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on September 27, 2007
With the literally thousands of reviews of Halo 3 available throughout the internet and print media, I'll let you decide for yourself. Instead I will focus on merely THIS edition of Halo 3.

First off, if the price tag didn't let you know, this is for serious fans only. If you're a casual fan, or maybe you like having the occasional local match, youd be better off with the Limited edition, or just the normal. This is purely for those who live for Halo.

The packaging is mythic. It's a hell of a lot bigger than it looks in these pictures. The helmet is the size of an adult's head, plus the base. The box is wrapped with a VERY cool Legendary Edition poster, so be careful opening it. Inside it's pretty straightforward. A helmet, a Base, and two DVD cases.

The helmet is beautiful. It's plastic, so it wont weigh a ton, but man, it looks the part. it slides over the base, which is also quite impressive. on the back of it is a serial number.

The discs. first off you get the game disc in a black dvd style case with a darker cover art than the other editions. this disc is identical to all other editions.

the other dvd case has two dvd's in it with special features. one is the same as the limited edition, with behind the scenes, interviews, etc etc. lots of fun there, very comparable to Halo 2's special eidtion.

the 2nd bonus disc has a few features on it, like the voice of cortana going on a PR tour, bonus episodes of Red vs. Blue and This Spartan Life, and a full bestiary which was really cool for any fan of the canon.

the base has a lot of room for DVDs in it. I took out the bonus dvd case and keep halo 1 2 and 3 all in there, they fit nicely, with room to spare.
i think the legendary was originally going to get the metallic case like the limited edition, hence the wider space in the base.

Was it worth $130? yes, but barely. The helmet is what really sells it. the extra bonus features are cool, especially the Red vs. Blue episodes, but unless youre a MAJOR and im talking friggin MAJOR halo fan (as in accounts on, read all the novels, own the soundtracks, have downloaded every movie on XBL, and have a Halo 3 Zune) then its not necessary.
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VINE VOICEon October 5, 2007
Halo 3 is the game to buy right now. One would think that wouldn't be the case with that monstrous ad campaign that's made it's way not only to Burger King but to the sides of Pontiac cars but believe it or not, this game lives up to the hype and surpasses it in just about every way imaginable.

Whether you play the game in single player mode or online against or alongside other people, you're pretty much guaranteed to be entertained from start to finish. I particularly enjoyed the storyline to the single player game this time around as Halo 2 wasn't exactly the most fun I've had playing a single player campaign. Not only that but you can play with up to three others online in cooperative mode and it's a lot of fun if a little too easy, even on Legendary difficulty. Graphics, sound and control are all exactly what you'd expect from the franchise and they've added so many bells and whistles to all the modes and all the new modes that what you're left with is an astounding package that is pretty much guaranteed to give you plenty of entertainment for the next couple of years, no question.

Now.... here's the question: which edition do you get? I've got the Legendary edition with the helmet and while it is a cool piece of art, it is a little steep for what you get. You get an extra disc of content as well, so it's not like you're paying an extra $70 or so dollars to get just a helmet but it is a lot of money to blow on a game, no matter how you cut it. The extra disc has one feature worth mentioning: a film of all the cinematics from the first two games combined into one two hour plus "movie", if you will. It's pretty cool, not to mention it makes for a good refresher on the events from the earlier part of the story.

I guess it's just a question of how much of a fan you are and whether or not you have the cash to blow. I wouldn't consider this a must-have on the blood of all your children and your children's children but it is kind of cool in a strange kind of way. It's about the same size as a human head and it's detailed and instantly recognizable.

I don't regret purchasing it but at the same time, if you look at the special edition for the upcoming GTA IV, you do notice that you get a lot more stuff (and pretty cool stuff it is) for a lot less. If you've got the cash to blow on it and you don't mind, I'd say go for it but only if you're really sure you want a fancy-shmancy case for your games. And if you don't have space for it, don't even bother.

And no, you can't wear the thing. It's just for show.
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on September 25, 2007
Halo 3 - Circa 2007

- Four-player online (or offline) co-op Gameplay allows two; three, or four players play through the game from start to end. A co-op player can come into the game at any time and leave at any time (note only one of you will play as the Master Chief, while another will play as the Arbiter, and the other two players will be Elites that work with humans)
- Great looking graphics and animation, that look even better then Halo 2, F.E.A.R. and just as good as Bioshock, while these graphics might not look as good as Gears of War do to some people these graphics still are some of the best seen to date.
- Intense multiplayer action online through Xbox Live with matches as small as one on one and as big as 16 players (and offline with out using Xbox Live using either spilt screen, or system link). Halo 3 is set up similar to Halo 2 in the sense that you're given a rank when you play multiplayer (this rank can go up or down at any time) this rank is representative of your skill and your matched with others of your skill type, that way new unskilled players and hardcore veterans will not often play against one another, unless they make a special match themselves that ignores rank.

- Confusing plot to new players of this franchise - Playing Pervious games and read the Halo Novels will fill you in on the details, if you are incline to learn them.
- No Clan Support (like in Halo 2) - This might get fixed in a future patch
- Game is considered short to some (Campaign Story Mode).

- A Sci-Fi First Person Shooter with quick pacing and vehicle combat.
- Co-op and online versus/team games is the big draw here.
- NEW MODE: Forge is a mode that lets you edit all the maps in Halo 3, while you cannot rebuild the maps themselves you can in this mode, add and take away any and all of the objects from vehicles and guns to spawning points and flag zones. This is all done in real time and you can invite friends to this mode while your customizing the map(s), they can play a multiplayer game while your doing this (instead of just waiting for you) and if you want you can forgo editing the map and join the game at hand as either a player or the map editor (who looks like 343 Guilty Spark), while playing as the map editor you can still add and take away any and all objects from vehicles and guns to spawning points and flag zones any time you want.
- NEW MODE: Theater Mode is a video editor that lets you record and play back any and all matches from Campaign, Multiplayer, and Forge modes from the point of view of any player either in first person or third person (even in a orbit-cam where the camera circles around the player) all in real time (you can also pause this at any time as well as fast forward and rewind), even use your camera to fly around the match and see the match from any angle you want, Don't forget you must save your videos before you turn off the game or you will lose said videos. Also you can take a picture at any time and save it to your Xbox 360 then download your picture at

- Halo 2 (Xbox)
- Halo (Xbox)
- Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)
- Bioshock (360)
- Gears of War (360)

- There are bonus items scattered through the Campaign Story Mode called Skulls getting these "Skulls" will make the game harder (by doing things like turning off radar for the rest of the Campaign Mode your playing it) but will also greatly increase your meta game score for the Campaign Mode.
- There are two different limited collectors editions of this game. One is called the limited edition, which comes in a metal tin and has a bonus disc (with behind the scene videos and such) and also comes with an art book. While the other limited edition (called Legendary edition) you will find an art book a mini poster two bonus DVDs (with behind the scene videos and such as well as a collection of all the cut scenes form Halo and Halo 2 and themes you can download to your 360) And the it comes with a plastic Master Chief Helmet to keep your DVDs in (Helmet as big a volley ball).
- At you can sign up and pay a small fee to upgrade your Halo 3 account (default is free) to hold more space on their serves for your videos/pictures/clips that you made.
review image review image review image
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on October 2, 2007
The Game:
I am not a true gamer. I'm 34 and just can't keep up with the kids. :) Still, Halo is the most fun I've had in years. The music is wonderful, and everything about the game seems to work well together. It's obvious there was a lot of time put into polish and balance. The first time I finished the campaign I couldn't wait to play again. Halo 3 has enormous depth and replayability. As a huge Firefly / Serenity fan I was absolutely thrilled by ... eh, I'm not going to spoil it.

The Legendary Edition:
The helmet is much higher quality than I had anticipated. It's solid, put together with screws (not simply snap-lock), and the paint has real depth. The packaging, while larger than that of the 360 console is good, but not great; it's obviously still paper and cardboard, with some less-than-legendary rough edges and downright cheap molded plastic positioners inside. Microsoft should have hired Apple's packaging designer for this one. The DVD case insert for the game disc is different (and cooler) than that of the standard Halo 3 package.
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on September 26, 2007
The game is the game, nothing different. You can find reviews of that all over the web.

The other special features, like behind the scenes, etc., you can find those all over too.

The HELMET: That's one thing you can't get anywhere else. This review is for people who want to know: is the helmet worth it?

In short: YES

When I first saw pictures of this version with the helmet, it seemed to me that the helmet would be a hollow, plastic, Halloween-costume-type toy. But being a hard core fan, I bought it anyway.

You may already know that the helmet is not full-size. Also, it is not wearable. However, what you can't tell from the pictures is that the helmet is HEAVY and SOLID.

It is not gutted out and hollow inside, but rather it has a slight rectangular cavity that fits over the base (where you can store your Halo games). It comes in the box covered with a special cloth cover fitted specifically for the helmet.

Each one also has a unique serial number (big deal, but still cool).

I don't think of it is spending $130 bucks for the Legendary version; Rather, I think of it as spending an additional 70 bucks for the helmet. To me, this helmet is definitely worth the $70 as a collector's item.
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on October 4, 2007
The actual game review:
Graphics: Not the kind of graphics that would make you say wow as soon as you see them. But the more you play, the better they look. The lighting, water effects and draw distance are especially good. 4.5/5
Gameplay: Very similar to halo 2's gameplay. And that's not a bad thing. The new weapons, vehicles, equipment and the new control scheme are great additions. 4.5/5
Sound: Exactly what you would expect from the genius Marty O'Donnell. Everything is top notch. 5/5
Lasting Appeal: This game packs so many new additions; you will find yourself glued to your seat 'till 2010. An amazing replay editor, four-player online co-op, a map editor and the best online ever made. Period. Definitely the most bang for your buck. 5/5

The legendary edition:
The halo 3 legendary Edition is, simply put, Legendary.
Before I give my scores of the bonus content in the legendary edition, let's review the differences between the three editions:

Standard Edition:
This is the complete third installment of the legendary epic.

Limited Edition:The Limited Edition ships in a sleek metal collector's case. In addition to the game, the Limited Edition includes the "Bestiarum," a hardcover guide to the game's species, civilizations, and cultures. The bonus disc includes Bungie's high-definition home theater calibration tool; "Art Attack" with concept, production art, an exclusive Dashboard theme, and gamer pics; a Halo-themed minigame; and a variety of short films on a wide range of subjects.

Legendary Edition:
Individually numbered and available while supplies last, the Legendary Edition includes a copy of Halo 3 in a collectible Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI helmet case, as well as an exclusive collection of storyboard art and the same bonus disc included with the Limited Edition. You'll also get the Legendary Edition disc, including remastered, high-res versions of the Halo and Halo 2 cinematics; an expanded digital "Bestiarum" guide to the creatures and cultures of Halo 3; The Cortana Chronicles; and exclusive machinima episodes.

My scores for the additional content:
Helmet: pros- very nice and quite large. Cons- has a slightly cheap feeling. 4/5
Storyboard art: pros- very nice art organized into somewhat of a comic book. Cons- could have been longer. 4/5
Limited edition disk: pros- very nice menus and nice behind the scenes footage. Cons- I expected more from the video setup guide. 4.5/5
Legendary edition: pros- lots of bonus material and great creators commentary. The bestiarum is great. Cons- the remastered cutscenes are not high res as stated on the box. They are remastered though, with additional effects and removal of the annoying pop in textures. 5/5

In conclusion:
Game score: 5/5
Legendary edition bonus content score: 4.5/5
Final words: this game is amazing. If you have an Xbox 360, buy this game. Heck, if you don't have a 360, buy one and then buy this game.
The legendary edition is worth the money in my opinion. If it's within your budget, I really recommend spending the extra money for the legendary edition.
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on September 27, 2007
I am not going to review the game because you can get that anywhere....IF you are a Halo Fan or a collector the Legendary addition is great for one reason. The Helmet....larger and better quality than I expected. I don't normally fall to the hype of games but the Legendary addition is worth it for the helmet alone...
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on September 26, 2007
Im very, very happy that i bought the legendary edition because for big fans and no fans the package is just beautiful, the helmet is a perfect replica of master chief's and the extras are worth the extra money.

The game is the best one in the trilogy and the ending is awesome i really liked it a lot, it was worth the wait to have this beautiful game.
If you liked halo 1 and 2 like i did dont hesitate in buying the third installment is a great game great graphics and to much fun, and i strongly recommend to you to buy this edition believe me is a very beautifull edition with great extras for all halo fans. this edition is worth the extra money every penny.
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on October 7, 2007
This is a pretty pathetic move on their part. Not sure if it's Bungie's choice or Microsoft's... but the helmet is essentially the best part. You don't get the sweet metal case like the limited edition. Hell, you don't even get the standard green DVD cases that 360 games usually come in (even the pictures show the green cases). You just get plain black plastic ones. It should have at least included the little bestiary book (the "legendary" version just has a DVD version). The thing is obviously built to hold the big metal case of the limited edition. It's as if somebody realized after the design was finalized that they could get the hardcore fans to buy both the limited and legendary editions if they skimped on the innards of the legendary edition.

There's absolutely no excuse, considering the price, that this shouldn't expand on the limited edition. For shame. Did they really need the extra money?

Unless you really want the helmet, save your money. You're not going to get much else.
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on September 8, 2008
Part three of the greatest video game in human history...check.
Many additions without subtraction in the ongoing process of best game design ever...check.

The thing is, if you can't describe by the meter where the cave people in the game are, you probably wouldn't pick this up. If you can, you probably already have it.
But if you're somehow on the fence, I'll take a shot at describing what the Legendary Edition provides.

1. The Helmet - Wow. Appx. 9 inches of Master Chief goodness. A nice display size without being intrusive. It might seem that an all-plastic Spartan head would be lame and fake looking. But it ain't. My only issue is that it's so close to being actual size, why not make it actual size ?

2. DVD extras - Worth the price of admission alone: The three main guys behind the primary aspects of the game commenting the viewer through every cut scene from Halo 1 & 2. As a (rabid) fan, I couldn't think of a more interesting investment of a couple of hours. It was like candy to hear Jones, Staten and O'Donnell elaborate on the foibles of production, failed concepts and what might have been in the Halo universe. And far from a self-congratulatory attempt at promotion, the entire dialogue is a hilariously self-deprecating voyage of perfectionists pointing out the plot holes and oversights of both the cut-scenes and series itself.

3. DVD extras - Torn straight from the pages of the Halo Bible are (very scientific looking) descriptions of the various Halo species, including population and interstellar capability ratings. Only a nerd of colossal proportions would find this cool, and this one did. Throw in a primitive, yet satisfyingly challenging game of Warthog physics, some artistic rendering aspects and you've got the basic blueprint.

No buyer's remorse here.
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