Customer Reviews: Haier Haier HWD1600BW Combo HE Washer Dryer Front Load
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on July 3, 2013
Don't make the same mistake I did! I am going to post a comment on every website that I can find that sells this combo with the hopes of warning every consumer out there about this combo. There is a reason why the reviews are bad. There is a reason why the product is one of the lowest prices out there. There is a reason why Haier's customer service is sub par. The reason is, that this product does NOT WORK, and Haier will not stand behind the product. The combo works great for about the first 3 months, then it stops drying. About that same time, you will start getting an Error Code 13, which is the heating mechanism warning. Then you will call Haier to get an appointment to have it looked at, to which time, they will send out a technician in about 30 days. The technician will not be able to fix it (trust me I know) and he will tell you that he needs to order parts, etc. 6 months later, you will still be without a properly working machine. I know this because I have been through TWO machines so far and had the same results both times. A year will go by of this back and forth with appointments, and customer service BS, and SURPRISE, the warranty expires. Then Haier tells you to beat it, and you're stuck having to fork out another $1200 to buy a different combo. I've been forced to use laundry mats for my family of four for the last year because Haier will not stand behind their product. Don't believe me? Go to the Better Business Bureau and see for yourself. My recommendation is to get the LG Combo, which is the one I am going to buy next. It's unfortunate I was conned out of $800, but my loss is hopefully your gain.
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on July 1, 2013
I don't own this unit, but I just stayed in a vacation condo with one for 9 days. I can say, without any doubt, that you'd be better served with a $0.94 bar of Fels-Naptha soap, a couple of nice rocks, a stream, and a tree branch to hang the clothes on to dry. The wash cycle takes 1.5 hours. That's not too horrible, except the clothes aren't really much more than wet and dizzy when they come out. Except that you don't take them out, you leave them in and start the drying cycle. There's another 2 hours that you'll wait for your newly clean and dry clothes. Wrong. Now they're slightly less wet than they were 2 hours ago, but you can still wring some water from them. Back to the 2 hour dry cycle! Did I mention that this little sealed unit dries clothes by heating them to the temperature of the sun while they spin, and every 5 minutes, stops long enough to pump the evaporated water out through the washer drain. Try sleeping through it. G'head, I dare ya. Back on track now. That 2nd dry cycle is done! The clothes are dry, right? Wait - now they're damp, kinda like a beach towel that you've only used twice. And twice as wrinkled.
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on November 30, 2012
We live in an apartment without any washing facilities, so this seemed like the ideal solution to our laundry problem. We purchased the caster set so that we could wheel the washer to the sink and drain. Overall I've found myself dissatisfied with this product for the following reasons:

1) My biggest gripe is that the drying function went from intermittent (clothes would dry, but only after several passes through the dry cycle) to non-existent (now we don't bother and instead we use clothes racks to air dry).

2) It doesn't come with the equipment you need to attach it to a sink. This requires the purchase of the adapter set which includes the screw piece to attach to the faucet and the y converter that connects the faucet to the intake hoses. While that's only about $15, it did mean another purchase and delivery which delayed using the machine.

3) The optional wheels we attached lock and unlock on their own, leading it to roll around when it starts shaking during the spin cycle and to not roll freely when we try to move it. This means we have to work extra hard to move it into position and occasionally we must baby-sit the machine to make sure it doesn't roll too far and pull the out-hose from the drain and spill over the floor.

In summation - we were looking for an alternative to a laundromat or washing clothes in the sink and we got that, but for the high price and the hassle I would just as soon do the other options were I to do it over again. I do not recommend anyone buy this product.
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on March 7, 2013
This is the only washer/dryer small enough to fit in the space I have in my condo. I was completely aware that it didn't wash or dry very well, since it's a combo unit. That's fine, it gets the job done, even if my clothes are a little more faded and wrinkly than ever. The reason I would not recommend this machine is because the dryer broke after 2 months. When the manufacture finally sent someone out there, (6 weeks of me playing phone tag between Haier and the servicer), they said it had fixed itself. Month 10, still covered under warranty, it broke again. It will take another month to get someone out there.

I knew it would be a crappy product when I bought it, but I didn't have other options. But I had no idea it was going to be such awful customer service.
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on July 25, 2013
This washer/dryer came with the condo I recently purchased. I was skeptical about the washer/dryer combo aspect, but thought it might be cool and convenient. It was neither. It does not dry well at all. It broke the first time I used it while only washing 2 articles of clothing. It was easily fixed after multiple calls to Haier representatives over a span of 2 weeks - apparently there is a lack of local repair services that like to do the repairs for Haier because it is so difficult to go through their reimbursement process.

Next, a few months later, the dryer aspect completely broke. I called Haier customer service and was informed that I had been eligible for a replacement unit since January (it is now July), but no voicemails were left to me regarding this. I went ahead with the replacement after numerous attempts to make the request. My washer/dryer combo has been broken for over a month now with no replacement in sight. I have called Haier more than 5 times to follow up, and I get the runaround from customer service. Now the order is in the system but the shipping company has been unable to deliver it because the Haier warehouse does not have the unit ready for pickup yet after over 2 weeks of attempts to pick it up. Customer service is TERRIBLE and unable to understand the English language. I WILL NEVER BUY A HAIER AGAIN! I HOPE THE COMPANY GOES BANKRUPT AND IS FORCED TO DISSOLVE!
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on November 9, 2013
I live in a newly built, furnished apartment in which one of these units was installed after I moved in two months ago. It arrived wrapped in plastic and with film covering the controls and screen so I assume it is brand new. The other reviews complain to good effect about how this unit doesn't dry your clothes very well and I have grown used to hanging my clothes up after this unit "dries" them, but there are still some issues that drive me crazy which haven't been addressed to my vindictive satisfaction:

- Despite using fabric softener during the wash cycle, my clothes are full of static after a typical 3.5 hour session. I must always toss in an anti-static sheet and start another ~1-hour drying cycle to remove the static.

- I have no control over the door lock. When the unit begins any kind of cycle, it locks the door. This is fine, but when it finishes a cycle, washing and/or drying, the chime dings to let you know it's done but then it waits THREE minutes to unlock the door. It doesn't sound like a long time, but this is what typically happens to me: I hear the chime and have to make a choice - go to the unit and stand there staring at the door while my clothes settle into wrinkles for 3 minutes and then pull them out and hang them up, or I tell myself "go get the clothes in a few minutes" and promptly forget about them for the next hour. Then I suddenly remember the damp dry clothes that are waiting for me and I open the unit's door to find my clothes completely wrinkled. Next I have to decide: start another ~1 hour "dry" cycle or pull it all out and hang it up and look grungy the next day. I know if I choose the former, I may start a vicious cycle of having to dry them over and over because I forget to go to the machine 3 minutes after the chime sounds...

- If I want my clothes to come out dry-ish at the end of the 3.5 hour wash/dry cycle, I can only wash 2 articles of clothing such as a shirt and pair of pants. Anything more than that and I will have to tack on another 1 or 2 1-hour drying sessions to get the job a little closer to being done.

- As a result of the above limitations on actual clothing capacity and occasional vicious cycles of repeating the drying cycle, I am often forced to run the unit all day while I am awake. I can't run it at night because it's so intermittently noisy with its many stops and starts. I can sleep with constant noise, but not the on-again-off-again noise this unit makes. Thank goodness it's at least in a closet.

- The "lint trap" consists of a spot at the front of the unit between the door's rubber seal and the door itself where it appears water gets sucked out of the drum. This results in a sticky mess accumulated exactly at the point my clothes touch if I drag them out of the unit. Every few loads I have to use paper towels to clean the gunk out before extracting my clothes to avoid wiping my damp "dried" clothes across it.

- The unit demands cold water but I cannot provide it most of the year. Where I live in south central Texas, the water coming out of the "cold" tap is warm or hot. I suspect this has a lot to do with the amount of time my unit has to spend trying to dry the clothes, but I don't really know for sure. As winter approaches, I am looking forward to the possibility of a more effective drying cycle.

- For the sticker price I see online for this unit, I wish it also had the ability to exhaust the hot and humid air. My apartment has a pipe leading outside for such use, but it's useless with this unit.

- All the drying cycles last the same amount of time. Whether I choose the Auto Dry's 2 hours, 60-Min Dry's 1 hour, or Touchup's 30 minutes, the machine stops drying whenever it darn well feels like it. This can be anywhere between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours.

- When using a normal dryer in the past, I enjoyed the convenience of tossing in a wrinkled shirt I pulled from a drawer and having it come out wrinkle-free 15 minutes later. I do not like spending time ironing my clothes. With this unit, my wrinkled shirt comes out damp when using any of the drying settings. And of course I have to wait 3 minutes between the time I stop the dryer and the time I'm able to pull the shirt out. Not a good substitute for an iron. Or a real washer and dryer.

Despite all this, my clothes DO feel clean when the machine is done torturing my clothes. This earns it two stars. Only because it hasn't broken yet.

***Updates and thoughts after another 6 months***

December 24, 2013: Approximately 90 days after installation of this unit, the Start/Pause button stopped responding to presses. During the preceding 3 months of operation, the unit could be activated by very lightly pressing this button. It normally depressed about 2 millimeters and the unit would start the selected cycle. On Christmas Eve, it stopped responding to these light presses. I pressing a little harder: nothing. A bit harder: nothing. Unplugged/replugged, nothing. The cycle selector dial worked fine. I phoned my apartment maintenance folks the day after Christmas and they sent someone to try to press the button for me. He could not get the unit to start either. He pressed it way past the point at which I thought it would snap and break, but still nothing. He called Haier (the unit is still under its 12 month warranty) and Haier collected lots of information about the unit and promised to send a certified repairman ASAP...

January 17, 2014: The Haier-contracted repairman arrived. He pressed the button down about half an inch and into the panel at about a 25 degree angle and the unit started. He demonstrated to the apartment maintenance man. The repairman wrote up a report and took pictures to prove he did the "work" and left. Later that night, I tried to start a load of clothes. I jammed the button into the machine every which angle and nothing happened. I phoned the same maintenance man and he came the next day and tried to start the unit. He could not. So he called Haier again and explained that we needed the button replaced. Haier promised to send a repairman ASAP.

February 10, 2014: Another Haier-contracted repairman arrived. He brought with him a new control/display panel, but no start button... he swapped out the control panel, which did not include any part of the start button assembly. This time, I insisted he stay until I was able to start/stop the machine a dozen times without serious issue. He dismantled the start button, reassembled it, and I was able to start/stop the machine "fairly" easily. I only had to mash the button about 5 millimeters and push it to the side at about a 10 degree angle. I accepted this as the best I was going to get.

February 13, 2014: I was on my third load of laundry (which is to say, about the 10th-12th articles of clothing) and the machine finished the wash cycle tried to begin the dry cycle. Suddenly, the machine started squawking some ominous beeps. I opened the closet and was presented with an "Er13" on the display panel. This is an error complained about in many other reviews of this machine. The manual says the problem is that "the heating or the heating fan motor is abnormal." The proper "action to take" at this time is "warning and stop running, need service."

Throughout most of this two month ordeal, my apartment complex manager gave me a key to a vacant unit, in another building, which had a full size washer and dryer. Each time the Haier machine was "fixed", I turned in the key only to retrieve it again a few days later. After the heating fan/motor issue, I don't think the maintenance folks called Haier back. Instead, they waited until one of my neighbors was evicted, then in early April 2014 they traded out my broken Haier for a working one. This unit currently works as well as my first one did during the first 90 days of use.

Needless to say, I'm dropping this review from 2 stars to 1 star.
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on November 3, 2013
This product doesn't work. It simply doesn't wash or dry the clothes. If the clothes do happen to spend a full 4 hours in the machine then they might be dry but they will be so wrinkled they will be unwearable.

Then after 6 months it broke, and stopped pumping the water out. Hazier refused to fix it because this unit is a replacement for their older model (the older model had an electrical fire inside the machine!)

The customer service is horrible, the product is terrible.
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on September 18, 2013
Purchased this product from New Egg to use to wash hand rags used for detailing. We began receiving error 13 messages a few months after purchasing the unit. We called the service
company being used for Haier products. They came a total of 7 times to "repair" the unit, they replaced the motor, the thermostat and still no luck. We were told to call Haier directly which we did and we were given a replacement of the same exact awful product. That unit worked for a few months once again washing very small loads of rags and then it broke. We called the service company we had used previously and they said they are no longer repairing Haier products (hmmm). The Haier customer service agent told me that the warranty goes by the date that the original unit was purchased not the replacement. And that the unit is out of warranty. You mean to tell me that something that is merely 5 months old and is now broken and is giving the same error message is not under warranty. They refuse to admit that this product is a LEMON! So we are out the $800 to purchase the unit. We again called Haier and have been given the run around about refunding our money. This is a defective product and no amount of service will fix it. Do not buy this machine at any costs! I would highly recommend not purchasing anything from Haier ever!
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on February 5, 2013
The instruction manual is WORTHLESS! Searched the Internet for hours trying to figure out how to run the thing. Finally came across a Quick Start Manual that said you MUST attach to cold water source while using the dryer. That gem was nowhere to be found in our manual. I do believe we have invested almost a thousand dollars in a piece of junk. We down-sized from a house with an extra large Maytag washer and dryer to an apartment with no laundry space. We had such high hopes... Heavy sigh.
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on May 12, 2014
After only a few months of use this machine gives error 13 and shuts off after only 15 min drying time. Everything is still wet. The loads it can handle are very small. You end up using a lot of electricity because it takes so many loads per week to get everything done. I can see the difference in my power bill. I had purchased a service contract with the machine. They use A&E Appliance Service which is owned by Sears. They send a different guy out every time. We call them 15 min after the service person leaves to let them know they did not fix it since they never stay around for the full 15 min to see if they really did. Mine has had the condenser, switch, and control panel all replaced with no improvement. Now they have sent me a thermostat or thermal coupling and are supposed to install it. The worst part is that A&E keeps sending me bills for their service which is supposed to be covered by the service plan. They tell me the service plan rejected the claim and now I have to pay it. The service plan claims that they have not been billed by A&E. They also claim that since A&E did not fix it on the previous visit they are obligated to fix it at their cost. However A&E sends me the bill. This is a huge scam! Let me tell you, I would not spend ONE dime more on this machine because its a hopeless piece of junk. And definitely do not buy a New Leaf service plan thinking it will save you. Get the LG, I also have the large size LG and it works fine after 2.5 years of use.
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