Customer Reviews: Haier Portable Air Conditioner, 8000 BTUs, CPRB08XCJ
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on April 28, 2016
I am re-reviewing our Haier portable air conditioner .... I unplugged the air conditioner overnight ... the next morning the E-1 message was gone and the conditioner turned on going to give this awhile see if it's actually fixed before I delete my previous review. (We bought a portable Haier air conditioner April 11, 2015 at WalMart for a basement bedroom and used it approx. 4 months during the summer of 2015. Turned it on the other day (April 2016) and it was doing fine .... then a couple days later I got the E-1 error message. We did everything possible (checked the filters, made sure the keys weren't stuck, checked the water tank, turned it off for several hours then turned it back on ... still the E-1 error message. This air conditioner was practically brand new .... used it only approx. 4 months. Odd how the warranty expired April 11, 2016 and this is April 28, 2016, but they still would not honor the warranty.. Called Haier and they said I would have to get an authorized dealer to look at it which is 75 miles from where we live via a mountainous and hilly two lane highway.)
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on July 22, 2010
Firsr of all, most of the sites you visit to research this AC have the dimensions all screwed up.
It is: 18" wide 13.5 " deep and 24" high. It is also a bit heavy.

However, that said, it works really well. I have a room app. 400 sq feet, which serves as a home office by day and a bedroom by night (Murphy bed.) It't not noisy in an unpleasant manner- it creates a white noise that may actually be an aid to sleeping, very similar in sound quality and volume to the Sound Oasis machine I usually turn on at night.

Setting it up was little tricky, given that I have sliding windows, no floor space in front of the window, and had to position it on the corner of the desktop. The actual setup time was less than an hour. The exhaust hose is a bit awkward to handle, but I wrestled it into position OK. It has coasters so that one can roll it from one room to another, but I have no intention of doing this, so I can't say if it is a useful feature. Given the stiffness of the hose and the type of the connections, I wouldn't rely on that feature very much. It might come in handy when rolling it away for the winter.

The only question mark remaining is the water situation. My understanding is that when using the cooling function, it extracts moisture from the air and recycles it internally. If one uses it to dehumidify only, then the water accumulates and needs to be drained. So I will be watching to see if there is a problem with accumulation and what a solution might be, such as a drainage hose. Summer here in New England has been hot and humid ( I know- it's worse wherever you are!), but I'm confident this will do the job.

The price may vary a lot. Do a search for the best price before you commit.

Stay cool!
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on January 28, 2014
A handsome unit, it is perfect for my hot 12'x12' BR that is over the garage and faces east. I must run it around the clock on the hottest days and the remote comes in handy for turning the fan down in the middle of the night. Solid construction and low vibration makes for quieter operation than other AC units I have owned. I also like how the remote stows into the top of the unit and the output vent can be closed when not in use. Window adapter feels flimsy compared to other portables but it is exactly the same as the monster deluxe Haier portable we use in the family room--it definitely needs some caulk around the hose adapter in order to seal the gap. I ran this unit for the summer of '13 and did not have to drain it once. Finally, the LED panel has a very bright blue LED for AC mode that lights up the whole bedroom. I covered it with a small square of electrical tape and problem solved but you can slice a small x in the tape if you need to see a dimmer indicator--I didn't and rely on addition by subtraction. All-in-all this is a quality unit-- just make sure you install it in a small room or a cooler location.

Update: Our central AC went down in the furnace and repair estimates are in the range of $8,000. Since we live in a town-house community, we are not allowed to use window AC units. So, we have a number of portable AC units. The kitchen eating area was still hot so I bought another one of these compact units and it works great and fits well. The reason for this update is that the window attachment panel has been completely redesigned and is far superior to the panel of the unit I bought a year ago.

After a year with two of these units, my only real complaint is that you have to bend over in order to make adjustments to the controls. Granted, you can use the remote but I wish the control panel was top mounted. Finally, if you decide to purchase this high-quality, compact and quiet unit, make sure that you install it in a small room.
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on July 7, 2014
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on July 23, 2011
My Dad bought this air conditioner for me, thinking it would cool my master bedroom better than the window unit I had been using the previous few summers, and thinking it would be more energy efficient than the window unit.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong!

This little thing is terrible. My bedroom is about 13'x13' and this unit would not cool it down more than a few degrees. I had to move it to a position where it would blow the cold air directly on me so i could sleep. With the temperatures over 100 these past few days, I gave up on it completely when it was still 90 degrees in the bedroom at bedtime(midnight) (and with the unit having being run all day!) It only cools the area directly in front of it, forget the rest of the room.

The hose was not connected to the pieces that connect it to the window plate, and back of the unit. They were the same size and it took about a half hour or so of struggling with them to get them together initially, then i had to wrap duct tape around the connections to keep it from popping out.

It is also an energy hog, I have changed nothing in my house since last summer except for switching to this air conditioner, and my electric bill was WAY higher than last summer.

So I switched back to my 5000btu Frigidaire window unit..which i must say is a wonderful small AC.. and my bedroom is now comfortable.

If you have a very tiny room to use this Haier AC in, it may work. I tried it in my child's bedroom which is quite small (about half the size of my master bedroom) after putting the window AC back in my bedroom. It seems to work quite well in there, but this unit definitely cannot cool even 150 square foot room.
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on April 3, 2011
I have been searching for a portable AC. I saw some decent review on the internet for this Haier AC. I thought the price is a great price. But it was a big mistake buying. When I bought it, the AC was putting out decent cold air. However, after about 2 months, the AC started to produce less and less cold air. Eventually after about 3 months, it felt like a cooler blowing air instead of an AC blowing cold air. I purchased it from an online retailer so I couldn't return it due to its return policy. I would never buy a Haier product again.
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on September 15, 2013
I think a lot of people give portable ac units bad reviews in general because they don't understand what these little machines have to do in order to cool a room. Most window units have no problem cooling a room because the hot air side of those systems is already well ventilated and hanging out the window. Portable units, in order to be portable have to have the condenser inside the unit, thus producing heat in close proximity to the cool air it's also producing, then it has to send all that heat out through a relatively small hose (when compared to the expose a window ac unit gets). Bottom line here, is don't expect this thing to work miracles in cooling your entire 2000 square foot home, it's just not designed for that. This is best suited for small rooms (12x12 or so). If it's a particularly hot day/night, it will offer some relief but if it's 100F outside it certainly won't be 70 inside unless you have some incredible insulation. I've had it for about two and a half years now and my wife even uses it to create "white noise" with just the fan on in the winter because she works nights and we have noisy neighbors. Very happy with it, and if it craps out on me any time soon (I don't expect that it ever will) I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.
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on June 9, 2016
I don't have this exact model, but I have a version from the same company and bought it from walmart. I didn't expect a portable AC to meet ideal expectations, but it still does its job of making a room that only has one window 15 degrees cooler than the outside air. This room has three PCs with 1200 watt power supplies pumping out hot air and this little portable AC unit is able to keep the room temperature in check.

Yesterday's temperature was 90 degrees outside, but the room was a modest 75 degrees, which I'm content with. I don't expect this unit to turn my room into a freezer, but the fact is that it actually works is a relief. Also, a window unit is out of the question, because the window to the room is too small and won't open past 8 inches.

I had to mow a 20,000 sq ft lawn in 90 degree weather with a push mower (yes, that's right, a push mower), so it was a relief to enter the room that's at 75 degrees. Like I said, I'm content with this unit. Normally the room would be 90-100 degrees and I'd have to sleep in it and waking up in the middle of summer sweating like a whale outta water, but now I can sleep more comfortably thanks to this unit.

All these people complaining are expecting the unit to be on par with window units, which isn't the purpose of a portable unit. The unit I have will cool a 200 sq ft room at 8,000btu/hr, but my room is about 300-400 sq ft and it cools the room to a -15 degree difference from the outside air, which is good enough for me. The advertised unit consumes 900 watts, but the unit I have consumes only 700 watts.
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on May 25, 2011
This is my 3rd portable air conditioner. I like this unit and it will work for me however I would advise anyone to go with a window unit instead if they can? I got mine at Target for 249.00 It seems to be a nice unit and blows cold air however in my opinion this portable like all or most portables CANNOT compete with a window unit.

In my case I have a boat and a RV and the portables are an acceptable solution as I don't have a usable opening for anything else.

I'm going to attempt to insulate the exhaust hose as it gets quite warm. I'm in hot and steamy Atlanta by the way, more temperate climates might be more suitable for these units?

Stay cool
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on July 11, 2012
I have used this 'portable' A/C unit in my bedroom this summer, and many of the other reviews really puzzle me. My home has sliding windows, so no real opportunity to install a window-hung A/C unit. Thought I'd try this portable. First, the bad:

** The owners manual is _really_ poor. The description and diagrams for setting up the window panel, for example, were worse than useless. A few minutes of trial and error got everything worked out, but reading the manual was a headache!

** The stiff hot air outlet hose leading to the window could be a problem in some circumstances, but I have the unit near both a window and electrical outlet and it tucked into the space adequately well.

** Portable? Well, kinda. As a fan or dehumidifier, yes it is portable. As an air conditioner, refitting the required window panel and hose would get onerous quickly.

Now, the good:

** The unit cools my 200+ square foot bedroom very nicely. The room is on the west side of my house and previously grew hot in the late day sun. Very comfortable now.

** I've had no trouble with overflow from the water collection tank, although the humidity here is not very high. The auto-evaportation feature seems to work quite well.

** The unit is reasonably quiet in operation. Only a low hum/drone that I don't find objectionable at all.

** The small remote control works flawlessly.

The unit works for my purpose, the price was reasonable, and I am happy with my purchase.
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