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on January 21, 2015
So the hole for the nozzle of your dryer is like the size of a 5-year-old's fist just to give you an idea. I had to tear the first rung off and try to shove my hairdryer into the second one since its only slightly bigger. It fits, but not securely so now I have to secure it on there with something for each use. The girl that said she had to use a torn old shirt to hold it in place is right. I don't have one off hand so I'm currently using a side of double-sided command hook tape since I have 2 left over. So far so good. Initially, it DOES seem like all the hot air is escaping through the air holes but after a few minutes, it does heat up and it's normal distribution of air and heat again. It's really loud. I turned my TV up to 50 and it might as well be on mute. The bonnet WILL fly off your head IF you don't use the drawstring and chin straps on the side and bottom of it and pull the top down over your forehead like I have it. Other than what I've mentioned, it seems to be working perfectly fine. I'm using it to dry my flexirod set in my somewhat moistened hair. It's not too wet, I used big sections of my hair when I did it just to give my hair some kind of curl again that I lost after I went to the gym. I used cream of nature butter curling cream so you get the gist of the amount of moisture I'm talking about.
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on November 27, 2013
After looking a lot of different products I was drawn to this dryer because of the price. As a college student I can not afford one of the nicer stand up hair dryers or even one of the 40 dollar bonnet dryers. Seeing this bonnet I thought for the price I might as well try it. And boy am I happy I did! This bonnet dryer attachment is amazing! When I first got it on my head I was unsure of whether to put it over my ears or not. I found that it works either way but I feel more comfortable if it's on top my ears. Anyways, It fits over my large rollers which is something I was worried about. And it dried my curly medium length hair in five minutes last night! The only critique I have is that the neck strap kind of chokes me when my dryer is turned on but that is totally expectable because it is keeping this large balloon from flying off my head! Also the heat/ air is distributed all throughout my head. I have not experienced any hot spots or any spots where the air is coming out more than normal. The design of it is nice also. There are a few holes where you plugin the dryer so that the dryer won't make the bonnet fly on your head. Don't worry though the holes still allow a majority of the air to go to the bonnet and dry the hair surprisingly fast. And also like mentioned earlier the bonnet is HUGE! So there is plenty of room for all of your 2 inch rollers ( like mine) or all of your hair. there is also a little clip around the edges that allows you to tighten the bonnet around your head. The pin kind of slips a little bit because the air is pulling on it but a bobby pin or a small knot underneath it stops that problem.
Overall this is an amazing product. Especially for someone who does not have the money and who has a smaller nosed hair dryer. I would buy this again in a heart beat!!! If you are looking for a quality bonnet that does not cost a lot of money this is the one to buy :D
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on February 1, 2014
i have curly hair that i like to wear curly. i've found that sitting under a dryer hood is the best way to get good curl definition, get rid of the water that weighs curls down while they dry, have no frizz, and not leave the house with wet hair (which is mostly a matter of OMG IT IS COLD OUTSIDE but also they look better when they haven't just air dried). a regular blow dryer, even with a diffuser, doesn't get me the same good results. so first i tried a hard-bonnet dryer on a rolling floor stand. works well, but it hampers mobility; that is, i can sit still under it and read, but it's hard to, say, put on makeup while my hair is drying under it. so next i tried a soft-bonnet hood that's connected to a console dryer. TERRIBLE. didn't dry, hose disconnected from the bonnet, bleh. so finally i tried this one. i have a good hair dryer, and this worked really nicely. i had to be a bit careful about moving around too much because my dryer's nozzle is very tapered and the hose would occasionally slip off the end of it if i stretched it too much. but i was actually really impressed at how well it stayed put, given that shape. and it dried nicely while allowing me plenty of mobility while putting on makeup. the hood stayed put. my favorite part is that it will pack easily (even comes with a little zipper pouch) for travel. i'm super pleased with this purchase.
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UPDATE ON 1-13-13: My original review for this was a five-star review, but the cord on this ended up breaking after just a few months, and I haven't been able to use it. For that reason, I downgraded my review to just three stars. In December, though, I bought the DevaCurl DevaFuser Hair Dryer Diffuser for Curly Hair, and I absolutely LOVE it! I would definitely recommend spending a bit more on the Deva Fuser and getting that instead.

The diffuser I've been using on my Sedu Revolution dryer just broke after being dropped on the tile floor one time too many, so I was looking to replace it. I was reading reviews on the Curl Talk forum (which is an amazing place to go if you have wavy or curly hair and are interested in following the Curly Girl Method of not using silicones or sulfates on your hair), and someone recommended it as the best diffuser ever. I figured I'd give it a try since it was pretty cheap, and just used it for the first time today. I *LOVE* it!

I ordered it directly from the company's website, and it arrived in about a week.

It wouldn't fit on my Sedu dryer, but it worked perfectly on my Conair with a longer nozzle.

I basically gathered all my hair onto the top of my hair as if I was making a ponytail or putting it into a "plop," and then plopped it all inside. It comes with a cord to tighten it, as well as a chin strap, which keeps in in place. Once your hair is in, you need to use LOW heat with this. I left it on for about ten minutes while I surfed the web (I brought my laptop into my bathroom), and took it out after about ten minutes. The result? Bouncy, frizz-free waves that are spirals in places!

My hair is fine but thick, so I usually don't have patience to dry it all the way. After ten minutes, I still had some dampness, but most of the water was out. I ended up clipping up my roots and letting my hair air dry the rest of the way.

Just be careful when placing your hair inside so that you don't wind up with any wonky pieces.

For several years, I'd been using the Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt High Heat Portable Salon Dryer, which I loved, but my hair is now mid-back, and it doesn't work with that dryer any more.

This will also be great for deep conditioning treatments.

This thing really is awesome! It's going to drastically cut down on my hair drying time!
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on January 25, 2015
This dryer doesn't fit over my conair blow dryer (measures 8 inches around the nozzle) but I found a way to make it work. I tie an elastic headband over the nozzle to keep the the dryer from flying off. It's an extra step, not sure it's worth it just yet. But for those of you that experience this same problem but don't want to return it you can try this. Hope it helps
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on August 14, 2014
This thing is pretty awesome. I use it for my african american hair in its natural state, or when I do crochets or braids to ensure my scalp is dry. This puppy will dry my scalp in a wash and go in about 25 minutes so I don't have to leave the house with wet head. I might end up with a couple of damp spots, but I prefer the damper side of dry to keep my moisture content up. I use it on wash days with my crochet hairstyles and braids and it works the same way. Be sure the hose has no kinks in it or you won't get any heat or air flow--this will extend your drying time.

Much easier to use than a tabletop dryer: you can use it on the couch while you catch up on your cartoons :)
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on January 11, 2014
This is awesome when using curl formers as well as flexirods and perm rods it's saves time if you are on the go.
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on August 12, 2014
My Original Review on August 12, 2014:
I REALLY wanted to like this dryer, but it's just so cumbersome to use. The hole where the drawstring is will have your right ear feeling like it's ON FIRE and it seems you can never get the drawstring tight enough to keep the hole closed. The chin strap will nearly CHOKE you if you have on a certain way...which by the way, you almost HAVE to have it tight because otherwise the bonnet will just blow off your head when you turn the dryer on. And I did use it as directed on the LOW setting. ALSO, the bonnet...It literally pushes your hair BACK when in use. You either have to hold on to the string with your hands to keep it at the edge of your hair line, or just let it RIDE back leaving the front of your head outside of the bonnet. Uggh, It's just been a hassle to even plug up. I've resorted back to Air drying my hair now.

UPDATED REVIEW September 11, 2014:
I had to come back and change my original review from 3 stars up to 5 stars after my experience this week. I had an interview to go to and didn't find out until (not enough time to let my hair air dry for 2 days) so I had no choice but to try SOMETHING to dry my hair in less than 8 I said a little prayer, and this time, I tied a scarf around my edges to cover my ears since my main gripe about this product was the intensive burning sensation on my ear where the draw-string is. So I did a 3 strand twist-out on my natural hair and used perm rods on my relaxed ends, only rolling it up to the line of demarcation. I put this bonnet on, set my timer for 1 hour and sat there. Surprisingly, like a true "Duuhhh" moment, the scarf helped. I was able to sit there for the entire hour without having to flip the cool button every 10 minutes.

You talk about LOVED IT! My hair was DRY all the way through and I have thick very curly transitioning hair. So any product I put on the natural part, just soaks up like lightening and anything I put on the permed ends just sits there and takes forever to dry. My twist-out was amazing and I got more compliments on that one hairstyle in one day than I've gotten the whole year and a half I've been transitioning. I was so pleased and excited, that I'm now going to finally have the nerves to tryout my Curlformers I've had in a bag in the corner for almost a year. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a hard time getting their styles to air dry over the weekend like me.
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on November 20, 2014
This is not for everyone. The attachment didn't fit my blow dryer so I gave it away.
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on January 1, 2015
I am using this soft hood right now, as I type! I got the pink one, I think pink was for a limited time though. I got it in a care package with a new handheld dryer for Christmas. The heat distributes fine, I have short hair, and wanted to wrap it so I figured I'd put my new soft hood to work. You really have to adjust it on your head correctly though, initially it was burning my ears and head, with my dryer on medium, lol the new dryer is very powerful, so I got my old dryer, the less powerful one, it has a bigger barrel, but it still fit! I adjusted the strap and the string, and it's fine. I'm still running it on medium, I just can't do low, I have no patience for that cold air. It's been about 35 minutes now, and its fine, nothing burning or melting, my dryer is getting adequate ventilation so it doesn't overheat, my hair is definitely drying, so, yeah it's doing its job.

I stopped typing my review so I could share my results with you guys. So 25 more minutes has passed, it's still on medium, I don't think I even needed the additional 25 minutes, I just wanted to push it a lil to see what would happen, ya know any melting or bunt smells. But that's 60 minutes total, all is good, hair is dry, ready to style and go out for New Years night!

Love my soft hood♡ I hope this review helped someone. I have no cons with this product. I definitely reccomend. Its a spacesaver, with a neat lil zip up pouch for storage, good heat distribution, it dried my hair and it's pretty in pink. I'm satisfied guys. Buy it!! LOL

Happy New Years!!
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