connected to a cable system. Auxiliary input for use with a DVD player or VCR or video game. Easy to use menu options. If they can get the tuner to work better, I'd reconsider getting one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 17, 2010
This review is based on the TV strictly as a photographer - I did not use the Antenna/TV-Functions of it.

Most cameras nowadays include video-out functions - mostly to connect to a TV or monitor and display your photos without needing to download them to a computer. Some cameras (most DSLR's and some point and shoots) allow you to see the photos live as they're taken, or even see the live preview ("Live View") before the shot is taken. That's what makes this a neat little item!

Before getting this, I looked at various models - I ended up with the Haier for 3 reasons: Battery life was good, it uses a normal A/V input (Red, White, Yellow -- a lot used a proprietary connector), and it has a tripod mount on the bottom.

While the tripod mount is a bit odd for those looking to use it as a TV, it's an awesome addition for a photographer! Mount it on a gorillapod, a tripod, a monopod or even a superclamp, and that's exactly what I did. I was able to connect the TV to a superclamp, attach that to a monopod (gripping it) with a DSLR on top, and an AV cable connecting the camera to the TV. This gave me a live view of what the camera was seeing (allowing me to hold the monopod up to get high-angle shots), triggering it with a remote shutter release ( Yong Nuo New 2.4GHZ Wireless Remote Control RF-602 C1 for Canon EOS 30/33/50/300/300D/350D(REBLE XT) and 400D (Reble XTI)/ 450D/500D/550D/1000D/ Contax N /645 ). I found it to be VERY helpful in checking focus, reviewing shots and seeing what was going on when there was no way for me to view the LCD screen on the back of the camera. I imagine this would work fantastic for those who do video (being able to look at a larger, detachable LCD screen while either you or someone else is working the camera -- especially for those high or low shots where you just cant get behind the cameras screen)

For this purpose, it did a great job. Battery lasted a long time, only issue was the odd resolution it uses (somewhat low, but so are all of these portable TV's). It seems rugged/sturdy and don't see having any problems with it. For what I wanted it for, it did everything very nicely!
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on July 21, 2009
Haier HLT71 7-Inch Portable LCD TV
I've had this for about 1 month and am very pleased with it. It seems that most reviewers are dissatisfied with the antenna/reception. Since the transition to digital transmission, it is my understanding that the signals are sent using UHF. I believe that the supplied antenna is a VHF type, which causes so many people to have problems. Remember the "old" UHF loop antennas that used to come with televisions? (Approx. 10" round metal about the size of coat hanger wire) This is all one needs now to receive the digital signals. I use an 18" coax cable, a 75-300 ohm converter, and a UHF loop antenna with my Haier 7" tv with excellent results. Online, you can purchase these items for easily under $5. The tv also works great when plugged into a wall jack for a rooftop antenna. (Combination UHF/VHF that is 30 years old!) The UHF loop antenna setup works equally as well outside as it does inside.
I also use the same setup with a 22" wall-mounted flat LCD screen in my house. The only thing different is that I used a longer cable so I could extend the loop antenna up near the ceiling so that the signal wouldn't get blocked by people moving about the house.
Realizing that any problems have been with the antenna and not the tv itself, I would highly recommend this tv!
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on March 23, 2009
I am enjoying this little TV very much! I hooked it up to my Cable and have it in my home office. The antenna provided does not work very well in dense areas, but does in open areas. I plan on buying a digital antenna soon as recommend by other users, most likely an indoor one. The picture is fantastic and sound in just fine for it's size (even better with headphones). The main reason I choose this model is it had volume control on the remote and charges the battery from the car lighter. I shopped for many different portable "digital compliant' TVs for a few days, and this one was the best available. I would highly recommend this model to anyone who has the same desire. I can't wait to try it when camping with a digital antenna.
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on July 10, 2011
I bought this TV to use as a camcorder external monitor with a Canon HD camera. It does the job, with the 1/4"x20 threaded hole on the bottom. I screwed it to a 5" x 5" L bracket from Home Depot. The only criticism I have is that it puts a lot of audio frequency noise out the front (and there is a warning about this in the box). But since I am using a shotgun mic several feet away, it is not an issue.

Replacing the battery (I bought a spare) requires use of needle noise pliers, not a big deal.

It isn't HD, only SD, but my Canon outputs include A/V out, and that is what oomes into this Haier.
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on February 16, 2009
I recently purchased an identical set from CVS under the Digital Prism brand name (Item A1710130, Model TVS3970A) and am very pleased with it. For less than you would have paid a few years ago for a 2 inch LCD with analog tuning, you now get a much larger widescreen picture, stereo sound, IR remote control and DTV. If you didn't know better, you might mistake this set for an electronic picture frame. And why not? It is the same size as many popular frames and a support stand pivots out from the back to make it stand on a desk or a tabletop. It comes with 3-way power: AC adapter/charger, car adapter, and a built-in, replaceable Li-Ion battery. With a list price of $130 from CVS Pharmacy, this set would be a bargain LCD monitor. But with the built-in ATSC and NTSC channel tuners it's a steal! This little set lets you choose between two input sources: a standard RF cable connector for cable or over-the-air signals, plus the familiar yellow-red-white RCA connectors that allow you to connect a DVD, game system or a digital camera, etc. They include a telescoping rod antenna that fits onto the RF connector and provided dozens of digital and analog stations from a distance of about 12 miles. Even though this TV is extremely portable, the manufacturer advises us that "Digital reception is poor when the TV is moving, such as in a vehicle. For best digital reception, the TV must be stationary." This is a characteristic of digital broadcast reception that will hold true for any DTV. I might add that the picture can temporarily freeze if you walk with the TV, or even if the TV is stationary and you are moving too much. With that said, I have to admit, this TV is a joy to watch. The picture is bright and sharp, and the menu system offers all of the usual picture adjustments, plus a few unexpected ones such as Dynamic, Soft, and Personal. There's also a color temperature adjustment, zoom, closed captioning and choice of two other menu languages: Spanish and French. The Electronic Program Guide does a great job of describing the current program and letting you know what's coming up later. While the set receives signals up to 1080i, the reality is that LCD dots have not yet been miniaturized to fit 1080 lines into a package this small, and so the display resolution on this set is 1440 by 234. Compared to a 42 inch set, the smallest details are just not available, however the picture is still razor sharp enough to read closed-captioning and sports crawlers across the bottom of the screen. I enjoy having it right next to my computer display. Sure, they make DTV adapter cards for a computer, but this set does not interfere with processing power and the picture does not get in the way of other programs that are running. The built-in stereo speakers provide adequate personal-listening volume, or you can plug in headphones (not-included) or your favorite 2.1 computer speakers for a better experience. The only flaw I noticed with the entire TV is a bit of electrical noise present in the speakers or headphones when the volume is set very low. This should not be a problem for most people and is comparable to the motor you might hear while using a portable DVD player. The TV comes with a one-year warranty for home use, but Digital Prism has no web site, only an email address, so treat your set carefully.
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on July 16, 2011
I looked at a lot of the written reviews here before buying this particular model, so I thought I'd return the favor and pass along some thoughts on this portable TV.

Let's get one thing straight here - at this price, with this screen size, this is not going to be anybody's principal TV. It's for occasional use, weather emergencies, listening to the game in the woodshop, that kind of thing.

(1) If you expect stellar picture quality at this price, you will be disappointed. It is watchable and fine, but certainly nothing spectacular. The color reproduction is not bad, but there is that very cheap LCD slightly grainy thing going on, which detracts from the picture quality. I think if you are like me and buying this for occasional and emergency use, you won't really care, but if you imagine you are going to spending hours in front of this every week, you probably would be better off spending a bit more money to get something with a bigger screen and better picture quality. Like a lot of LCDs, it also suffers from very weak off-angle viewing. You will want the TV below you not at eye level or above. It works best on like your coffee table or kitchen table or desk, which isn't surprising since you have to sit just a few feet away from it anyway.

(2) The built-in audio is, as expected, a bit tinny given the size of the speakers. But I was pleased that it is loud enough. Beyond weather emergencies, I am going to use this like in my workshop where I will be mainly listening to the game anyway and it is loud enough for those purposes. It has a headphone jack.

(3) I live in suburban Washington DC and got lots of channels using nothing but the little antenna it comes with. Judging by all the comments on here your mileage may vary, but I had no reception problems at all. Setting it up is pretty straightforward. You just select air or cable and auto-scan. The instructions are badly written but it doesn't really matter, just turn on the little switch on the side and off you go. It keeps a good lock on the stations and doesn't break up or pixilate much at all.

(4) I like that it has full-size RCA jacks on the side and a full-sized RF Coax input as well. That means no fussy adapter pieces to loose. To store or travel with the TV, you end up unscrewing the antenna and attaching it to the top, which is a little awkward, but actually worth putting up with to get a real, normal sized cable input. The remote is small, but a normal remote with regular remote buttons that takes regular batteries and I found it reasonably good from even across the room (too far away to be doing anything more than listening to it). This is a key difference between this TV and the ones that come with little chicklet remotes that take hard-to-replace watch batteries.

(5) This model includes a car adapter in the price, which is another big reason why I bought it over the others. If you want a little portable TV like this partially for weather emergencies, the ability to charge or even run it from the car if necessary is kind of important, so I am surprised that not every manufacturer includes this.

The world is full of televisions that are better than this one, but for occasional use and weather emergencies, it is hard to beat this for the price. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I got here given how little I paid for it. The next time the cable goes out or we lose power, I'll be sitting pretty with this little dude.
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