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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 28, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We have had two new HD TVs for just a bit over 5 months. One is a 23" Sony and one a 32" LG. The Sony hooked up easily, but the LG was like our first color set. We diddled with picture, sound, aspect ratio, and other settings to get the best picture and sound on each channel. I still don't know if the differences between channels is resolution, settings, or in the case of the news, makeup. But we were just happy to get it so that we could see all the face lifts...

Now for the Haier, a relatively unknown Chinese brand of high definition TV. I plugged it into our Comcast cable box using an HDMI cable, and bingo, a bright and sharp picture with wonderful sound. For a few minutes I was sure a mistake was made, and we had been given a 1080p instead of the 720 that was on the box. Perhaps anything under 50 inches doesn't matter. We think that the Haier is just as good and maybe even a little better picture than the LG! Not one factory setting had to be changed!

The sound from the built-in speakers is excellent - in part due to using an HTMI cable - and the Sound Leveler really works. No more spikes when changing channels and it even works on commercials that used to blare 10 db higher than the program.

(The hookups and quality are very good with our DVD player and photographs on a flash drive, but they will not be used very much. The TV will not be used with our computer, so I can't address that either. Some will complain about the inputs being placed under a lip in the back, but most HD TVs use the same configuration because so many people will wall mount the TV. If the plugs were straight in, the TV would not be flush with the wall.)

Initially, we had so much trouble with the remote from Comcast, that I was about to give this only 4 stars. We can only get HD through the Comcast box, and the Comcast remote - as bad as it is - should be our only remote. But the Comcast remote would not accept the two codes for the Haier TV, and I thought we would have to use two remotes. I called Comcast, and they gave me the same two numbers that came with their box. I called Haier, and they told me that they DIDN'T HAVE CODES FOR Comcast.

All was not lost, however. I went on line, asked for "Comcast remote codes for Haier," and the second link was a discussion where one respondent said, "Try the codes for DURABRAND."

The third code under Durabrand (10178), and we were set!

(And, since I've now been asked this question 4 times by people who are concerned about whether it will fit into their cabinets, the set is 31.25 inches wide, i.e., side-to-side! The 37.8 inches they refer to is diagonally!)

I said in the title of this review that it was unexpectedly fantastic. Well, this is a phenomenal TV especially considering that it was the least expensive of all 32 inch HD sets. We now have great Hi Def in our bedroom where, in six minutes, I'm going to watch the last game of the World Series! (Sure, I could watch it in the living room, but I like new experiences.)

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on November 10, 2011
I purchased this TV to replace an aging 55" rear projection Mitsubitshi that i had set up in my office. While browsing the deal sites I noticed this TV listed at $197 dollars and clicked the link to the Amazon site. I was not familiar with the Haier brand of televisions and thought of it as a cheap knockoff TV with subpar screens. There were only four reviews of this TV while i was contemplating the purchase and though they were mostly good i was a little leery about buying this. Amazon made the decision easier by offering a 30 day guarantee with free return shipping so I went ahead and purchased the TV. I am a subscriber to Amazon Prime, so 2 day shipping was free. The TV showed up on my doorstep 2 days after the purchase. Thank you Amazon. The box that the TV came in was in great shape. There were no dents and it didn't look like the box had been abused. The packaging for the TV was superb. I unwrapped the TV and removed the plastic on the front of the TV. The front bezel is a very shiny plastic. The stand which is also a shiny black plastic comes with 4 screws to attach to the TV. This TV comes with a glowing light at the bottom center of the bezel which indicates whether the TV is on or off. It shows red when off and green when on. Nice touch for such a low priced TV. I hooked my DirectTV box to the TV and selected the correct HDMI input. The inputs on the back are not exactly in the best positioning for connection of your devices. I assume they configured the hookups that away because some people like to hang the TV's on the wall install of the stand. The picture on this TV is very clear with very good color saturation. Some TV's look a bit washed out but not this TV. Would this TV compare to a high definition TV such a Sony or Samsung? I would say no, but you would pay much more for one of those TV's. Some people have said that the sound is not very good on this TV. I find that the sound is more than adequate. It gets plenty loud in my office. I've never owned any TV where the sound is great coming out of its own speakers. Thats why they have surround systems. People, for the price you cannot go wrong with this TV. If this is the size of TV you are looking for and are wanting to use it in a bedroom or office or anywhere a smaller TV is adequate I would say...Buy it now!!! Before the price goes up.
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on November 8, 2011

CODE: 10178

As my first HDTV I don't have anything to compare it to, but after a week, I am thoroughly pleased and happy with this new TV purchase.

Sale price was awesome and free almost next day shipping (ordered sun, arrived tues)

Great picture quality, great sound, nothing bad or even annoying to say about it.
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on November 9, 2011
I have Amazon Prime and my TV arrived in 2 days. Amazon is absolutely fabulous when shipping you products when you have a Prime account. The TV arrived in a brown box with some information about the TV written on it.

Setting up the TV was easy, but when I opened the screw package 2 screws out of the 4 were shorter than the other two. It took me a few minutes to figure out that the 2 shorter screws were for the 2 top holes, and the other 2 longer screws were for the bottom 2 holes. The manual shows all screws are the same size.

I plugged the HDMI cable from my HD Direct TV receiver into the back of the TV, and plugged the power cord into the TV. As noted in another review, where you attach the cables to the TV, the inputs are on the bottom of the set. This is rather strange, as you have to tilt the TV to make sure you align the cables properly.

I turned on the TV and immediately noticed it only showed 480P on every station. I could not get the TV to change to 720P. I then moved the TV to another room and it showed 720P. Later, I realized the HD box in my main room was not set properly.

Picture quality is very good. For $197.00 you cannot go wrong. There are 6 preset picture modes, which can easily be changed by pushing the picture button on the remote. I am using the Vivid mode. If you want you can use the Custom mode and adjust the TV the way you like it.

I watched a HBO move which said it was being broadcast in 1081. It looked great.

Sound quality is not bad. To me the TV sounds good.

Build of the set is very good. It is not a real thin TV. I am comparing this to a 32-inch Samsung TV, which is a little narrower.

Heat. This TV generates some heat. Much more than the 32-inch Samsung I own.

Manual. I had no idea they could make print so small. The manual is just a basic manual.

The remote is fine; not the greatest, but it serves its purpose. It works well.
Note: If you are using DirecTV the TV can be programmed to work with the DirecTV remote. It took me quite awhile to get it to work properly. The screen said, push the volume button. If the volume moves press OK. I did this. When I went to use the DirecTV remote it didn't work. Finally I just paged through the codes and I got a code to work. I have no idea what the code is. I was just lucky to get it to work.

I am very happy with this TV. The price was right, the picture quality is good, sound is OK. I would buy another product from Haier.

Update Last night while watching TV I noticed a clicking or popping sound that another person mentioned when changing channels. When you mute the sound you do not hear the noise. It is coming from the speakers. This is not a real problem, but the TV should not do this. I don't believe it is necessary to send the TV back.

Haier, if you monitor this site you should contact me. I will also try to get in contact with your company.
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on November 9, 2011
Okay, here are my initial impressions about the TV:


1. I'm pretty pleased with the picture. It looks very crisp and bright. It may not be 1080p, but all the experts say the human eye can not discern the difference between 720p and 1080p in a 32" TV (assuming your nose isn't pressed up against the screen). There is a large window behind me and the glare was pretty bad but closing the drapes solved that problem.
2. The buttons to control the TV are conveniently placed on the side and aren't particularly noticeable. It creates a nice "clean" look from the front. The buttons do feel a bit cheap to the touch though.
3. Very nice viewing angles.
4. The sound is clear and powerful. But I think mine may be defective since I hear a frequent popping noise which others haven't mentioned. It seems to go away after the TV "warms" up but it is annoying. I'll likely exchange it if the problem continues over the next couple days.
5. A decent number of ports for this price range including all the standard stuff as well as two HDMI inputs and a USB input (not for movies, only music and pics)
5. THE PRICE, THE PRICE, THE PRICE. At under $200 you can't go wrong.

1. It is noticeably thicker than other LCD TVs I've seen. I was pretty dissapointed about that. It's not as "sleek' as I would have liked but of course you can only see this from the side. From the front it looks good. Overall, not horrible but its probably twice as thick as my living room TV, maybe more.
2. It has a high gloss finish along the edges of the TV and the entire remote is a matching high gloss. It looks nice new but quickly becomes a fingerprint magnet.
3. All of the ports except for the RCA jacks and the USB port are on the bottom - VERY inconveniently placed. If you need to change out cables frequently, this is not the TV for you. Hopefully you'll only have to do it once during the initial set up.
4. I was really excited about there being a USB port but you can't play movies from this. Only jpeg pictures and music. Strangely it couldn't find any on my external hard dive but it is a 1TB drive and maybe it had to scan the whole thing and I didn't want to waste too much time on that since I don't plan on using that feature. Also the port is on the side and a little too high up. My portable hard drive has a very short cord and could just barely reach it.
7. The remote feels light and cheap but is fine and is better than many other remotes I've seen. Not too small to get lost but not too big to be inconvenient.
9. As I mentioned, the sound is nice and powerful but mine appears to be defective. Not sure how great the quality control is that this was missed. Luckily Amazon makes it painless to do an exchange/return on these types of things.

Other thoughts:
1. For some reason I expected the screen of a 32" to be larger. Maybe I'm spoiled by my living room TV (50"). I measured the screen with a tape measure, careful not to scratch the screen. It came to roughly 31.29 inches. Not really a con but did seem smaller than I expected.
2. Energy guide states it will cost an avg. of $22 a year to run the TV. Not sure if that's good or bad but since its less than $2 a month, I can certainly live with it.
3. No fancy internet apps or anything, but who cares when so many peripherals offer that now? My Wii, DVD player and WD Media Player all offer Netflix streaming for instance. So why pay extra to get in on my TV also?

Overall, I'd probably give this thing 2 or 3 stars if I paid $700 for it. Being that I paid under 200, I'd give it 4 or even 4.5 stars assuming the sound hiccup problem gets fixed. I would have given it 5 stars had the sound worked out of the box.

UPDATE 1: I attached a WD Media Player through a component cable and it kept saying "no signal." After disconnecting and reconnecting the cables to no avail, I unplugged the power to the TV and plugged it back in. Then it worked. Strange. But the quality was subpar - I could see lines running through it and at first there was a noticeable green hue. I switched back to HDMI and again the picture was very crisp. Luckily there are two hdmi inputs so I'll just forgo the component hookup.

UPDATE 2: Just wanted to update everyone that I got my replacement TV. I had said that the tv was great but that there was a problem with the sound (plenty loud unlike what others stated, but there was a background pinging sound). Otherwise the TV was great with no other problems over the week or so that I had it. However, the sound problem did not go away.

I'm happy to say that the new TV does not have this problem. It may not quite be as loud as the original one, but can still get to be plenty loud when I crank up the volume. However, I have no distortion at all. I've therefore upped my rating to 5 out 5 stars taking into consideration the price I paid. I'm very happy with it and its grown on me a lot. My only caveat is that Haier seems to have mediocre quality control so there will be some bad apples in each batch.

Conclusion: With Amazon's 30-day free return policy, easy exchanges and price guarantee, you can't go wrong with this purchase.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 3! After watching TV for about 15 minutes, the sound distortion started yet again and is incredibly distracting. I can't believe two TVs would have the identical sound problem. I contacted the manufacturer about this problem and lowered my review to two stars until I get to the bottom of this. I'm very dissapointed right now.

UPDATE 5. I've had the TV for several months now and after about 1 or 2 months, the sound problem went away and hasn't come back since. Very strange. The manufacturer never did respond to my inquiries though.

UPDATE 6- 1 YEAR LATER: Okay, I'm still very happy with this TV. In fact many of the minor things that bothered me at first, no longer do. Picture is still great, sounds is still strong. Occasionally, the sound distortion I originally described comes back. Not too often. Pretty rarely. But when it happens, if I turn the TV off and then immediately back on, the sound goes away and doesn't come back for a long time. I upped my review from 2 to 3 stars because the sound should work all the time. But it is a small price to pay for the deal I got. Keep in mind, it was unheard of to get a 32" TV at this price last year.Again, if not for the sound I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars. If you have a separate sound system, this is a winner for you.
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on November 16, 2011
I had been looking for a cheap 32" for a while to replace the old 20" tube in our "game" room when I stumbled upon this TV. I decided that the price was exceptionally right and that it might be sold out in a few days, so I went ahead and ordered it for $200. I've had it for about a week and it so far exceeds all of my expectations. At first I was worried about the sounds because so many reviews criticized it, but I found them to be bearable through a simple solution.

PORTS: This TV includes two HDMI ports and a component and composite port as well. Some people complained about the awkward placement beneath the TV; however, really the only time you have to put up with this is during the setup, which takes less than 20 minutes.

SOUND: Now, many people do not understand that you cannot hope for Bose quality sound from a cheap Chinese $200 TV; while the speakers are a bit tinny, they can easily stand by themselves if needed. I, however, simply found an small old boombox and hooked it up to the TV through the headphone jack. This made a phenomenal difference and actually made the sound much more enjoyable.

PICTURE: This TV is supposed to run at 720p, and as far as I can tell it does an excellent job at it. Everything is nice, sharp, and clear and is amazing quality for such a cheap TV. I've played a few DVDs and a few shows from Netflix through the 360 and all of them have run pretty close to perfect. The picture quality is completely satisfactory for us and our needs.

GAMING: As I mentioned earlier, the plan was for the Haier to go to the gameroom to hook up to our Xbox 360. We hooked it up via an HDMI and BOOM, we had a crystal clear image. We played Reach to test it and I can say proudly that it had almost no lag while running the game. Like I said, Netflix through the Xbox looked great when we watched GI Joe.

Overall, I would completely recommend this to a friend, or anyone for that matter. The price is the cheapest you'll ever find a 32" HDTV anywhere and come up with a quality product. I am very satisfied and have nothing bad to say about this product. If you're on a budget, or just want it as a bedroom TV, buy it NOW while theyre still in stock. =D
review image
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on November 14, 2011
4 Star quick review for others.

Bought for 190 + Discount and Amazon Credit

Bang for Buck Picture
Multiple inputs/outputs

Sound quality is actually pretty terrible, pick up some PC speakers. My Macbook Air has better sound. See Edit
Fingerprint magnet.

You probably won't be disappointed, worth a sub $200 purchase for a bedroom. I probably wouldn't buy for a living room, personally.


Okay, so I decided that the audio sounded tinny and hollow. Luckily the set has an adjustable EQ manager. So I have adjusted to these custom settings.

120Hz 7
600Hz -6
5KHz -5
10KHz 6

I have started here, and I'll adjust as I go. The problem that I hear is the mids are way too high! I am not audio expert, but this sounds better to me. Hope this helps someone.
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on November 20, 2011
I just bought this TV. It is a 32" diagonal, but the overall dimensions listed on Amazon are for the box, not the TV itself. The actual dimensions are 31.1" Wide, 22" Tall, 4.4" Deep and 8.5" Deep if you use the table stand. The TV is a great value. The picture is good and so is the sound. Installation was a breeze. This is a no-brainer.
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VINE VOICEon November 15, 2011
I couldn't pass this up for my son for Christmas. Got it delivered to my work, and it took me longer to get it out of the box then it did to do a channel surf to make sure it worked! When the picture came on it was great, and I didnt hook it up to cable but just the digital local channels to check it out. Sound seemed ok, and it looks very easy to put the stand on, cable hookups and away he will go. I know he will just love it and for this price I was more then happy to get it for him!! Thanks to the reviewer for putting in about what wall mount was needed, that was 1 thing I was not sure about what was needed!
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on November 9, 2011
DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THIS TV, especially at this price. Directly out of the box it was perfect. Razor sharp HDTV picture, gorgeous color, great sound. We will use it only for TV watching so I can't tell you about any of its other features but for our purpose it's exactly what we wanted. Cudos to who had it shipped and delivered within 2 days even using the free shipping method. Don't know where you are going to find a better 32" HDTV for under $200.00.
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