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34 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on June 14, 2011
The movie itself, you can judge.. It has its moments, but is no Me, Myself, and Irene IMO...

There is an extended cut of the film (Enlarged Edition) which runs approx 6 minutes longer and has an additional 8 scenes. Sadly, other than one in particular.. the scenes are nothing too special nor do they change the film drastically. The movie is a mixture of comedy and seriousness (more towards the end). Sometimes the serious scenes outweigh the funny ones..

The additional scenes that are added in the extended version are listed below:

1) 30 min. Day One: The guys pick up Gary from the house. Apparently, his wife doesn't know about their plans because he climbs out of the first floor window. He suddenly falls down and limps the rest of the way to the car..

2) 43 min. Day Three: Rick and Fred finally start to put some effort in their pick-up attempts and are standing in front of a hip club. At first, the doorman doesn't want to let them in, however, they bribe him with 50 dollars. Still, he thinks that he might lose his job if he lets them go inside. The camera then cuts to Rick, Fred, and the doorman (who just lost his job) as they all eat a hot dog. =)

3) 47 min. Day Five: Rick has lunch and leaves a message on his wife's voicemail inbox. He says that he misses her and the kids. Then, the waitress brings him a free dessert made by the cookee. Rick looks around for her but suddenly, the cookee says that the dessert was meant for the other blond guy the cookee apparently has the hots for. Rick looks sad.
Cut to the office. Rick tries some online dating but again doesn't really succeed. Fred thinks that it's not the best idea to use a photo that shows Rick with his wife and family. Suddenly, Fred comes up with an idea that is to backfire later on. Apparently, they can't make strange women like them enough to sleep with them, so they should try to hit on women they already know.
Subsequently he visits one of his old friends - Missy - and brings her some Greek food to break the ice; he does that because he rememered that her last name had a Greek origin. Too bad that it was her ex-husband's name. Fred explains her how his vacation week from his marraige works and hopes to be able to sleep with Missy. However, she's not really satisfied with his clumsy hit on and slams the door in front of him. Fred is frustrated and doesn't understand why she did this. Not too funny..

4) 67 min. Day 6: Rick tries to impress Leigh (the hot blonde from the coffee shop) in the club by putting a huge snake around his neck. After a quick cut we see that this wasn't the best idea. This is the funniest additional scene, hands down..

5) 68 min. Day 6: Rick dances on the bar without wearing a shirt. In the extended version he also breaks a glass.

6) 69 min. Day 6: Rick's bill in the Club adds up to 1400 dollars because the drinks are unbelievably expensive. He tries to skip out on the tab but doesn't succeed.

7) 69 min. Day 6: Rick shouts to the bartender that he shouldn't dare to put a tip on their bill.

8) 69 min. Day 6: During the scene transition the theatrical version instead shows the women's motel.

All and all, nothing too much added that makes me want to just buy the combo pack with extended version..If you end up with just the theatrical version, I'd say your just fine and are not missing much. Hope it's been helpful..Enjoy

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53 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on February 28, 2011
This movie was HILARIOUS!!!! You don't watch a movie like this thinking you're going to be mentally moved or enlightened, you watch a movie like this to be entertained. I was very entertained!!! However, if you aren't comfortable with the human anatomy and don't find jokes that are crass funny, this is not the movie for you. This movie was everything I wanted it to be and more!! I haven't watched a movie that's made me laugh as hard as I did while watching this movie in a looooong time (would I watch it with my parents? NO WAY!!!)
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18 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on June 21, 2011
This movie's trailer was amazing. Whoever put together the trailer for this movie should be given an Academy Award for SOMETHING. The guy managed to make a completely average movie look amazing in the trailer. It reminds me of Entourage and Medellin.

As a result of the trailer, I went into this movie expecting a lot more than I got. Yes, it had some funny moments. Yes, I did laugh out loud a few times. But it really wasn't more than an average movie. Perhaps my review would have been a bit different if I went into the movie blindly, just having caught it on TV randomly or something.

With that said, the Austalian girl in the movie who played the Barista in the coffee shop is SMOKING HOT, and I honestly might watch the movie again just to see her topless!

Owen Wilson is a really fun guy and I love his personality. Every time I see him now, I think, why did this guy try to kill himself a few years back? If he wasn't in this movie, it would have been horrible. Jason Sudeikis, I didn't care for much in this role.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
I tend to have a warped sense of humor. When I saw the trailers for "Hall Pass" it didn't really strike me as a movie I would enjoy. But my youngest son (he's over 21 - I write that because I do believe this should be a movie for the over-18 crowd) called me and recommended this movie - thought I'd enjoy the humor - and I decided to give it a try.

I'm glad I did. It definitely had some ROFL moments in it. Was the whole thing hilarious? No. Did it stay funny enough to keep my interest? Yes. There were some truly memorable moments - Jason Sudeikis in his van and the looks on the two cops' faces; the jealous male barista especially at the end of the movie; the spa scene with Owen Wilson; and more.

It was great watching these over-the-hill guys trying to relive their glory moments from high school. And there were actually some thought-provoking moments, too, so it wasn't all fluff. I enjoyed the movie for what it was - raunchy comedy that's not going to win an Oscar. If you enjoyed this movie and might enjoy something even raunchier, try I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (Unrated & Unapologetic). But be warned that IT definitely is adult fare.
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16 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on March 14, 2011
I can't recall the last time I laughed so hard that it brought tears to my eyes. This movie did it for me, I'm waiting for the Blu/DVD release. Yeah it was crass and yeah yeah maybe a bit over the top. I didn't go in thinking that I would be watching anything that remotely resembled Shakespeare. I won't give away any "spoilers" but will say this, to me it was funnier than Due Date and I got my money's worth and then some!!
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon September 10, 2012
Hall Pass is a somewhat funny, yet typical buddy guy film in which more or less clueless married guys think life sucks for them until they have that epiphany that their wives are really pretty awesome and life is actually worse without them. Owen Wilson & Jason Sudeikis star are those guys whose wives give them a "hall pass" for one week which allows them to go out and sleep with as many women as they can without any consequences. They of course can't pick up women as they are older and out of the game, but when Owen Wilson actually has a chance to sleep with an attractive woman at the end of the film, he realizes how much his wife means to him. The film is filled with the raunchy humor of films like Wedding Crashers, but it is a little too derivative to be a classic like that film. It has some clever jokes and nice performances especially from Mr. Wilson and Jenna Fischer as his wife. Mr. Sudeikis is amiable, but Christina Applegate is grating and annoying as his wife and you could see why he may want to stray. Richard Jenkins is pretty funny as what should be an over-the-hill player. Hall Pass is an average comedy that will make you laugh in spots, but also drag in many places as well.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 19, 2013
This movie is about two restless suburban dads (Rick and Fred - Rick played by Owen Wilson, Fred played by Jason Sedeikis) who are granted one week off from their long-term marriages to do "whatever they want". Their wives grant them this "hall pass" after getting fed up with all their "girl ogling" and endless focus on sex, sex, sex.

The idea is, take a week off from marriage, and get it all out of your system, guys!

That's a good set-up for a movie if ever I heard one.

We can kind of guess what follows. The guys suddenly lose their bravado, and end up eating a huge meal at Applebees instead of cruising for chicks. Then more "fails" follow - bad pick-up lines - a ridiculous segment with hash brownies - girls with "stomach problems" - a jealous boyfriend with a crowbar - etc....until they realize the single life isn't what it's cracked up to be! No surprise there...we could have predicted this would happen.

Meanwhile, the wives, who have gone to stay at a relative's home, are having the time of their lives. Fred's wife (Christina Applegate) is flirting with a hot young college guy, and Rick's wife (Jenna Fischer) is spending time with a very attentive baseball coach.

For awhile, we think Rick is going to get busy with a sexy coffee barista....I won't give any spoilers here about what transpires (or doesn't transpire) with that particular plot....

All in all, this is an entertaining movie to watch. You always wonder, what's going to happen next? Yes, the movie is made by The Farrelly Brothers, so naturally it contains some "gross out jokes". Some viewers may be offended. Of course this movie is NOT for young children - that should be obvious from the theme. However, I would recommend watching "Hall Pass" at least may not want to buy this movie, but I am not afraid to admit that I enjoyed it.

As a married woman, I thought I might be MORE offended by the plot....but I wasn't. If anything, the movie makes the ladies look much better than the guys! Yes, the movie is a bit cliché....and yes, it can be a bit sophomoric....and it's certainly not very deep or psychological or anything like that. But so what? It's entertaining and humorous in parts...and delivers a nice ending that leaves you feeling pretty good. So...what's wrong with that? Watch it! (But rent first).
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Last night's bargain-rack movie was the "Hall Pass" DVD. Yaawwwnnnn! It was a frivolous but mildly amusing story of a couple bored married men longing for the party, party, party days of their younger single life. Somehow, I felt as if I'd heard that story line before. Yaawwwnnnn! I might add that the parties they longed for seemed as boring as the basic plot of this movie. After a few routine marriage-type clashes with their wives, it was proposed that they be allowed to be free from marriage for a week break, what was called a "Hall Pass." It was proposed by the wives and, of course the husbands leaped at the opportunity to be free and unmarried, at least for a week.

The movie chronicles the events of the Hall Pass week and it bored me to watch it unfold in a predictable fashion. I might add, that I was single for over five decades and know the single life well. It's not as glamorous and fun-filled as Hollywood depicts. I think memories are filled with the pleasant times and the less-pleasant events fade away. Anyway, night after night of the Hall Pass week went buy with the main result of them getting tired and longing for home and family. Some of the incidents depicted are amusing to watch, but most of them are just embarrassing. Is that good comedy? Being embarrassed by what you're viewing? Well, I guess that's some people's idea. This movie was so cliche-ridden and predictable that I began to long for the ending. Meanwhile, the wives also had a marriage-free week, something the husbands had devoted little thought to, and they fared somewhat better. All in all, the movie was tiresome, albeit with amusing parts here and there, and I guess that's the kind of movie that fits the end of a long busy day.

Gary Peterson
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8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2011
Some people complained about the male genitalia being shown, but it was part of a joke, a disgusting joke, but still women have to see topless girls in almost every film this is our turn to take one for the team. All in all the movie is funny. I'd recommend watching it atleast once. Ending is pretty hilarious and Alexandra Daddario needs more roles, she is stunning.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on June 28, 2011
The script and the plot in this movie are written very well. The only problem I have with it is the pour production and filming quality. I felt more like I am watching a play than watching a movie. Shooting style is repetitive, which tends to make the movie seem boring. Scene action is simple, and the camera just shoots back and forth between shots. For example, (wide shot)-(medium shot)-(wide shot)-(medium shot). The simple truth is the pour filming quality is too easy to notice and this takes away 2 stars for me. This movie will make you laugh but it could have been done so much better. The fact is it made me laugh so much I still gave it a 3 out of 5.
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